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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


mercoledì 29 marzo 2017

Monster who raped woman in front of her child jailed for life

A monster who went out "looking for somebody to rape" attacked a woman, 21, in front of her two-year-old child.

Twisted James Buchanan, 25, has been jailed for life after a court heard he had followed home the mother and daughter after he'd spotted them out shopping.
The attack occurred on October 22 last year - and Wolverhampton Crown Court heard the evil thug admitted he had specifically gone out that day "looking for somebody to rape".
Buchanan tailed the pair home for five minutes before calling at the single mother's door pretending to be looking for a man called Bob.
But he then barged his way through the door and grabbed the woman around the throat and began to throttle her.
As he pinned the victim against a wall he warned both she and her daughter would be killed if she did not do as she was told.
Buchanan took her into the living room and closed the door blocking the view of the terrified girl as her mother was ordered to undress and lie on the floor.
He then raped her and ignored the victim's pleas to stop, forcing her to submit by tightening his grip around her throat and issuing more death threats.
The court heard his attitude changed after he had raped the woman and he apologised, left the address and gave himself up to police.
He told officers his head was full of fantasy images of sexual violence and confessed: "I am not going to lie. I went out to look for a victim."
Buchanan of, Tettenhall in the West Midlands, admitted rape and was jailed for life yesterday.
Sentencing, Judge James Burbidge QC said: "You are clearly a dangerous offender, particularly towards women and represent a substantial future risk to the public."
The court was told he had attacked his foster mother 'out of the blue' with a claw hammer in October 2010 and attempted to strangle a social worker two years later.
The latest woman to suffer - and her daughter - are both psychologically scarred as a result of the horrific ordeal, the judge was told.
She revealed in a victim impact statement: "I am constantly having to reassure my daughter she is safe in her own home, which is hard for me, because I don't feel safe either."
Hugh O'Brien Quinn, prosecuting, said: "She was terrified for her life but her thoughts were only for her daughter's life."
Michael Anning, defending, said his client had also claimed to have committed other undetected sex crimes.
Monster who went "looking for somebody to rape" attacked woman, 21, in front of her two-year-old child 25 MAR 2017

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