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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


domenica 26 marzo 2017

Rape Taxi #TaxiRape

A taxi cab driver accused of raping one of his passengers while she was passed out returned to the victim’s house three times to apologize, including one time with flowers, according to police.
Abdul Based, 25, is accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger who hired the former taxi driver to take her home to Henderson from the Strip. The 40-minute assault was captured on the cab’s camera but police say the woman never knew she was a victim until investigators showed her the video.
An arrest report reveals the disturbing details of the assault on March 4. Based was a driver for Lucky Cab when he picked up a woman at the Cosmopolitan. Police say she was drunk and at one point told the driver she “hadn’t had sex in weeks.”
Cab video reviewed by police shows a prolonged assault: Based is accused of fondling the woman’s vaginal area as she slipped in and out of consciousness.
If they are intoxicated, unconscious, they cannot give consent,” said Daniele Dreitzer, the executive director of the Rape Crisis Center, who insists it is important to never blame the victim.
“Nobody, regardless of what they're wearing, how much they've had to drink ... nobody asks to be assaulted, nobody deserves to be assaulted,” said Dreitzer.
In this case, the victim called the cab company the day following the incident, looking for her lost cell phone. She told police she did not remember anything from that night.
In fact, it wasn’t until the taxi company discovered the video and alerted authorities, that Based was fired from his job. Police say Based showed up to the victim’s house on three separate occasions to apologize, once with flowers – however, she did not know what he was apologizing for and just told him to leave.
Later that day, detectives showed the victim the video and she tearfully asked to press charges. Based was arrested more than a week later. Based is currently in custody at the Clark County Detention Center.
A judge set Based’s bail at $100,000 along with the requirement that he surrender his passport and remain on house arrest if he manages to post bail.
A victim of the taxi rapists and the mother of two other victims have come forward to tell of their experiences.
Cynthia Lefakana said that on 21 March her two daughters Tiisetso, 19, and Neo, 21, waited for a taxi to take them home from Southgate Shopping Mall. Unbeknown to them and another woman – whom we will call Fatima as she wishes to remain anonymous – the three of them were picked up by the ‘Rape taxi’. Fortunately they were not raped but were held at gunpoint during which R700, two cellphones and Fatima’s bank card were stolen from them. The three suspects also drove around with them, withdrawing money from various ATMs. When they dropped them off, they gave the women R70 for taxi fare – as in the other cases.
Fatima told her story via email. “On 22 August last year, early in that morning, I was abducted by three armed men in an unmarked white Quantum. Thank God I wasn’t physically harmed, outside of the bruises from the brute force one man used to take me down. Their vehicle is modified to keep a person pinned to the floor of the taxi, between metal seats, while they drive around unnoticed,” she wrote.
“The police officer who took my statement was well aware of the taxi and the number of men, and even that they were armed. I never heard from the police again, except for a text message informing me that the case was moved to Roodepoort. I laid the charge at the Florida Police Station,” she went on to say.
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“Emotionally, my healing is still in progress and news of this happening again and again painfully thwarts this progress. What can we as a community do? I have asked someone who works with a private security company to set up a decoy to catch these men. Finding a trained female willing to do this is challenging though.
“These men (and I feel it’s the same three men) are intelligent and brazen. Unstopped, they are clearly getting worse, but they follow the same pattern – targeting people on Ontdekkers Road around the same time of the month,” wrote Fatima.
“It pains me greatly to know that the police are ‘allowing’ this to continue for nearly a year – same area, same vehicle, same modus operandi.
“I feel helpless and afraid of my own neighbourhood, but hopeful something can be done,” she concluded.

Two residents come forward with their ‘Rape taxi’ experiences March 24, 2017 Riaan van Zyl

Even during the week of Human Rights Day, South Africans weren’t free of human rights violations. The #TaxiRape story – of a white Quantum minibus taxi that reportedly picks up women in and around Soweto and then robs and rapes them – was just one of them.
As horrific as #TaxiRape is – it will not stop women from taking the taxi on a daily basis. South Africans are reliant on taxis because they are a convenient and affordable means of transport. Women are no different, despite the additional safety threats they face on a daily basis.

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