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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


venerdì 31 marzo 2017


COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE — Evidence in four uncharged sexual attacks can be used against accused serial rapist Marc Winner at trial, a Cook County judge ruled Friday.
Winner, 46, faces formal charges in four separate sexual-assault cases on allegations he raped women in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2015. Three of the victims were customers or employees at Winner's now-defunct West Loop tanning salon, which was shuttered by the city last year.
Judge Carol M. Howard on Friday focused on the 2009 rape. In that case, Winner is accused of attacking a former employee inside his West Loop apartment after the pair ran into each other at a bar. Winner's DNA was a positive match to a rape kit, prosecutors have said.
When that case goes to trial prosecutors are allowed to mention four additional sexual attacks that prosecutors believe will establish a longstanding pattern of abuse even though Winner was never charged in those instances.
In one of them, Assistant State's Attorney Mikki Miller said in court Friday, Winner raped a tanning-salon customer inside his apartment after giving the woman alcohol in 2006.
That case now falls outside Illinois' statute of limitations for filing charges, which requires rape cases to be prosecuted within 10 years if a victim reports the rape within three years of the crime.
In another instance, Miller said, Winner is accused of raping a tanning-salon customer inside a suburban salon in 2001 after giving the woman several drinks at a nearby bar. Winner was arrested on suspicion of criminal sexual assault in that case, but later convicted of battery and sentenced to probation.
In an interview last year, the woman said, "I am just so sorry that I couldn't stop him. I told everyone what he was going to do. I knew this was going to happen. I prayed it didn't."
Miller presented nine separate attacks to Judge Howard. The judge ruled that five were either "too prejudicial" against Winner or didn't closely enough match the 2009 rape allegations to be relevant in a trial. Four were allowed as evidence.
Winner will next appear at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse, 2650 S. California Ave., on April 21, when Judge Howard is expected to rule on a motion on whether to require Winner to provide his cellphone passcode to forensic investigators on the hunt for incriminating texts and photos.
Prosecutors have had the phone since Winner's initial arrest, but are unable to open it, according to court testimony. Defense attorney Steven J. Weinberg on Friday argued that providing the passcode would violate Winner's 5th Amendment rights.
To learn more about the case against Winner, read:

A man has been convicted of the rape of a woman in Colne after climbing through a window into her home last October.
Zsolt Suhaj, 25, of Barkerhouse Road, Nelson was found guilty of the attack along with a number of trespass with intent to commit theft and sexual offences against women in Nelson and Barrowford over a four month period between May and August 2016.
During each of the crimes, Suhaj got into the victims’ homes through insecure windows and doors during the early hours of the morning. In most of the cases, he went into their bedrooms with the intent of sexually abusing them.
His most recent and serious crime happened on Sunday 9 October when he climbed through the window of a 66 year old woman’s house in Colne at around 4.15am.
The victim had just finished a cup of tea in her kitchen and when she returned to her bedroom – which was in complete darkness - to go back to sleep, she was grabbed around the mouth and told not to scream. Suhaj then forced himself on top of her, pinning her down on her bed and tried to remove some of her clothing.
He then forced her to perform a sexual act on him. The victim pushed him away, ran into another room and turned on a light. Suhaj then tried to get out of the front door but it was locked.
He apologised to the woman, asking her not to tell the police. She opened the door and as Suhaj left, he stroked her face and again asked her not to tell the police.
A small knife was found next to the victim’s bed which belonged to Suhaj.
DCI Gary Brooks from Lancashire’s Force Major Investigation Team said: “I am pleased with today’s result and thank the jury for their guilty verdict and for seeing through Zsolt Suhaj’s lies.
Suhaj is a sexual predator whose behaviour escalated over the period of just few months culminating in the rape of an innocent woman who should have been safe in her own home.
Before that, he let himself into the homes of other women intent on sexually assaulting them for his own sickening gratification.”
Suhaj, originally from Hungary, had only been in Nelson since January 2016 having previously lived in Toronto, Canada where he was convicted of similar offences in 2012.
On Tuesday 10 May 2016 at approximately 2am, Suhaj committed his first offence in East Lancashire when he got into a house in Nelson and sexually assaulted a 69 year old woman whilst she was asleep in bed.
When she has tried to push him away, he has put his finger to his lips in a ‘shushing’ gesture and then left as she continued to scream.
The next incident occurred at around 2am on Wednesday 13 July at a house in Nelson. The male occupant heard a thud noise and went to check the rooms inside to see where it was coming from. When he reached his bedroom, he saw Zsolt stood over his 22 year old partner, watching her as she slept.
The man has shouted at Suhaj to leave and threw his mobile phone at him. He climbed out of the bedroom window and made off.
Suhaj struck a third time at a house in Barrowford on Saturday 23 July. At around 5.30am a woman, 70, turned over in bed and awoke to find Suhaj staring at her. She asked him to identify himself but couldn’t hear what he said in response. She then told him to get out as she was going to call the police and he ran off out of the property.
Weeks later at around 3am on Sunday 14 August, a 55 year old woman saw Suhaj trying to gain entry through her patio doors. She called her husband and he then ran off.
A fifth incident happened on Monday 22 August on Marsden Crescent, Nelson at around 5.30am when a woman, 57, fell asleep on her sofa. She woke up to find Suhaj stood in a doorway staring at her. She told him to leave and he turned and walked out.
Three days later Suhaj got into a woman’s house on Regent Street, Nelson at 6am. As she has switched her bedroom light on after hearing a noise, she saw Suhaj going through her drawers. On confronting him, he then ran off.
Suhaj was initially traced in relation to the rape in Colne in October after detectives released CCTV images and spoke to local businesses to see if they recognised the man in the pictures. Staff at a local takeaway recognised him and he was subsequently arrested.
When looking into the other offences, officers noticed similarities in the offender’s description provided by the victims and the incidents. A footwear impression linked him to the Regent Street offence whilst fingerprints connected him to the Marsden Crescent incident and so he was produced from Preston Prison in November where he was on remand for the Colne rape.
When being interviewed, Zsolt admitted to being at the scene of the crimes but said he was there to steal money and gold for drugs and food.
DCI Gary Brooks added: “The victims, in particular the woman who was subjected to a serious sexual assault, have shown extreme courage in coming forward and I hope that Suhaj’s upcoming sentencing will help them to move on with their lives knowing that he will be behind bars where he belongs and off the streets of East Lancashire.”
Suhaj will be sentenced on Thursday 27 April 2017.

Serial sexual predator found guilty of rape in Colne 29 March 2017

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A man accused in a series of rapes in the Detroit area is due back in court today.

Ikeie Smith is scheduled to face a judge for a second set of charges.

Jury selection has been underway in four of nine cases against him involving rape, home invasion and other charges.

Last year, Smith was accused in almost 3 dozen attacks on women in eight metro Detroit communities dating back to 2011.

Prosecutors say DNA connects him to several of the cases.

If convicted, he's looking at life in prison.

A suspected serial rapist in Delaware County is in police custody. The suspect is identified as 19-year-old DeJohn Lee of Chester.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan says nine women were attacked in separate incidents over a three year period, dating back to when Lee was 16 years old.

All but one occurred within the city of Chester.

Lee has been under arrest since early January after one of his accusers saw him in an Eddystone store where she worked and called police.

Authorities say Lee preyed on female victims from the early morning hours into the evening at various areas within the city. While on foot or bicycle, they say Lee attacked the women while they were walking or distracted, and forcibly dragged them to secluded locations, where he would sexually assault, rape and/or rob them by gunpoint.

"This individual would stalk women, he would terrorize women, he would hide, and he would wait for young women to be walking alone," Whelan said.

Whelan says Lee has confessed to all the crimes for which he is charged.

Lee has been charged with a series of felony charges relating to the assault of nine victims including six counts of rape, two counts of attempted homicide, nine counts of aggravated assault and a series of other related charges including involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, robbery, firearms charges, and drug possession, and possessing instruments of crime.

"Most of these victims were fighting him. They were then terrorized and some of them conceded to his wishes where he would rob them, rape them. He would do so with forcible compulsion," Whelan said.

The DA says Lee has served time before on gun charges, but was never arrested for any sex crimes; it was only last winter when he was locked up on another gun charge that they decided to do a DNA test, which did not yield results until recently.

Whelan believes there may be many more victims out in the Chester area and is asking them to come forward if they recognize Lee.


OYLESTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A suburban Philadelphia handyman accused of serial child rape is facing additional charges involving a sixth child.
Bucks County authorities said Monday that 58-year-old William Charles Thomas has been charged with 26 additional counts. Falls Township police say Thomas raped the victim when she was a child in the 1990s. Police interviewed the woman in late January.
Thomas, of Morrisville, was already charged with dozens of crimes involving five children. Prosecutors have said he kept a "perverse shrine" in his trailer — 1,000 pairs of used girl's underwear — and documented his crimes in hundreds of disturbing, graphic images and writings.
He has said he "never inflicted any pain on a child."
He remains jailed pending trial.

LIMPOPO – Ally Albert Lekala (30) has been sentenced to seven life imprisonment terms by the Polokwane high Court for the rape of seven woman between the 2005 and 2014.
According to a statment issued by Police Spokesperson, Lt Col Moatshe Ngoepe, the accused who is from Tafelkop outside Groblesdal, would attack the woman in remote areas, threaten them and drag them to nearby bushes or under bridges where he would rape them
The victims targeted were aged between 17 and 33-years-old and the crimes were committed in the Motetema, Siyabuswa, Tafelkop, Kgobokwane and Dennilton areas, said Ngoepe.
The Provincial Commissioner Lt General Nneke Ledwaba very pleased with the lengthy sentence given to the rapist. He further commended the detectives, especially the Family Violence, Child Protection and the Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) on their continued efforts in dealing head-on with all the sexual related offences successfully and acquiring such lengthy jail terms through their commitment and dedication.

Serial rapist handed seven life sentences by Polokwane court March 24, 2017

Durban – KwaZulu-Natal police have launched a manhunt for a serial rapist who apparently lures unsuspecting victims with the promise of employment.
Police said the man had been operating in Westville, west of Durban.
Westville police said on Tuesday that they were investigating eight cases of rape, where the rapist used the same modus operandi.
"We cannot divulge further information at this stage since the cases are still under investigation," Captain Nqobile Gwala said.
Manhunt underway for Westville serial rapist 2017-03-28 Mxolisi Mngadi, News24

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe President Takavafira Zhou has said  he  battled with thoughts over the abuse of a girl because of ethics involved but after serious considerations decided to blow the trumpet in order to serve the girl-child in Mberengwa in particular and Zimbabwe in general.

He said as a trade unionist, educationist and human rights defender, he saw it fit to use my knowledge to name and shame evil.

"A predatory rapist has been pouncing on Rupange primary school pupils after using bait of 50c or some sweets. Several pupils ranging from grade O to grade 3 have been raped by a notorious korokosa, Agnoris Macheche. Macheche has been so cruel that he did not even spare the daughters of his own close relatives who are minors (names withheld) and last Thursday was caught ready-handed by a close relative immediately after raping her child and bolted out of the homestead," he said.

"He raped another close relative who is a minor and pupil at Rupange primary last year. He was tracked to the gold-pits, apprehended and brought to the police base at Bvute on Monday (27/3/2017). However, the behavior of police officers at Bvute leaves a lot to be desired. In spite of the fact that Agnoris confessed to raping two of his relatives who are minors and several other pupils learning at Rupange, the police ordered the mother of the latest victim to go and report the case at Mberengwa Administrative centre, a distance of about 40km, yet the mother had no money."

He said with a minor child who could hardly walk, the mother had to walk a distance of about 10km from Rupange to Yorke.

"I was driving from my village around Chegato, and knowing Rupange uniform and as someone leading a teachers' organization (Ptuz), I stopped my car suspecting that the mother may have stolen a child as she was heading in the opposite direction from Rupange. After learning about the ordeal I gave the mother a lift and took her direct to Mberengwa police camp where I saw the officer commanding and launched a complaint on the behavior of police over a serious case of rape of minors," he said.

"What was surprising was that when the officer commanding phoned one of his officers over the case he was not even apologetic, even lied that they were still looking for the culprit when in actual fact the culprit had long been apprehended. On further interrogation he even switched off his phone. This police officer based at Bvute had even driven his own car to Vanguard area, yet he could not assist a victim and mother who desperately needed assistance to Mberengwa administrative centre. I am even afraid that with the way some police officers are after money the rapist could grease their hands and evade justice. Why the police would not assist a victim, and let alone take the perpetrator to Mberengwa remains a mystery to me."

He said cases of rape and murder have increased greatly in Mberengwa because of rogue artisanal miners (makorokosa) who connive with some police officers to evade justice.

"It is surprising that police officers at Mberengwa had to send a car to apprehend cattle rustlers instead of the raped minor and her mother. Are cattle real more important than human beings, I wonder? All the same it is my hope that the officer commanding Mberengwa Administrative centre police station will pursue the rape cases to their logical conclusion and ensure that the culprit is brought to book. A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Cry the beloved people of Mberengwa," he said.

Serial rapist, Agnoris Macheche prey on Rupange primary school pupils Stephen Jakes 30 Mar 2017

SERIAL RAPISTS 22 18 marzo 2017

Increase in Gang Rape Cases, Child Sexual Abuse in Indonesia 30 marzo 2017

Village chief gets death penalty for rape, killing 18-year-old girl 31 marzo 2017

Woman Raped By Tram Passenger Screamed For Help 31 marzo 2017

Student killed herself during rape inquiry 31 marzo 2017

Drug addict brutally raped a schoolgirl and a young mum 31 marzo 2017

Football star sexually assaulted, raped 3 women 31 marzo 2017

Deported gang member raped 2-year-old girl 30 marzo 2017

Brutal school rape in Maryland sparked outrage 30 marzo 2017

TEEN RAPISTS 22 30 marzo 2017

La Vernia High School students charged in brutal sex assaults 29 marzo 2017

Monster who raped woman in front of her child jailed for life 29 marzo 2017

4 years on, girl raped again by 2 accused 29 marzo 2017

Woman forced into car and raped in 1 of 4 rapes 29 marzo 2017

20-month-old girl raped: egyptian man face trial 29 marzo 2017

Vietnamese schoolgirl raped, strangled to death 29 marzo 2017

#NotOnMyCampus Sexual assaults in college football 29 marzo 2017

Rape Survey 29 marzo 2017

American Hookup 24 MARZO 2017

More than 100 sexually assaulted by Dr. Larry Nassar 28 marzo 2017

Two arrested in sex assault of teen broadcast on Facebook 29 marzo 2017

Video of an Irish teen being raped shared online 26 marzo 2017

Filmed sex attacks on social media 26 marzo 2017

Facebook ‘live rape’: Trial begins in Sweden 25 marzo 2017

Facebook Live Gang Rape: the Bystander Effect 24 marzo 2017

Students’ sexting and cyber bullying 26 marzo 2017

Experts warn parents of 'sextortion': 'It happens at every school' 26 marzo 2017

CHILD RAPISTS 84 30 marzo 2017

The lucrative business of sex trafficking 30 marzo 2017

3 arrested in sex assault of 8-year-old girl 30 marzo 2017

Lansing woman charged with sex trafficking minors 30 marzo 2017

Boston firefighter, foster parent charged with child rape 30 marzo 2017

Man Sentenced for Child Porn, Sexual Assault 30 marzo 2017

Former school teacher wanted by FBI on child porn charges 30 marzo 2017

Neighbor charged with child porn, sexual abuse of young sisters 30 marzo 2017

Report puts Nairobi at top of child abuse 29 marzo 2017

"Players Trust" launched to protect young footballers 29 marzo 2017

"Operation Tendersea" Young girls raped, sexually abused 28 marzo 2017

Man convicted of child rape, child pornography sentenced 28 marzo 2017

Predatory paedophile jailed over historic child sex abuses 28 marzo 2017

Man sentenced to 40 years for making child porn 28 marzo 2017

4000 australian institutions implicated in child sexual abuse 28 marzo 2017

Another Catholic priest faces child abuse case in Kerala 28 marzo 2017

Argentinian church shamed by Grassi affair 28 marzo 2017

French TV inquiry accuses 25 bishops of abuse cover-ups 28 marzo 2017

Depraved serial paedophile jailed for life 28 marzo 2017

Serial child rapist faces new charges 28 marzo 2017

Surrogacy bill allows human trafficking 27 marzo 2017

"Erin's Law" addresses child sexual abuse 26 marzo 2017

Children being sexually abused across Cleveland 29 marzo 2017

The Pingry Survivors 29 marzo 2017

Bill to Protect Children from 'Sextortion' 29 marzo 2017

App banned due to sexually explicit language 29 marzo 2017

23-year-old charged with rape, child porn possession 29 marzo 2017

Arkansas becomes third state to deem porn a public health crisis 31 marzo 2017

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