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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


venerdì 28 aprile 2017


A Colorado Springs barber could spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of sexually assaulting seven children, including the 8-year-old son of a homeless woman he took in under the guise of a good Samaritan.
An El Paso County jury found Raymond Demon Brown, 36, guilty on most counts Thursday after a nearly weeklong trial.
Prosecutors say Brown targeted the children of vulnerable women by setting himself up as a reliable friend - especially for single mothers.
"'It was, 'Integrate yourself with the family, earn their trust, and then the kids will be yours,'" said prosecutor Anne Francis, adding that Brown in some cases helped with food and day care expenses.
A total of nine children stepped forward. That included one male relative who had endured six years of sexual abuse beginning in the early 1990s, preceding most of the other assaults by a decade.
Brown, who worked at a variety of barbershops in Colorado Springs, was initially arrested in April 2016 after an 8-year-old boy reported that Brown had sexually assaulted him for two years ending in November 2015 while helping to care for him.
The boy's mother told police Brown offered to let her move in with him with her son when they were unable to afford rent. He also routinely babysat, authorities said.
Brown insisted on having his name added to the boy's birth certificate, claiming he wanted the tax benefits, then used the document to petition for the boy's custody. The boy reported he was assaulted during an ensuing custody battle.
After Brown's arrest, seven more children reported assaults spanning 16 years, Francis said, crediting a dogged investigation by a Colorado Springs police team led by sex crimes detective Terry Thrumston.
"This case was her life for two years," Francis said. As police interviewed the mother of the first victim, Thrumston keyed in on references to other single mothers Brown had befriended and tracked them down, one by one.
Prosecutors say Brown worked hard to persuade single mothers he was someone who could be trusted. All were invited to bring their children into the barbershops where he worked for free haircuts, authorities said.
"He set himself up as a standup guy with a career and money. Just a typical, typically sex offender routine," Francis said.
An El Paso County jury dismissed allegations that he also assaulted two girls who had lodged allegations against him, acquitting him of several counts.
The panel deliberated for roughly 1½ days after a trial before 4th Judicial District Judge Deborah Grohs.
Brown is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 2. Francis said she will push for the maximum sentence, which could range in the triple digits.
Brown faces an indeterminate sentence in prison, meaning that he will be held until the Colorado Department of Corrections deems him to be safe for parole.
His attorney, Andy Bryant, said Brown continues to protest his innocence.
Said Francis: "We're getting this person off the street. He won't have access to victims in prison."
A North Jersey man serving a 90 years in prison for raping five of his daughters, one of whom he impregnated five times, lost an appeal this week.
In public, Aswad Ayinde was an award-winning music video director for the Fugees. At home, he was a depraved tyrant who lorded over his family like the leader of a sex cult, keeping his children and grandchildren from going to school or making contact with the outside world, officials said.
His authority over the women in the family was so great that the mother of his children and his live-in “second wife” did nothing to stop the abuse, even though they knew he had started raping his oldest daughter when she was just 8-years-old.
Ayinde, 58, appealed his conviction, arguing that the judge in the 2013 trial deprived him of a fair proceeding by allowing “detailed and excessive testimony” describing his sexual abuse of his other daughters.
But the trial judge at the time said he had no choice but allow the jury to hear all the lurid details because that would be the only way they would believe “what might otherwise be the most preposterous story that they will ever hear in their lives – a story that is almost totally unbelievable.”
A three-judge appellate panel on Thursday agreed, calling the evidence “indispensable.”
“This testimony provides the means for reasonably prudent jurors to transcend their ordinary life experience and examine the emotionally oppressive, socially barren and psychotically toxic environment defendant created to achieve a cult-like control over the female members of his family,” their decision says.
The 2013 trial focused on the oldest of the five daughters he raped.
She never went to school, and gave birth to her first child when she was 16. She got pregnant by her father four more times and carried all but one child to term — all at home without any medical care before or after the births.
The children also were not issued birth certificates, allegedly so that their grandfather would be able to kill them without anybody knowing they had existed.
The daughter, an adult by the time of the trial, bravely testified against her father.
Between 13 and 16 I was required to have sex with him at least once a day. It increased to twice a day. There was a period that I had to make sure that turned him on or [made] him [ejaculate] at least three times a day. And … if I didn’t do it then he told me that he would then molest my other sisters.”
After she was 18, he forcibly raped her and threatened her with violence.
His girlfriend, Akua Montano, was sentenced to five years in prison for pleading guilty to second-degree sexual assault and testifying against him. She testified that she joined the family as a de facto second wife and described him more as a leader of a cult than a father.
She knew he was raping his daughter as far back as 1988, and said she performed oral sex on the the daughter at his request.
His wife said she learned about the abuse in 1987 when he told her that he was having oral sex with their then-10-year-old daughter.
The Paterson family lived with a police officer in East Orange for two months, but the mother never told the cop because she was afraid.
“I mean, looking back now, obviously it was stupid,” she testified at trial. “But, you know, my mind frame at this time, I believed everything he told me. I went along with everything.”
He was sentenced in 2013 by a Superior Court judge sitting in Passaic to 50 years in prison, in addition to the 40 years to which he was sentenced in 2011 for the rape of another daughter.
The appellate panel on Thursday said his appeal had no merit.
The horrific details of the crime defendant committed against his own child contravene all of the universally accepted norms of decency, and violate the profound, lifelong trust, devotion and paternal love every child is entitled to receive from his or her father,” their decision says.
Today, the oldest daughter is raising her family. She opened her own catering and baking business, and has spoken about her suffering in an effort to help others.
“I’m going to school and furthering my knowledge of the world and the people around me,” she wrote in an essay on, a nonprofit that helps abused women.
“I am raising my children without the oppression that my father inflicted. I am free to do what I want and how I want.”

NJ ‘cult’ dad who raped and impregnated 5 daughters rots in prison Sergio Bichao April 20, 2017

An Athens man was recently convicted by a Clarke County Superior Court jury of preying on male UGA students by plying them with alcohol and drugs and then sexually assaulting them after the victims passed out.
Following a trial that ran from April 10 to April 17, 28-year-old Andre Montez Jones was found guilty of two counts of aggravated sodomy and three counts each of of sodomy and sexual battery, and one count of battery.
Sentencing is scheduled for May 5.
Prior to the week-long trial, officials had disclosed that five young men were prepared to testify that they were victimized by Jones from 2013 to 2015.
Athens-Clarke County police had said that Jones preyed on UGA students whom he reportedly befriended through their mutual interest in the sport of competitive Frisbee.
According to court filings, Jones would accompany his victims to bars in downtown Athens, and “consuming different alcoholic beverages with (Jones) was the last memory of each victim” prior to them waking up in Jones’s bed where he was performing sexual acts on them.
According to court documents, Jones gave one or more of his victims Tramadol, a narcotic that causes drowsiness when taken with alcohol.
Jones’ predatory crimes came to light in December 2015, after a shirtless 18-year-old UGA student with a bloody nose and other injuries was seen wandering around downtown, asking for people to call police. He later told police he was physically assaulted by Jones at the suspect’s apartment on Willow Street.
He said he had just completed taking a final exam the night before when he accepted Jones’ invitation to come over and watch a Netflix movie, police said.
The student told police that when Jones gave him a beer that was already opened, the next thing he could remember was waking up naked in Jones’ bed being sexually assaulted by his host.
The student reportedly told Jones he was not gay and “didn’t do things like that,” at which time Jones started beating him and took his phone. The student ran from the apartment building to seek help, finding someone downtown who called 911 for him.
Police said that when they met with the student he was not wearing a shirt, and he had a bloody nose, swollen eye and numerous scratches on his neck, face and elsewhere. He requested an ambulance because he felt like he might have a concussion, police said, and was subsequently taken to St. Mary’s Hospital.
Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division went to Jones’ apartment to follow up on the student’s allegations, at which time Jones was arrested on charges of aggravated sodomy with force and battery.
On the sodomy charge, according to the arrest warrant, the victim was said to be “intoxicated and unable to give consent.” Jones committed battery by “hitting (the victim) in the face and leaving scratches on his neck when the victim tried to stop him from performing oral sex … ,” according to the warrant.
The first indication there might be other possible victims came on Dec. 16, 2015, when reported Jones’ arrest. A post in the reader comments section of from someon calling themselves Long Arm of the Law claimed that a friend of the writer had reported Jones a couple of years before for apparently similar activity.
Four additional victims subsequently came forward and told their stories to police.
Anyone who has been sexually assaulted or knows someone who has been assaulted can contact The Cottage Sexual Assault Center and Children’s Advocacy Center. The agency provides a range of free services to child and adult students of sexual and physical abuse, including medical accompaniment, advocacy, referrals, counseling and support groups. The Cottage also maintains a 24-hour crisis and information hotline at (877) 363-1912.
For UGA students, the University Health Center’s Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention program provides crisis intervention and support, safety planning, medical and legal accompaniment, as well as academic and housing accommodations. Call (706) 542-8690 or visit for more information.

A serial rapist has been jailed for more than 13 years for terrifying attacks on two vulnerable women, one of whom was pregnant at the time.
Sick Majid Bairami targeted his victims, who he knew were alone, on separate occasions in houses in Blaydon, in Gateshead, and Walker, in Newcastle, in 2011.
During the first attack, the 35-year-old Iranian national threatened the woman, who was 12 weeks pregnant, with a knife and held it to her neck before raping her as she begged him to stop, a court was told.
Afterwards, Bairami told the terrified victim that if she told anyone, he would kill her child.
But, Newcastle Crown Court heard, the beast didn’t stop there and, in the same year, he struck again.
This time, he attacked a woman at a house in Walker, pinning her down and violently raping her as she pleaded with him to stop.
Prosecutors said, on that occasion, the victim was left with injuries and bruising to her thigh.
Now, Bairami, who is currently serving a nine-year sentence for a rape in Derby in 2013, has been locked-up for 13 years and 10 months after being found guilty after trial of two counts of rape.
Anne Richardson, prosecuting, said the first attack took place in Blaydon and involved Bairami arming himself with a knife and threatening to kill the terrified victim if she didn’t do as he said.
Despite begging him to stop and pleading to be let go, the sex beast raped her and then threatened to kill her child if she told of her horrifying ordeal.
Ms Richardson said: “One of the most serious features in relation to [that attack] is not only the knife but also, as she [the victim] pointed out in her statement, she was actually pregnant when the rape took place.”
In the statement, the victim said she had be left unable to live a normal life and had attempted suicide after suffering from flashbacks, post traumatic stress, depression and anxiety.
During the second attack, in Walker, violent pervert Bairami pinned his victim down and raped her, despite her screaming “Don’t, please stop”.
Afterwards, he again told her not to say anything but the woman refused and later told her boyfriend.
The court heard the victim was left with bruising to her thigh, injuries to her forearms and a love bite on her neck. In a statement, she said she had been left feeling socially isolated and suffering from depression and anxiety.
Locking him up, Judge Robert Spragg branded Bairami “dangerous” and told him he would serve at least two thirds of his sentence behind bars.
He said: “The risk of serious harm to the public is assessed as high.
“You present a significant risk of further specified serious offences and, therefore, you are dangerous.
“You have shown no victim empathy and you have distorted views in relation to women generally.
“You will serve two thirds of the sentence and the parole board will then decide whether you should be released.
“You will only be released if the parole board decide that it is safe to do so.
“Whenever you are released, which will be no later that the date on which 13 years and 10 months expires, you will be on licence, which will continue for the extended period of five years.”
Bairami had been serving a nine-year prison sentence for a rape in Derby in 2013 - two years after the attacks in the North East,
On that occasion, he targeted a woman as she left a nightclub, dragging her down an embankment and threatening to stab her with a knife and “put her in the canal” before sexually assaulting her.
Newcastle Crown Court was told the Iranian asylum seeker had suffered a traumatic upbringing in his home country and had been seriously injured in an attack, which killed his parents and sister.
He came to the UK in 2006 and will be deported once his sentence is completed.

A serial rapist who pleaded guilty earlier this year to sexually assaulting three women in Wilmerding will spend at least 50 years in prisons,
Common Pleas Judge Alex Bicket sentenced 32-year-old Lawrence Cook to 51 to 102 years in prison, according to the District Attorney's Office. The sentence stems from rapes committed in 2014 and 2015.
Detectives arrested Cook in April 2016 after a break in the case, which stemmed from a DNA match from one of the 2015 cases to the 2014 rape and a 2005 assault in Savannah, Ga. The victim in Georgia gave her assailant's name as Lawrence.
From there, detectives worked backward: They looked for men within a certain age range who had lived in Pennsylvania and Georgia who went by Lawrence, Ruckel said. Because the Georgia case was a decade old, detectives concluded the suspect was likely born in Georgia.
That led them to Cook.
Cook pleaded guilty in January to aggravated assault, rape, kidnapping, robbery, terroristic threats, assault and robbery in a February 2014 case; rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and robbery in a July 2015 case; and rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, assault and terroristic threats in a November 2015 case.
KwaZulu-Natal serial rapist Mhlabunzima Goodness Zondi has been sentenced to 12 life sentences for 12 counts of rape, police said on Thursday.
The 39-year-old was sentenced by the Durban Regional Court on Wednesday for the rapes he committed between 2009 and 2013.
He was also sentenced to a total of 77 years imprisonment for charges of kidnapping, pointing of a firearm and theft, said Captain Nqobile Gwala.
He was caught after one of his victims, who was 17 years old in 2013 when he raped her, spotted him in the Greytown CBD and informed police who arrested him on the spot.
Zondi was then linked to 11 other rape cases through DNA. He used the same modus operandi during his reign of terror in Greytown, Durban central, New Hanover, Eshowe, Pietermaritzburg and Melmoth, said Gwala.
He would offer his victims a lift, take them to a secluded area, rape them and dump them by the roadside afterward.
Acting provincial commissioner Major-General Bheki Langa applauded the investigating officers for sending well prepared dockets to court "which led to the successful prosecution of the accused".

South Africa: KZN Serial Rapist Gets 12 Life Sentences News24 20 APRIL 2017

Johannesburg – The first complainants in the Tembisa serial rapist’s trial testified in the high court in Joburg on Thursday, but the proceedings were held in camera to spare the women any humiliation.

Two young women – who were teenagers when they were raped by Joseph Rasempane Mahloma and an unknown male in a Tembisa field in January 2011 – were the first of 103 witnesses who the State will call in its quest to prove Mahloma’s guilt.
The accused is facing 104 charges, including 22 of rape, 17 of kidnapping and three of sexual assault in a reign of terror that prosecutors say started in January 2011 and ended with Mahloma’s arrest in August 2014.

The charge sheet, which was read out on Tuesday by State prosecutor Deborah Zinn, alleged that Mahloma and an unknown accomplice forced three young women – aged 14, 16 and 18 in 2011 – to accompany them at gunpoint to a field near Themba Khoza informal settlement in the early hours of January 1.
They then tied up the 18-year-old while they raped the other two. The 18-year-old was then raped by one of the perpetrators.
All three women’s clothes were then taken and they were made to walk home naked.
The three women were examined on the day of the incident by Tembisa Hospital’s Dr EM Tipoy, who used a sexual assault examination kit to compile a DNA identikit; the evidence of which was admitted into court on Wednesday without dispute.
The State hopes that the DNA collected from this kit will tie Mahloma to the rapes.
Another reliable source close to the investigation said earlier this week that the police had yet to find and arrest the accomplice as Mahloma refused to name him.
The search had since been suspended.
The source said the accused had claimed “he was prepared to take on the accomplice’s charges for himself”.
Mahloma pleaded not guilty to all 104 charges.

Tembisa serial rapist's alleged victims take the stand Khaya Koko

Shocking details have emerged about 28-year-old Mallikarjuna, a serial child molester and rapist from Kalaburagi who had been arrested by the Sanjaynagar police for raping a 13-year-old girl on March 11.

During his interrogation, he has confessed that he had sexually assaulted the girl thrice after he lured her to an abandoned building in Rajanukuntte on the pretext of taking her to a lavish wedding feast on March 2.

Police have recovered numerous selfies of Mallikarjuna with established Sandalwood stars.

Mallikarjuna has told the cops that he arrived in the city from Kalaburagi about five years back to try his luck in Sandalwood as a hero and had been struggling ever since to get a break in the industry.

BM on March 14 had reported about Mallikarjuna’s arrest from Kalaburagi and also how he used to prowl Sanjaynagar and RR Nagar localities looking for potential victims.

However, Sanjaynagar police are having a tough time convincing the rape survivor and her family to get their statement recorded as part of preparing a watertight chargesheet against him.

Mallikarjuna used to lure kids from the city to isolated spots in the outskirts and sexually exploit them. We contacted the survivor’s family to get the statement of the girl recorded but they are not keen to return to the city. The accused had raped the 13-year-old girl after taking her to a dilapidated building at Rajanukuntte under the false promise of getting her a sumptuous wedding meal,” said a senior officer involved in the probe.

Mallikarjuna had identified the girl as an easy prey and in fact gone to her home on March 2 along with another small boy from the locality.

He then told her that he was taking both of them to the feast and the girl unsuspectingly went with him on his bike. En route he had stopped near a medical store to buy contraceptives and had told the victim that they were bandage.

Even the victim had given similar statements at the time of registering the rape complaint, a few days back. Mallikarjuna had even got her chocolates asking her not to disclose anything. But as she had gone missing, her parents had already filed a missing case.

“After the accused was arrested, we had taken him to the place where he had raped the victim. A pair of clothes and a contraceptive was recovered from the house. We have sought permission for the DNA tests to match the traces of the semen found on the recovered items,” police said.

Pastor raped 17-year-old gir lor the last six years 28 aprile 2017

Man sentenced for raping 5-year-old boy 28 aprile 2017

Man sentenced to life for raping 66-year-old woman 28 aprile 2017

8-year-old girl kidnapped, raped by 30-year-old man 27 aprile 2017

16-year-old runaway girl gang-raped twice in 48 hours 27 aprile 2017

19-year-old married woman gang-raped on train 27 aprile 2017

Third sexual assault reported on campus 27 aprile 2017

15-year-old girl kidnapped, raped 27 aprile 2017

40-year-old woman raped in a London park by 15-year-old boy 27 aprile 2017

23-year-old Brazilian woman raped by taxi driver in Thailand 27 aprile 2017

Boston Uber driver sexually assaulted female passenger 27 aprile 2017

Uber driver raped California woman in car 27 aprile 2017

TEEN RAPISTS 25 26 aprile 2017

Net Aware: Online Child Prorection Report 27 aprile 2017

Internet-related rapes involving minors in Malaysia rose 300% 27 aprile 2017

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