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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


sabato 15 aprile 2017


For the second time in a week, a Le Roy teenager has admitted raping children and now faces a certain state prison sentence.
Leonard Hahn IV, 17, appeared in Genesee County Court Tuesday and accepted a plea deal offered by Genesee County District Attorney’s Office.
Hahn waived his right to a grand jury proceeding and pleaded guilty as charged to a single count of first-degree rape with the promise of a sentence of no more than 10 years in state prison. That is the same plea Hahn made last week during an appearance in Wyoming County Court.
Hahn was arrested twice in February. The first case came in the town of Alabama, where Hahn was charged with first-degree rape after an investigation revealed he has sex with a child under the age of 11 in 2016.
A week later, village of Attica police arrested Hahn, charging him with two counts of rape. Village police said at the time that one child reported the rape to a school official, which led to another child coming forward. Hahn was acquainted with the victims.
All the rapes happened in April and May 2016.
Hahn could have faced up to 25 years in state prison. He is scheduled to be sentenced in May in Genesee County Court and in June in Wyoming. He remains in jail pending sentencing.

A Delaware County man is behind bars after raping, assaulting, and threatening a friend.

Derek Porrini, 20, of Sharon Hill, has been charged with felony rape, felony aggravated assault, felony unlawful restraint, felony sexual assault, terroristic threats, indecent assault, and two counts of recklessly endangering another person, court records show.

Porrini was remanded to the Delaware County jail after failing to post $100,000 bail on March 30, court records show.

He is set to appear for his preliminary hearing on April 5, court records show.

Charges were filed after police responded to a hospital on March 29 after receiving a report of rape, according to the Delaware County Daily Times.

Porrini continued and forced himself on the victim but she was able to escape, police told the outlet.

Porrini then threw her to the ground, broke her cell phone, choked her, slammed her into a door, and punched her in the head, according to the Times.

He then told her others in his family would assault her if she told police about the incident, police told the Times.

Delco Man Allegedly Raped, Assaulted, Threatened Friend: Report  - April 5, 2017

Felix McDaniel, 22, faces rape and child pornography charges. He reportedly raped a 14-year-old. He also reportedly the victim that "age is only a number." 

Felix McDaniel, 22, is charged with second-degree rape and possessing child pornography.
Court documents state McDaniel started talking to a 14-year-old girl via a social media app and eventually began sending her nude pictures of himself and asking for some in return.
The document states the victim told McDaniel she was only 14, to which he replied, "Age is only a number."
Broken Arrow detectives say McDaniel convinced the victim to send pictures and meet up with him.
Court documents say they met up twice. They allege at both meetings McDaniel coerced the victim into sexual acts, including intercourse.
Investigators say during one instance he was supposed to be driving the victim to church, but instead pulled over and asked for sexual favors.
Broken Arrow detectives interviewed McDaniel in February. Warrants for his arrest were issued on March 23. He was arrested April 4 by Tulsa police. 

A BRISBANE man, 20, is behind bars after a jury convicted him of the repeated rape of a 15-year-old virgin in a “set up” by the man’s footy-mate whom the victim met at a church camp.

Late on Friday a District Court jury of eight men and four women handed down their verdict, finding Jack Grimley asked his mate to “get some girls” then raped the schoolgirl three times in his bedroom on July 6, 2015, as a Blake Lively film played in the background.

They also found him guilty of two counts of “indecently dealing” with the girl, firstly in his loungeroom and later in the bathroom of his Hendra home.

The indecent dealing charge was an alternate charge to the charge of rape.

He faced trial on five counts of rape.
The jury spent six hours deliberating before giving their verdict to Judge David Kent at 6.15pm today.
The jury found that Grimley took advantage of the naive young schoolgirl in his basement bedroom, knowing she was under-age and was therefore not able to consent to sex.
They found he disregarded her requests that he stop, and to stop when she was in pain.
Grimley’s lawyers argued he mistakenly believed she was older because she was “wearing makeup” as well as revealing shorts and halter top were “slutty”.
Grimley chose not to take the witness stand and did not call a single witness in his defence.
The girl told police that as he raped her the second time Grimley told her: “You are going to have to do it eventually you might as well do it now”.
“Then he just pushed it in,” she told police.
Crown Prosecutor Megan Heywood told the court that the girl did not consent to sex and was intimidated into submitting because she believed Grimley wouldn’t take her home unless she agreed to have sex with him.
The girls’ mother told the court that her daughter told her “I got raped” three weeks after the attack.
She said they went and started watching a movie and then she was being raped several times,” the mother testified.
Mr Humm told the jury the plan was to have a threesome and it looked like “a bit of fun” at the start but clearly “went downhill” when the girl told Grimley: “Can you please stop it hurts”.
Grimley’s defence barrister Greg Maguire argued that the only reason Grimley was charged with rape was because the girl’s mother was “horrified” her young daughter had had a threesome and insisted she report it to police.
Judge Kent remanded Grimley in custody for his sentencing on a date to be fixed.

A SWINDON man who is serving 10 years in prison for raping a child at least 10 times has appealed against the length of his sentence.
John Liddiard, now 23, of Buttermere in Liden, was aged between 13 and 15 when the offences were committed between January 2007 and August 2009.
His victim, a young girl who cannot be named for legal reasons, was between six and eight years old at the time.
Liddiard stood trial at Swindon Crown Court last August.
After four days of evidence, a jury of seven women and five men took eight hours to deliver a unanimous guilty verdict.
The family of his victim were in the public gallery to hear the jury’s decision and exclaimed in relief when it was announced.
As the judge in the case, Recorder Michael Vere-Hodge QC, prepared to sentence Liddiard, he heard from Crown Prosecutor Tessa Hingston who read a statement given by the victim.
In it, she recounted how the ordeal had led to her developing anxiety, having flashbacks, and self-harming to such an extent that she ended up in hospital.
Earlier in the trial, the court heard how giving evidence against Liddiard had felt like a weight being lifted from the victim’s shoulders.
The court also heard that it was not Liddiard’s first such offence against young girls, in 2010 he was convicted of sexually assaulting two other girls of a similar age.
Sentencing Liddiard to 10 years in prison, the judge in the case, the judge said: “You, and others who hear or read about this case, must understand that rape is a very serious offence, it is about as serious as it gets in the criminal calendar.
“Not only is it serious in its own nature, but the effect it has on the victim can be long lasting and severe.
“You and others must understand that rape has real effects on people way beyond the physical indignity of what you do to them.”
Earlier in the trial, Liddiard attempted to deny having committed the assaults he was convicted for in 2010, saying he only pleaded guilty to take the easy way out.
On that issue, the judge said he had formed the view that “you are prepared to say whatever it takes to get out of the situation you are in,” before adding “I find you a thoroughly dishonest witness.”
But now Liddiard has asked a panel of senior judges to reduce his sentence, arguing that it is excessive when all the facts of the case are considered.
A spokesman for the Court of Appeal confirmed that the application to appeal had been received in September last year and that it had come before the court on Wednesday this week.
The case was adjourned and a new probation report was ordered. The report will look at the motive for Liddiard’s offending, his understanding of the impact and any remorse shown, as well as how best to address his risk of reoffending.
The Court of Appeal is now adjourned until the end of the month for the Easter break.
Liddiard is expected to hear the outcome of his appeal in May or June.

Child rapist appeals over 10-year jail term Apr 13 2017

A 19-year-old man accused of raping a minor in Maryland on April 4 was arrested the next day when his plane landed in Atlanta, officials said.
Sergio Morales Soto was trying to get to Guatemala on April 5 before being arrested on six felony charges aboard a flight at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Channel 2 Action News reported.
But severe storms caused flight delays and gave authorities time to catch up to Soto, the news station reported. 
Local agents transferred Soto from Clayton County back to Maryland, where he will face charges of child abuse and rape.
Port Director Carey Davis of U.S. Customs and Border Protection told Channel 2 that any time someone is wanted on a felony warrant it’s taken seriously.
“Around the country we apprehend about 20 to 25 people a day on average,” Davis said. “Here in Atlanta, it just depends on the week. It could be one a day, it could be more than one a day."
Accused child rapist caught at airport when flight is delayed by storms Ellen Eldridge  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution April 13, 2017

TEEN RAPISTS 23 4 aprile 2017

11-year-old girl raped by her 20-year-old neighbour 15 aprile 2017

17-year-old girl gang-raped by 8 men for months 15 aprile 2017

SERIAL RAPISTS 25 14 aprile 2017

7-year-old girl abducted, raped 14 aprile 2017

Migrants Brutally Raped Swedish Teen 14 aprile 2017

Killer jailed for sadistic rape after prison release 14 aprile 2017

19-year-old woman found hanging days after she was raped 14 aprile 2017

#NiUnaMenos 21-year-old activist raped, murdered 12 aprile 2017

25-year-old man raped in 'terrifying' sex attack 11 aprile 2017

12 year-old boy jailed for raping 3 year-old girl 11 aprile 2017

Woman drugged, gang-raped by 4 men in a Stockholm hotel 11 aprile 2017

3-and-a-half-year-old girl raped, strangled to death 10 aprile 2017

7-year-old girl raped, murdered by 35-year-old man 10 aprile 2017

CHILD RAPISTS 90 14 aprile 2017

Navy officer faces child sex assault charges 14 aprile 2017

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