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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


domenica 21 maggio 2017

Austrian town bans refugees after brutal rape of 15-year-old girl

Austrian town of Tulin has told regional government they want a parliamentary hearing about the attack which took place as teenager was walking home in late hours of the evening
THE Mayor of an Austrian town has told the government his community will not be accepting any more refugees following the “brutal rape” of a 15-year-old girl.

The child was assaulted by three men with local reports claiming the attackers were migrants who had been housed in the town of Tulin.
An Afghan national is now in police custody but the other two alleged attackers are thought to be on the run – one has been identified as a Somali man.
The German television news programme Heute reported Mayor Peter Eisenschenk as saying: “For me, there is zero tolerance for criminal asylum seekers who abuse their rights as guests and in view of what these criminals did to the girl, the full severity of the law is demanded.”
He informed the regional government in Lower Austria earlier this week that his town will not be accepting any more refugees until further notice so the crime can be investigated and a parliamentary hearing taken place.
Local reports claimed the police said the girl was assaulted twice having once escaped from her attackers during her terrifying ordeal.
She was on her way home in the late hours of the evening before three men began to follow her and then grab her.
The investigation into the crime saw the local prosecutor’s office order 59 male residents of asylum accommodation in the area to submit DNA samples.
Police have not disclosed any further information in order “not to jeopardize” the ongoing investigation but media reports emerged suggesting the suspects are of Afghan and Somali origin.
The Mayor and his supporters have requested a parliamentary hearing on the issue and said their temporary ban is “too small” a measure to tackle the problem.
Austria is among several other European Union countries in the Schengen zone to introduce border controls following the migrant crisis that reached its height in Europe in 2015.
It was designed as a temporary measure but has continued to remain in place with Austrian ministers asking European officials to grant another extension to allow them to use it for longer.

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