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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


sabato 13 maggio 2017


A 47-year-old Junction City woman was sentenced to a total of 110 years in prison in Marion County Court Thursday on four Class X counts of predatory criminal sexual assault and three counts of criminal sexual assault.
Judge Marc Kelly told Patricia Speagle it was his intention that she spend the remainder of her life in prison. He noted the child victims had their childhoods stolen to satisfy the sexual desire of herself and her husband and the sentence is intended to keep the defendant from further abusing the children or interfere in their adult lives. Under the sentencing law, Speagle will have to serve 85-percent of the sentence.
The judge called the five videos viewed by the court Wednesday as 'disturbing' and that Speagle had violated her position of ultimate trust by turning her family members into sex objects, which was made very clear by their actions in the videos where the ten-year-old could be heard to be clearly crying in pain with no effort by Speagle to stop her actions or even try to comfort her. Kelly said Speagle would have continued to use her children as sex toys if it wasn't for the photos being discovered on her husband's computer.
The 110-year sentence is ten more than what Assistant State's Attorney Melissa Doran had asked, with the judge noting the extra ten years was for the age of her youngest child involved in the abuse.
Doran, in asking for the 100-year sentence, noted Speagle lies a lot to protect her husband and herself and only disclosed information she thought authorities already knew or could prove. She said there was absolutely no punishment that would right the wrongs, saying the ten-year-old girl was not just sexually assaulted, but sexually tortured and 'raped out of her childhood'.
Doran called Speagle a danger to society and a danger to all children if she every got out of prison. She said she could have asked for one year for every scream of the ten-year-old on just four of the videos viewed or one year for every day her childhood was stolen, but both would have been beyond the maximum sentence.
The prosecution called three witnesses before arguments were made on the length of sentence.
Sheriff's Department Investigator Anthony Decker noted multiple computers and two camcorders pointed at the bedroom were recovered during the execution of the search warrant. He reports a forensic expert pulled videos of 16 sexual acts with multiple partners from multiple devices.
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services' Amber Emerick testified to physical injuries the ten-year-old received from the sexual acts required corrective action at a St. Louis Children's Hospital. She reported the ten-year-old is now in the process of being placed in a permanent home.
Dr. Katherine Swafford of the Children's Medical Resource Center in Anna testified the children had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.
Patricia Speagle's husband, Gary, currently faces 18 counts of child pornography and predatory criminal sexual assault. The couple's daughter, 20-year-old Dallas Holt, faces ten counts including predatory criminal sexual assault and criminal sexual assault charges. A 16-year-old juvenile boy, while a victim in the charges brought against the adults, is also charged in juvenile court for the sexual assault of the ten-year-old girl.
The investigation began and the initial arrests were made in early October when a person asked to make repairs to Speagle's computer found the child pornography and reported it to authorities.

Junction City Woman Receives 110 Year Prison Term on Sex Assault Convictions 5/11/2017

A Manchester woman was sentenced to 12½ years in prison after she was convicted of her role in the sexual assault of a child.
Kimberly Brady was convicted of several charges, including aggravated felonious sexual assault. Prosecutors said that on one occasion, she held the victim's hand while her husband sexually assaulted the child.
Brady addressed the court during her sentencing hearing.
"I hate myself," she said. "I'll never forgive myself for it for as long as I live. It wasn't right, regardless of the situation."
Brady's husband has pleaded guilty to several charges and was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

Woman sentenced to prison for role in sexual abuse of child May 12, 2017 Andy Hershberger

A Ventura woman who pleaded guilty to a rape charge that also involved her boyfriend was sentenced to six years in state prison.
Madeline Carden, 22, appeared Wednesday before Ventura County Superior Court Judge Judge F. Dino Inumerable. The Ventura woman pleaded guilty April 14 to one felony count of rape of an intoxicated person and one felony count of child molesting.
The charge of child molesting involved a second victim, a 12-year-old girl from Santa Barbara, with whom Carden and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Brandon Vanwie, had an "unnatural sexual fascination," authorities said.
According to court documents, Carden and Vanwie provided their 18-year-old roommate with alcoholic beverages shortly after she moved in with the couple in March or April 2014.
Senior Deputy District Attorney Tom Steele said Carden and the victim's families had been neighbors, and Carden knew the victim had a learning and cognitive disability. Steele said text messages between Carden and Vanwie showed the two planned to gain the young woman's trust in order to take advantage of her.
The victim told authorities that during one incident, she recalled feeling intoxicated before Carden and Vanwie took her into her bedroom. Steele said Carden had instructed Vanwie on a text message to bring home some alcohol because "she wanted to get the victim drunk."
The next morning, Carden showed the victim a video that showed the victim and Vanwie having sex, according to a declaration written by Deputy District Attorney Jacklyn Sheehan. The woman was not moving in the video and had no recollection of the incident, Sheehan wrote.
"On that particular incident, (Carden) was guilty nonetheless because she aided and abetted by getting alcohol, getting the victim to drink it and getting in bed with Vanwie," Steele said. "It's unclear if (Carden) did anything sexually to the victim, but we know on other occasions she did and encouraged Vanwie to do the same."
Steele said Vanwie continued to sexually abuse the woman, sometimes without Carden. According to court records, the woman went to Ventura police on May 29, 2014. The victim told detectives she did not tell anyone about the incidents at first because Carden and Vanwie had knives and guns and told the victim they would "cut" her if she said anything.
At Wednesday's hearing, the victim's mother read a statement written by the young woman, who said she felt like a slave and that her "spirit felt empty" and she felt a sense of hopelessness because of the abuse she had undergone.
Police also found photos of a girl who appeared to be about 12 years old on Vanwie's cellphone. Steele said Vanwie would take photos of the young girl when she would walk to school near where Vanwie worked in Santa Barbara.
Steele said Carden and Vanwie also exchanged text messages about the young girl. Investigators also found more than 100 images of young girls in sexually provocative positions, some shared in text messages between the couple, authorities said.
"They discussed possibly kidnapping the girl and what they would do to her over those text messages," Steele said. "When you realize what they did to the first victim and the way they fantasized about other children, it just shocks you to the core."
Vanwie, who pleaded guilty April 5 to the same charges, will be sentenced to eight years in state prison when he appears in court on June 2, Steele said.

Ventura woman sentenced in roommate rape case Marjorie Hernandez May 10, 2017

The parents of a 3-year-old victim of convicted child rapist Heather Koon have filed a civil case against the day care she was employed by when the crimes took place.
The suit was filed May 10 in Lorain County Common Pleas Court. It lists Koon, 28, as well as I Can Investments LLC; Tamara Madkins, owner of ABC Kidz; and Alyssa Anger, Crystal Grier, Christine Kramer, Stephanie Romano and Tracy Porter as administrators at the facility, as defendants.
The parents, as well as their daughter, are listed as John and Janet Doe in the filing, citing the sensitive nature of the subject matter.
The filing claims ABC Kidz failed to comply with childcare provider regulations which put the children, and more specifically, their daughter at increased risk at the facility.
It also claims the day care was cited for failing to comply with required staff-to-child ratios, failing to conduct required background checks and failing to report suspicions of inappropriate conduct.
According to the filing, when Koon applied for her position at the day care center, she listed previous centers she had worked.
It is believed Koon had engaged in inappropriate conduct while working at these centers, the suit says.
Koon also stated in her job application that she lived with James Osborne, 38, who she also named as a reference.
Osborne previously had pleaded guilty to two charges related to child pornography in 2011, the filing says.
The filing claims Osborne was on the child care center’s premises at various times throughout Koon’s employment.
According to the suit, the facility did not perform a proper background check on Koon and allowed her to work by herself with children in closed rooms away from other employees.
It was during some of these times that the plaintiffs’ daughter was assaulted by Koon without their knowledge, the filing says.
After the incident, the lawsuit claims the girl became visibly upset whenever near Koon. She also screamed in the bathtub and during diaper changes, the filing says.
The suit claims seven counts against the defendants; negligent hiring and supervision, negligent retention, negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, loss of consortium, civil liberty and false imprisonment.
Two other suits have been filed against Koon and the day care center. One was settled for an undisclosed amount and the other is still being adjudicated.
A woman identifying herself as an administrator for the day care center declined to comment on the suit when reached by phone May 11.

The former wife of a Billings man who was convicted of raping an infant in 2014 has been abusing the couple’s children and allowing her husband to have unapproved contact with their children, according to court documents filed Friday.
Ashley Chesmore, 28, is charged in Yellowstone County District Court with assault on a minor.
Chesmore was married to Daniel Degele, 28, who is serving a 40-year sentence at the Montana State Hospital in for the rape of a 23-month-old baby.
Degele was ordered to have no contact with any of his three children, but according to court documents, Chesmore has been allowing Degele to speak with the kids on the phone.
Chesmore is also accused of punching her 8-year-old son because he was arguing with his sister.
Chesmore called her son’s school in March to tell staff her son had a bruise on his face caused by bumping heads with his brother.
But the boy told school officials the bruise formed after his mother had punched him “again.”
According to court documents, Chesmore was driving her three children in the family’s Chevy Tahoe when the kids began arguing in the backseat.
Chesmore stopped the vehicle, got out and opened the back door of the vehicle, and punched her son.
The boy said his mother then told him to lie about the cause of the bruise and say it happened when he bumped heads with his brother.
Chesmore denied the abuse and told authorities she only stopped and opened the back door because the indicator light was on.
When asked why she felt the need to call the school about this particular incident, Chesmore said she just felt it was necessary.
Throughout the investigation, authorities learned Chesmore was allowing Degele to have unapproved contact with the children over the phone.
Chesmore is being held at the Yellowstone County jail on $10,000 bond.

Wife of Billings man who raped infant accused of child abuse May 12, 2017 Aja Goare - MTN News

KENNEWICK, Wash. - A former Kennewick teacher has pleaded guilty to child rape.
Reports said Tonie Reiboldt, 43, pleaded guilty on May 10 to one count of third degree rape of a child and three counts of communication with a minor for immoral purposes.
Reiboldt appeared in court after police said she had sex with a minor and was being investigated for sending naked pictures to Horse Heavens Middle School students on Snapchat.
Kennewick School District officials said Reiboldt worked as a PE and math teacher at Horse Heavens Middle School since 2003 and is no longer employed with the district.
Court papers said her sentencing is set for June 14, 2017.

Former Kennewick teacher pleads guilty to child rape Marie SchurkWednesday May 10th 2017
A Trenton Public School teacher from Burlington County stands accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with an underage boy, authorities announced Thursday afternoon. 

Rayna Culver, 43, of Burlington Township, is accused having sex with an underage boy on multiple occasions, Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina and Burlington Township Public Safety Director Bruce Painter said. She is charged with second-degree sexual assault and second-degree endangering the welfare of a child.
The prosecutor’s office didn’t reveal how the two knew each other, including if the child was one of her students, to protect the victim’s identity. It did say the relationship began in 2016, and at least part of the relationship took place in Burlington Township. 
Culver was arrested Wednesday morning following the execution of a search warrant at her home. She was released on certain conditions following her first appearance in Superior Court on Thursday. She was ordered to have no contact with the victim or anyone else under the age of 18. 
The charges will be presented to a Grand Jury in the near future to be considered for indictment. The case is being prosecuted by BCPO Assistant Prosecutor Stephen Eife. 
The case was investigated by the BCPO’s Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Unit, High-Tech Crimes Unit, and the Burlington Township Police Department. BCPO Det. Brian Lloyd and Burlington Township Det. Anthony Fontana led the investigation. 

Mercer County Teacher Charged With Child Sex Assault  - May 11, 2017

A drama teacher was arrested Thursday morning after Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies said she raped her former student.
BSO deputies said they found Pamela Stigger, 33, just after 2 a.m. Thursday, “moments after she had engaged in sexual acts with a 15-year-old boy in the back of a car.” The car was parked near the intersection of Northwest 70th Avenue and 58th Street in Tamarac.
Deputies wrote in the arrest report that they found the victim nude from the waist down, and deputies said he told them he had sex with Stigger.
Stigger is a teacher at Forest Glen Middle School in Coral Springs, and was the victim’s eight-grade drama teacher, according to the arrest report. On her Facebook page, Stigger billed herself as an English language teacher and director of the Forest Glen Middle School junior thespian troupe.
The victim told deputies his teacher was driving him home when she pulled her car over and began kissing him. She denied the claims and said the boy was attempting to seduce her when deputies found them.
“The defendant said she was only trying to mentor him while they were both occupying the back seat of her vehicle,” the arrest report said.
Deputies believe there are no other victims.
Stigger was charged with two counts of sexual battery and one count of lewd conduct. It was not yet known if she had obtained an attorney.

Read more here:

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Drama teacher accused of raping her former student in the back of a car ALEX HARRIS MAY 12, 2017

A Parsons woman is facing two off-grid felonies alleging child sexual abuse.
Sasha L. Bruner, 29, 21013 Ness Road, Parsons, is charged with aggravated indecent liberties with a child and sexual exploitation of a child in Labette County District Court. Both charges are off-grid felonies that require long prison terms upon conviction.
The complaint alleges the crimes occurred between Jan. 1, 2013, and July 14, 2016. The complaint names Jered Bybee. The aggravated indecent liberties charge either was meant to arouse Bruner or Bybee, the complaint says. Bybee faces three off-grid felonies, two of the charges similar to Bruner’s.

Woman charged with child sexual abuse May 9, 2017

13-year-old girl abducted from a bus stop, sexually assaulted 13 maggio 2017

Reality star sentenced to life for raping two minor girls 13 maggio 2017

Uber driver arrested for raping 14-year-old girl 13 maggio 2017

Woman brutally gang-raped, murdered 13 maggio 2017

14-year-old girl died after gang-rape 11 maggio 2017

Six minors arrested for brutal rape, murder of 21-year-old woman 12 maggio 2017

5-year-old girl sexually abused by 15-year-old boy 12 maggio 2017

Pastor sentenced to life for raping minor girls 12 maggio 2017

5-year-old deaf and dumb girl raped, left to die 12 maggio 2017

School head arrested for raping disabled girls 12 maggio 2017

Missing schoolgirl raped for 3 days by security guard 11 maggio 2017

"Full Measure" Free Child Sex Trafficking 8 MAGGIO 2017

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