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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


sabato 13 maggio 2017

Reality star sentenced to life for raping two minor girls

A FORMER US reality TV star has been jailed for life for raping two underage girls over a period of two decades.

William Hayden, who starred in Discovery Channel’s Sons of Guns, was found guilty last month on two counts of aggravated rape and one count of forcible rape.
The 51-year-old from Louisiana was sentenced to life in prison yesterday at Baton Rouge court, The Advocate reported.
During the trial, his two victims, a 15 and a 37-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons, said they were raped by Hayden in East Baton Rouge Parish.
The 15-year-old girl said Hayden raped her multiple times in 2013 and 2014 when she was just 11 and 12.
While the oldest victim said she was raped by the star twice in the early 1990s when she was 12 and 13 years old.
Hayden was in his mid-20s at the time.
He denied the allegations but the jury unanimously found him guilty after one hour of deliberation.
Prosecutor Sonya Cardia-Porter branded the Sons of Guns celeb as a “master manipulator” who lied to the jury in a “pretty-well-rehearsed” performance.
Hayden’s arrest following the accusations in 2014 led to the cancellation of the television show.
He still faces other sex crime chargesone relating to the same 15-year-old girl who testified against him and another from his daughter – and is set for trial July 10.
His eldest daughter and former Sons of Guns co-star Stephanie appeared on Dr Phil in 2014 claiming her dad entered her bedroom one night about 20 years ago.
During the interview, she said drunk Hayden pinched and kissed her while trying to take her clothes off.
Stephanie told the talk show host she managed to escape saying he never touched her inappropriately again.
Hayden was sentenced to two life sentences, plus 40 years to run consecutively.
He is not eligible for probation, parole, or a suspended sentence.

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