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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


venerdì 5 maggio 2017


CLEVELAND, Ohio - A man accused of raping women on the city's Southeast side for at least 15 years - and killing one - abruptly pleaded guilty after a jury hearing his case had listened to testimony from DNA experts and one of the victims.
Larry McGowan, 41, decided to admit to charges that included six rapes and the rape and murder of 41-year-old Maxine Pratt, who in 1997 was bludgeoned to death and found wedged under a semi-trailer on E. 87th Street.
Thomas Shaughnessy, one of the attorney's representing McGowan, said prosecutors agreed to jointly recommend a sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years to Judge Michael Jackson.
Cleveland police for years tried to identify McGowan, as crime evidence in unsolved East Side rapes were connected to the DNA profile on an unknown man, one who some of the victims said had a noticeable scar on his cheek. At one point officers canvassed neighborhoods with flyers, and even put up a billboard asking for help solving the cases.
Other victims included:
  • A 21-year-old woman raped, shot and thrown from a car near East 88th and Union Avenue in 1996.
  • A woman walking raped while near Lamontier Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard in 1998. 
  • An 18-year-old woman raped in 2010 after she exited the RTA Rapid station on East 79th Street.
McGowan, meanwhile, was in and out of prison serving sentences for a series of burglaries, theft-related cases and an arson. He often raped in between prison stints.
Under state laws, a swab containing McGowan's DNA profile should have been collected while he was in prison but due to a snafu that involved hundreds of prisoners it was not.
On Nov. 11, 2012, McGowan was released from prison and had been on parole for two weeks when a 53-year-old woman reported he attacked her in Akron.
Akron police arrested him and collected McGowan's DNA. When it was submitted into state crime databases, it linked to the Cleveland cases.
McGowan was indicted in those cases in 2014 and the following year he was indicted for raping two more women based on DNA in tested rape kits.
Prosecutors also have said McGowan was a suspect in the 2010 killing of 69-year-old Reydonia Harris, though he has not been charged in her death.

Serial rapist Larry McGowan admits to attacks on 6 women, killing and raping a 7th Rachel Dissell, The Plain Dealer  April 28, 2017

BOONE COUNTY, Mo. - JoAnthony Johnson was found guilty Friday of sodomy, rape and attempted sexual assault that involved four women over the course of several months in 2015 and 2016. 

The jury deliberated for about three hours before returning the verdicts. Three of those women testified during the trial.
ABC 17 News was in the courtroom when the jury found Johnson guilty for drugging and raping multiple women in 2015.
Charges include two counts of first-degree sodomy, two counts of first-degree rape and one count of attempted sexual abuse. The rape and sodomy charges carry the potential of life sentences.

Johnson also recorded the assaults on his phone and those videos were introduced as evidence during the five-day trial.

"I think certainly the cellphone evidence depicting the crimes was critical in this case," said Prosecuting Attorney Dan Knight. "That proved that the victims didn't have the capacity to consent and proved the defendant knew they couldn't consent."
Johnson's public defender Sarah Aplin worked to prove this week that Johnson had no idea how incapacitated the women were and that the sex between them was consensual.

"You can't tell how intoxicated someone is by looking at them," she said during closing statements.

Aplin said the videos Johnson recorded were disrespectful and a "gross" thing to do, but they did not depict rape. She cast doubt on the victim's abilities to remember what happened when they testified.

"Lack of memory does not mean lack of consent," she said.

Aplin said the state wanted the jury to believe that Johnson was a "criminal mastermind" for committing these crimes but she said Friday that if he is, then he's "the dumbest criminal mastermind" because he did not attempt to destroy evidence in 2015 that could incriminate him.

After the verdict, Aplin said she respected the jury's decision but didn't have an immediate comment.
Knight said in an interview post-verdict that he proved this week Johnson is a "serial rapist" and a "psychopath." He said he believes there are more victims who have not yet come forward.

"I encourage any other victims of JoAnthony Johnson to come forward," he said. "We still have an opportunity to get justice for those people as well as the victims in this case."

The sentencing hearing for Johnson will most likely take place in June and could take up to two days, especially if the continuing investigation reveals more victims.

Knight said Friday he did not know what sentence he will recommend, but anticipated it will be "a very large number" for all counts.

He also said he was impressed by the "courage" it took for the victims to come forward in this case and said their testimony this week was key.

Columbia man found guilty on all counts of rape, sodomy Marie Bowman  Apr 28, 2017

Serial rapist Benny Sela has been convicted of new acts of sexual assault that he committed while in prison, it was cleared for publication on Sunday.
Sela is currently serving a 35-year sentence for a series of serious sexual offenses.

Earlier this month, he was convicted of exposing himself to a female prison employee in an incident that happened two years ago and was sentenced to six months, which he will serve during his existing sentence. The court also gave him six months' probation.

Sela was first convicted in 2000 and sentenced to 35 years in prison after confessing to 13 counts of rape.

Judge Natan Amit wrote in the 2000 sentencing that "his offenses are at the gravest end of the spectrum. He committed the offenses like an animal pouncing on its victims. His victims were helpless and in most of the cases submitted to him. His actions left scars in their souls that will not be erased for as long as they live."

The judge further wrote that Sela's actions "evoke revolution and contempt, and the punishment must express the public's disgust and public interest, which requires these actions to not be forgotten and for the punishment to not be an insult to his victims."

In 2006, Sela managed to escape from a courtroom in Tel Aviv, leading to great panic among the public. After a two week manhunt, he was eventually caught in northern Israel. The search cost some NIS 36 million.

During his time on the lam, Sela broke into a home in Pardes Hanna and stole cash money, documents, credit cards, valuables and the house keys. He later stole a car. 

Serial rapist Benny Sela convicted of sexual assault in prison Gilad Morag 30.04.17 

BELLINGHAM A Bellingham rapist must serve at least 35 ½ years in prison – and up to life behind bars – for abducting and sexually assaulting three strangers for hours as he held them at knifepoint, a Whatcom County judge ruled.
On Tuesday morning detectives read statements from the victims – a woman and two teenagers – to a courtroom packed with family members of victims, and the police who investigated the case.
To say that you are a monster is almost too kind,” wrote the woman, 57, who was abducted when she walked through downtown Bellingham on the night of Feb. 1, 2015.
Edmund Richard Olivas Jr., 36, forced her into his car at knifepoint. He drove the woman out of the city, and over the course of the night Olivas punched her face, tied a belt around her neck and sexually abused her, until she escaped when the car’s tires got stuck on mud on Sorenson Road. She walked and crawled to a porch of a nearby home, according to court records. The resident found her around 5:25 a.m. She suffered deep bruising to her neck, swelling to her lips and a black eye.
Detectives canvassed the area. They could not find the abductor.
More than a year later, on the night of May 27, 2016, a man in a New York Yankees hat approached two high school seniors at the Cordata bus station. He asked the teens for directions, and when he asked them to drive him there, the teens reluctantly agreed to get in the man’s van. Once they had driven a short distance, he held a knife to one teen’s throat and accused her of trying to steal the van. He bound the pair with shoelaces, and ordered them onto the floor. He parked at a barn and forced both teens to perform sex acts at knifepoint. He told one of them if she didn’t cooperate, he would stab her friend to death.
In the early morning hours the rapist let the teens out in a secluded brushy road near Lynden. He took away their shoes and phones, and the girls walked in socks through the night to Bellingham.
Samples of DNA from the two cases matched a third unsolved sexual assault from 2003, when an 11-year-old girl was raped by a young stranger in Los Angeles.
Security footage from the Cordata bus station showed the suspect and a van that looked like an Oldsmobile Silhouette. So police made a list of every Silhouette in northwest Washington. About two weeks later, on June 15, sheriff’s deputies went to 4383 Rock Road near Sumas to check on a van registered to Olivas’ wife. They saw Olivas, a stay-at-home dad, sitting on the doorstep. He looked identical to the man caught on camera at the bus station. He seemed to be wearing the same black-and-white shoes. He told police his name was Eddie, and he’d moved to the area from California.
Hours later officers swarmed the home and arrested him. A search warrant of Olivas’ home turned up a Yankees hat next to a bungee cord and a shoelace. Swabs from Olivas’ cheek confirmed it matched all three rape cases.
At the time of the first Bellingham abduction, Olivas lived under the name Anthony Michael Coles. Weeks later he legally changed it back to his given birth name, Edmund Richard Olivas Jr.


A 62-page report by the Department of Corrections recounts Olivas’ youth: severe depression; suicide attempts; a near-miss in a game of Russian Roulette; his father in and out of prison; his grandmother gifting him gang regalia for his 9th birthday; joining a gang as a teen; an arrest for stealing liquor at age 13; a conviction two years later for carjacking a woman, while he was armed with a pellet handgun; a break-in and alleged sexual assault on a half-asleep woman in Santa Barbara, where he admitted to breaking in but denied fondling her; and the alleged rape of the 11-year-old girl in Los Angeles.
In the California case from 2003, a preteen girl reported she was talking on the phone outside her home when a passerby cut off her conversation and offered her marijuana. She said no, she didn’t smoke, and he started making “sweet talk.” He then grabbed her, held her down, and raped her as she begged him to stop, according to accounts in the Department of Corrections report.
Olivas would have been 23 years old at the time.
Over the course of the Whatcom County rape investigations, police spoke with one of Olivas’ former neighbors, when he lived off East Smith Road around 2013. She recalled a night when Olivas – then going by Michael Coles –broke into her home at 1 a.m. by putting a ladder against her second floor balcony. She found him in the kitchen saying “kiss me, kiss me,” in a menacing tone, according to the Corrections investigation. Olivas fled when she told him the police were coming. Her husband confronted Olivas the next day, but didn’t call police at the time.
Not long after that, Olivas and his wife moved from the neighborhood.
The Corrections report concludes Olivas “breaks into residences (and) grabs females off the street,” and his actions have left “ripples of pain, sadness, terror and extreme fear” in the community.
Months after his arrest, in December 2016, Olivas beat another inmate over a debt of a bag of coffee, according to court records. Weeks later Olivas pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault, and he was sentenced to a year in jail.
Olivas pleaded guilty in March to three counts of first-degree rape while armed with a deadly weapon and two counts of felony harassment. Seven other felony counts – kidnapping, assault, harassment – were dismissed in a plea deal.

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Nathan Ford is already serving more than a century in prison for eight rapes. A judge Thursday added a second century, this time for the rape of three more women, linked to Ford after their rape kits were tested.
Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Mary Weston said Ford was one of the most dangerous rapists ever to prowl Cleveland's streets.
"If he would get out today, he would rape someone," she said.
Ford's attorney, Rufus Sims, asked Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Pamela Barker to not pile on life sentences, and to take into consideration that Ford suffers from brain damage and mental illness.
Barker said claims that Ford suffered from psychosis while raping women were not proven during his two-week trial in April.
Ford approached victims in a helpful and friendly manner, she said, and then pummeled them as they tried to escape.
Ford objected to being in the courtroom Thursday and had Sims read a statement saying that it should "raise alarms" that he was unable to present fully his legal defense.
"I would not be human if I said I did not suffer extreme remorse and sorrow," the statement said. "I have and will have to endure my feelings for life.... These were not the actions of a sound or sane person."
Weston said Ford's statement paraded as an apology but was really just more excuses, which a jury "completely and utterly rejected." Weston said a doctor testified that there was nothing wrong with Ford and that "he's just a rapist."
"There are a lot of people in this world who are mentally ill but they aren't attacking people...They aren't brutally raping people," Weston said.
The jury last month found Ford guilty of raping three women, one in 1998 and two in 2000.
Ford approached two of the women in a friendly manner as they walked on West Side streets and, in an instant, turned vicious, choking the women and punching them in the face, according to prosecutors. One was dragged behind a building and another behind a school before being raped.
Another, an international student from China, was cornered, beaten and raped in a Cleveland State University bathroom. Her nose and orbital bone were broken so badly that a friend who met her at the hospital did not recognize her.
One of the victims, raped in 2000 when she was 19, told Barker since the rape she has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder since Ford approached her as she walked down Clark Avenue, choking her and raping her behind a school building.
"I have issues with being around men. I've been in counseling for years over this," she said. "All these things are going on but I haven't hurt anyone."
A case involving a fourth woman was dismissed because there wasn't enough evidence to present without her testimony.
Ford will serve the sentence handed down Thursday -- life in prison with the possibility of parole after 100 years -- after finishing his 113-year sentence given in 2006 for the rapes of eight victims, including two 13-year-old and a 15-year-old.
The rapes were all linked together based on DNA left behind by Ford and found when rape kits were tested. Some of the kits were tested as part of an earlier pilot project and the rest were tested more recently as Cleveland sent almost 4,000 rape kits for testing.
For more than a decade Ford has argued that he should not be held responsible for the crimes because he suffers from a form of dementia that hampered his ability to "control impulses, including sexual impulses." Ford said in court filings he does not remember committing the rapes.
Cuyahoga County prosecutors have countered those arguments, pointing out that Ford's crimes were planned and that he took steps to cover up his crimes by taking victims clothing, making them wash their bodies or using condoms.
During the trial, Ford argued he was existing in an "alternative universe" in a psychosis and didn't know what he was doing. Sims said Ford suffers from a profound brain disease.
"His actions were driven by his illness and driven by his psychosis," Rufus Sims, his attorney argued.
Barker, before the trial, denied Ford's request to change his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity.
Ford first appeared on law enforcement's radar about a decade ago. Cleveland police were working to solve several similar cases as state pilot project was also paying police departments to send rape kits for testing. The forensic testing linked the rapes of eight women between 1996 and 2004 to a single man. An anonymous tip eventually led detectives to Ford, who formerly was a Lake County probation officer.
Investigators and prosecutors from the Sexual Assault Kit Task Force are looking into several additional cases Ford may be linked to in Northeast Ohio.

Serial rapist Nathan Ford sentenced to second century in prison Rachel Dissell, The Plain Dealer May 04, 2017

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man police are calling a serial rapist learned the length of his prison term Thursday.
Antwan Tinker pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including four counts of rape and two counts of sodomy.
Police say he raped four women during a span of two months in 2014. Three of those rapes were reported in the Taylor Boulevard area, near Churchill Downs.
Tinker was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Louisville man pleads guilty to several counts of rape May 04, 2017

SERIAL RAPISTS 27 28 aprile 2017

Video of rape at college party posted to Facebook 5 maggio 2017

Deaf and mute girl raped at school by two staff members 5 maggio 2017

80-year-old woman raped by neighbour 
  5 maggio 2017

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