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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


sabato 20 maggio 2017


A rapist who laughed as he abused women and children has been convicted after a forty year campaign of terror.
Angus Robertson sexually abused two girls, raped two women and subjected young boys to beatings.
His assaults on two young boys, included repeatedly kicking a seven year-old while he was wearing steel toe-capped boots.
Robertson from Greenock, regularly raped one woman who had learning difficulties, mocking her as she tried to fight him off.
And the 68 year-old beat another rape victim, sometimes daily, psychologically torturing her with sick names and taunting her about a medical condition.
Advocate Depute Sheena Fraser told Glasgow High court that Robertson was a “sexual predator” who targeted the vulnerable.
She said:”When they protested at his behaviour, he just laughed at them.
“He targeted young girls and even when they said no, he carried on, even when they struggled, he carried on, in his devastating course of conduct towards them.
And she added: “He did sexually what he wanted to, with women under his control.”

Robertson was found guilty of 17 charges, stretching from 1972 to 2013.
Last night, he was behind bars after he was remanded in custody to await sentence at a later date.
The retired welder was relentless in his pursuit of one female victim, sexually and physically abusing her from the age of four to 17 years-old.
As well as abusing her, he exposed himself and crept into her bedroom to assault her, leaving her pornographic magazines and using filthy and sectarian language to intimidate her.
Ms Fraser told the jury:”It happened to her, again and again. He laughed at her as she was screaming and shouting for him to get off. He ridiculed her and called her a s**t.”
When she was 10 he beat her, battering her across the head and punching her body.
When she was a teenager he slammed her into a glass door.
He sexually abused another girl when she was ten and in one attack pinned her against a wall by the throat.
From 1996 to 2013, he repeatedly raped and beat another woman, leaving her with horrendous injuries.
He kicked and punched her head and body, jumped on her, attempted to strangle her, pulled her hair out, spat in her face and constantly insulted her, telling her she was ugly and worthless.
On one occasion she was pushed on top of nails and tools on a workshop bench and raped by Robertson.
The court heard the victim’s young child heard her “screaming and squealing in pain” during one vicious assault.

From 2011 to 2013, he raped a woman with learning difficulties on numerous occasions, forcing her to watch pornographic videos and carry out sex acts on him.
The court was told that the women’s learning difficulties were such that she couldn’t tell the difference between shampoo and conditioner and needed regular support because she struggled to express herself.
He attacked and mentally abused the young boys throughout a decade from 2001.
As well as kicking the seven year-old, he punched and slapped him on numerous occasions and shouted and swore at him.
The other boy was ten when Robertson began his assaults on him, regularly beating him across the head and body.
Stuart Houston of Police Scotland’s National Rape Task Force said officers had traced historical victims of Robertson after one of the women made a complaint against him in 2013.
He said: "His victims were living in fear and under his control over many years. It was only when we approached them and they were no longer under his control that they felt free to speak out. They showed great courage.
“Police Scotland want to assure victims who may have been afraid to report something at the time, that they will be listened to.”

Serial rapist abused woman with learning difficulties and laughed at victims as they tried to fight him off ANNIE BROWN 13 MAY 2017

The deemster who jailed serial rapist William Henry Kelly told him: ’You are a cruel, predatory and persistent rapist.’
As we reported yesterday, William Henry Kelly, once a removals firm boss, was sentenced to 18 years behind bars.
The defendant, who lived in Peel, was impassive in the dock as a jury of six men and one woman found him guilty on 10 charges of rape, four of indecent assault and two of causing actual bodily harm.
Passing sentence on the 46-year-old, Deemster Peter Birkett told him: ’You are a cruel, predatory and persistent rapist.
’You are likely for some considerable time, to be a danger to women.’
He told Kelly that his offences were aggravated by being committed over a number of years (between 2013 and 2016) on women he knew to be vulnerable.
’You sought to attack each account when you knew they were telling the truth.
’My sentence must reflect society’s abhorrence of conduct such as yours and women must be protected from people like you and the sentence must serve as a warning that rape is one of the most evil and serious crimes,’ he told him.
He reminded the court that over a period of years, Kelly had formed relationships with the three complainants when each was going though a difficult time.
’I am satisfied on the evidence that you were fully aware of their vulnerability and actively exploited that to satisfy your own sexual appetites.
You raped each, not once, but repeatedly and in addition you subjected one of them to serious violence and to further serious sexual indignity.
’You are a manipulative and self-centred man. When these women needed compassion, you behaved quite disgracefully to them.
You gave them no thought as you raped them and assaulted them, you were so consumed with your own desire for sexual gratification,’ he said.
He reminded the the court one of the victims had only just left hospital and he had claimed he was going to look after her.
’But you intended to have sex with her irrespective of what she wanted, and you did so twice, without remorse or compassion,’ he said.
Another, he said, had broken up with her husband and was trying to start afresh in the Isle of Man.
But Kelly had targeted her and raped her twice, he said.
In the case of the third victim, Deemster Birkett said Kelly had controlled and dominated her for nearly two years, indecently assaulting her, raping her on six occasions, and using violence against her.
’You are a large and powerful man.
’They could not stop you and they were too frightened of you to go to the police. It took courage for each to come forward, to come to court and to publicly relive these terrible events.
’But you have sought to say each was lying and you have not shown one ounce of remorse - but the jury have, quite rightly, seen through you.’
Kelly must spend at least two thirds of the sentence behind bars and will not therefore leave prison for 12 years.
The remainder of the period will be spent on licence, meaning should he commit any further offence he can be returned to prison to serve the remainder of the sentence. That licence period is extended by eight years.
Deemster Birkett thanked the jury, all of whom remained in court to hear the sentencing, for their efforts on the trial which began three weeks ago.

Serial rapist will spend at least 12 years in prison 19 May 2017

A serial child rapist from Cardiff has been given a further life sentence for rape.
Aaron Hughes, 35, was jailed for life in 2014 for drugging and raping a sleeping three-year-old.
While in prison, Hughes was charged with 10 sexual offences against three teenage boys and pleaded guilty to some of the charges at Newport Crown Court.
On Friday, a minimum tariff of 11 years was imposed, to run concurrently to his existing sentence.
At a previous hearing in April, Hughes pleaded guilty to one charge of rape he carried out in 2008.
He also admitted three charges of sexual activity against two 13-year-old boys and one charge of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, which were all committed in 2004.

'Victims' courage'

Prosecutors did not seek a trial on five further counts of sexual activity with a child.
Following the sentencing, South Wales Police Det Insp Stuart Wales said: "We would like to thank the many witnesses who supported this investigation and pay tribute to the three complainants who each demonstrated significant fortitude and courage throughout."
In 2014, Cardiff Crown Court heard Hughes had been given the three-year-old child by babysitter Claire Semmens, who herself was jailed for 16 years after admitting two charges of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and possessing indecent images.
He was caught when police did a routine check on his computer because they believed he had breached a court order by downloading indecent images of children.
He was jailed for life for sex attacks on the toddler.

Aaron Hughes given further life sentence for rape 19 May 2017

A backlog in vetting serving police officers which should have picked up an officer who was jailed for misconduct after having sex with vulnerable women on duty - and later for raping children - has been branded as "unacceptable".
Child-rapist Peter Bunyan was a PCSO in the Camborne and Redruth area. He was jailed in 2013 after it emerged he used the police database to target women for sex between 2007 and 2011. One victim expressed her fury when he was released early from prison a year later. His sentence had been cut in half on appeal.
He was employed as a police officer before the new rules were introduced, but not all serving officers have been through the process, due to a backlog of cases at Devon and Cornwall Police.
Bunyan was employed in 2003, which was three years before Devon and Cornwall Police set up its Central Force Vetting Unit. It also emerged last year that he had never undergone a Criminal Records Bureau check.
An investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission said Bunyan's application to join the police would have been rejected if he had gone through the new more rigorous checks.
However, at the end of last year, the force still had 62 PCSOs and 181 police officers who have not been assessed under the new rules. The new vetting process looks at financial history, family background and other factors to assess the suitability of police officers. The revelations came out through Freedom of Information Act requests by the BBC.
Devon and Cornwall Police said it was working hard to tackle the delays and had reduced the backlog since the new year to 73 police officers and 55 PCSOs.
Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary Mike Cunningham said police forces across the country must address the matter urgently. He said it was "unacceptable" to have a backlog and the vetting should be given higher priority.
In October of last year Bunyan was also sentenced for raping two girls who were under the age of six at the time, one while he was wearing his police uniform.

A Cork sex offender who raped his former partner has been jailed for 10 years.
The 30-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect his victim’s identity, will serve the 10-year sentence consecutive to the sentence he is currently serving for the rape of another woman.
The man was found guilty by a Central Criminal Court jury following a trial last February of raping his former partner at their home on September 8th, 2013. He had pleaded guilty to one count of orally raping her and to assault causing harm at the same address on July 10th, 2013.
At the sentence hearing earlier this month, his former partner described how she spent the three years after the rape in fear of him until he was finally jailed for raping another woman.
On Friday, Mr Justice Paul Coffey noted the profound effect the offences had on the woman. He imposed sentences totalling 10 years and ordered that they be served consecutive to the man’s current jail term.
In a lengthy victim impact statement, which took over half an hour to read out, the woman catalogued the numerous ways the man tried to regain control over her after he was charged with raping her and before he was jailed for raping another woman.


The woman described finding the courage to leave the man a few weeks after he sexually assaulted her in their home in July 2013 and return to her parents home. “I remember thinking I was free,” she said. “That he couldn’t hurt (me) anymore. How wrong I was.”
The court heard the man raped the woman when she returned to his house for a brief visit in September, 2013. He was arrested and charged in February 2014, before being released on bail.
The woman said in the intervening years before he was jailed, the man did everything in his power to get close to her without breaching the barring order she took against him. “He was calculated,” she said.
She described how he moved to an apartment and then got a new job around the corner from her when she changed jobs.
She described how she started avoiding the city except to attend weekly counselling. However, she said he somehow found out when she was in the city and crossed the bridge at the exact same time as her for six weeks in a row.
“As a result, I became a prisoner in my own home,” she said. She described how the city became a “maze filled with dark alleys and hidden corners where I feared he would be waiting for me”.


“I had never known anything but love, compassion, nurturing,” she said, adding before she met the man, she was the kind of person who “would hug a stranger in the street and admire beauty in everything I saw”.
“How totally naive I was.”
The woman said the last four years have been “terrifying” and “stressful”.
“I hold on to hope for my future. I know I have done the right thing. It was far from easy,” she said.
“I was attacked, raped, lied to and deceived by the man I thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,” she said. “He broke my heart, spirit, my resolve. My strength of character was abolished.”
She said she spent three years in a relationship with the man, “being controlled by him” and a further four years “fearing” him. “That’s nearly a decade of my life I won’t get back.”
Prosecution barrister, Thomas Creed SC, said the man has convictions for rape, aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault of a woman. He has two previous convictions for breaching barring orders.
Ciaran O’Loughlin SC, defending, told the court the man had a difficult childhood, which was mostly spent in foster care. “He didn’t have any childhood at all,” he said. He said the man accepted the verdict of the jury and has received counselling since being convicted.
He hopes to get treatment for sexual offending while in custody, the court heard.

Serial sex offender who raped former partner is jailed May 19 2017

A man dubbed by locals in South Sulawesi as ‘Kolor Ijo’ (Green Underpants) was shot to death by police after he and two other inmates escaped from prison earlier this month.
Kolor Ijo has become something of an urban legend in Indonesia, described as a man/demon who, legend has it, uses black magic to burglarize homes and rape their occupants while wearing nothing but green underpants.
It is believed that the legend originated from a burglary and rape of a woman in Bekasi, right in front of her family, in 2003. The victim and her family testified that the rapist only wore green underpants during the incident.
Since then, more and more rape cases throughout the country were blamed on Kolor Ijo, who in turn became larger than life, with illustrations in media portraying him as a monster who can break into people’s houses with little effort and sexually assault the women inside.
As ghastly as the illustrations are in appearance, they aren’t as horrible as the deeds of the rapist in South Sulawesi whose MO was so similar to the Kolor Ijo legend that locals gave him the title.
In 2016, a court found a man named Iqbal guilty of raping 33 women in the Luwu Timur regency in South Sulawesi in 2015. He was sentenced to death for “extraordinary crimes”, which involve him stabbing his victims’ genitals with a knife after raping them. One of his victims died from blood loss.
The Kolor Ijo of Luwu Timur was jailed in a prison in Makassar as he awaited his execution. However, he escaped with two other inmates on May 7 and was on the run for weeks.
Police tracked Kolor Ijo down to Poso Pesisir Central Sulawesi yesterday. They shot and killed him while he was attacking the police officers.
Kolor Ijo’s lawyer, Agus Melas, positively identified the body at a morgue in Makassar and even took a selfie with the corpse of the notorious serial rapist/murderer.
Urban legends aside, the reality is that Indonesian women are still very vulnerable to gender-based violence. A report from the Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas PA) showed that there were 13,602 reported cases of violence against women in Indonesia in 2016, which averages to 37 per day.
Police in Kiambu have arrested a suspected serial rapist believed to be part of a gang that has been masquerading as women while preying on victims.

The officers from Karuri Police Station in Kiambaa sub-county arrested Laban Wekesa, the suspect, on Sunday.

According to the police, he has also been engaging in robbery incidents Muchatha and Ruaka areas.

Police who were working on a tip off from members of the public recovered stolen electronic goods, gas cylinders and mobile phones at his house in Muchatha.

The officers also arrested three other suspects who are believed to be his accomplices. One of them has already been positively identified by one of the robbery victims.


According to the area police boss, Wilberforce Scharani, Wekesa has at least five rape cases that have been reported against him adding that they had unsuccessfully trailed him since January this year.

Mr Scharani said after his arrest, two of his rape victims positively identified him, and have already recorded statements. The police, he said, have a watertight case against the suspect.

"Already, we have five cases which we will file against him in court. Already we have two complainants who have already recorded statement and are expecting the remaining ones to come on board," Mr Scharani said on Monday.

Police said they tracked him using his mobile phone and those of some of his victims. He added that the suspect's communications had implicated him in the rape cases.

The suspect, according to the police, would wear women dresses to ensure his victims do not suspect him or get frightened.

Kenya: 'Serial Rapist' Posing As a Woman Arrested in Kiambu Eric Wainaina 15 MAY 2017

Dad who raped his daughter for 20 years caught by secret recording 20 maggio 2017

Man sexually assaulted 97-year-old woman in her apartment 20 maggio 2017

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