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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


martedì 30 maggio 2017


Kimberley – A Galeshewe serial rapist, Christopher Julies, is facing 13 possible life imprisonment sentences after he was found guilty of 34 charges, ranging from raping under-age girls to rape with aggravating circumstances.
In the Northern Cape High Court on Tuesday, the State also requested an additional 10 years for each of the 25 rape charges against Julies.
Julies was found guilty on 34 charges of a sexual nature, committed in various towns in the Northern Cape and in Mahikeng over a period of more than four years.
The rapes took place in Galeshewe, Ritchie, Olifantshoek, Upington, Kathu, Kuruman, Postmasburg, Pampierstad and Mahikeng from August 2011 until Julies’ arrest on February 22, 2015.
The last offence was committed about a month before his arrest on January 23, 2015.
There were originally 36 charges against Julies. However, he was found not guilty on one of the charges after the 22-year-old complainant died, while on the last two charges of rape and attempted rape he was found guilty of attempted rape and not guilty of raping his 16-year-old victim, who was on her way home from school in Mmabatho.

Judge President Frans Kgomo told Julies that he had not shown any remorse for his actions nor had he told the court the reason why he had committed the crimes.
“Only two complainants withdrew their cases. Up until today you have not indicated whether you have a problem. Some of the complainants were crying in court, while others had to testify through an intermediary. Thirty-four women said you raped them but you deny it and say they are wrongfully accusing you. One of the complainants is a lesbian woman. Why would she be interested in you, a man, when she was only seeing women,” asked Kgomo.

Julies, however, remained adamant, claiming that the women had lied in their testimony.
“I think they were all acting during their testimony. Anyone can come to court and cry. That way they are seen as innocent. The court has not taken my testimony into consideration. Not one of my versions was regarded as credible. I was treated unfairly,” he said.
Advocate Ronewa Makhaga, representing the State, said that years after the incidents had taken place the complainants were still traumatised by what had happened to them.
The traumatic effect this had on the victims was clear when they testified. Complainant number three, after four years and three months following the incident, cried throughout her testimony. The same applied for complainant number 11. She cried so much that the court at that time had to adjourn to afford her an opportunity to compose herself,” said Makhaga.
He stated that the accused had planned his acts carefully.
“It is clear these offences were premeditated. The timing was planned because the accused pounced when the women were alone. The offences occurred at night, during broad daylight and in the morning. The accused also deceived the complainants as he used a strategy of asking them to accompany him to take money to his wife or girlfriend. He used this strategy at least seven different times."
Another strategy he used was that he would ask for water to drink from the complainants and once he had established that they were alone at home, he would then attack them. Two of the complainants were raped inside their own homes, during broad daylight, after they gave the complainant water. The other offences were committed as the women were walking home or about to enter their homes.

Julies, throughout the trial, maintained that he had been a “gentleman” as he would lay down a piece of clothing on the ground before he had sexual intercourse with the complainants.
Makhaga, however, pointed out that his actions were far from those of a gentleman.
“The accused laid down the piece of clothing for the complainants in order to create the impression that the incident had not taken place. He also dusted the women off after raping them. One of the complainants indicated that her boyfriend did not believe her after she told him she had been raped as her clothing were not torn.”

Makhaga said the accused also did not have a certain age preference as he also targeted under-age girls.
Nine of the rapes were committed on children who were under the age of 18 years. The youngest complainant was 13-years-old. Some of the under-age complainants were on their way to school when they were approached and raped by the accused. They were dragged and assaulted by him. They indicated to the court that they had lost their virginity and sustained various injuries because of the incidents."

“In one incident, Julies even boasted to his victim that he had taken her virginity. The complainant said the incident was long and painful. She testified that when she refused to kiss the accused, he hit her with his open hand.”
He added that the woman now also ran the risk of contracting sexual diseases.
The accused never used a condom in any of the incidents, even if the complainants asked him to do so. He exposed all the complainants to sexually transmitted diseases. The complainant in count 15 said the accused even told her that he wanted a baby with her,” said Makhaga.

He pointed out further that Julies had not taken responsibility for his actions.
“The complainants had to relive the ordeal when they testified in court. Some of them were referred to as prostitutes as the accused said he gave them payment for sex.

High Court Judge, Justice Salesi Temo has found 40-year-old security officer Josua Colanaudolu guilty of one count of murder, 6 counts of rape, 1 count of abduction and one count of indecently annoying a female.

While delivering his judgement Justice Temo found Colanaudolu not guilty of 3 counts of abduction.
These charges of abduction were in relation to the three women who were raped by Colanaudolu.

The three assessors had earlier found Colanaudolu guilty of one count of murder, 6 counts of rape, 4 counts of abduction and one count of indecently annoying a female.
The charges also include the case where Colanaudolu abducted, raped and murdered the 14‑year‑old girl in Deuba in March last year.

Colanaudolu was also raping the women since the 1990s and they came forward after the girl’s death.
They said that they did not come forward in the past as he continued to threaten them that he would kill them.

A 26-year-old model, who had been absconding after a rape case was filed against him in December last year, has been arrested yet again by the Malad police, just months after his release from a previous such case.
Identified as Deepak Raman Malik alias Vivan, the Delhi native was arrested in Bandra in a rape case filed by a 23-year-old woman, following which he went on the run.
Habitual offender
Previously, on March 29 last year, a 26-year-old woman had registered a case against him at the Malad police station and he was arrested. "He spent six to seven months in Thane jail before he was released, where he claims he was attacked when one inmate threw hot daal at him," an officer from Malad police station said.
Additionally, he also has a domestic violence case against him that was registered in 2013 at the Oshiwara police station, and yet another 2015 rape case at the Bangur Nagar police station, in which he managed to get anticipatory bail.

No to Thane Jail

Following his arrest last week, he was produced in court on Monday, where, according to an officer, "He requested the judge to not send him to the Thane Jail. He recounted his traumatic experience there, and the court the ordered that he be sent to the Taloja jail, while remanding him to judicial custody".
The officer added, "It seems that his strategy is to make friends with girls and then exploit them. He absconded from his rented apartment after he was sent a summons order. We have now arrested him in both cases."

Mumbai: Model-cum-serial rapist back in jail, months after last arrest Samiullah Khan Mumbai 24-May-2017

 - A man who faced nearly three dozen rape and home invasion charges across metro Detroit was sentenced Thursday to 55-80 years.
Ikeie Smith, 33, was charged for crimes dating back to 2011 in at least five metro Detroit cities, including Allen Park, Dearborn, Garden City and Redford Township.
His trial ended early on May 1 when Smith decided to plead guilty to all the charges, leading to his sentencing Thursday. The prosecution and defense both had opportunities to suggest sentences to Judge Dalton Roberson, then the judge spent a lengthy amount of time reading through his sentences for each of the nearly three dozen charges.
After Roberson was finished and the sentences issued, Smith was taken away -- but not before looking at the judge and saying, "f--- you."
According to the Wayne County prosecutor's office, these are his charges and sentences:
  • 10 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct: 55-80 years (about 21 years over guidelines)
  • 1 count of armed robbery: 55-80 years (about 21 years over guidelines)
  • 2 counts of torture: 25-40 years (about a year and a half over guidelines)
  • 10 counts of home invasions 1st charges: 11-20 years on one, 12-20 years on all the others
  • 1 count of unarmed robbery: 10-15 years
  • 5 counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct: 10-15 years
Prior to Roberson's decision, prosecution made a case for the judge to issue a sentence harsher than what the sentencing guidelines suggested.
She played multiple evidentiary clips of Smith speaking to detectives, saying he spent 6 hours detailing how he found the houses, how he conducted surveillance on the victims, and more.
The prosecutor says Smith told detectives he just made a collection of bad choices. When police asked how many crimes he's committed just this year, he told them about 20.
She also played a clip in which Smith was on the phone with his mother during a jail call, who told him they should tell police that he was on drugs during these assaults.
"I'm (going to) tell them you were on drugs. That's why you were doing what you were doing. ... That's what we're going with, alright?" she said on the call.
"Mr. Smith is a predator. There's no question about that," the judge said. "As I laid in my bed and thought about this case, if Mr. Smith was let out of jail tomorrow, he'd start doing the same thing. He can't help it."
Roberson said he believes Smith had troubles with his mother, which brewed a dislike for women.
"His mother has not given him any advice since she came back into his life," he said.
The judge said he believes Smith is a danger to women and that he cannot help himself. He said he believes the issues are much deeper than being a serial rapist, and that he was happy democracy gives him the opportunity to go above the sentencing guidelines.
Smith's crimes dated back to 2011. When Smith was arrested in the past, it wasn't protocol to get DNA, so they had trouble identifying a suspect.
They even went as far as to create a multi-agency task force, but it was people with no law enforcement background that lead to the breakthrough.

Convicted metro Detroit serial rapist receives 50-88 years, tells judge 'f--- you' Kellie Rowe MAY 26 2017

A serial rapist who attacked a woman in her own bed after breaking into her home has been brought to justice after 26 years. 

Raymond Manners was finally caught thanks to scientific advances which placed him at the scene. Manners, 56, climbed through a window of the victim’s home in the Chapeltown area of Leeds on November 23, 1991, as she was asleep in bed. The 25-year-old victim was subjected to the sex attack before Manners left the property. 

Forensic evidence was recovered after the attack but it was not possible to link it to a suspect. Manners was arrested in 2012 when West Yorkshire Police carried out a cold case review which linked him to sex attacks on two woman in similar circumstances at properties in Leeds in 1979. Manners, who worked for Network Rail for 33 years, was jailed for ten years in 2012 after pleading to two offences of rape. He was not charged at the with the 1991 offence at the time as he continued to deny his involvement.

Leeds Crown Court heard that police reviewed the case again last year and were able to establish that DNA recovered from the 1991 was Manners’s. Sophie Drake, prosecuting, said the possibility of the DNA belonging to anyone else was a billion to one. Manners, formerly of Stoney Rock Lane, Burmantofts, pleaded guilty to rape. He was given a further 12-years in prison, to be added to the sentence he is currently serving.

Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, said: “This case represents the ultimate nightmare for any woman asleep in her own home at night. “To be burgled and subjected to the indignity of a violent sexual offence is to become the victim of a pitiless, wicked crime. “You have ruined your victim’s life, and although now you have pleaded guilty, you had the opportunity of admitting the offence when interviewed about it in 2012. “You must now take the consequences.” 

Detective Chief Inspector Jim Dunkerley who leads the Operation Recall team, said:

“This is a fantastic result. It has brought justice and hopefully some closure for the victim and sent a message to any criminals still out there who think the passage of time has meant they have gotten away with what they did. “I want them to be dreading that knock on the door and to always be looking over their shoulder for the police to come. “We never close a case until it is solved. The passage of time only increases our determination to crack a case and advances in forensic evidence and technology are helping us to achieve results. “There is an incredibly hard working team who are combining good ‘old fashioned detective work’ with fantastic scientific breakthroughs to bring criminals to justice and to send them to prison where they belong. “I would like to praise their work in bringing Manners to justice and the work of our partners in the LGC Forensic Science Service who gave invaluable support to the investigation. “Manners may have thought that as he was already in prison for two other offences that we would just forget about what he did. We didn’t and now he faces even more time inside to consider the terrible ordeal he subjected his victim to.”

Jurors in the rape trial of a Claremore man have heard testimony from three of four women who allege he violently abused them after they accepted rides from him in 2014 and 2015.
Proceedings for 42-year-old Shawn Conrad Freeman continued in Tulsa County District Court. The trial began with the first witness taking the stand Wednesday afternoon.
Freeman faces more than a dozen charges in connection with claims from prosecutors and police that he was a “serial rapist” who assaulted four women he encountered on or near Admiral Place in Tulsa from May 2014 to September 2015.
Related charges involving a fifth woman were dropped during Freeman’s preliminary hearing last year because she did not appear in court to testify.
Assistant District Attorneys Heather Anderson and Kenneth Elmore claim Freeman assaulted the women, none of whom he knew previously, after offering to give them rides and then forcing them to remain in the vehicle so he could orally and vaginally rape them.
Anderson, during her opening statement, told the jury Freeman became known for a while as “the Admiral Street rapist” before police gathered enough information to make an arrest in November 2015.
Freeman has appeared mostly disinterested in the trial testimony, but his mouth turned up almost in a smile Thursday afternoon when Anderson showed photos of injuries on one of the women to his defense counsel before asking a witness to identify the contents. His stare did not leave the photographs until the prosecutor finished using them for that witness’s testimony.
A 28-year-old woman teared up on multiple occasions Thursday as she described how she was raped after accepting a ride from a man on Dec. 2, 2014, near Admiral and Utica Avenue to her mother’s north Tulsa residence. She identified the driver as Freeman in a photo lineup. 
“He told me he was going to have sex with me numerous times,” she said, crying as she told the jury her version of what occurred. Jurors heard the woman’s distraught voice as she called 911 immediately after Freeman told her to get out of his car even though she was not dressed.
When asked why she initially told a detective Freeman pulled her into his vehicle, she said she didn’t want officers to incorrectly believe she was engaging in prostitution. But she eventually said she accepted Freeman’s offer of transportation after the detective said, “You can tell me the truth and rape is rape.
On cross-examination from Dunn, the woman maintained she had no ulterior motive for changing her account of the altercation. He asked her why she did not try to fight, as she said she had a knife with her but said Freeman never found it.
The way he beat me, if he had seen the knife I’m sure he would have used it on me,” the woman said.
Earlier on Thursday, the jury listened to preliminary hearing testimony from another woman whom District Judge William LaFortune said is legally unavailable to appear. That woman, who was 38 at the time, said Freeman approached her in a parking lot near the Executive Inn, 11328 E. 11th St., on July 27, 2014.
She said she agreed to have sex with Freeman in exchange for $40 but reneged once he apparently became angry when she asked if he was going to use protection. She testified that Freeman threatened to break her neck if she didn’t obey him before he raped her, did not pay her and took her ID and dentures before telling her to leave his truck near the Admiral Twin Drive-In theater.
She said she did not tell a sexual assault nurse she was a sex worker because she was “scared to get in trouble,” but asserted she did not want any of what occurred.
A 43-year-old woman who took the stand Wednesday testified about being raped near a smoke shop at Pine Street and Sheridan Road on May 19, 2014. She said she accepted a ride from Freeman to what she thought would be a Wal-Mart at Admiral Place and Memorial Drive when he instead parked in a secluded area, undressed himself and grabbed her by the throat, forcing her into the backseat of his truck.
She said she got a concussion because Freeman hit her head against one of the doors repeatedly during the incident. The woman, along with the woman from the July 2014 encounter, claimed Freeman told them he was in law enforcement and checked their IDs to dissuade them from reporting the assaults to authorities.
Dunn on Wednesday asked the 43-year-old woman about occasions in which she identified a man who was not Freeman in separate photo lineups. She said she was sure Freeman was the person responsible because she remembered the look in his eyes, which matched what she saw in court.
After her statements, Elmore elicited testimony from officers about the limitations of eyewitness identification and photo lineups. The officers said such an identification is not itself enough to develop a suspect, and pointed out the partial tag on the truck the 43-year-old woman provided to police was a match to Freeman.
Testimony will resume Friday morning, when the fourth woman is expected to be in court. The trial is projected to conclude by Wednesday.

Women testify in trial of Claremore man accused of being serial rapist 
  • New Madrid County, MO (KFVS) - It's been 19 years since a man with a gun talked his way into Sherry Scherer's Portageville, Missouri home and brutally killed both her and her 12-year-old daughter Megan.
    Now, a 20-year-old cold case out of Memphis is breathing new life into the Scherer investigation.
    This huge, new lead comes thanks to a DNA match.
    In a Heartland Unsolved exclusive, KFVS sat down with investigators facing a new challenge.
    If they can solve the Memphis rape case, they've got their killer.
    "It was real. It hit us. There's no going back."
    We recently sat down with Tony Scherer and his son Steven for a Heartland Unsolved that focused on the 1998 murders of his wife and daughter.
    It's the first time they've spoken to us about their sudden, inexplicable loss.
    "No bringing anybody back,” Scherer said about that tragic day. “No turning the clock back. It was a situation we were going to live with for the rest of our lives."
    Now, there's a new lead, from an unsolved case even colder than the Scherer murders.
    "It was a 1997 rape out of Memphis, Tennessee."
    Missouri Highway Patrol Master Sargent Bud Cooper has been on the Scherer case since day one.
    He got the call in early May about the new DNA match.
    "It was an unsolved rape and they did not have anyone in custody,” he said about the 1997 Memphis case.
    Cooper and New Madrid County Captain Chris Hensley immediately headed to Memphis. This case had a living victim and witnesses.
    Police came up with a composite sketch that both investigators believe looks similar to the composite drawn after police matched the bullets from the Scherer murders to a shooting just hours later in Dyer County, Tennessee.
    "When you look at them, you can certainly tell that those people were trying to draw the same person," Cooper said.
    Ballistics match Portageville and Dyer County.
    In 2006, it was learned DNA matched the Scherer double murders to the 1990 rape and murder of a 28-year-old woman in Greenville, South Carolina.
    Now, DNA links that same killer to the 1997 rape in Memphis.
    Two rural crime scenes. Two in much more populated areas. But, Hensley points to a similarity in all four.
    "They're all located near an interstate or a major highway," he said.
    A serial killer and rapist, unknown to his victims, who in at least three cases did not have to break into their homes.
    "The guy talked his way in, used a ruse, to get his foot into the door of the house," Cooper said after reading the Memphis case file.
    Both investigators say it now makes sense they found no signs of forced entry at the Scherer house.
    "So, it bridged a gap for us,” Cooper said about the Memphis case. “Now we had live victims talking and able to tell us what he said, what he was doing, what he was thinking.”
    "Apparently, he has this down to a routine on how he gains access and what took place inside the residence, which apparently took about the same amount of time," Hensley said.
    How much time?
    "About 30 minutes at each place."
    When asked if one man could do that much damage in just 30 minutes, Hensley said yes.
    The Memphis suspect used a revolver to control his victims, the same kind of weapon used to kill Sherry and Megan and the same kind of weapon used in Dyer County.
    He restrained his Memphis victims, just like Sherry and Megan. So now, this 20-year-old case brings new hope.
    "When you're working a 19-year-old homicide that means this much to you, the fact that we get another chance is really all that we're looking at,” Cooper said. “The fact that there's another opportunity, that we get another shot."
    Tony Scherer said he's grown more patient over time as he waits to see if his wife and daughter's killer will ever be identified.
    "This guy can't be that lucky. Somebody saw something. Even though it's been 19 years, I've seen stranger things happen."
    After 19 years, has his mindset changed?
    "I've become more patient," he said.
    When asked in what ways, he said, "Well, if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. It hadn't happened yet."
    "We want to solve it," Cooper said. "It's been tough on this whole community, the county, the family. I mean, it's one we really need to get solved."
    Cooper said they haven't talked to the Memphis victims yet, but hope to soon.

    Backlogged Memphis rape kit tied to serial killer, rapist May 25th 2017

    He raped an 8-year-old girl in 1984 and served four years in prison. He has now pleaded guilty to the 2016 rape of a 12-year-old girl. 

    But for some reason the prosecutor agreed to plea bargain with William Dixon this time around, agreeing he would go back to prison for only three years. Unconscionable in my book.
    But this is the way justice is often meted out these days. Hammer out a plea with the perp’s lawyer and spare taxpayers the cost of a trial, even if the punishment doesn’t match the crime.
    With his past sodomy conviction and now his latest guilty plea, Dixon can rightfully be called a serial child rapist. And he would have been walking free again – to do God knows what – sometime in the year 2020. Except the past has now caught up with Mr. Dixon.
    When he pleaded guilty to the 2016 sexual assault he was automatically required to give a DNA sample under a 2002 New York law requiring all convicts to submit to a swab test. Their DNA is then stored in the FBI’s national database, called CODIS.
    Authorities ran Dixon’s DNA sample through CODIS last year not knowing what, if anything, they might find – and guess what? His DNA matched evidence from a rape kit gathered from an 11-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted at knifepoint way back in February 1993!
    Suddenly, Dixon was tied to not one or two but three very similar sexual attacks on young girls. Makes one wonder what other sex crimes Dixon might have committed over the years. There are yearslong gaps in the Dixon crime timeline. Are we to believe he completely behaved himself between these three random sex crimes? That no other children were made into victims by his hand?
    To my mind it is great news that this man has finally been taken off the streets, probably for a lot longer than just three years.
    But here’s the infuriating part. That poor little 11-year-old submitted to an invasive hospital rape exam right after her 1993 assault. Then her rape kit sat on a shelf, unprocessed, for nine years. Nine years.
    Finally, in 2002, about the same time New York was passing that mandatory DNA-from-every-convict law, this tiny victim’s rape kit found its way to a forensic lab. Her attacker’s DNA was extracted, and that forensic profile was registered in the national database to see if there was a match. There was not.
    William Dixon was out of prison and walking the streets in 2002. At that time his DNA wasn’t on file anywhere. It would take another 14 years before science caught up with Dixon. Fourteen years and at least one more young victim.
    It’s not like law enforcement didn’t want to find the predator. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office had been trying to identify the man responsible for the 11-year-old’s attack for years. In 2003, as prosecutors were racing against the 10-year statute of limitations deadline on the case, they got a grand jury to issue a rape indictment against her “John Doe” DNA profile. In other words, they indicted the unknown person who belonged to the DNA. The limitations clock stopped and all they could do was wait.
    Fast forward to 2016. Dixon entered his guilty plea and had to submit to that swab test. Finally the system had both his name and his DNA. A routine pass through the CODIS system spit out a match to the evidence gathered from the 11-year-old in 1993. Bingo.
    Today, that victim is in her mid-30s. She likely will never forget having her woolen hat pulled down over her eyes, being dragged to the rooftop of her apartment building with a knife to her throat and all those unspeakable things that were done to her. But I hope she now has hope that justice is on the way.
    It depends on what the system does now with William Dixon. He has been arraigned in Manhattan Supreme Court on sodomy charges once again and is being held without bail. When I contacted his lawyer asking what Dixon’s plea might be, his attorney said, “No comment,” and hung up.
    Will the same district attorney’s office who handled the 1989 case, the 1993 case and the 2016 case offer another plea agreement to this man? If it does, there is something very, very wrong with our justice system.
    This case is yet another clarion call to every state – including New Mexico, which has around 5,000 untested kits and which the state auditor says is the worst in the nation on a per-capita basis – to figure out a way to test their backlogged DNA rape kits, like, today. Find the money. Do this. Victims deserve it. Justice depends on it.

    Stop serial rapists with prompt evidence tests Diane Dimond May 27th, 2017

    Two serial rapists will never see the outside of jail again.
    This comes after they were found guilty and sentenced to a total of five life and 145 years imprisonment for their atrocious acts committed against women and children.
    David Frank Lebjane, from Maviljan near Bushbuckridge, was sentenced to a combined 4 life and 125 years imprisonment. He was convicted guilty on eight counts of rape, five counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances, housebreaking and theft by the Delmas High Court on May 25.
    He raped four girls aged between 14 to 16 and for that he was sentenced to one life imprisonment for each count.
    For the other four counts of rape he was given 20 years for each. He was further sentenced to 40 years for five counts of robbery and five years for housebreaking and theft.
    The other rapist, Shabangu, from Kabokweni, was on 24 May 2017, sentenced to life and 18 years imprisonment on two counts of rape and two years for assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH) by the circuit of the Pretoria High Court in Nelspruit.
    Shabangu targeted young women who were well known to him. The Provincial Commissioner of the South African Police Service praised the members for their sterling work in the investigation.

    Five life and 145 years imprisonment for two serial rapists Mpumalanga News May 29 2017

    SERIAL RAPISTS 30 20 maggio 2017

    TEEN RAPISTS 30 30 maggio 2017

    15-year-old boy sexually abused by 9 neighbours for over 5 years 30 maggio 2017

    Sexual assault video posted on social media, 4 arrested 29 maggio 2017

    14-year-old girl raped by 2 16-year-old boys, pictures shared on Snapchat 26 maggio 2017

    21 year-old student raped, stabbed, strangled to death 29 maggio 2017

    8-year-old girl raped by 2 minor boys 29 maggio 2017

    17-year-old boy arrested for raping 9-year-old girl 29 maggio 2017

    13-year-old girl raped, strangled to death 27 maggio 2017

    16-year-old girl gang-raped by 4 muslims above kebab shop 27 maggio 2017

    22-year-old American woman raped in hotel in Delhi 27 maggio 2017

    7-year-old girl gang-raped, critical 27 maggio 2017

    21-year-old girl drugged, gang-raped by 7 boys 27 maggio 2017

    6-year-old girl raped by 70-year-old neighbour 27 maggio 2017

    3-year-old girl raped by 14-year-old boy 27 maggio 2017

    8-year-old girl raped by a youth 27 maggio 2017

    11-year-old girl raped, murdered by 23-year-old 27 maggio 2017

    Woman forced to have sex with 120 men a week 26 maggio 2017

    14-year-old girl gang-raped, brutally killed 26 maggio 2017

    23-year-old abducted, drugged, gang-raped by 3 women 26 maggio 2017

    12-year-old girl abducted, gang-raped, filmed 26 maggio 2017

    Child Online Protection in India 27 maggio 2017

    Social flood of child porn images 27 maggio 2017

    4 minor boys arrested for sharing child porn 27 maggio 2017

    Children sexually abused for other paedophiles to watch 27 maggio 2017

    $1bn child webcam sex rings 25 maggio 2017

    Daycare child rapist sentenced to 180 years 26 maggio 2017

    87-year-old paedophile pensioner jailed 26 maggio 2017

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