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Pamela: stupro di gruppo prima dell’omicidio

Sul brutale assassinio di  Pamela Mastropietro  continuano a emergere  dettagli sempre più agghiaccianti . Sul corpo della ragazza sono i...


martedì 6 giugno 2017

11-year-old boy raped by 14-year-old boy

Both the boys are neighbours and are studying in the same school. The 14-year old boy told the police that he had developed interest in the 11-year old for quite some time.
The class VIII boy and the class VI boy move together, go together to school and play together.
On Sunday evening, both the boys were playing with other children in the neighbourhood. The elder boy took the younger one to an isolated place after offering him a ball and resorted to the misdeed.
"In our interrogation, the elder boy said he was obsessed with the younger boy. He did not seem to have been attracted towards any girl," Ghatkesar police inspector B Prakash told Mirror. The police have sent the 11-year-old boy for medical examination. The 14-year-old boy is yet to be arrested. "We will produce him before the Juvenile Justice Board," the inspector said.

Andhra Pradesh Balala Hakkula Sangham described both the boys as victims of the freely available porn literature and visuals. Sangham president Achyuta Rao pointed out that the lack of parental supervision had been playing disaster on young minds.

PORNOSEXUALITY 6 giugno 2017

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