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Pamela: stupro di gruppo prima dell’omicidio

Sul brutale assassinio di  Pamela Mastropietro  continuano a emergere  dettagli sempre più agghiaccianti . Sul corpo della ragazza sono i...


sabato 3 giugno 2017

16-year-old girl raped, set ablaze died in hospital

AGARTALA: A 16-year-old girl from Kalkoliya village, who was raped and set ablaze on May 25, succumbed to her injuries at Agartala Govt Medical College (AGMC) on Thursday night.
The accused got bail from court as the case was registered under bailable sections of the IPC. 

The father of the deceased alleged that the accused, who is the son of a local CPM leader, had been disturbing his daughter for the last few months. "Recently, he came to my house and forcefully performed the wedding rituals with my daughter which was not accepted by us. 

We raised objections and he somehow managed to escape. Later, he raped my daughter and set her on fire in my house when she was alone," he told the media.

He said he shifted her to AGMC with 80 percent burn injuries. "In the hospital, my daughter told everything to the media and us. 

Girl 'raped' and set ablaze dies in hospital 
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  • Agartala

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