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Pamela: stupro di gruppo prima dell’omicidio

Sul brutale assassinio di  Pamela Mastropietro  continuano a emergere  dettagli sempre più agghiaccianti . Sul corpo della ragazza sono i...


lunedì 26 giugno 2017

19-year-old boy killed his father for raping sister

A man reportedly killed his father after his sister told him that he raped her. 

Police said the woman told her 19-year-old brother that her father had attacked her twice at the family home in the village of Jamnagar's Jodiya taluka
The rape survivor had returned to stay with her mother since one month due to troubled relationship with her husband," an inspector at Jodiya police station told The Times of India.
 "Her father, who worked as a casual labourer, came home once every 10 to 15 days."
He raped her on a visit home. 
After the woman told her brother, a heated altercation took place and he strangled his father to death.
The man has been detained by police.
More than 90 rapes are reported in India daily, according to the countries National Crime Records Bureau, though campaigners say the numbers are likely much higher.
Earlier this week a teenage girl accused a member of hospital staff in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh of giving her a sedative before sexuality assaulting her, prompting country-wide protest.
Teenage boy in India kills his father for raping sister Narjas Zatat June 26 2017

6 women brutally raped, killed 26 giugno 2017

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