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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


mercoledì 7 giugno 2017


A woman with a history of sexual offences against children has been sentenced for breaching her court-ordered probation conditions in Abbotsford.
Audrey Elizabeth Jean Black, 41, has been sentenced to two days in jail and three additional years of probation related to two breaches – one from Feb. 17, 2016 and the other from May 4, 2017.
Two other breach charges – from December 2015 and April 2016 – were stayed.
Black, previously described by authorities as a high-risk sex offender, was the subject in June 2011 of a public notice by police after she chose to live in Abbotsford.
Black had been sentenced to four years in prison in Saskatchewan in 2007 after pleading guilty to sexual interference with a person under the age of 14, sexual touching of a person under 14, one count of making child pornography, and one count of bestiality.
At the time, her husband Donald William Black was already serving an eight-year sentence for the same crimes, committed against two girls, ages 18 months and four years.
He was also convicted of crimes against a third girl, a five-year-old.
The conditions of Black’s release included that she not attend any park, playground, recreation centre or other location where children are expected to be present.
She was also prohibited from possessing or using any electronic device that is capable of accessing the internet.
Black was first charged with breaching her conditions in late 2014 after she allegedly attended a church service in Abbotsford where children were present.
While she was out on bail on that charge, she went to Albert Dyck Park in June 2015 and was again arrested. She was sentenced the following month to an additional three years of probation, while the charge related to her church attendance was stayed.
The most recent breach charges were laid after police investigated whether she was complying with her court-ordered conditions to refrain from using the internet.

Female sex offender sentenced for breaching probation 
  • S Jun 3rd, 2017 
  • AUGUSTA — A former Oakland woman went on trial Tuesday for the second time on a charge that she committed gross sexual assault on a 3-year-old boy.
    Sarah B. Conway, 28, now of Canaan, New Hampshire, was tried in the same courtroom at the Capital Judicial Center earlier this year. A previous jury on Jan. 19, 2017, cleared Conway of two counts of unlawful sexual contact but deadlocked on the charge of gross sexual assault of a 3-year-old boy, the most serious charge. A conviction on that charge carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.
    The trial continues Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. with attorneys giving closing arguments.
    Conway remains free on bail with conditions prohibiting her from contact with children under 16, except for supervised contact once a month with a toddler daughter.
    The re-trial began Tuesday with Deputy District Attorney Paul Cavanaugh telling jurors they would hear testimony about two adults — Conway and her then-boyfriend, Stephen R. Smith — sexually assaulting the boy more than two years ago in Oakland. Cavanagh said Smith told her he liked child pornography and tried to get her interested in it as well. He also said that he expected her to testify that Smith forced her into the sexual act.
    Defense attorney Sherry Tash told jurors it’s going to be a “he-said, she said” case and comes down to the credibility of witnesses. “Don’t just listen to what happened, but why it happened,” Tash told jurors.
    Tash said the investigation began with Conway going to the police in Canaan, New Hampshire, after she and Smith moved there to live with her family.
    Fifteen people sat in the public area listening to the attorneys’ opening statements.
    Smith, 38, was the first witness Tuesday and in the previous trial as well. He testified that he and his then-girlfriend, Conway, sexually assaulted the boy after removing the boy’s diaper.
    Smith is serving the initial 18-year unsuspended portion of a 30-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to three counts of unlawful sexual contact, and two counts of visual sexual aggression against a child and one count of sexual misconduct with a child under 12. He is serving his sentence at the Maine State Prison in Warren and was brought to the courthouse Tuesday morning by deputies. He took the witness stand wearing a turquoise, long-sleeved shirt with package folds still evident, over jeans.
    He told the jury of eight men and five women the couple connected through an online dating site, and then met for the first time at his Oakland apartment, where they had sex and she stayed the night.
    “I told her that I had an interest in younger kids,” he testified, and that he liked child pornography. “I didn’t watch it much with her because she didn’t have one opinion or another about it.”
    When asked about the incident involving the young boy, which allegedly occurred between Dec. 1, 2014, and March 31, 2015, he said, “We, uh, we fondled him.”
    Then he provided more graphic details in response to Cavanaugh’s questioning.
    “Did she tell you she didn’t want to participate?” Cavanaugh asked.
    “No, I never forced her,” Smith testified.
    Conway broke off their engagement when they were in New Hampshire, and Smith stayed on her family’s property, living in a tent behind the house.
    Smith said Tuesday he agreed to testify against Conway “because someone like that shouldn’t be around their kids, basically,” a remark Justice Donald Marden ordered jurors to disregard.
    Under questioning by Tash, Smith said he had a bad memory and that he did not force Conway to sexually assault the boy, who never woke up during it.
    “If she felt force, I was unaware of it,” he said.
    Tash gave him a transcript of his prior testimony, in which he said Conway did not watch child pornography together with him.
    “She told you she didn’t like it,” Tash said.
    “I don’t remember that, but OK,” Smith agreed.
    Tash also asked if Smith was upset about Conway’s going to the police. “Of course,” Smith said.
    Smith testified that he touched Conway’s head to get her to do what he wanted. “It was more of a nudge than anything,” he said.
    Conway took the stand in her own defense Tuesday afternoon, saying Smith compelled her to commit the assault.
    In recorded interviews with Canaan, New Hampshire, police Sgt. Ryan Porter, which were played for the jury, Conway said Smith threatened her if she reported him. “He said he would make it look like I was 100 percent willingly involved.” She said Smith told her, “If you ever tell anyone, you’ll never see your kids again.”
    She said she cried after the assault and that she went to the police after her family learned about Smith assaulting children.
    “I just want people to understand that I would never choose to do anything,” Conway said.
    Prior to the start of the January trial, Conway pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a child under 16, both of which occurred Dec. 1, 2014, and March 31, 2015, in Oakland. She was acquitted by the judge in that trial of two counts of visual sexual aggression, again with the same dates and place.
    One juror, Debra Lamontagne, of Oakland, spoke immediately after the January trial concluded, saying jurors did not believe that Conway had committed the unlawful sexual contact offenses for her own sexual gratification — one of the elements needed to find someone guilty of that charge.
    However, Lamontagne also said 11 of 12 jurors voted to find Conway guilty of the gross sexual assault charge. The holdout, a woman, refused to budge.
    “We are going to re-try that case,” District Attorney Maeghan Maloney said after the conclusion of the January trial. “We are alleging that she is the person that did the gross sexual assault action, not that she was an observer.”

    Former Oakland woman starts second trial on child sexual assault charge  BETTY ADAMS May 30 2017

    A Grand Junction woman accused last year of taking sexually explicit photos of a toddler to send to an adult man has entered guilty pleas in her parallel state and federal cases.
    Samantha Jean Groff, 23, was arrested last year after federal investigators linked her to an investigation into Joseph Alan Smith, the man to whom she sent the photos.
    Smith was accused of sharing the photos of the then-2-year-old child on a Russia-based peer-to-peer website frequently used to exchange child pornography, earlier reports said.
    While Groff originally photographed the young girl in a “sexting” conversation with Smith, authorities believe the couple later physically abused her as well.
    Groff and Smith each faced criminal charges in state court for the physical abuse of the child, and were charged separately in federal court for the distribution of the explicit images.
    Groff on Wednesday entered a guilty plea in state court on a single count of procurement of a child for sexual exploitation, a felony, in exchange for the dismissal of eight other felony counts, including sexual assault.
    Groff cried as Mesa County District Judge Brian Flynn read aloud the legal definitions for each part of the charge.
    When Flynn asked Groff why she was entering a guilty plea, she responded, “because it’s pointless to go to trial.”
    Flynn asked whether Groff felt she was guilty.
    “Yeah,” she answered.
    Groff in May entered a guilty plea to a single felony count of transportation of child pornography in her federal case. She is scheduled to be sentenced in that case Sept. 5 at Grand Junction’s federal courthouse by U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger.
    Flynn agreed to wait until Sept. 15 to sentence Groff in her state case.
    Public Defender Kara Smith said in court that Groff’s federal and state sentences will be served at the same time.
    Smith’s case remains ongoing. He is due back in court June 30.
    Kelly Denise Claytor, 46, offered pleas to felony charges of producing child pornography and possessing child pornography and a misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She will be sentenced on Sept. 15 after a presentence report is filed.
    After Wednesday's plea, Claytor was remanded into custody.
    The case against Claytor and her co-defendant, former Waynesboro magistrate and dentist, Houston Marion Miller, 70, was brought last November. Miller will appear in Circuit Court in July on three charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, one count of sexual battery as well as possession of child pornography.
    Waynesboro Commonwealth's Attorney David Ledbetter told Judge Charles Ricketts III that the victim in the case was a 16-year-old teen. He said the investigation showed that Miller engaged in a sexual relationship with the teen that Claytor encouraged. Miller and Claytor were a couple at the time.
    That relationship between the teen and Miller continued from the spring of 2016 to last November. Nude photos of the victim were sent to Miller, Ledbetter said.
    The case came to the Waynesboro Police Department after the victim told a friend about what was happening, and the friend's father brought the teen to police for questioning. Ledbetter said Miller had attempted to obstruct the investigation and delete images of the victim from his cellphone.
    While Claytor's attorney asked that she remain free, Ledbetter told Ricketts "that the presumption of innocence'' no longer applied, and described the case facts as "horrible."
    Ricketts agreed to take Claytor into custody, noting the three-year mandatory minimum sentence she faces for her pleas. The three-year mandatory sentence is for the production of child pornography. 

    Waynesboro woman pleads guilty in child pornography case BOB STUART June 01 2017
    An Albany woman was arraigned in Linn County Circuit Court, where she faces 15 counts of rape, sodomy and delivery of methamphetamine.
    Amy Deaet Youmans, 32, was arrested after a May 19 secret indictment leveled the charges against her. She is accused of three counts of second-degree rape, four counts of first-degree rape, three counts of second-degree sodomy, three counts of first-degree sodomy, two counts of delivery of methamphetamine and one count of possession of methamphetamine.
    The charges stem from three separate incidents in February, March and April of 2016, when Youmans is alleged to have given methamphetamine to a mentally incapacitated boy under the age of 14.

    Youmans was ordered held on $100,000 bail. Her next hearing is set for June 12.

    Albany woman faces multiple rape, meth charges Neil Zawicki Jun 1, 2017

    A guilty plea from a woman who admits she played a role in the sexual abuse and exploitation of a 7-year-old Hamilton girl.
    In an agreed statement of facts, 48 year old Sonya Lucas admitted to joining in with two men as they sexually attacked of a 7 year-old girl and admitted to videotaping it.
    In April of 2016, Lucas says she was picked up by 48-year old Rui Dasilva. Lucas says Dasilva was client of hers, she worked as an escort and told the court Dasilva had a daddy daughter fetish. Police found baby dolls in Lucas’ apartment with sex toys and anatomically correct genitals attached to them.
    Lucas’ lawyer told the judge that Lucas was also the victim of sexual assault multiple times when she was a child. Court also heard that Lucas did not know that they were going to abuse a 7-year-old that night but once she arrived at the little girl’s house and saw how young she was she still wilfully participated.
    The young girl was advertised for sex on Craigslist by her mother’s boyfriend, he currently faces 40 charges. His name cannot be revealed to protect the identity of the little girl.
    Lucas’ son came to show support for the young victim and spoke out about the sexual abuse he endured at the hands of his mother when he was only 14.
    “She allowed me and my brother to drink alcohol. She got us both intoxicated and when I was passed out and when I became conscious and woke up she was performing sexual acts on me.”
    Lucas was convicted of incest in 2004 and has been on the sex offenders registry ever since but never served jail time. Her son hopes to see his mother behind bars.
    “Jail is where she belongs. She is very dangerous.”
    50 year old John Gallagher of Hamilton is already behind bars serving a nearly four year jail term for his part in exploiting the little girl. Rui Dasilva plead guilty last month and is awaiting sentencing and a 36 year old Hamilton man, who also cannot be named to protect the child is also facing charges.
    Sonya Lucas is expected to be sentenced this September.

    A Stoke-sub-Hamdon woman has appeared in court facing a string of child sex abuse charges and inciting a young boy and girl in a country outside the UK to engage in sexual activity via an online gaming app.
    Kira Rose Leverton29, of Stonehill, East Stoke, Stoke-sub-Hamdon, appeared in the dock before Somerset Magistrates, sitting at Yeovil.
    She was charged that between November 20, 2015 and September 18, 2016, she made 188 indecent images of a child in the most serious Category A.
    She was further alleged to have committed to similar offences involving 216 Category B images and 155 in Category C and being in possession of a prohibited image of a child between the same dates.
    The defendant was also charged with three further similar offences involving 44 Category A movie clips; 13 Category B movie clips and two Category C movie clips of children.
    Also, that between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 20015 she was alleged to have intentionally attempted to cause or incite a girl aged 13 to engage in sexual activity, namely engaging in online chat of a sexual nature, along with a second similar offence involving a boy aged 13 to 15.
    Prosecutor Emma Lenanton said that the offences came to light after police traced the defendant through her IP address as a result of a national investigation agency.

    Woman accused of child sex abuse and possession of extreme pornography  30 MAY 2017

    An Australian woman accused of concealing her daughter's prolonged sexual abuse has been denied bail.
    The woman, who is also accused of assisting the child's father to have sexual intercourse with her at age six, sobbed and yelled "it's not true" during the hearing on Saturday.
    Police prosecutor Ernest Chan said the allegations were a "disturbing read" and the girl had been abused from the age of three until she was 12.
    One one occasion, the 36-year-old closed the curtains as the girl was molested before looking at the child and saying, "you're disgusting".
    Chan said the woman also told her daughter she would likely end up somewhere worse if she spoke out.
    "You'll never see your sisters again," the woman, from Sydney's south, allegedly said.
    "Your father has never touched you."
    Magistrate Michael Price was asked to release the woman, partly because she had to care for her other two daughters.
    But he refused, saying no bail conditions could give him confidence she would not interfere with her daughter.
    Sergeant Chan said the woman, who committed the offences between 2003 and 2012, had previously tried to contact her daughter.

    Australian mother helped father rape daughter, 6, court told June 3 2017

    BROOKVILLE – A 29-year-old Brookville woman, Christine L. Nichols, has been accused of producing and disseminating child pornography.
    Members of the Pennsylvania State Police in Punxsutawney, Marienville and DuBois, along with the NW Computer Crime Unit, investigated a reported case involving two young Brookville children.
    According to Punxsutawney PSP, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) informed state police about a child pornography investigation and arrest in Texas.
    State police said that video content and images originated from Brookville. Personnel from Jefferson County Children & Youth Services responded and assured the safety of the children.
    Nichols was taken into custody of state police at a different location in Marienville. She produced and disseminated child pornography.
    Nichols was charged and lodged in the Jefferson County Jail in lieu of $100,000 straight bail.
    Nichols is facing charges that include but are not limited to: rape of child; involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with child; sexual abuse of children; criminal use of communication facility; corruption of minors; indecent assault; and statutory sexual assault.  

    BREAKING: Brookville Woman Accused of Producing, Disseminating Child Pornography June 4, 2017 Gant Team

    Kathryn Alderson, 19, has been indicted for aggravated sexual assault of a child, possession of child pornography, promoting sexual performance by a child under the age of 14 years old, and prohibited sexual conduct.

    Alderson was arrested and booked into the Uvalde County Jail, where as of Friday morning she remained. Alderson’s bond is set at $30,000 for the charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child; $50,000, prohibited sexual conduct; $20,000, possession of child pornography; and $35,000, promoting sexual performance by a child under the age of 14.

    Teen girl charged in child sex assault KIMBERLY RUBIO 05 06 2017

    An Ellensburg woman was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison for second-degree rape of a child on Friday in Kittitas County Superior Court.
    Lloyce Hunt, 23, was arrested by Ellensburg Police officers on Jan. 13 when they found her with a 13-year-old girl in a car at the Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park, Deputy Prosecutor Jodi Hammond said. Hunt met the girl through a social media app and the two started a relationship in November.
    “It is very clear from reading Ms. Hunt’s evaluation that she has had a significant history of abuse in her own life,” Hammond said. “It is just sad to be in the position where you see this pattern repeating itself.
    Hunt has been diagnosed with some mental disabilities, she said. Her impulse control and decision making were shown to be reduced for someone of her age.
    “This is a unique case and a unique situation and I just want the court to be understanding where the state is coming from,” Hammond said. “I wish there was a better solution in this case.”
    The standard range of the sentence for second-degree rape of a child is 78 to 102 months. Hammond recommended the lower end of the range at 78 months.
    Defense attorney Robert Moser asked for Hunt’s sentence to be reduced to half of the prosecutor’s recommended sentence. He felt Hunt was also a victim in her own right and needed help.
    “Ms. Hunt was not deceitful. She did not try to trick or do this with malice,” Moser said. “I think it is a product of her childhood and what she went through.”

    Two men picked up in cars were raped by women in separate incidents, police in Zimbabwe have said.

    One man was held up with a gun, forced into the bush, raped and then drugged while the other was knocked out by a drink and abused while unconscious.

    Police, who are now investigating, urged members of the public to be vigilant in case they are picked up by the women after a spate of female-on-male rapes in the country.

    It comes as a man in neighbouring South Africa was left traumatised after being raped 'numerous' times by three women after hailing a cab last week.

    In Zimbabwe,The Herald reported that Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said one of the two recent victims, aged 37, was picked up in Harare on May 27 by a car containing one man and two women. 

    A woman who came aboard at the same time, the policeman said, pointed what seemed to be a pistol at the man after the driver had taken the car on a detour.

    Chief Supt Nyathi said the woman force-marched the man into the bush, adding: 'One of the females forced the complainant to have sexual intercourse with him without his consent while another female accused forced the complainant to drink an unknown liquid which left the complainant unconscious.'

    The other man also boarded a car in Harare, this one containing five unknown people, before being offered a drink by a woman which knocked him unconscious. 

    Chief Supt Nyathi said: 'When the complainant gained consciousness he discovered that he had been abused.'

    Last year police were on the lookout for four women alleged to have sexually abused a 29-year-old man after offering him a lift in the Zimbabwean capital.

    In 2015, another man - also aged 29 - was allegedly raped at gunpoint after being given a ride from Magunje Growth Point.  

    Dressed To Rape 7 giugno 2017

    Man arrested for rape, murder of 5-year-old girl 7 giugno 2017

    Man strangled woman during sex, then raped 5-year-old girl 7 giugno 2017

    15-year-old gang-raped in bus, 4 arrested 7 giugno 2017

    Man arrested for rape, murder of 5-year-old girl 7 giugno 2017

    11-year-old boy raped by 14-year-old boy 6 giugno 2017

    PORNOSEXUALITY 6 giugno 2017

    Mother gang-raped, 9-month-old baby throw from rickshaw 6 giugno 2017

    Two minor girls raped, brutally murdered 5 giugno 2017

    Protest against sexual assault of children 5 giugno 2017

    70-year-old woman raped, stabbed by security guard 5 giugno 2017

    Woman raped by 60-year-old man, his wife filmed the act 5 giugno 2017

    Another child brutally killed in South Africa 4 GIUGNO 2017

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