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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


giovedì 8 giugno 2017


A little girl’s story of how she fought off a serial child sex abuser with her teddy bear helped jail him for nearly seven years.
The girl was one of four child victims of married security guard Graham Halsall, 49, from Brotton.
Another was very young and the other two were of primary school age.
Halsall, who had a young family, was challenged by parents after the girl told her mother details from her ordeal.
She said she put her teddy between them to ward him off, but he grabbed it and threw it away.
Another used her doll at bath time to demonstrate what he had done to her.
One youngster said that he kissed her and his breath smelled beery.
Prosecutor Shaun Dodds told Teesside Crown Court that Halsall denied the allegations and the families decided that the girls were too young to face cross-examinations in a trial.
The youngsters suffered in silence until one girl told her husband and he persuaded her to go to the police last year.
She said in a victim impact statement: “My husband eventually made me realise that I was not being fair to myself and my daughter.”
Mr Dodds said that another victim reported: ”I think about what he did to me every day and I always think would I be a different person if it had not happened to me.
I lost all my confidence and started having panic attacks. I have in the past suffered with self-harming, and I never felt safe anywhere.
Robin Turton, defending, said Halsall had pleaded guilty out of remorse and a desire not to put the victims through a trial.
He said it was very rare for an offender in an historic sexual abuse case to make such full, frank and remarkably honest admissions.
Mr Turton added: ”He has taken full responsibility for everything that he has done, unlike many people who come before these courts.
“It is an important point that some of the victims now have closure.
“He is willing and wants to deal with that defect in his personality to fantasise about pre-pubescent girls.’
He said Halsall had caused pain to his wife and his children, who were also blameless victims.
Mr Turton said: “He is going to be serving a long sentence, and over that time there are going to be courses with which he can engage.”
The Recorder of Middlesbrough, Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC, said the girls were all young and the consequences of Hallsall’s offending against them were devastating.
The judge said he gave Halsall credit and more for his pleas of guilty which resulted in the girls not having to give evidence, and the fact he had an awareness of his problems and his difficulties.
Halsall, of Skelton Road, Brotton, was jailed for six years and 10 months, put on the sex offender’s register for life and given an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order, banning him from working with girls under 16, after he pleaded guilty to four charges of sexual assault on four girls.

Girl fought off serial child sex abuser with her teddy bear, court hears AGENCY STAFF 2 JUN 2017

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — The ex-youth pastor of a Bellingham church grimaced, wept and struggled to breathe in court Wednesday, as he listened to a teenage girl – standing feet away – describe the lasting harm he caused when he raped her countless times.
Christopher Lee Trent was sentenced to five years in prison for sexually abusing the girl, who went to Bellingham Baptist Church on Orleans Street when she was under the age of 16.
Court records describe how he kept the abuse a secret for about two years.
Trent, 37, graduated from Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma, where he met Josh Carter, the future pastor of the Bellingham church. Trent moved across the country with his wife and seven children in June 2013, after Carter asked if he’d be interested in a youth pastor job.
Over the next three years, Trent supervised children at church activities, preached in front of the main congregation at times, and led classes about how adults can prevent child abuse in the church.
Meanwhile, he started driving the girl home from church. She visited his home often, and she came to think of him as a kind of father figure. Over time he started showing affection by giving her “side hugs,” and later hugging her chest-to-chest. In text messages he told the girl he loved her and wanted to kiss her. Eventually he promised to marry her at a gazebo on a beach when she turned 18.
The girl later estimated that over months, he sexually abused her more than 100 times — so often she lost count. Months before the abuse came to light, the girl’s mother noticed her phone bill showed hundreds of texts from Trent’s number, sent at 1 or 2 a.m., where he talked about holding and loving the girl. According to a letter the mother wrote to police, she confronted Trent, but he laughed and denied anything inappropriate had happened. She warned him to not touch her daughter, and blocked Trent’s number, but did not contact police.
Trent and the girl switched to texting over private apps on their phones.
Trent’s wife found explicit pictures of the girl on his phone, too, but he convinced her the girl must have sent them by accident and to the wrong person, according to reports summarized in a Department of Corrections investigation.
The head pastor confronted Trent in 2016, because others had noticed he had an oddly close relationship with the girl. Then a member of the church found a letter that fell out of Trent’s Bible, where the girl talked about Trent holding her close. Both Trent and the girl denied that anything sexual had happened between them, when Carter spoke with them.
Trent was fired. His family was given a month to move out of a church parsonage. No report was made to police until a couple of weeks later, on July 11, 2016, when another church member told police Trent was fired for an inappropriate relationship with a girl. As detectives started to investigate, the girl revealed Trent had been sexually abusing her, at the church, in the car behind the church, and in their homes.
Much later the girl told authorities the abuse was even worse than she had first reported: Trent called her his “sex slave,” and forced her to endure sex acts that left her bleeding and in pain for days. He would monitor her conversations with boys and, at times, told her not to eat. She feared he would kill her, if it would keep his secret from getting out.
Police arrested Trent on July 18 as he was loading a U-Haul to move out of Bellingham. He never denied the abuse.
As he awaited trial in jail, Trent led a Bible study for other inmates.
In February 2017, a cell-block mate told police Trent asked him to pass along a coded message online to the girl — a string of emoticons — in what would be a violation of a no-contact order. The inmate didn’t go through with it when he got out so the message never reached the girl.
Trent pleaded guilty in March to four counts of third-degree child rape. He had no prior criminal record. No other charges of sexual abuse emerged. He told authorities that, a decade before his arrest, he worked with special needs kids in Franklin Township on the outskirts of Indianapolis, in his home state of Indiana.
At a sentencing hearing Wednesday, a Bellingham police detective wrapped an arm around the girl as she read an excruciating, tearful letter to Judge Raquel Montoya-Lewis. The girl stood at a podium a few feet to Trent’s right, and described how he had stolen her dignity and her teenage years.
“I lived my life in fear of the next thing he would do to me, what the next day would bring, and if it would bring more mental and physical pain than the day before,” the girl said. “Your honour, I never knew someone could harm another individual as much as Chris did, when he put his hands on me for the first time.”
She begged the judge to give Trent the highest sentence possible. Tears rolled down Trent’s cheeks as he listened. He pressed his fingers to his temples, and dry-heaved at one point in the girl’s 10-minute statement, when she talked about how much pain he put her through.
Trent’s hands shook when it was his turn to address the judge. He began by confessing — “before God and man” — that he was guilty, that he was sorry for how he hurt the church, and that what happened was entirely his fault.
“As David stated in Psalms chapter 51, verse 3: ‘For I acknowledge my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me,’” Trent said.
He said he would spend the rest of his life trying to repair his name. A plea deal suggested Trent serve five years in prison, the most allowed under state law, according to the deputy prosecutor, Eric Richey.
Montoya-Lewis said she found it extraordinarily frustrating that, in her reading of the law, she could not hand down more prison time. She reiterated to the girl and her family that the crime was not their fault: It was Trent’s alone. She turned to Trent, and told him his behaviour had been “insidious and terrifying.”
“You cannot hide behind the concept of sin, as you have represented to the court. These were poor choices,” Montoya-Lewis said. “They were your choices, over years. You had every opportunity, every day, to stop what you were doing to this child, and you chose to continue.
“It is not in the court’s authority or ability to hand out forgiveness,” Montoya-Lewis continued. “But I listened to what happened to (the girl), and I read about her experiences, and your response to that. And it is unforgivable.”

A Bellingham bistro co-owner must serve 2 years and 5 months in prison for preying on women who were too drunk or high to consent to sex.
Jamison Scott Rogayan, 33, ran the front of house at Cosmos Bistro in September 2015, when social media posts surfaced on calling him a rapist. As posts spread across Facebook, a total of 10 women came forward to tell police Rogayan sexually assaulted them, too, when they were impaired.
Some cases were nearly a decade old – too old for the statute of limitations. One woman did not want to testify. Only five cases went to trial. After an excruciating trial in February, a jury could not reach a verdict on any counts. Instead of going through another trial, Rogayan took a plea deal where he admitted to two counts of third-degree rape and a count of unlawful imprisonment.
At Rogayan’s sentencing hearing Tuesday morning, two women read painful letters to the court. Their voices did not waver. One woman, in her early 30s, asked the judge for the highest sentence possible. She reasserted that what happened to her was a violent sexual assault that lasted hours – not a non-sexual fight that Rogayan described on the witness stand. Another woman, 42, told the judge she had no interest in seeing the defendant “in a box for years to come,” even though it was clear that Rogayan still doesn’t think he did anything wrong.
“However, you know what you did,” the woman said. “You do know it was a repeated pattern of yours. In my case, it was crystal clear that I did not willingly take part in sexual activity with you.”
Rogayan met many of the women downtown at Cap Hansen’s bar on East Chestnut Street, where he was a regular. One woman suspected he drugged her gin and tonic. One said she’d blacked out from a mix of MDMA and alcohol, when they bumped into each other at Cap Hansen’s. Both of those women gave nearly identical accounts to the jury: groggily waking up in Rogayan’s apartment, to find him sexually touching them. Another said Rogayan invited her to his home for cocaine, where he made unwanted advances. Stories from other women echoed the same pattern.
Rogayan denied they were sexual assaults. He told a Department of Corrections investigator the women must have colluded against him, to run him out of town.
“Nothing we do is going to make Mr. Rogayan see that he did wrong,” said the chief criminal deputy prosecutor, Eric Richey, at the sentencing. “Apparently, he thinks that he is the victim of women conspiring against him – because he didn’t ask them out again, or maybe because they’re just angry at his successes.”
State guidelines suggest a prison sentence of 22 to 29 months for a first-time offender of Rogayan’s crimes. His attorney, Alexander Ransom, argued the judge should sentence him to the 25 ½ months agreed on in the plea deal. More time would hurt Rogayan’s chances of reintegrating into society, Ransom wrote in a sentencing memorandum. He is a changed man, who found God, Ransom said.
“The public is protected by his conscience,” he wrote.
Rogayan served 1 ½ years while awaiting trial. He fought through tears, as he did months ago in court, when he told the court Tuesday his use of drugs and alcohol led him to make horrible choices that hurt people. He said his study of the Bible had changed him.
“Through my faith I found sobriety,” Rogayan said. “However, I will live the rest of my life with the knowledge that I caused so much pain. I should not have been inviting women home from the bar.”

Bellingham rapist sentenced for preying on intoxicated women CALEB HUTTON JUNE 06, 2017

Before he covered her head, he told her he didn’t want to hurt her. He was wearing a condom but did not have an erection.

The 20-year-old Denton resident saw him standing in her bedroom doorway. It was nearly 4:30 in the morning May 3. He was tall, more than 6 feet, she would later tell police, and looked like he weighed more than 230 pounds. It’s unclear how long he stood in the doorway before he attempted to sexually assault her.
Then he tried to strangle her.
Earl Leroy Thompson Jr., 32, was arrested for the crime nearly a month later. He wasn’t charged with attempted sexual assault. Instead, he was initially charged with two counts of attempted burglary of a habitation with intent to commit another felony. Three more counts of the burglary of a habitation with intent to commit felony charge were added on Wednesday. Scott Fletcher, deputy chief of the Denton Police Department, says the initial charges were sought because the charge is more severe as a second-degree felony.
Thompson is also suspected of sexual assault in Dallas, Fletcher says.
When Denton police responded to the 20-year-old’s 911 call, they discovered the attacker had taken the victim’s cellphone and found a latex glove in the parking lot, according to Thompson's June 1 arrest warrant affidavit. Police also reported that the woman had been hearing knocks at her door during early morning hours before the sexual assault occurred and that she would look through the peephole, but no one was visible.
She told police she had forgotten to lock the door the night her attacker appeared standing in her bedroom doorway.
The 20-year-old’s call to police was similar to reports from October 2016 and February 2017 when two women in their early 20s reported that they had heard knocking at their doors during early morning hours.
In the October case, a man entered through a window and covered the victim’s head while he sexually assaulted her. He also choked the victim in the February attack, telling her he didn’t want to hurt her. He took her cellphone as he fled.
Then, in early May, a 24-year-old woman reported to police that at about 1:15 a.m. April 30, she noticed someone in a dark-colored sedan pulling into the parking lot and getting close to her as she entered her apartment in the 1600 block of West Oak Street. She told police that it “freaked her out.”
She heard someone knocking on her door at 5:30 in the morning. She looked through the peephole, but no one was visible.
The next day, a maintenance man noticed that her window screen had been removed and found latex gloves in the bushes under the window.
A few days later, another woman called police at 2:35 a.m. to report a tall black male behind her residence in the 1700 block of West Oak Street. She said that he was walking and running from one end of the apartment building to the other.
Several police units responded, and two University of North Texas police officers found Thompson, who stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 260 pounds. Police asked him what he was doing. He told officers he had been walking from the University of North Texas, where he worked as a custodian until last month, to his girlfriend’s apartment in the 1600 block of West Oak Street and then to 7-Eleven. Police pressed him, and he admitted that he lied and said police had scared him.
Police released him.
In the arrest warrant affidavit, Denton police say they believe he is responsible for the sexual assault offenses and prowler calls because he worked unsupervised overnight just blocks away from the offenses. Police began surveillance on him May 16 and watched him arrive at work and then leave, driving approximately 0.7 miles to an apartment complex in the 400 block of Bernard Street.
He parked his car, got out and walked around. Police watched as he entered the backyard of a home and disappeared into the darkness. The backyard was adjacent to an apartment complex in the 600 block of Bernard Street. Several minutes later, he exited the backyard and walked south to an opening leading to the block. Then, minutes later, he walked out of the opening and went to the southeast corner of the apartment building.
Police watched as Thompson peeked into an apartment window on the ground floor.
Police followed him as he left the apartment complex and drove east to southeast Denton, but officers conducted surveillance at a distance to avoid detection and attempted to take parallel routes. They lost him.
Police later discovered that the woman who lived in an apartment in the 600 block of Bernard had noticed someone outside her window between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m. on three occasions over a two-week period.
Over the next two days, police watched Thompson visit three areas that all have several apartment complexes each. Each time, he’d park and walk around the complexes.
On May 25, the Dallas Police Department contacted Denton police and reported that Thompson was the suspect in two sexual assaults of prostitutes in March 2017.
The next day, Thompson drove to Dallas late in the evening. The Dallas police deployment unit was called and picked up surveillance on him. Police watched as he visited a club for about 30 minutes. Then he stopped, changed clothes and drove to Harry Hines Boulevard but never engaged any prostitutes.
Instead he drove back to Denton and went to the 600 block of Bernard Street at about 1:15 in the morning. He walked around two apartment complexes, one of which was the location of an attempted sexual assault of a 20-year-old victim by a man who matched Thompson’s description.
Over the next several days — until his arrest Friday — police watched as Thompson continued to peep in apartment complex windows, and he appeared to be masturbating. He was also observed trying to open a window in the 400 block of Withers Street. During the course of the investigation, police received one call for a prowler and one for an attempted sexual assault.
On May 30, Thompson's prowling nearly came to an end when Denton police investigator Jason Hollingshead hid in nearby bushes and watched as Thompson approached the back of a building. He placed both his hands on a window pane and appeared to be attempting to push it open.
Several minutes later, Thompson turned and walked away, and Hollingshead “could clearly see that the suspect had his left hand inside the front of his pants. He could see his left hand moving back and forth inside the front of his pants in a stroking motion. It was quite obvious the suspect was masturbating,” Denton police wrote in the affidavit.
But Thompson didn’t leave. About five minutes later, he returned to the same apartment windows on the back of the building. Hollingshead, who remained concealed in the bushes, watched as Thompson placed both hands on the windows and peered inside the apartment.
The next day, Thompson returned to the 400 block of Withers and attempted to open a window. Later that morning, police lifted a palm print from the window and confirmed it was Thompson’s.
Thompson was booked into the Denton County Jail on Friday for two counts of burglary of a habitation with intent to commit a felony and remains behind bars as the counts continue to mount against him. 

A Savannah teenager on Tuesday told a jury how she successfully fought off a would-be rapist who attacked her on her way to school in 2015.

“I was thinking, trying to get away and get some help,” the witness, 13 at the time, told a Chatham County Superior Court jury. “I was scared that I was about to be raped or something.”

The witness was one of three victims in what Assistant District Attorney Lindretta Kramer said were three similar sexual assault cases over a three-year period involving one man, Theron Morrell Hendrix, who “violently attacked all three women in this community.”
Hendrix, 24, is on trial as a serial rapist in kidnapping and sex offenses between 2014 and 2016 involving two teenage females and a mother of two on Savannah’s westside.
He has pleaded not guilty.
Testimony resumes Wednesday before Judge Louisa Abbot and the jury. Officials anticipate the trial lasting the entire week.
Chief Assistant Public Defender Bill Lewis told jurors the case was one of “a rush to judgment. … corners were cut.”
“I know there are things that are wrong with this case. That’s why we’re here.”
Hendrix is charged with:
  • The Aug. 25, 2014, rape, sexual assault and kidnapping of a woman, now 27, who was attacked at the Bowles C. Ford Park in Cloverdale, where she was walking for exercise.
  • The March 2, 2015, kidnapping, criminal attempt to commit rape of a 13-year-old at an abandoned property at 709 W. 42nd St.
  • The Feb. 16, 2016, kidnapping, rape and aggravated sodomy on a 16-year-old high school student on Clinch Street.
Prosecutors charge the assailant in each case covered his face with a white shirt — and only in the third attack was the victim able to pull the shirt loose and identify her assailant.
The first victim to testify Tuesday told jurors she went to Cloverdale Park off Stiles Avenue to walk when she was grabbed by an assailant wearing a baseball cap and a white shirt over his face.
“I said, ‘Please don’t hurt me. I have two children,’” the victim testified.
Her assailant said he had a gun and forced her off the track around the pond and into the grass where he assaulted her, she said.
The victim told jurors that, during the assault, she was concerned about her kids and thought: “He was still going to kill me.”
The assailant fled through a nearby graveyard, she said.
After the assailant fled, the victim told a man at the scene that she had been raped and then called police.
In the second case, the victim told jurors she was walking to her middle school when a man grabbed her and started dragging her to an abandoned house.
She told jurors she fought with her assailant, hitting him, yelling and scratching at his face to get the cloth off.
“Were you able to fight him off?” Kramer asked.
“Yes,” she replied. “I was yelling. He told me to stop yelling. … I guess he heard something. I don’t know because he got up and ran.”

Teen victim tells jurors she fought off would-be rapist in Savannah attack June 7, 2017 Jan Skutch

PATTAYA: -- A serial rapist who is wanted by Swedish police is believed to be hiding out in Pattaya.
The 38 year old man, who goes by the names of Peter Vadstensvik or Peter-Frederik Poulsen is suspected of carrying out four rapes between 17-19 May.

Vadstensvik, who is a dual Danish and Norwegian national has a very distinctive tattoo on his face and has been described by police in Sweden as “high risk” and “dangerous”, Swedish media reported.

Vadstensvik has twice been imprisoned for rape. He first served time in jail in 2003 for the rape and illegal detention of a minor. In 2009 he was found guilty of raping two 17 year old girls.

Now police in Sweden believe he has carried out a further four rapes.

Vadstensvik is thought to have fled to Thailand and under the username @poul_blanco has been sharing pictures to his Instagram profile.

A video taken on Tuesday titled ‘Pattaya’ appeared to show Vadstensvik visiting Wongamat beach.

Members of the public are urged not to approach Vadstensvik.

It is not known if police in Sweden are in contact with their Thai counterparts regarding Vadstensvik.
A ‘sex pest’ from Hinckley has been jailed after admitting a string of sexual assaults on women.
Alan Renwick, aged 50, brazenly walked into the homes of two of his four victims while the other two were grabbed by him in public places.
Leicester Crown Court heard Renwick, of Coventry Road, Hinckley, ‘violated women on a regular basis’.
The dad-of-two pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual assault, relating to four women, between January 2014 and August 2016.
Jailing him for two years and four months, Judge Nicholas Dean QC said: “You can only be described as having been a sex pest for a number of years.
“You’ve violated women on a regular basis in ways that for them have been immensely distressing; about which you plainly have no conception whatsoever.”
The hearing was told that while making advances to a married school teacher, Renwick had rubbed his groin against a glass door panel and asked her: “Do you want a piece of this?”
Siward James-Moore, prosecuting, said: “There’s no charge in relation to that, but it indicates his behaviour.”
The court was told that following a social function at the teacher’s school, she was walking across a car park to her husband’s car when Renwick grabbed her bottom from behind.

Mr James-Moore said: “She turned around and said, ‘Excuse me,’, to see the defendant, who then brushed his (groin area) against her hand.”
It resulted in the head teacher at the victim’s school reprimanding him, for which he apologised and said it would not happen again – but his misconduct continued, Leicester Crown Court was told.
One of Renwick’s victims was a disabled woman, attacked in her own home after the sex pest walked in uninvited.
Mr James-Moore said the disabled woman, who was the victim of the most recent offence, made a complaint to the police - which led to the teacher and two other victims of earlier incidents coming forward.
The disabled woman was at home when the defendant called, making an excuse to visit, walked in and closed the door.
He leant towards her kissing her on the lips and began fondling her breasts, saying how soft her lips were, but she ended up pushing him off and ordering him to leave.
Afterwards she felt “angry and disgusted”.
He indecently assaulted another woman, when in a room of other people, by pinching her bottom on several occasions, calling her “sexy” and “babe” - and once leant across in a cloakroom and squeezed her breast. She felt “belittled and uneasy”.
Renwick also called at another woman’s home, after earlier making conversation with her when she was in her parked car.
She was new to the area and was surprised he knew where she lived.
He walked into her home uninvited, began a conversation and then put his arms around her, tried to kiss her on the lips and put his hands on her bottom – but she told him to go away.
Renwick was saying: “Just another kiss.”
She was petrified and made an excuse she had to go to a dentist’s appointment.
Passing sentence, Judge Dean went on: “It’s plain you don’t understand why you’ve behaved in the way you have and you don’t consider your behaviour to have been particularly serious -although you’ve now been advised about how seriously the courts consider such behaviour.
“You were given a warning in 2014 when confronted (by the teacher’s head) and acknowledged it and promised not to repeat it, but that didn’t last long.”
Renwick was placed on a 10 year sexual harm prevention order, banning him from entering people’s homes without permission.
He will also have to enlist on a sex offender register for 10 years.

Hinckley 'sex pest' sentenced over string of sexual assaults SUZY GIBSON 1 JUN 2017

ATHENS, OH (WCMH) – Police have released more information about the special task force created to investigate a serial rapist in southeast Ohio.
Athens police say Shawn Lawson Jr. has more victims inside and outside of Athens. Lt. Jeff McCall with the Athens Police Department said the special task force continues getting tips since Lawson’s arrest.
“We are getting calls from individuals, who are prior victims,” said McCall.
The Athens Police Department, Athens County Sheriff’s Office, Athens County Prosecutor’s Office, FBI, Ohio University Police and others have joined forces to follow up on those leads.
This is still an active investigation, and authorities can’t say how many calls they’ve gotten. McCall said any amount is a good thing.
“We do want to bring this person to justice,” he said. “Not just for the ones he’s being charged with, which are the three we have investigated, but we want to look back at all the prior victims.”
Lawson is suspected to be involved in at least three sexual assaults in Athens between 2006 and 2015, and has been linked to a 2017 sexual assault in Lancaster. He is currently being held on a $3 million bond for three counts of kidnapping, rape and attempted rape, among other charges.
Anyone with information regarding this case or involvement with Lawson is asked to call Athens police at 740-593-6606.
The Police have arrested 37-year-old notorious armed robber, Lanre Olowojobi, aka Pumpy.
Pumpy, who was arrested at Mushin, Lagos, at the weekend by operatives of the Lagos State Taskforce, has narrated how he was involved in robbery and rape of over 30 women in 3 years.
Olowojobi, admitted in his statement, that he killed many of his victims for refusing to let go of their valuables.
The suspect was arrested at the weekend during a raid of some identified criminal hideouts in the Akala, Idi-Iro, and Fadeyi areas of the metropolis.
The raid followed frequent complaints by members of the public about the activities of Pumpy and his gang members.
In his confessional statement to the police, Pumpy narrated the crimes which were mostly carried out with members of his gang.
He disclosed that his accomplices would drag their unfortunate victims into the bush or abandoned structures where they took turns raping them.
The robbery kingpin, who hails from Ipoti in Ekiti State, also said he had shot dead more than 10 persons in frequent fracas in the Akala area of Mushin alone.
Pumpy narrated thus: “I joined the boys in the street in 2008 but I founded my own gang in 2010. Initially we were four members in the gang but we later increased to 10.
“Aside being contracted by land grabbers and members of the different transport unions during their frequent leadership tussles, we also recruit young boys and girls to sell drugs on the street.
“I have over 20 young boys and girls who sell Indian hemp, Codeine, Tramadol and other drugs to users in the area. These young boys and girls do this in return for food, shelter and protection.
“A good number of them ran away from their homes while some of them are destitute.
Since 2010 when I founded my own gang, I have killed so many persons. Some of those killed either died during shootouts or were macheted.
“There was a time I butchered one guy like a goat simply because he assaulted my girlfriend. Before then, I had warned him to stay away from my girl but he refused.
“I even sent some of his friends to him and he still paid deaf ears. One day, I sent some of my boys to corner him at night and macheted him severally during the fight that later ensued.”
Chairman of the Lagos State Task Force, Superintendent of Police, Olayinka Egbeyemi, who confirmed the arrest said that, though investigation was still ongoing, those arrested would soon be charged to court.

A 37-year-old serial rapist has been sentenced to life imprisonment and an additional 75 years after being found guilty of six counts of rape and six counts of housebreaking with the intention to rape and rob, Free State police said on Thursday.
According to police spokesperson, Sergeant Martin Xuma, the Botshabelo High Court sentenced Buti Meshack Molebatsi to life and 75 years’ direct imprisonment for the series of attacks on elderly which dated as far back as 2012.
According to the police’s Selosesha FCS unit (family violence, child protection, and sexual offences), a serial rapist had targeted elderly women who live alone, and according to his modus operandi he would break in, rape them and rob them of their possessions and money.
Police said that on 5 February 2015, at about 00:30, a 62-year-old woman who lived alone in a house in Botshabelo was raped and robbed of her cellphone.
Three months later, detective sergeant Lebohang Mohai, who was part of the Selosesha FCS Unit investigation, traced the victim’s phone to Boshoff and arrested the suspect.
Lieutenant-Colonel Naledi Diphoko, Selosesha FCS Commander, advised the investigating officer to take DNA samples from the accused and to send them to police forensics for an analysis to determine if the accused could be linked to other rape cases of a similar nature.
The DNA samples confirmed that Buti Meshack Molebatsi from Botshabelo was linked to six rape cases.
“Buti Meshack Molebatsi was convicted of six counts of rape and six counts of housebreaking with intent to rape and rob. On the 26 May 2017, the accused was sentenced to life direct imprisonment and further 75 years’ direct imprisonment for rape and house-breaking with intent to rape and rob.”
Deputy Provincial Commissioner of Detectives, Major-General Jones Qhobosheane applauded the Selosesha FCS Unit for working together in solving the rape cases and ensuring the conviction and sentencing.

Free State court sentences serial rapist to life imprisonment 1.6.2017

SERIAL RAPISTS 31 30 maggio 2017

Teen serial rapist jailed 8 giugno 2017

Violent serial rapist captured after 5 years 8 giugno 2017

65-year-old woman raped, murdered 8 giugno 2017

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