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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


martedì 27 giugno 2017


The young scion of a prominent Republican family in Virginia turned himself in to police on Wednesday after he raped and sodomized a fellow college student
Dalton Baril, a 20-year-old student attending the University of Virginia, is being accused of attacking a young woman on the night of February 1, according to The Washington Post.

Prosecutors in Albemarle County say that Baril met the woman, who is also enrolled at U-Va., at the Trinity Irish Pub, a local bar near the Charlottesville, Virginia campus.

Authorities allege that Baril, who is not of legal drinking age, bought the woman a shot of tequila.

While still at the bar, Baril is alleged to have tried to kiss her, but was rejected.

Prosecutors say the woman told Baril that she did not wish to be kissed 'in public.'

Afterward, Baril and the woman left the bar and walked to his apartment.

Prosecutors say that she made clear to Baril that she would use the bathroom and then leave.

When she exited the bathroom, she saw that Baril had stripped down to his boxers, according to prosecutors.

The woman then repeated that she did not want to stay.

'Please don't make this bad,' she allegedly told Baril.

Prosecutors then say that Baril grabbed hold of the woman, bit her lip and breast, and assaulted her.

A nurse who examined the woman found injuries to her vaginal area as well as bruises on her face, according to prosecutors.

After the incident, Baril sent a text message to the woman, writing: 'I'm sorry if I got overly excited.'

Baril did not enter a plea. His attorney has promised to introduce evidence which 'substantively contradicts' the prosecutor's claims.

Baril's family is well-established in Virginia Republican politics.

He is the grandson of John N. Dalton, who graduated from U-Va.'s law school and went on to win election as Virginia's governor.

Dalton served as governor from 1978 until 1982. He died in 1986.

His mother, Mary Dalton Baril, also graduated from U-Va. She is currently a partner in the law firm McGuire Woods.

His father, Steve Baril, has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republicans since 2001.
In 2005, he ran for the office of state attorney general, losing in the Republican primary to Robert McDonnell.

Dalton Baril withdrew from the university in April after the school began to investigate the incident.

Authorities say he has been cooperative with police.

Bond was set at $10,000.

Baril has been ordered to remain in either his mother's or father's home.

He also must submit to electronic monitoring and is not permitted to ingest alcohol or drugs. 

A Crisfield man was arrested Tuesday and charged in the rape of a 12-year-old girl, according to a Maryland State Police news release.
State police arrested 22-year-old Savon Douglas on charges of second-degree rape, second-degree sex offense, third-degree sex offense and perverted practice as a result of a subsequent investigation, according to the release.
He is being held in the Somerset County Detention Center.
The Somerset County Department of Social Services informed the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Criminal Enforcement Division investigators about the rape, according to the release.

Alex Turner, aged 20 of Spenser Road, Ipswich was sentenced to a total of 10 years imprisonment and an extended licence period of 5 years.

In October 2016 Turner was charged with a number of sexual offences against two victims during 2015 and 2016. The trial was held in May 2017.

Before the trial Turner pleaded guilty to one rape and sexual activity with child under 16. A jury at Ipswich Crown Court found Turner guilty of 3 further rapes and a common assault.

Turner will be placed on the Sex Offenders Register, and is subject of Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

PC Damian Richer from the Suffolk  Police’s Safeguarding Unit said,

"The victims in this case were immensely brave in coming forward and giving their evidence about what happened to them. They have been supported through the investigation by a number of agencies.  

"We hope such a result will help to reassure victims that we will always investigate any allegations of recent or historic sexual abuse thoroughly  and as a result bring offenders to justice.”

Man sentenced to 10 years following 4 charges of rape 15 JUNE 2017

JUNEAU – An 18-year-old man made his initial appearance in court Monday on charges of sexually assaulting two young boys last summer and taking suggestive photos of them before returning to his Illinois home.
Seth D. Oltmanns, Mount Morris, Illinois, is charged with three counts of first degree sexual assault of a child and seven counts of possession of child pornography. He could be sentenced up to 355 years and a $700,000 fine.
Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Steven Bauer placed Oltmanns on a $5,000 cash bond. He may not have any direct or indirect contact with any minors without supervision. He also may not have any contact with the victims.
Oltmanns was released from the Dodge County Jail after making bail.
According to the criminal complaint, Oltmanns was staying at a relative’s house in the town of Lomira in July and August 2016. Oltmanns watched two small boys in the home, 8 and 10. The two mothers of the boys contacted police with separate phone calls Aug. 22 and each reported that her son had been sexually assaulted by Oltmanns.
The 8-year-old boy attended a forensic interview Aug. 25 where he told of the abuse to which the boys were exposed. The boy said that Oltmanns sexually assaulted him several times including insisting that the boys take a bath with him on one occasion. The victim also recalled several terms that Oltmanns used during the attacks.
The 10-year-old boy underwent a forensic interview on the same day and told a detective a similar story. He said Oltmanns would punch him in a private area of his body.
According to the complaint, the boy told police that Oltmanns had taken several suggestive photos of the boys and saved them in a secret file on his phone.
Dodge County Sheriff’s Office attempted to reach Oltmanns beginning Sept. 20. They eventually were assisted with getting a hold of Oltmanns at his grandmother’s house in Mount Morris Oct. 18. Oltmanns originally denied any contact with the boys and said the boys were inappropriate toward him, but he always left the area at those times. According to the complaint, he admitted knowing the terms the boys told the police and eventually admitted some of the activities.
Oltmanns allowed police access to his phone but denied having the photos on the phone or anywhere else. According to the complaint, he eventually admitted to having the photos and said he attempted to delete them but was unable to do so. He also admitted to having a secret file where he hid the photos. After the photos were found he allegedly admitted to touching one of the boys inappropriately.
On the phone, there were 37 images of young men being exposed. In addition police found that Oltmanns had done searches for little boys in underwear, gay boys ages 10 to 14 and picture hiding calculator apps.
A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for Aug. 3.
Illinois man appears on sexual assault charges TERRI PEDERSON June 19 2017
The trial of a 20-year-old Hartselle man charged with raping a woman in the parking lot of a Decatur business will be continued until November, according to attorneys in the case.
The trial of Andrew Lee Jackson was to begin Monday. Jackson was 18 when he was arrested Oct. 28, 2015, and charged with first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy.
Assistant District Attorney Paul Matthews said prosecutors were prepared to go to trial, but defense counsel sought the delay, in part, to resolve polygraph issues the defense hopes to bring forward.
Matthews said prosecutors remain committed to bringing the case to trial as quickly as possible out of respect for the alleged victim.
“It helps victims to be able to have the case resolved and have some closure to it,” Matthews said. “It does, lots of time, help them to kind of heal.”
According to court records, the incident occurred in the parking lot of Ridge Industries on U.S. 31. Decatur police said Jackson pulled into the parking lot and used physical force to compel a female occupant of the vehicle to engage in intercourse and deviant sex acts.
The victim reported the incident to law enforcement within 24 hours, police said. A Morgan County grand jury indicted Jackson on both charges in June 2016.
Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson has denied Jackson’s application for youthful offender status. Youthful offender status, which is available for defendants younger than 21, would have meant Jackson would face lesser penalties and would not have a criminal record if convicted.
Jackson’s attorney, John Mays, has sought to suppress statements Jackson made to police, alleging investigators denied him access to his attorney despite Jackson “specifically and repeatedly” asking to speak with his lawyer.
Mays said Jackson retained an attorney a week before he was arrested and made the request for legal counsel while traveling in a police car from his job in Huntsville, where he was arrested, to the Decatur Police Department. No video of the request exists, he said.
Decatur attorney Brian White, who is not involved in the case, said ignoring a suspect’s request for an attorney could render the testimony inadmissible, but the request would have to be “clear and unambiguous.”
Mays said he believes the statement will be ruled inadmissible in court. Matthews said prosecutors, who will oppose the motion, believe the statements help explain the circumstances of the crime.
While attempting to suppress some statements, Mays also has filed a motion to introduce a statement Jackson made to police days before his arrest.
Specifically, it seeks to introduce that Jackson told the victim she was “turning me on talking about having sex with other girls” immediately before they pulled off U.S. 31 into the Ridge Industries parking lot.
According to the motion, a song was playing on one of the victim’s CDs about sex with women before he made the remark. Matthews said he could not comment on the specific facts of the case.
Mays is also seeking to compel the release of 15 photographs taken by a nurse during a sexual assault examination. To date, he said only one photograph of the victim's face was submitted.
In addition to Jackson’s case, District Attorney Scott Anderson said another first-degree rape case and a negligent homicide case would be continued from next week’s docket as prosecutors attempt to clear older cases.
“We had a large number of those kinds of cases on the docket, so we had to prioritize,” he said.
The trial docket next week includes 11 other alleged sex crimes, including multiple charges of second-degree rape, sex abuse of a child, multiple sex-offender registration violations, and a charge of indecent exposure.
Jackson is free on $120,000 bail.

Parking lot rape trial continued Evan Belanger Staff Writer Jun 22, 2017
        A BRADFORD man who manipulated two vulnerable 15-year-old girls into engaging in sexual activity with him has been jailed for six years.
        Xavier McManus, 22, even threatened to harm himself to persuade the girls to meet him, Bradford Crown Court heard.
        Jailing him, Judge Jonathan Rose told McManus he was a danger to young girls. He ordered the defendant should be subject to an extended four-year licence period when he is released.
        The judge told McManus, of Leeds Road, Bradford, who pleaded guilty to two offences of sexual activity with a child, his case was deeply troubling.
        Judge Rose said: “I am quite satisfied that you have knowingly engaged in sexual relations with two young, vulnerable girls, each of them susceptible to the advances of an older man and each of them manipulated by your entreaties and your threats that you would harm yourself.”
        He added: “Each girl was exceptionally vulnerable at the time and each has suffered substantially in the sense of psychological harm since these offences were committed against them.”
        The court heard McManus met one of the girls last August, after messaging her through Facebook. He took her to a secluded spot and kissed her. When the girl told him she was only 15, McManus said he did not care.
        He sexually assaulted her. She pushed him away and made it clear she did not want the activity to go any further, but he persisted. He started crying when he realised he could not get his own way.
        Days later he sent messages wanting to see her again and threatening to kill himself.
        The girl confided in her mother and McManus was arrested and bailed.
        He also contacted the second girl by Facebook in April or May last year. They met up and there was a relationship which involved kissing. McManus manipulated the relationship until the girl visited his home in Bradford in November, while he was on bail for the first offence.
        He removed their clothes and they had sexual intercourse. Later that month she told somebody at her school. Her parents and police were informed and McManus was again arrested.
        Judge Rose said neither of the girls were to blame or responsible for what happened to them. He praised their courage.
      20-year-old Chance Dale Biffle has been arrested and is currently in Stephens County Jail awaiting formal arraignment after Stephens County Deputies were called in to assist Velma Police in a Child Sexual Abuse case. 
      June 20, Stephens County Sheriff’s Department was notified by the Velma Police Department that they were investigating, and needed assistance with, the investigation of the rape of a minor less than 16-years-old. According to Sheriff Wayne McKinney, the investigation was centered around the rape and molestation of a minor child.
      “The allegations are on him that he inappropriately sexually molested — and actually raped an individual on two different occasions,” McKinney said.
      According to the Affidavit, a deputy met with the juvenile on the morning of June 20. The juvenile told the deputy about a few separate incidents that had occurred while the minor was with Biffle. The first occurred approximately two months ago at a relative of Biffle’s residence in Stephens County during a sleep-over. The juvenile alleges that Biffle persistently inappropriately touched them over the course of the night, and that they continuously moved away from Biffle. Later that night, while the juvenile was asleep, Biffle again assaulted the juvenile. The juvenile woke and was eventually able to stop Biffle from continuing, but not before rape had occurred.
      The second incident occurred approximately two months later at a different residence, this one also a relative of Biffle, according to the report. When the juvenile was left alone with him outside, Biffle again began touching the minor inappropriately. The minor then left and went inside the residence.
      The minor stated that at one point Biffle had asked them if they would join him at another relative’s house. The minor told Biffle that they would not go if it was only going to be Biffle and themselves present, because the incidents only occurred when they were alone together. Biffle tried to talk the minor into letting him inappropriately touch the minor again, but the minor told Biffle they “did not ask or want any sexual favors from Chance Biffle,” according to the report. 
      Later that day, another deputy with Stephens County Sheriff’s Department made contact with Biffle at a business in Duncan. According to the report, Biffle was read his Miranda Rights, and then requested an attorney. Biffle told the deputy that he knew why they were arresting him. 
      During the time Biffle was being transferred to Stephens County Jail, he allegedly told the deputy that “he had planned to turn himself in.”
      Biffle is currently awaiting his arraignment in Stephens County Jail. 
AUSTIN (KXAN) — A suspect on the run after the alleged rape of four women in a southeast Austin apartment last week has been caught in Corpus Christi, Austin police say.
Emmanuel Grear, 20, was described as being very mobile after the incident, evading arrest by police as they searched for him after the rape, robbery and kidnappings in the early morning hours of Friday, June 16.
Chief of Police Brian Manley said the five women involved, who first had contact with Grear at a gas station a few days before the incident, were visiting from out of town and were looking to buy marijuana from the suspects.
When the first victim entered the apartment in the 2100 block of Burton Drive, she was met at the door by Christopher Jaramillo, 19, who had his face covered. Forced to undress, the woman was held at gunpoint and zip-tied before being raped by Jaramillo and Grear.
According to court documents, Grear told her, “I guess you can tell you’re not getting weed.” The four women waiting outside were then lured in by the suspects using the first victim’s phone. Police say three of these women were also raped by the suspects.
A third man in the apartment, Demetri Rogers, 23, is also accused of sexually assaulting the women and, at one point, putting a gun to a woman’s head and a knife to her throat.
Jaramillo and Rogers were arrested and held on charges including aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated robbery. A fourth, unidentified suspect was also involved, but little is known about the extent of his involvement.
Austin police say they are looking into social media posts possibly made by Grear that claim innocence.

Third suspect in rape of 4 women in Austin apartment arrested in Corpus Christi Andy Jechow 

Harley Reigh Prentiss will serve 15 years in prison for the 2012 sexual battery of a defenseless teenage girl.
That was the ruling passed down Thursday by Judge Kathy King Jackson in Greene County Circuit Court. Judge Jackson sentenced Prentiss to the state-recommendation of 20 years, but ordered the 20-year-old to serve 15 years day-for-day with the Mississippi Department of Corrections with the final five on post-release supervision. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender for the remainder of his life and pay $1,500 in fines and court fees.
Prentiss waved his right to a jury trial on May 15 and pled guilty to sexually assaulting the 15-year-old in late 2012. In making his plea, Prentiss admitted having sex with the victim while she was “intoxicated and unable to consent”. The victim was assaulted Nov. 3, 2012 after a party she attended with other juveniles and several adults. On the morning after of the incident she, along with a male companion, was dropped off, injured and semi-conscious, in Leakesville’s Magnolia Cemetery.
Prior to sentencing, defense attorney Katie Dickerson asked the court to show mercy on her client, pointing out he was not quite 16 when the assault occurred.
“He has grown up with the cloud of this incident hanging over him” Dickerson said. “He has since gotten his GED, gotten a job, pays taxes and has for the most part stayed out of trouble.”
For his part, Prentiss expressed remorse and asked for a second chance.
“I am sorry for what happened,” Prentiss told Judge Jackson. “I was very young and very stupid. If I could take it all back I would.”
Prosecutors told Judge Jackson they were sticking to their original recommendation for sentencing and added that the victim, who was in the courtroom with her father, did not think Prentiss deserved anything less.
Prentiss was immediately remanded to the custody of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office until he can be transferred to MDOC.
Prentiss’s sentence is longer than the one given to first person sentenced for the crime. Daniel Dustin McLeod, 24, Leakesville, was the only person charged in the case that was an adult at the time of the incident. He was sentenced in 2015 to 15 years in prison and ordered to serve at least eight, with the remainder on post-release supervision. He is currently in the third year of that sentence at South Mississippi Correctional Institution.
McLeod, who was 21 and more than 36 months older than the victim at the time of the crime, was originally indicted on charges of statutory rape, felony child neglect, kidnapping, obstruction of justice and intimidating a witness. However, after he pled guilty to statutory rape in Feb. 2015 prosecutors recommended the dismissal of the felony child neglect and kidnapping charges. Prior to that, he was convicted in Greene County Justice Court for the crime of furnishing beer or wine to a minor, related to the same incident.

Matthew Blake Courtney, 19, of Courtney Drive, Neely, is the other person indicted in the case. Like Prentiss, he was a juvenile at the time of the assault, but is being charged as an adult. Courtney’s case is set for trial in August.

Prentiss to serve 15 years, day-for-day, for 2012 sexual assault

TEEN RAPISTS 32 15 giugno 2017

Uber driver raped unconscioius passenger, more possible victims 27 giugno 2017

36 year-old woman raped while sleeping by home intruder 27 giugno 2017

13-year-old girl gang-raped by Moroccan youths on a Spanish beach' 27 giugno 2017

21-year-old arrested after rape of 4-year-old girl 27 giugno 2017

4-year-old girl raped by 18-year-old 27 giugno 2017

7-year-old girl raped by 42-year-old man 26 giugno 2017

40-year-old woman kidnapped, gang-raped for 4 days 26 giugno 2017

19-year-old boy killed his father for raping sister 26 giugno 2017

6 women brutally raped, killed 26 giugno 2017

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