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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


venerdì 14 luglio 2017

Rape, murder of 7-year-old girl sparked outrage in Iran

Small town of Parsabad was filled with hundreds of heartbroken mourners on Wednesday to pay respect for a seven year-old girl who was raped and killed in an act of violence that sparked outrage across the town.

Atena Aslani who went missing last month was found dead by police on Monday at an abandoned store which was used as a car parking space by a 40 year-old suspect.

Forensic pathologists suggest the girl was sexually abused before being killed. Police said the suspect has confessed to the crime, local media outlets reported.

As soon as the identity of the suspect was disclosed to the public, angry people gathered outside the suspect’s shop (where he had kidnapped the victim) and set fire to the property.

Social media footage depicts Abdollah Tabatabei, the prosecutor of the town, addressing people and promising to impose the harshest punishment against the convict but the protestors chanted “stone him”.

According to police department the suspect who has criminal record and was earlier jailed has also admitted the murder of another woman last year.

Enraged crowd in Iran urges stoning to death for child rapist (VIDEO) 13 July 2017 Baku, Azerbaijan Farhad Daneshvar

Child brutally raped, murdered 10 luglio 2017

50-year-old woman raped by 5 men after leaving church 14 luglio 2017

5-year-old girl raped by 12-year-old boy 14 luglio 2017

19-year-old girl kept in cage, raped by multiple men 14 luglio 2017

Woman raped, set on fire 14 luglio 2017

18-year-old girl kidnapped from her house, gang-raped, murdered 14 luglio 2017

16-year-old girl abducted, gang-raped for 15 days 14 luglio 2017

16-year-old girl raped by Uber driver 14 luglio 2017

Serial child rapist caught by villagers 12 luglio 2017

Reality TV star sentenced in another child rape case 13 luglio 2017

TEEN RAPISTS 36 13 luglio 2017

20-year.old woman raped in early-morning by 16-year-old boy 13 luglio 2017

5 College students gang-rape female colleague, record act 12 luglio 2017

Youth arrested for raping 9-year-old girl 12 luglio 2017

16-year-old arrested for raping 6-year-old boy 12 luglio 2017

12-year-old boy sexually assaulted by 14-year-old boy at hospital 12 luglio 2017

11-year-old girl raped by 2 preteen boys 12 luglio 2017

17-year-old charged in rape, murder of 61-year-old woman 12 luglio 2017

23-year-old rapes, cuts and burns 2 women, leaving 1 dead 12 luglio 2017

Rapist Uber driver jailed 12 luglio 2017


51-year-old paedo arrested for raping 2 teen boys 13 LUGLIO 2017

Paedo sentenced for raping children 13 LUGLIO 2017

Paedo pastor raped young congregants, paid for abortions 13 LUGLIO 2017

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