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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


mercoledì 5 luglio 2017


MUSKEGON, MI -- Joshua Matthew-Rolling Humphrey was sentenced Wednesday to spend at least 28 years in prison for rape convictions.
Muskegon County Circuit Court Judge Timothy G. Hicks set Humphrey's minimum sentence a nearly a decade outside the state guidelines, citing testimony while describing Humphrey as a "serial rapist," a "master manipulator" and the leader of a duo police have linked to dozens of reported rape cases.
"Josh did the setting up," Hicks said. "He made the connections. He brought Larry into the case later."
Humphrey and co-defendant Larry Stiff were accused by police of repeatedly drugging women they met for dates, and then raping them when they were unable to consent. The prosecution has said the duo has been linked to as many as 28 reported rapes, but Humphrey and Stiff have only been charged with a few counts alleged to have occurred on two separate occasions in 2013 and 2016.
The two have been charged separately, and Humphrey has only been convicted of raping two women in October 2013 - still facing an unresolved charge of third-degree criminal sexual conduct from a victim allegedly raped in February 2016.
Humphrey's sentencing Wednesday, June 28, was an emotional morning with elocution from one of the named victims in the 2013 case, plus another witness who had testified during the trial that said Humphrey and Stiff raped her. 
"I have a lot of sadness and fear, which sometimes swallows me up," the victim said. "Today I speak on behalf of all the victims who were too scared to come forward. ... You have hurt me more than you can ever imagine.
"You are a very sick man and I pray you live a miserable life behind bars," she said.
The other woman who spoke Wednesday wasn't named a victim in the case, but she had testified during the trial and said that she had briefly regained consciousness while being assaulted.
"You're both monsters and serial rapists," she said to Humphrey.
Humphrey, who maintains his innocence, spoke at his sentencing, saying he wasn't going to apologize for things he didn't do. He's admitted to sex with the victims, but said it was consensual and he didn't drug anyone.
"Never would I ever do anything like that," he said. He also argued that it hasn't been proven in court that he had drugged anyone.
Senior Assistant Prosecutor Brandon Davis argued for a sentence of life in prison.
"There needs to be a loud message sent that we won't tolerate this rape culture," he said.
The 34-year-old Humphrey will serve a prison term of 28 to 51 years, with credit for 350 days served in jail, and lifetime electronic monitoring as a registered sex offender.
A serial rapist pled guilty Tuesday in Chatham County Superior Court after being charged with a multitude of sex crimes. 
Officials say Carlos Hodges was charged with four counts of aggravated sodomy, three counts of rape, three counts of aggravated assault, three counts of kidnapping and one count of sexual battery. The charges stem from incidents involving four different victims on four different dates during February, March and April 2016. 
Judge James F. Bass sentenced Hodges to seven concurrent life sentences for rape, aggravated sodomy, 20 years to serve for each aggravated assault count and 12 months to serve for sexual battery. 
Officials say the plea came following jury selection prior to opening statements in Hodges' case. 
Carlos Hodges and his attorney revealed the decision after the jury was selected this morning. 
By pleading guilty to the charges he faced, Hodges will eventually be eligible for parole, but only after serving thirty years of his life sentence. If he had taken his case to trial and was found guilty, there's a possibility that he could be serving consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. 
"This basically helps to solidify that message that Chatham County, the Eastern Judicial Circuit, is not the place to commit rape,” said Kesha Gibson-Carter, the executive director of the Rape Crises Center of the Coastal Empire.
Advocates like Gibson-Carter have seen a ramping up of not only rape arrests in Chatham County but also convictions with significant sentence lengths in recent months.
Over the past year and a half, now four serial rapists have received life sentences, in some cases without the possibility of parole, for their crimes. Gibson-Carter says the convictions send a strong message, not only to would-be offenders but also to victims.
"They can trust the system. They can trust that the Rape Crisis Center is here to help. They can trust that law enforcement will believe them. They can trust that our prosecutors will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. And they can trust that our judges will send and hand out sentences that are consistent with saying, you don't need to see the light of day ever again in life,” Gibson-Carter said.
Gibson-Carter says she continues to advocate for a speedier processing of rape kits that more often than not link attackers to their victims, and lead to faster arrests.
This week, the Rape Crisis Center is hosting its fourth annual Male Role Call event, aimed at teaching young men about healthy relationships. The program is also an effort to curb sexual violence and promote an understanding of consent laws.
Male Role Call is Friday at 2415 DeRenne Avenue from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Serial rapist pleads guilty, receives life sentence in Chatham County court June 28th 2017 Sean Evans 

A serial rapist who terrorized Oak Harbor in the early 1990s has moved to Tacoma.

It appears doubtful that Paul Harell will return to Island County anytime soon because of the lack of treatment facilities and housing options, according to court documents.

The state Attorney General’s Office recently agreed to release Harell to a community-based “less-restrictive alternative,” which is housing outside of a secure facility. This will be the second time Harell has been released to community housing; his release was revoked last time after multiple violations.

The long and complicated case goes back to December of 1992, when Harell was a Navy man stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.

Harell broke into women’s homes and raped them at knife point. His last victim was a 17-year-old Oak Harbor girl. He was caught when he left his wallet behind after the victim’s sister attacked him with a fireplace poker.

Court papers document that Harell raped or sexually assaulted four women and two teenage girls by the time he was 22 years old.
Harell was convicted in Island County Superior Court in 1993 of rape in the first degree and two counts of second-degree rape with forcible compulsion. He was sentenced to just over 16 years in prison.

After Harell finished his sentence, the state Attorney General’s Office moved to have him civilly committed under the state’s sexually violent predator statute. The goal of the law is to protect the public from sex offenders who have completed their sentences but are considered to have a mental disorder that makes them likely to commit predatory acts of sexual violence.

Those who are committed to the Special Commitment Center at McNeil Island receive treatment until the court determines that they are ready for placement in a supervised residence.

After two years of court hearings, Harell’s attorneys and the Attorney General’s Office reached a compromise in which he stipulated to being a sexually violent predator, but the state agreed that he should be released to community housing, specifically the Marysville Mack House.

The community-based housing came with strict conditions, including GPS monitoring, treatment and drug and alcohol testing.

The following year, however, the transition team reviewed a series of violations that Harell committed, which involved possession of a restricted video games and a GPS violation. He was sent to McNeil Island.

In 2014, Harell was conditionally released to the Secure Community Transition Facility in King County, a six-bed, locked facility run by the state. He petitioned for both conditional and unconditional release. The Attorney General’s Office opposed his motions.

Last October, a jury in Island County Superior Court found that Harell is still a sexually violent predator, which means he cannot be released without conditions. He was sent back to the King County facility.

A trial on Harell’s conditional release was originally set for this month. But then the state’s expert witness, forensic psychologist Harry Goldberg, concluded that a less-restrictive alternative was in Harell’s best interest and that conditions could be imposed to adequately protect the community.

As a result, the state agreed to the alternative and Harell was allowed to move to a home in Tacoma.

The conditions of Harell’s release are described in a 22-page document. Among the conditions, Harell must register as a sex offender, is not allowed to leave unless a trip is pre-approved by the court or transition team, must wear a GPS device outside the home and must participate in treatment.

Assistant Attorney General Fred Wist said about 45 people deemed “sexually violent predators” living in less-restrictive alternative housing, 17 of which are in community-based homes.

“His case is not unique,” he said of Harell. “We see people violate conditions and sort of go back and forth sometimes.”

Serial rapist moves to Tacoma 
  • Wed Jun 28th, 2017 
  • A RAPIST who carried out a catalogue of abuse and violence against his victims over nearly two decades was jailed for 12 years today.
    John Fox brutalised women and children at a series of addresses in Aberdeen between 1985 and 2002.
  • A judge at the High Court in Edinburgh branded the 58-year-old’s crimes against three women and three children “atrocious and sometimes cruel conduct”.
    Lord Uist said: “You now have to pay the price for the deplorable crimes you committed all those years ago.”
    Fox, who was assessed as posing a high risk of future sexual offending, was also placed on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.
    He was earlier found guilty of a total of 21 charges of physical and sexual violence, including two charges of rape involving one woman and four charges of rape against a second victim, one of which was committed when the woman was pregnant.
    He was also acquitted of further rape charges at his trial at the High Court in Aberdeen.

  • Fox attacked his first woman victim in 1985 and hit her with a mug before going on to punch her and throttle her. He also restrained the woman and raped her at a house in Aberdeen.
    He also turned his violence on a girl from the age of four who was subjected to slaps and punches and was lifted off the ground by her neck and held against a door. The child was also hit on the head with a plate.
    A second girl was assaulted from the age of three and was also slapped, hit and punched and had a knife thrown at her which struck her body. She was also lifted from the ground by the neck before being dropped.
    A boy was also attacked from the age of three and during violence at the hands of Fox was slapped, punched and kicked and his neck was grabbed and squeezed.
    Fox throttled a second woman in 1991 and pushed his knee against her stomach while she pregnant.
  • Two years later he repeatedly punched and slapped a third woman and kicked her on the body before dragging her, forcing her onto a bed and raping her. He later raped the woman again when she was pregnant.
    Fox also carried out an indecent assault on the victim ignoring her repeated pleas for him to stop. He also attacked the woman while she was holding a baby. He grabbed the woman’s head and struck it off a door resulting in the child’s head also hitting the door.
    Fox’s final offence occurred in April 2002 when he again attacked the boy, who was then aged 14, at a house in the Kingswells area. He grabbed the teenager by the neck and throttled him, stood and stamped on his head and punched him in the face and to the body.
    Detective Sergeant Ryan Morris said: “This case, and today’s sentencing, shows how important it is for victims of any kind of abuse to come forward when they feel able to. It doesn’t matter how much time has elapsed, allegations will be investigated thoroughly, and perpetrators will be brought to justice, regardless of the passage of time.
  • Keeping people safe is a priority for Police Scotland; as a national service, we have the ability to bring together expertise from around the country to assist us in protecting and advocating for vulnerable people.
    “Crimes of this nature are notoriously difficult to investigate, involving complex cases and requiring a sensitive and dedicated approach to support victims.
    “Police Scotland will not tolerate domestic abuse in any form – sexual, verbal, physical or emotional. Our officers will address it head-on and are committed to preventing it destroying the lives of not only victims, but also of their children, family and friends.
    “An incident of domestic abuse is reported roughly every nine minutes in Scotland – and yet only one in four victims will disclose their experiences.”

  • A child rapist jailed for life for kidnapping a schoolgirl at a bus stop in Leeds has gone on the run for the second time - after being allowed to stay in a bail hostel. Sean Perry, 46, had been released on licence despite having previously escaped from an open prison.

    He was jailed for life in December 2002 after he admitted kidnapping a 14-year-old schoolgirl from a bus stop in Kippax. Perry grabbed the victim by her hair, dragged her to a dark alleyway and put his hand over her face. He only halted the attack and ran off when a boy playing in a nearby garden alerted his grandfather, who shouted at him to stop. When he was jailed - under his other surname Cawthray - Judge James Spencer said that he was a threat to women. Perry had previously been jailed for four years at Leeds Crown Court in 1990 for raping a 15-year-old girl and a second charge of attempted rape. He was released early from prison and within months he had raped a 20-year-old woman while he was studying art at De Montford University in Leicester.

    Perry was sentenced for that attack in 1993, receiving an eight year prison term. Last year he was released early from prison again, having served 14 years for the kidnap of the schoolgirl in Kippax. Perry was housed in a bail hostel in Leicester city centre, but the authorities admitted last night that he had not been seen since 2pm on June 19. It also emerged that the serial rapist has a history of running away.

    Three weeks before Portland police arrested a man they linked to a 2011 sexual assault of a woman by testing an old sexual assault kit, the suspect attacked a homeless woman he invited back to a motel room in the city, police and prosecutors allege.
    A Multnomah County grand jury has indicted Curtis Clinton Williams, now 63, on rape, sexual abuse and other charges in the May 18 assault of a 24-year-old homeless woman.
    In the motel room he rented in Southeast Portland, Williams sexually assaulted the woman and held her against her will for several hours, police said.
    The woman ultimately escaped, ran to a nearby restaurant and asked an employee to call police, investigators said.
    Detectives from Portland's police sex crimes unit arrested Williams on June 8 in connection with a sexual assault reported in 2011.
    In that case, Portland police had Williams' name as a suspect and evidence from a sexual assault kit shortly after a 19-year-old woman reported being raped in downtown. But police didn't pursue the case or submit the evidence to a crime lab until five years later, according to court papers.
    Williams remains in custody now on two indictments. He also is accused of failing to register as a sex offender following a first-degree rape conviction in 1985.
    The most recent indictment charges him with first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy, first-degree sexual abuse and coercion. He's being held at Multnomah County's Detention Center.
    Court records indicate he has 13 prior probation violations and two other rape charges that were dismissed in the past.
    The Police Bureau encourages survivors of sexual assault who had a forensic exam done and a kit of evidence obtained to contact the bureau's Sex Crime Unit at or 503-823-0125 to learn its status, whether the evidence has been tested or not. Information about a previously untested sexual assault kit can only be released to the survivor, police said.

    SALEM, Mass. — A Lawrence man already facing a lengthy list of rape and related offenses was charged with assaults on two more females, now bringing his total of victims to eight females, according to police and court records.
    Angel Mateo, 23, of 76 Phillips St., is now accused of attacking an 8-year-old girl and a woman in her 40s in a Lawrence neighborhood where he lived prior to moving to 76 Phillips St., police said.
    He broke into the homes of the two latest victims to come forward and attacked them. He's accused of trying to kidnap the 8-year-old girl who screamed, awakened a relative and scared off Mateo. He is also accused of trying to strangle the woman in her 40s with a pillow, according to authorities.
    He was arraigned in Salem Superior Court on Friday on two counts of breaking and entering to commit a felony, attempting to commit a crime, two counts of assault and battery, and attempted strangulation or suffocation, according to court records.
    Mateo remains held without bail.
    He was previously arraigned on 22 criminal charges including rape, rape of a child with force, indecent assault and battery, photographing an unsuspecting nude person and photographing sexual or intimate parts without consent.
    Mateo has been behind bars since his initial arrest Oct. 20, when he raped a 13-year-old girl who was walking to middle school.
    After his Oct. 20 arrest, police obtained Mateo's cell phone, which contained numerous photos of "young-looking females in sexually explicit circumstances," according to a police report.
    One video depicted a female performing a sex act under what appeared be "duress," police said.
    Other women came forward after Mateo's arrest, saying they were indecently assaulted by him on May 28 and June 11 of last year.
    Last April, in another case involving his ex-girlfriend, Mateo was charged with extortion, illegal dissemination of obscene materials and threats.
    Those charges came after Mateo threatened his ex-girlfriend, saying if she did not perform a sex act that he would post a sex video of her online and "ruin her image," according to police.
    After his arraignment on those charges, Mateo was released and court-ordered to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet.
    On Oct. 20, the 13-year-old girl told police the man who raped her was wearing an "inmate bracelet."
    Prosecutor Jessica Strasnick previously asked for records and reports in the case to be impounded, noting a child was involved and the adult records may have details about the teen involved.
    Mateo is due back in court Aug. 8.
    Police have arrested an Air Force Staff Sergeant and accused him of raping multiple women throughout Colorado, according to CBS Denver.
    Air Force Staff Sgt. Desmond Alvis Martin has been charged with raping four different women, and implicated in several other assaults. Police have also noted that in several of the rapes a weapon was used to subdue the victim.
    The 30-year-old, who was assigned to Peterson Air Force Base, has been identified in relation to three sexual assaults in Colorado Springs in 2015 and one in Aurora this year. He is also being investigated for additional sexual assaults within the Denver metropolitan area.
    Martin was arrested on Feb 15 and placed in custody at the Criminal Justice Center in Colorado Springs.
    Residents in Colorado Springs, the area that Martin called home, are still shaken that such a seemingly respectable man could allegedly be responsible for such horrific crimes.
    “Shock, surprise,” neighbor Rick Peil told CBS Denver. “We only found out when five cops showed up.”
    Another neighbor, Ryan Sullivan, expressed relief that Martin was arrested, saying “I’m glad he’s behind bars now.”
    “It’s really scary to know in any neighborhood that someone that close could be doing the sort of thing he’s accused of. Across the street from a school makes it even more scary,” Sullivan said.
    Detective Sgt. John Koch, of the Colorado Springs Police Department, issued a statement, noting that authorities were looking into whether or not Martin may have assaulted anyone in his immediate neighborhood.
    “That’s something obviously we’re very concerned about,” he said. “I’m sure everyone is pretty frightened at the thought this could be happening, and not even know.”
    Martin is being held on a $2 million bond.

    ‘I’m glad he’s behind bars’: Air Force Staff Sergeant arrested and charged with SERIAL RAPE Lawrence Bonk July 1, 2017

    A former stock car racer who repeatedly raped two women was jailed for seven years yesterday.
    Shane Ramsay also battered and bit three women, the Daily Record reports.
    He attacked his first victim when he was aged 15 – forcing his way into a bathroom and headbutting her.
    Ramsay went on to repeatedly rape two women at an address in his home town of Gorebridge, Midlothian.
    One woman told the High Court in Edinburgh that she was “covered in blood” and “felt horrible” after Ramsay had sex with her when she had told him she did not want to.
    She said that during the subsequent sex assault she felt “dirty”.
    Ramsay, 21, denied a string of offences at an earlier trial but was found guilty of two charges of rape committed in 2014 and last year and three assaults carried out between 2011 and last year.
    He grabbed one woman by the hair and banged her head off a wall.
    He held a knife to her neck and repeatedly hit her on the leg with a fishing rod. And he kicked her while she was holding a baby boy.
    Another woman was pushed against a door and bitten on the head and body. She was also butted, punched and pulled by the hair.
    A judge told Ramsay that he had been convicted of “a significant catalogue” of violence against three women, including the repeated rape of two of them.
    Lord Boyd of Duncansby said: “Despite the jury’s verdict, you continue to maintain your innocence.”
    Ramsay had told the author of a background report on him that it was “all lies”.
    The judge said he accepted that Ramsay had now shown some insight into his anger management problem. He had attended classes at Polmont young offenders’ institution.
    Lord Boyd ordered that Ramsay be supervised for two years after his release and put him on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.
    Rape victim 'left covered in blood' by former stock car racer who subjected three women to horrific abuse DAVE FINLAY 4 JUL 2017

    SERIAL RAPISTS 34 28 giugno 2017

    Gang rape of teen filmed on GoPro 5 luglio 2017

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