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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


mercoledì 19 luglio 2017


A serial killer, who was accused of raping and murdering 11 female victims in China, confessed in all seven cases during a trial Tuesday in a court in Northwest China's Gansu Province. 

Gao Chengyong, the suspect, pleaded guilty during the trial at the Intermediate People's Court in Baiyin, Gansu, which started to hear Gao's cases involving 11 deaths.

Zhu Aijun, attorney of Gao, told the Global Times that the remaining four cases will be heard on Wednesday.

"Gao looked calm during the trial," Zhu said.

Gao, a native of Yuzhong county in Gansu, faces criminal charges including multiple counts of murder, rape, robbery and defiling corpses, according to previous reports.

The Baiyin Intermediate People's Court said Monday that Gao's case is influential and complex.

According to China's Criminal Law, people found guilty of murder, rape, and robbery may face the heaviest punishment of execution, the report said.

An attorney of a victim said that each victim's family demanded different amounts of compensation, some as much as 1 million yuan ($148,000). The family he represents asked for 570,000 yuan, covering funeral expenses, death indemnity and mental suffering of family members, Shanghai-based news website reported. 

"We are so sad. No amount of money can heal the wounds of the victims' families," quoted Cui Xiangping, a younger brother of victim Cui Jinping as saying.

Zhu said that he would defend the case based on evidence and try to prevent a wrong ruling. 

"It's about being responsible for the victims and their families," Zhu said.

Police in Baiyin arrested Gao at a store in the Baiyin Industrial School in August 2016 after hunting the fugitive killer for 28 years.

Gao confessed to raping and killing 11 women and girls in 14 years from 1988, with 10 of the murders occurring in Baiyin and one in Baotou, North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The youngest victim was just 8 years old.

The cases showed Gao targeted young women wearing red, followed them to their homes in daytime and raped them before or after killing them, according to the Beijing News. 

Police said Gao also cut off parts of the victims' reproductive organs and tissues, local news site reported.

In Gao's hometown Qingcheng of Yuzhong, a neighbor was cited as saying that Gao was a quiet and helpful man who kept a harmonious relationship with the neighbors, the Fengmian News under the Sichuan Daily Press Group reported on Monday.

"I could not believe that he killed people," a neighbor said.

In March 2015, provincial police resumed their investigation into the murders armed with stronger investigative methods, and analysis of fingerprints and DNA evidence led to the final identification.

Gansu court begins trial of serial killer Shan Jie Global Times 2017/7/18

The Teton County prosecuting attorney says a convicted rapist who now faces charges for 1974 and 1975 assaults in Jackson may have raped more women.
On July 3, the state of Wyoming filed a notice of intent to offer evidence of uncharged misconduct, claiming Donald Pack Jr. confessed to uncharged rapes during a confession to police.
Prosecutor Steve Weichman wants to present the information as evidence during trial.
“The evidence will show that the motive was the same in all the assaults, creating the cause and effect relationship necessary to connect the uncharged misconduct to the charged crimes,” documents state. “Mr. Pack describes his prior uncharged misconduct like playing a game and that it was motivated by thrill and excitement.
Pack, 66, faces charges of rape, attempted rape, burglary and aggravated burglary for crimes police say happened 43 years ago. The evidence needed to tie him to the crimes wasn’t discovered and tested until 2015. Pack’s DNA was found on a pair of rape victim’s underwear in a Jackson Police Department evidence locker.
Court documents released in March say that Pack confessed to the Jackson crimes. The documents filed last week reveal uncharged misconduct, often referred to in court as prior bad acts:
“Mr. Pack describes in detail his methodology of scouting for victims by waiting in his truck until he was certain he was in front of a house that was occupied by only a lone female. Mr. Pack describes how he covered his face to conceal his identity. Mr. Pack describes the weapon he used on multiple victims and the threats he would tell them. Mr. Pack describes how he would, in multiple instances, wait until his victim would fall asleep, enter the house, wake them and sexually assault them in a similar fashion. The common features in the uncharged misconduct and the charged crime show that the perpetrator of the uncharged misconduct and the perpetrator of the charged crime is the same person.”
Weichman argues that the uncharged misconduct evidence is relevant for many reasons.
“In the instance of intent,” documents state, “the uncharged misconduct evidence makes the existence of the requisite intent more probable through Mr. Pack’s own words that he possessed the same intent in the uncharged misconduct that is required in the charged crime. In the instance of absence the odds against an innocent person being repeatedly involved in similar suspicious circumstances increase with each incident. At some point of recurrence, the similar repeated acts can no longer be viewed as coincidental.”
It’s not the first time Pack has been accused of sexual assault. He was convicted of first-degree rape in Sublette County in 1977 and served time in the Wyoming State Penitentiary.
Pack has been out of prison for years. He was arrested at his home near Cheyenne when the new charges came to light.
Pack’s trial is scheduled to begin Oct. 30 in Teton County District Court. He remains out on bond.

Police: Pack confessed to uncharged assaults Emily Mieure July 12 2017

A man suspected of being involved in three kidnappings and rapes, who at one point skirted major prison time, was sentenced to life in prison for violation of probation charges.
Jermichael Lindsey, 33, was sentenced to life in prison plus 15 years on two counts each of armed robbery with a firearm and aggravated battery with a firearm from 2014.

Lindsey violated the terms of his probation when he was arrested in October 2015 as a suspect in the kidnapping a woman by forcing her into the trunk of a car and then raping her at an abandoned home on Tropicaire Street.
The crime was one in a long line of similar crimes Lindsey has been linked to, including a 2010 case in which he and another man kidnapped two women at gunpoint and raped them at the same home. 
Both men were acquitted during a two-day trial in 2012. 
Lindsey will face a jury in three outstanding sexual assault cases in October. He has pleaded not guilty. 

A serial sex offender was branded a cruel, heartless pervert who took triumph in robbing a schoolgirl of her innocence as he was jailed for 15 years.
Dale Hutcheson, 29, raped a grieving underage girl and years later sexually attacked two women on the same nightTeesside Crown Court heard.
A judge said he preyed upon the young girl, who was home alone when he came in uninvited in 2007.
You raped her, taking advantage of your greater size and her vulnerability,” said the judge, Recorder Nicholas Barker, today.
He said it was her first sexual experience - “a cruel and debasing act by you” - when he knew she was grieving the death of a family member.
“You told her to be quiet and not to move and it wouldn’t hurt, perhaps a veiled threat by you if she didn’t comply,” added the judge.
“This callous and brutal rape had a significant and lasting impact on her, affecting her relationships and her sense of security.”
She since suffered night terrors, was frightened of men and scared of being home alone, she said in a statement.
Hutcheson raped her when he was 19, weeks after he was released from a prison sentence for two sexual assaults on a 15-year-old girl at a Redcar bus stop in 2005.
The rape victim felt unable to report it until he goaded her in a chance meeting in 2015.
He taunted her, saying she “asked for it” and no one would believe her.
The judge said: “It seems to me this is yet another example of your cruel and heartless nature.
“It shows a sense of perverted triumph for what you had done and the innocence that you had taken from her.”
Hutcheson attacked two women after a drink, cocaine and cannabis binge last October.
He grabbed one woman’s face and “kissed her forcibly without her consent” in the toilets of the Redcar Working Men’s Club after making suggestive comments.
“Your sexual drive that night was high and you were determined to engage sexually,” added Recorder Barker.
Hutcheson exposed himself to another woman then later, at a home, bluntly asked her for sex.
When she turned him down, he sexually assaulted her and tried to rape her, insulting her as he did so.
You were the perverted one who wished to do whatever you wanted to do to satisfy your sexual desires,” said the judge.
The women later told of the effects on their lives including anxiety, troubled emotions, difficulties socialising and personality changes.
Hutcheson was deemed to be a dangerous offender posing a significant risk of serious harm.
He was given an 18-year sentence - a 15-year prison term, of which he will serve at least two thirds, plus three years’ extended licence.
He was given an indefinite sexual harm prevention order banning him from unsupervised contact with under-16s, living or staying in the same home as underage girls, or starting any friendship or physical relationship with a female without telling police first.
He will be on the sex offenders’ register for life.
Hutcheson, of Broxa Close, Redcar, was convicted by a jury of rape, attempted rape, two sexual assaults and exposure after a trial in May.
He still denies the offences and the court heard previously he planned to appeal his conviction.
He was found not guilty of another rape and exposure.
He received a four-year sentence in 2008 for wounding with intent after he stabbed a woman’s leg.
Stephen Constantine, defending, said Hutcheson maintained his innocence but recognised “his behaviour brought about a certain risk” and he did not choose the wisest way of coping with his problems.
“He’s not a complete loss,” added Mr Constantine.

Serial sex offender jailed for 15 years after rape of schoolgirl GARETH LIGHTFOOT 14 JUL 2017

A “dangerous sexual predator” from Harpenden has been sentenced to 15 years after he raped three teenage girls.

Oscar Abernethy-Cortez, 24, of Bramble Close, twice raped a 14-year-old when he was 16. Then eight years later, in 2016, he raped a 17-year-old and 18-year-old in his bedroom.
On Friday (July 14) he was being sentenced for these four crimes after being convicted in May.
When he committed the two later offences he was already on licence and a registered sex offender, following a 2013 conviction for having sex with a 14-year-old girl in a car and assault by penetration of a 15-year-old girl.
At Luton crown court Judge Richard Foster, The Honorary Recorder for Luton, told him: “It seems to me you have been a serial sex offender since you were about 16 years of age.”
The judge went on: “I have no doubt you are a dangerous sexual predator.
He said because of the risk of further offending Abernethy-Cortez posed, a “public protection sentence” was called for.
Judge Foster sentenced Abernethy-Cortez to an “extended” sentence of 15 years telling him that the custodial element was a 10 year jail term and a licence period of five years.
A month before the two 2016 crimes, Abernethy-Cortez had been released from prison for sex offences and was subject to a sexual offences prevention order.
At his trial in May prosecutor Abigail Husbands said: “The defendant targeted young naive women.
Abernethy-Cortez denied all four charges of rape, but was found guilty by the jury.
Before he was sentenced, the court heard that in 2011 he had been convicted of taking a child in care and engaging in penetrative sexual activity with them.
Before being led from the court to begin his sentence Abernethy-Cortez was told he would have to serve two thirds of the 10 year jail term before he could be even considered for release by the parole board.
Herts police’s Sexual Offences Investigation Team’s Det Con John Wilden said the investigation moved “swiftly”: “Abernethy-Cortez is a predatory sex offender who targeted vulnerable teenagers before raping them.”
Adding: “I would like to pay tribute to Abernethy-Cortez’s victims. Without their courage and bravery, he would not now be behind bars and I am certain would be targeting other young and vulnerable girls for sex.”

TULSA, Okla. – A Tulsa man was sentenced to 365 years in prison for rape Tuesday.
42-year-old Shawn Freeman was found guilty of 14 counts of first degree rape, kidnapping, sodomy and robbery back in May.
Police say Freeman was a “serial rapist.”
Back in 2015, he raped, kidnapped, sodomized and robbed four different women.
Fox 23 reports that during the trial, some of the victims said he pretended to be a Tulsa police officer.
Freeman’s attorney said Freeman “maintains his innocence” and that he did not commit the crimes.
A Tulsa County judge sentenced Freeman to four life sentences for rape, plus 185 years, totaling 365.
He must also pay more than $100,000 in fines.

Oklahoma man sentenced to 365 years in prison for rape JULY 18, 2017, BY KATRINA BUTCHER

The Botshabelo High Court recently sentenced Buti Meshack Molebatsi (37) to 75 years and life imprisonment for a string of rape and house-breaking cases.
Described as a serial rapist, the accused was found guilty on six counts of rape and six counts of burglary with the intent to rape and rob.
Sgt Martin Xuma, police spokesperson, said the sentencing followed the positive outcome on the investigation and DNA results, as well additional evidence in the form of belongings of some of the victims. He said the DNA results positively linked Molebatsi to six rape incidents dating from 2012 to 2015.
Xuma said the accused preyed on elderly women who lived alone. He would break into the houses of the victims, rape them and then rob them off valuables.
“The Selosesha Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit was inundated with cases of burglary with the intent to rape and rob as from 2012,” he said.
Xuma said the breakthrough came when investigative officer Sgt Lebohang Mohai of the Selosesha FCS Unit arrested Molebatsi in 2015 in Boshof after finding a cellular phone of one of the victims in his possession.

Rapist sentenced 2017-07-12

Johannesburg - “It is three years later and my eyes still fill with tears when I think of how I was raped. No one will understand how it really feels to be so humiliated and reduced to a piece of trash. It does something to you that you cannot describe.”
One of more than 30 victims of two Soshanguve serial rapists was describing how their crime had made her feel.
The pair were convicted in the Pretoria High Court of 42 counts of rape between them on Wednesday. Samuel Ngobeni, 42, and Jeffrey Tsoku, 40, were also convicted on a combined 33 charges of robbery.
They admitted to their reign of terror between 2013 and 2016 in Soshanguve, Rosslyn and Brits.
Their victims worked either in Wonderpark, Kolonnade or at restaurants and food outlets in Brits.
Taxis were scarce when the women finished work, so they relied mostly on lifts at designated points. Ngobeni and Tsoku, travelling in Ngobeni’s car, would stop and offer them a lift.
Along the way, they would drive to a deserted spot, where they tied the women up and threatened them either with a firearm, pepper spray or a knife.
One or both would rape their victim after robbing them of their possessions. The naked and frightened women were left stranded in the bushes in the dark.
Both men elected not to testify, but after it became apparent they could each face several life imprisonment sentences for their deeds, Ngobeni changed his mind.
The 42-year-old said it was only by the grace of God that he was arrested before he turned into a killer.
“I am so grateful to God that he caused me to be arrested before I killed someone. I could have stood here with blood of my hands,” Ngobeni said.
He apologised to his victims, who filled the public gallery.
Asked by his advocate why he had raped and robbed his victims, Ngobeni said: “I still ask myself the same question."
"I was not brought up this way. I am still surprised at what kind of devil made me do this.”
Ngobeni said he was also grateful that God “took him out of a dark place and put him in this lighter place”.
As a father of three daughters he feared someone would do the same to them, he said, while assuring the court that he had seen his wrongs of the past and that he was now on the right path.
“I have already forgiven myself, I now want my victims to forgive me,” he said.
Ngobeni said he had pleaded guilty to all the charges because he did not want to prolong the pain of his victims, who would then still have to testify about their ordeals, adding: “I wanted to spare them that.”
The victims all said that being raped had left them devastated and that they still experienced nightmares.

Soshanguve rapist thanks God for arrest, apologises to victims THE STAR / 

Cape Town - A serial rapist has been sentenced to 108 years behind bars for his reign of terror on innocent young women.
On Tuesday, a judge at the Bellville Commercial Crimes Court ruled Siyamcela Ntombini to serve a life sentence and 30 years direct imprisonment.
The 32-year-old rapist from Kanana in Gugulethu was convicted of 13 counts of kidnapping, 13 counts of rape, 13 counts of theft, two counts of possession of an unlicensed firearm, a count of illegal possession of ammunition and a count of discharging a firearm.
He was also sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for 12 counts of rape and life imprisonment for one count of rape, where he sexually attacked the victim twice.
He got 65 years for 13 counts of kidnapping and a further six years and six months for the kidnappings.
An additional six years and six months were added for the 13 theft charges.
These sentences will run concurrently.
For being in possession of a firearm, he was sentenced to 15 years in jail, with another 15 years for the illegal possession of ammunition and discharging of a firearm in a built-up area.
These sentences will not run concurrently with the life imprisonment.
During 2014 and 2015, Ntombini lured his victims, all young women who were either unemployed or hoping for better jobs, to the outskirts of Bellville.
The neatly dressed suspect would offer them jobs as cleaners at Tygerberg Hospital or a place close to the hospital, and walk with them there.
He would then threaten them with a knife or gun, rape them and steal their belongings.
It was eventually DNA testing which directly linked Ntombini to the crimes.

108-year sentence for rapist's reign of terror 

Police in Johannesburg’s West Rand have arrested a man who they suspect may be responsible for at least 10 rapes in Kagiso in the last eight months.
In a statement earlier today, police spokesperson, Colonel Lungelo Dlamini, said members of the West Rand Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit believed they had made a “breakthrough in the investigation of more than 10 cases of rape reported in Kagiso since November 2016 up to this month by arresting a man (37) who is suspected to be a serial rapist”.
Dlamini added: “More victims who were raped in other areas might come forward as the investigation is continuing. The suspect appeared at the Kagiso Magistrate’s Court today on charges of rape and robbery. His case was postponed to November 2 for a formal bail application and further investigation.”
According to police, most of the victims were approached at Park Station taxi rank and the suspect would travel with them to Tsepisong and then rape them in an open field not far from a local factory.
“This would happen in the afternoon and early evenings on Fridays and Saturdays. Most of the victims were robbed of cellphones and cash. The suspect was arrested on Monday at Tsepisong area. Some of the victims’ items were found in his possession.”

Police arrest suspected serial rapist in Kagiso, Gauteng 18.7.2017

WESTERN CAPE - Western Cape police believe they’ve nabbed a serial rapist on the Cape Flats.
The 49-year-old man is facing one murder charge and three rape charges.
It’s alleged he chose victims facing dire economic conditions and who were desperate for employment.
One of his victims -- a 20-year-old high school dropout -- said she had been lured with promises of a job at a major retailer.
A friend had introduced her to the man, who came to the rescue of others who were unemployed in the community.
The man is expected to appear in court next month. 

TEEN RAPISTS 36 13 luglio 2017

Social rapist arrested for sexually assaulting 2 teen boys 19 luglio 2017


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