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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


giovedì 17 agosto 2017

20-year-old student raped, beheaded by 29 year old serial rapist

AN architecture student was beheaded after she threatened to go to police accusing her attacker of rape, a court has heard.

Viktoria Povesma, 20, agreed to stay the night with freelance web designer Alexander Altapov, after going out with friends – but was unaware he had been jailed previously for sex attacks.
The 29 year old has confessed to killing and dismembering her, said a judge in a case that has shocked Russians.
Sources close to the investigation in Siberia say the pair had a row during which she accused him of raping her.
Altapov – who has “a history of sex attacks” – feared she would report him to the police, and strangled her.
It is not clear if she was unconscious or dead when put her in the bath in his flat in the city of Tomsk, using a knife to sever her head and dismembering the rest of her body, say the sources.
Altapov then calmly put her body parts in plastic bags which he hid around the city.
Viktoria’s worried parents had called the police sparking a search after she had failed to return home in the morning.
A murder hunt was launched when her head was found on 31 July in the city’s botanical gardens.
While Viktoria knew her attacker before agreeing to stay with him for the night, it is believed she had no knowledge that he had been previously jailed for sex crimes and attacking women.
There are also claims that police failed to act on the claim of another young woman – named only as Ekaterina – who claimed Altapov “suffocated me to the point of unconsciousness” after forcing his way into her flat.
Ekaterina, pictured at the time with severe bruising, said the man had a blonde girlfriend who was aware of his violence to her but had tried to protect him.
Police had not come followed up her complaint about Altapov, she said.
In his late teens he had been jailed for “violent acts of a sexual nature” against a victim aged under 14, say local reports.
Later he was imprisoned again for viciously attacking a girlfriend and stealing her bag.
Detaining the man for the duration of the investigation into Viktoria’s murder, judge Anastasia Kartseva told the court: “During the quarrel with the victim, and aiming to kill her, he squeezed her neck with his hands until she until she ceased to show signs of life.
“Having committed this crime, he used a knife, dismembered her and scattered the body parts in different areas of Tomsk.”
Citing law enforcement sources, local media Vtomske reported that “the suspect raped the girl and she threatened to go to police.
“He got scared, killing and dismembering her.”

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