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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


giovedì 17 agosto 2017


RADNOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A Pennsylvania teacher accused of having sexual contact multiple times with a 16-year-old female student accepted a plea deal Monday.
Nina Scott, 28, reportedly taught at a school called The Village – a court-ordered child-care facility for kids with emotional and behavioral problems in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania – from October 2015 until she was fired in December. She was arrested in January.
According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Scott faced numerous counts of institutional sexual assault, corruption of minors and other charges for sexual encounters with the girl in 2016. The encounters took place at their school, in Scott’s vehicle and her home, police said.
Charging documents said the student initiated the relationship when she passed a note to Scott asking her, “How would you feel if I kissed you?” Scott reportedly returned the note with a message that she would not tell anyone. Officers said a search the girl’s room revealed a stash of love letters from Scott to the student.
Scott, who reportedly called her student “her girlfriend” and even referred to her 2-year-old as “their daughter,” pleaded guilty Monday to institutional sexual assault
The Main Line Times reported that Scott will serve at least three months on electronic home monitoring. Scott also was placed on five years of sex offender probation and prohibited from contacting the girl.
Scott apologized to the victim and her family, as well as her own family. 
“This will never happen again,” she told Delaware County Court of Common Pleas Judge Richard Cappelli, according to the Times.
WCAU reported that the school’s superintendent, William Colarulo, said at an earlier court hearing, saying, “The only way I can describe what this teacher did is downright disgusting. As a parent and as a police officer for 36 years, it never ceases to amaze me when you put children in the care of a position such as a teacher, and they violate that trust.”
– The Cox Media Group National Content Desk contributed to this report.

Teacher pleads guilty to sexual abuse of female student Jeffrey Caplan, 

Sarah Lewis a former Utah teacher who admitted to having sex with a 17 year old male student was released from jail on Wednesday thanks to a state loophole.
The woman’s release comes after the 27 year old woman was arrested earlier this year after accusations of plying the teen boy with vodka and videotaped having sex with him.
In June, the dance and social studies teacher at Landmark High schoolin Spanish Fork, pleaded guilty to forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree penalty which holds a possible sentence of one to 15 years, reported KUTV.
However, Lewis’s lawyer, Tom Means, filed a motion to dismiss her guilty plea in July after coming across an amended statute in Utah Code that could have reduced her original rape charge even more. 
The statute, which was amended in 2014, statesif a minor is 16 or 17 years old, the rape charge can be reduced to Unlawful Sexual Conduct, when applied to a person who holds a relationship of special trust: such as an adult teacher, employee, or volunteer’.
Lewis’s charges were downgraded from a first-degree rape felony to the third-degree felony of unlawful sexual conduct.
After spending 195 days in jail, she was released with no further jail time reported the dailymail.
‘Because I was unaware of the amendment…until after Ms Lewis offered her plea I did not advise her of this change in the law that affected the degree of the offense to which she pled,’ Means said, according to the Daily Herald
Lewis has also been given three years’ probation. As a condition, she must register on the sex offender registry, obtain a psychosexual evaluation and complete recommended treatment.
Lewis is also prohibited from having contact with former students.
The probation conditions also state Lewis may not have any contact ‘with students of hers outside of school,’ despite Lewis is no longer employed with Nebo School District, said Lana Hiskey, spokeswoman for the District.
One defense lawyer said the amendment is no loophole.
‘I don’t consider this a loophole,’ Stephen Allred, a defense attorney with Zabriskie Law Firm.
‘These 16 and 17 year olds do have a choice, and they have chosen to engage in this,’ he said, adding that legislators amended the law to, ‘take the teacher portion out of the equation’.
What do you think? Despite Lewis abusing her position of authority and trust shouldn’t the teacher be held to a higher level of trust, regardless of the age of the victim? Or can one argue a child, even at the age of 16 or 17 knows enough that he is being subjugated and is able to make an ‘informed’ opinion as to relations with their teacher?
Or to put in another way, would state regulators have allowed the ‘loophole’ as a bona fide reason to exonerate the teacher’s behavior had the genders been reversed? Which is to imply that men are only sexual aggressors and sexual predators, notwithstanding the many incidents of predatory behavior at the hands of female teachers….

SANTA CRUZ >> Arizona nurse Emily Stephens faces two new charges of copulation or penetration with a child younger than 10 in a sexual abuse case involving three medical professionals, including a Santa Cruz brain surgeon and a Watsonville nurse, according to court documents.
Charging documents filed Aug. 4 accuse Stephens, 30, of copulating or penetrating a girl and a boy, both younger than 10, Jan. 1 to May 1. The charges were filed in Santa Cruz County.
The charges stem from still images taken from a video, according to the complaint filed by Assistant District Attorney Johanna Schonfield.
Stephens remains at Pima County Jail in Tucson, Arizona, without bail after multiple times spent in the jail and at the jail’s infirmary, according to jail records. A jail official said an inmate may end up in the infirmary for numerous reasons. Inmates in the infirmary are monitored closely.
An investigation report by Pima County Sheriff’s Department includes witness statements saying Stephens is pregnant.
Stephens faces nine felonies in connection with a molestation in Santa Cruz County, according to court documents.
No local court date has been set for Stephens, who is contesting extradition, or transfer, to Santa Cruz County, Assistant District Attorney Steven Moore said.
Dr. James Kohut, 57, is a former Dominican Hospital brain surgeon and a codefendant of Stephens. Kohut, whose bail is $6.4 million, remains at Santa Cruz County Jail. Kohut has threatened to kill himself and has initiated hunger strikes at the jail, where he has spent time in the medical wing.
Kohut faces 11 felonies linked to raping children.
Chief Deputy Steve Carney, of Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, said although Kohut has appeared to be thin at his court hearings, jail staff members have monitored the inmate’s weight once or twice weekly. He said the doctor hasn’t lost much weight.
“He continues to be housed in a special-needs housing unit, which has a higher level of oversight with more frequent checks on him,” Carney said. “We are meeting all of his needs.”
Rashel Brandon, the third defendant in the child rape case, used to work as a nurse with Kohut and she remains at Santa Cruz County Jail. Her bail was set at $500,000. Brandon, 43, faces eight felonies linked with raping children in Santa Cruz County.
Brandon and Kohut are scheduled to appear for their next hearing 8:15 a.m. Sept. 6 in Santa Cruz County Superior Court.

Tucson nurse faces new charges linked with sexually abusing boy and girl Michael Todd, Santa Cruz Sentinel 08/10/17

TACOMA, Wash. -- The Tacoma woman accused of exchanging explicit text messages about child sex abuse with a man on board a flight from Seattle to San Jose was charged with sex abuse crimes Thursday morning in Pierce County Superior Court.
Gail Lynn Burnworth, 50, is charged with one count first-degree child rape, first-degree child molestation and two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, according to a Pierce County news release.
Burnworth reportedly exchanged text message conversations last month with Michael Kellar of Tacoma that involved a plan to molest two children and film the assault, court documents state.
Kellar, 56, was arrested after a passenger on the flight in July spotted the text messages and notified authorities when she landed, according to the documents.
"The hero of this story is the observant plane passenger who reported this threat to children," Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in a news release. "Everyone can help protect children from sexual abuse by being vigilant."
Burnworth was arrested last week in Tacoma by federal agents and along with Kellar, is being charged in federal court with conspiracy to produce child pornography, according to court documents. Kellar also is charged in federal court with enticement of a minor.
In hundreds of text messages between the two obtained by authorities, Kellar and Burnworth discuss the plan to drug, sexually assault and film the two children, ages 5 and 7, court documents state.
Burnworth admitted to authorities that she has sexually assaulted one of the children and took videos and photos during the assaults and sent them to Kellar, according to court documents.
Both Kellar and Burnworth admitted to authorities they had sexual interest in young children, documents state.
Burnworth remains in federal custody and will return to Pierce County Superior Court when a date is set for an arraignment, according to the news release.

FINDLAY - A Fremont woman who police say raped a taxi driver in Findlay during a robbery pleaded guilty to an amended charge of gross sexual imposition and robbery.
In April, Brittany S. Carter, 24, was charged with first-degree felony rape and aggravated robbery charges by the Findlay Police Department. Officials said Carter performed a sexual act on a taxi driver while Corey L. Jackson, held a knife at the male cab driver.
Prior to her jury trial, which was scheduled for Monday, Carter pleaded guilty Friday to amended charges of gross sexual imposition, a fourth-degree felony, and third-degree robbery charges amended from first-degree felony aggravated robbery charges.
Findlay Police Lieutenant Robert Ring said Jackson was arrested on an arrest warrant out of Lima in June and has since been charged with aggravated robbery for his role in the incident.
Ring told the News-Messenger in April that he believes Carter performed the sex act on the cab driver while she and Jackson stole $32 from the cab driver.
The driver, from Trinity Express Cab Service, reported the incident after it happened around 4:24 a.m. Jan. 28 in the 200 block of Larkins Street in Findlay.
Ring said the driver was not injured during the incident.

OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City federal judge has ruled that a teenage boy's emotional distress from a highly publicized sexual relationship with his English teacher is worth $1 million.
U.S. District Judge Robin J. Cauthron awarded the judgment against former middle school teacher Jennifer Caswell, 31.
The boy and his father sued Caswell and the small western Oklahoma school district of Hollis in 2015 over the inappropriate relationship, which included sex in her classroom.
"(The boy) reports feelings of depression, isolation, and self-blame for the events that transpired," Cauthron wrote. "He experienced humiliation when members of his community publicly chastised him and when strangers recognized him and questioned him about the scandal."

 - A former student says he and another student were sexually assaulted by a teacher last year in a CPS charter school in the University Village neighborhood.
The abuse happened on Oct. 3, 2016, in teacher June Kendall’s classroom at Urban Prep Academies’ West Campus, 1326 W. 14th Place, according to a lawsuit filed against Kendall and Urban Prep Academies on Monday in Cook County Circuit Court.
June Kendall got the student alone with her in the classroom and had sex with him after having sex with another minor boy that same day, according to the suit.
Kendall, then 29 years old, was charged in October 2016 with two felony counts of criminal sexual assault for the two incidents, according to Chicago Police.
Kendall had a history of sexual molestation, including “sending racy photos and text about herself and how she undress, and herself wanting to have sex with [the student], and other boys attending Urban Prep Academies’ West, on school grounds and during school hours,” the suit alleges.
The lawsuit also alleges that Urban Prep Academies’ West never conducted a proper background check on Kendall before, during and after she started teaching at the school, and that the school knew or should have known about the abuse. Other children had advised the school of the molestations, and the school did nothing about it, the suit claims.
The school never advised the student or his parents of Kendall’s suspected history of sexual molestation, nor did it report child or suspected child abuse to DCFS or any other proper authorities before October or November of 2016, the suit alleges.
The eight-count suit seeks more than $350,000 in damages from defendants Kendall, Urban Prep Academies and the school’s West Campus. It accuses them all of willful and wanton misconduct, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Kendall is also accused of battery, and both Kendall and the school’s West Campus are both accused of negligence.
Additionally, the lawsuit seeks compensation for the medical, hospital, psychiatric, psychological and rehabilitations expenses incurred as a result of the alleged abuse.
A representative for Urban Prep Academies’ West Campus did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Laura Lynn Cross, a 36-year-old Ohio teacher has been accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her students that resulted in her giving birth to his child.
Cross, 36, started grooming the boy when she was his eighth grade English teacher at Buchtel High School in Akron in 2012. The sexual abuse occurred from August 2013 to September 2016.
Cross, who taught at Buchtel High School as an English teacher, resigned from her teaching position in January 2015.
Cross convinced the teen’s mother–who had custody–to allow the teen to move in with her in her Tallmadge home through a court approved “partial parental custody” arrangement. Cross convinced the teen’s mother that she could continue to “mentor” him.
Charges were filed only last week after police learned that Cross and the teen had a child together in 2015 that was kept secret until a tipster called the teen’s father and broke the news.
An Akron School System spokesperson said the district was unaware of the case until our investigation alerted them but said it is now “doing our own internal investigation going back to 2012 to determine what exactly happened and when it happened”
Speaking to News5 Cleveland, the teen’s father said he first raised concerns to Buchtel High School officials and Tallmadge Police in 2012 during his son’s freshman year, however, no charges were filed at the time.
Charges were officially filed last week when police found out that Cross had a child with the unidentified teen.
After resigning, Cross convinced the teen’s mother, who reportedly had custody, to allow him to move in with her through a court-approved “partial parental custody” arraignment.
Cross is currently being held in the Summit County Jail under $100,000 bond.

A PE teacher has been arrested for child molestation and sexual abuse after she had a relationship with a 15-year-old pupil.
Shawnetta Reece, 40, from Blairsville, Georgia, is accused of getting intimate with the boy when she taught at Union County Middle School.
According to police, the teacher embarked on a relationship with the boy in 2013.
She is believed to have met the pupil at the school and molested him from the eighth to the ninth grade.
Even though the assault took place three years ago, police only started to investigate recently.
Union County Police were helped by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation when they were told a teacher was having a relationship with a pupil at the school.
Reece does not work at Union County Middle School anymore, and her LinkedIn and Twitter accounts have been deleted.
When police finish their investigation, they will present their findings to the Enotah Judicial Circuit district attorney for prosecution.
Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a statement: “The student was moving from the 8th grade into the 9th grade during this time.
“As a result of the investigation, Reece has been arrested for child molestation and sexual assault by persons with supervisory or disciplinary authority.

SPRINGFIELD -- A 20-year-old Ludlow woman denied four counts of rape of a child under 16 years old.
At her Hampden Superior Court arraignment, Kendall Chase also denied a count of indecent assault and battery on a person 14 years old or older.
The same victim is identified in the child rape and indecent assault counts. 
Chase also denied one count each of assault with a dangerous weapon (motor vehicle), posing or exhibiting a child in the nude and criminal harassment.
She was released on her own recognizance but was ordered to stay away from the victim.
The sexual assaults happened between October 2015 and February 2017 in Ludlow, according to the indictments.

Uber driver jailed for raping drunk female passenger 17 agosto 2017

SERIAL RAPISTS 40 16 agosto 2017

12-year-old girl raped, strangled to death 15 agosto 2017

32.year old woman raped, murdered by security guard 15 agosto 2017 



Paedo wrestling coach sexually abused children 16 AGOSTO 2017

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