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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


venerdì 11 agosto 2017


Three young men made a 14-year-old girl perform sexual favours after blackmailing her with a sex tape, a court has heard.
Mickelle Alexander and Tommy Kitchenside, both 20, along with Faustein Riley, 19, abused the girl after Alexander obtained video footage involving the teen.
Alexander threatened to put the film ‘all over social media’ unless she had sex with him and took part in sordid activity with his friends, jurors were told.
She was made to perform sex acts on the trio and raped by Alexander on three occasions, Inner London Crown Court heard.
Alexander, Kitchenside and Riley, who is not before the court, are variously charged with 14 sexual offences.
Prosecutor David Harounoff said the girl came from a ‘troubled background’, often running away from the foster homes she lived in.
‘On 31 May 2016, she went missing and the police took the view that this was “high risk missing”,’ said Mr Harounoff.
She was found a day later after police launched an investigation to trace her.
A foster carer later retrieved an item of the girl’s underwear from her laundry basket and gave them to police, who discovered intimate samples belonging to Alexander, jurors heard.
‘How it got there will be the submissions to you by the prosecution,’ said Mr Harounoff.
The girl told police she knew Alexander from the Worcester Park area of south London and met him through a friend.
She had stayed over at his house one time she went missing, but they didn’t have sex.
‘She said he was nice to her and used to look after her,’ said Mr Harounoff.
The girl later admitted she had sex with Alexander at an address in Mitcham where she had met his friend Tommy. 
A video was taken by someone which shows her [performing a sex act on] another person,’ said Mr Harounoff.
‘She said Mr Alexander had gotten hold of the video and made her perform [a sex act] on him, and she said she had sex with him.’
In an interview with police, she said her relationship with Alexander had quickly developed after he asked for her number and suggested they meet up.
She told Alexander, who said he was 18 or 19, she could bunk off school to see him at his or Kitchenside’s home, jurors heard.
‘He must have known her age,’ said Mr Harounoff.
‘She says when she went round there they were drinking vodka and she says Mr Alexander showed her the video then said if she didn’t do stuff with him he would put that video on social media.
‘I don’t think there will be any dispute that this video exists - the dispute will be whether Mr Alexander blackmailed and threatened her.
‘She said Mr Alexander was fine on his own but his demeanour would change when he was with Kitchenside and Riley.
‘She said there was no sexual activity with Mr Alexander until she saw the video.
‘He told her “this is a way for me to get you to do stuff for me now”.
‘He asked her to give him a b****** and she said she had no choice because he said he would put the video all over social media.
‘He then said she had to do this for his mates.’
The girl said she initially refused to have sex with Alexander but relented after he said ‘what about the video?’, jurors were told.
He then told her: ‘Now my mates know you are giving me a b****** they want it.’
She asked him if his friends had seen the video and Alexander said they hadn’t, the court heard.
‘She said she had [performed sex acts] on Mr Kitchenside and Mr Riley,’ said Mr Harounoff.
In June, she had sex with Alexander, jurors were told.
‘When she describes it, you will have no doubt that it wasn’t consensual,’ said Mr Harounoff.
‘She says she was feeling like c***.’
When he was arrested Alexander said he didn’t know the girl involved and had been in a long-term relationship until October.
He said he had no idea how his DNA got on the teenager’s underwear because he hadn’t slept with anyone but his partner during that time.
Alexander later admitted he knew the complainant but said she instigated the sexual activity.
He said he didn’t think his friend Riley knew her, and when asked about Kitchener he said: ‘I know about four people called Tommy’.
Kitchener and Riley gave short prepared statements to police denying the allegations.
Alexander, of no fixed address, denies four counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity, three of rape and three alternative charges of sexual activity with a child.
Kitchenside, of no fixed address, and Riley, of Towpath Way, Croydon, both deny two counts each of causing a child to engage in sexual activity.
The trial continues. 

An 18-year-old Karnack, Texas, man was sentenced to 10 years in prison Monday after pleading guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a child in Bowie County.
J’Rome Shepard, who is related to the victim, was visiting the girl’s family at their home in Bowie County during May 2016, according to a probable cause affidavit. The young girl’s mother told investigators with the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office that she began questioning her daughter after noticing she was “acting differently.”
The girl reported that Shephard, who the child refers to as “Bone,” made her perform a sex act on him several times and that he attempted to assault her sexually in other ways as well. The girl claimed Shephard made her “pinky swear” that she wouldn’t tell about the abuse and that he told her she would be in trouble if anyone learned of it.
A pillow case from the girl’s home was collected as evidence in the case based on statements made by the child May 25 during a forensic interview at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Texarkana. The girl told staff at the advocacy center that Shepard told her he had engaged in sexual conduct with her 13-year-old cousin as well.
Shepard appeared Monday morning before 202nd District Judge John Tidwell with Chief Public Defender Rick Shumaker. Shepard, who was 17 when the allegations surfaced, has been in custody since his arrest more than a year ago.
First Assistant District Attorney Michael Sheperd appeared on behalf of the state.

Teen pleads guilty to sexually assaulting 8-year-old girl Field Walsh
July 31, 2017

A young man is under arrest, accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl while she slept.
Dontavious McCalla, 19, also known as "Tay," was arrested and charged with sexual battery on a 16-year-old Leesburg girl.
"Apparently the suspect was a guest in the house when the incident occurred, was there invited in. Sometime during the course of this stay, he attacked and then raped the 16-year-old victim," said Joe Iozzi, with the Leesburg police.
The victim told police she was asleep in her living room when she woke up with McCalla on top of her.
The arrest report said when the victim realized what was happening, she tried to move but McCalla held her arm.
When she was able to get away, police said the victim alerted her brother while McCalla fled on a bicycle.
The victim was taken to a hospital.
Leesburg Police tracked McCalla down in the parking lot of the Circle K Gas Station at 900 S. 14th StreetSt. in Leesburg.
Police said the defendant admitted to having engaged in sexual intercourse with the victim but told police she wasn't asleep.
Police said they found the detail suspicious because they hadn't spoken to McCalla about that information.
McCalla's next court date is Aug. 21. McCalla remains in jail under a $10,000 bond.

Man arrested, accused of raping sleeping Leesburg teen Aug 1, 2017

An 18-year-old Whitehaven man has been sentenced to five years in a young offenders’ institute, after inciting children to engage in sexual activity.
Lewis Peake, of Meadow Road, admitted seven counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.
He was also convicted of sexual communication with a child and possession of indecent photographs of a child.
Cumbria Police says the investigation involved five police forces and ten victims from across the country.
“Peake is a cold and calculating man who has used social media to subject his victims to serious and in some cases sustained sexual abuse.
Peake used these children for his own sexual gratification and I hope the sentencing can go towards giving them some closure.
“I would like to thank the victims and their families for coming forward to the police and for their continued support throughout the investigation process. Without this we would not be here today."
A 20-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of sex assault on a child that occurred when he was a teenager against a victim several years younger than him, according to a police report.
The now-teenaged victim made a report in January that Louis Celestino Guillen Jr., raped her “over 200 times” during a three-year period, starting when he was 14 and she was 11, according to a report from the Grand Junction Police Department.
“(She) stated Louis Jr. stopped raping her when she was 14 years old … when he obtained a girlfriend,” the affidavit for Guillen’s arrest said.
The teen described being violently assaulted and physically held down during several attacks. She said she remembers bleeding after the first attack, which occurred when she was a virgin while camping near Vega Reservoir.
About a week later, another attack left her vomiting and in “too much pain to move,” the affidavit said.
The girl said the last time she was raped she was 14 and was preparing for her quinceañera. “She later burned the dress,” the report said.
The detective interviewed Guillen in mid-March at the Police Department, who said he had heard about the allegations from somebody. When asked about the first attack, Guillen told the detective he remembered camping in the area with his parents.
“He (denied) doing anything to her that could be construed as assault,” the detective wrote. “I then asked him about the second time that she alleges he assaulted her at his house. He denied having any knowledge of this, and does not know what she is talking about, and denies ever assaulting her.”
The detective who investigated the teen’s claims noted in his report that Guillen was accused of rape in 2014 at a party, but the case was dropped when the alleged victim refused to cooperate.
When contacted by the detective, she said she did not proceed with the investigation because she didn’t want her parents to find out about the incident, and because law enforcement told her “she had no case.”
She said she would be willing to cooperate with the current investigation, however.
The detective asked for a warrant for Guillen’s arrest on suspicion of four counts of sexual assault on a child as a pattern of abuse. Guillen was arrested recently, but is out on bond.
While Guillen is now an adult, his case is being heard in juvenile court because he was a juvenile at the time of the alleged attack.
He is due to appear before Magistrate Will McNulty today at 4 p.m. on an advisement of charges.
Names of juveniles arrested on suspicion of crimes classified as high-level felonies are considered public record under Colorado state law. The charges Guillen faces are classified as felony 3.
Police arrested a 21-year-old Edinburg man accused of repeatedly sexually abusing a girl over the course of about five months, according to a criminal complaint.
Roberto De La Garza, 21, of Edinburg was charged with continuous sexual abuse of a young child, a first-degree felony, on July 25.
During an interview with the Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo County on July 13, the girl told investigators Garza had molested her various times after asking to pop her back, according to the criminal complaint.
A judge set bond at $20,000.
Garza was released from the Hidalgo County jail on Monday. He couldn’t be reached for comment.

CLIFTON PARK -- An 18-year-old Clifton Park man was arrested for forcing a girl to have sex with him and then trying to convince other girls to pose for sexually explicit photos and videos, Saratoga County Sheriff's office said.
Taylor E. Pierre, 18, of 11 Ashdown Road was charged with first-degree rape, promoting sexual performance by a child and possessing a sexual performance by a child, deputies said.
Deputies said that Pierre raped the young girl in February. Then over the last few months, he propositioned other young girls to pose for sexually explicit photos and videos for social media and to meet up with him for sex.
Pierre is being held in Saratoga County Jail in lieu of bail.

A college student carried out a "prolonged and sustained" rape on a woman attacked the two men who tried to stop the assault.

"Disgusting" Derrick Mutambuka had been drinking with a friend in Sunderland and became "sexually aroused" when dancing in a club.
After leaving the bar, Mutambuka, originally from Rwanda, began talking to a woman on the street - but after she appeared disinterested in him, he pushed her against some shop shutters and proceeded to force his hand down her trousers.

The terrifying sexual assault came to an end when a passer-by intervened and walked the woman home - however Mutambuka, who was 17 at the time, followed at a short distance back to her address and peered through her letterbox.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how just a short while later, the defendant then saw another woman in the street and dragged her into an alleyway before raping her.

A member of the public attempted to stop the rape after hearing the victim's terrified screams, but was forced to back off after Mutambuka kicked him and the assault carried on for a number of minutes - only to come to an end when a second man came to her rescue.

Prosecutor Andrew Espley said: "This was a prolonged and sustained attack. There was a significant degree of planning. He wanted it to happen and took steps to make sure that it did.

"He was a man that would not be deterred. Others were present and witnessed the victim's ordeal. The victims were alone and vulnerable."

Mutambuka, now 18, of Gateshead, was found guilty of rape and sexual assault following a trial - with what a judge described as "overwhelming evidence."

He was also found guilty of counts of assault, relating to the first man who he kicked and the second who he spat on, with spittle containing blood.

Mr Ekwall Tiwana, defending, said that his client was very drunk at the time of the offence and had only been drunk once before in his life.

He said: "The general nature of this case is that it is a very serious offence. Although it is very serious, it is not in fact the most serious. This defendant was 17 at the time and had no previous convictions.

"This young man was passed from pillar to post and country to country essentially. He has been subject to a very unsatisfactory life until he moved to Newcastle and studied in Gateshead.

"He has admitted that what he did was disgraceful and disgusting. He has recognised what he did."

The court heard how the defendant studied English, Maths and IT at Gateshead College.

The rape victim suffered 34 injuries during the attack, including reddening, abrasion and tenderness on her head, face, neck, legs and chest as well as on her genitals.

She was also punched and "manhandled" during the attack.

Sentencing him to nine year and nine months imprisonment, Judge Robert Adams said: "This was a persistent course of conduct.

"You were sexually aroused dancing in the club and that continued when you were going home until you committed the offence. 

"You were determined to have sex with a woman regardless of her views or who she was or whatever her circumstance.

"You used violence, judging by the numerous injuries that the victim sustained.

"It is a start that you are experiencing some remorse although it is now too late in the day. Only a lengthy custodial sentence is appropriate."
Detective Chief Inspector Phil Bond said: "Mutambuka is very clearly a dangerous individual and I'm pleased he is in prison where he cannot cause further harm.
"I would like to praise the bravery of both victims for coming forward in these cases. The strength and courage of victims in incidents such as this can never be underestimated and ensuring they have the support they need is an absolute priority for us.”

Teenage student raped woman in Sunderland and attacked men who tried to stop him DANIELLE WHITFIELD 05 August 2017

A 22-year-old Houma man accused of sexually abusing three children pleaded guilty to rape charges last week, prosecutors said.
Assistant District Attorney Amanda Mustin said Dominique Jerome Mason Crochet, 2616 Payne St., pleaded guilty July 26 to two counts of second-degree rape and one count of indecent behavior with a juvenile.
Following Crochet’s guilty plea, District Judge David Arceneaux handed down a 10-year sentence on each count. The sentences will run consecutively for a total of 30 years.
A Terrebonne grand jury found enough evidence to originally charge Crochet with two counts of first-degree rape and one count of indecent behavior with a juvenile.
Crochet was arrested Jan. 10 after he raped three victims under the age of 13 in the East Side Senator Circle and Payne Street areas, Mustin said.
Had Crochet been convicted of first-degree rape, he would have faced a life sentence without parole.
Houma Police Chief Dana Coleman said Crochet lured two of the juveniles into his home and began grooming them with “inappropriate touching” before engaging in sex with them.
“As Houma Police continued the investigation, it was discovered that Crochet threatened the victims that if they would report the encounters he would kill them,” Coleman said. “Both victims were interviewed by forensic interviewers and confirmed the allegations of sexual abuse.”
Police began investigating Crochet after a parent discovered “inappropriate” text messages he sent to her children’s phone.
After police concluded their interviews, Crochet was found at his home and arrested on two counts of first-degree rape and one count of indecent behavior with a juvenile.
Mustin said Crochet’s victims were 12, 11 and 5 years old.
“The sentence was a fair outcome for all parties,” Mustin said. “We decided on that sentence after meeting with all the victims’ mothers and taking into consideration their opinions and contemplating what effect a trial could have on the young victims. This lengthy sentence will give all the victims a chance to age well into their adulthood before having to face the possibility of Crochet on the outside.”

Houma man gets 30 years after pleading guilty to rape Dan Copp Aug 1, 2017

TEEN RAPISTS 40 1 agosto 2017

4000 Rape Victims 10 agosto 2017

Six-year-old girl raped by neighbour 10 agosto 2017

Social leader raped, killed in Colombia 10 agosto 2017

20-year-old raped by her grandfather posted video on Snapchat 9 agosto 2017

80-year-old woman raped, robbed in home invasion 9 agosto 2017

4-year-old girl raped inside school's bathroom 9 agosto 2017

8-year-old girl brutally raped at school 9 agosto 2017

Serial paedo raped 7 girls 9 AGOSTO 2017

Paedo Scout leader charged with child sexual abuse, child porn 9 AGOSTO 2017

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