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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


lunedì 4 settembre 2017


A Tulsa man who police suspect of being a serial rapist was charged with six felonies related to allegations that he drugged and raped a woman repeatedly while he kept her against her will in his bedroom for at least two months.

Victor Willard Hursh, 60, is accused of first-degree rape by force and fear, two counts of second-degree rape, forcible sodomy, kidnapping and possession of a firearm while committing a felony. The incidents, according to a probable cause affidavit, took place between June 15 and Monday.
Hursh was arrested Thursday and was booked into the Tulsa Jail on bonds totaling more than $425,000. He is due in court Sept. 7 for arraignment.
The affidavit from Tulsa Police Sex Crimes Unit Detective Liz Eagan says Hursh has been identified as a suspect in three other incidents of rape and kidnapping of women, which were reported to authorities in June 2015, June 2016 and last January.
Eagan alleged Hursh’s modus operandi in each attack was similar because each victim reported being forced to smoke or inject methamphetamine and being held in Hursh’s home while he raped and sodomized them using various sexual devices.
In the pending case, a 22-year-old woman told police Tuesday that she met Hursh at a store at 15th Street and Lewis Avenue in June, and Hursh told her she could stay at his home because she was homeless. She reported that Hursh became angry when she declined his offer to smoke methamphetamine and began punching her, which started a two-month period in which he held her hostage in his bedroom.
A sexual assault exam documented bruising on the woman’s face and arm and multiple lesions on her body, according to the affidavit.
Eagan wrote in the document that the woman said Hursh would inject her with methamphetamine every two to three days and would force her to engage in a variety of sexual activities. The woman additionally said Hursh forced her to remain naked and would regularly threaten her by pointing a gun and telling her he would kill her father and her son, whom he learned about when he saw her Facebook profile.
The affidavit goes on to say the woman noticed a camera in Hursh’s bedroom but she did not know if he recorded any of the assaults because she was semi-conscious at times.
She contends Hursh told her that if she tried to escape, she would “end up like some of the other girls” who tried to do so previously, and claimed Hursh showed her bottles of bleach and ammonia to prove his point.
The woman said she managed to escape Monday night when Hursh forced her to go with him to a convenience store at Fifth Street and Sheridan Road. She reported that she crawled over the driver’s seat to exit Hursh’s van and approached a customer who was “unwilling to help,” so she hid in the store’s restroom until Hursh exited the building.
The woman said she told a security officer at the store that she needed help, prompting him to call police.
Eagan said surveillance images from the store show the woman exiting the van, approaching a customer and entering the store to hide in the restroom. She also said the red van could be seen moving around the parking lot of the store at least twice in the driver’s apparent search for the woman before leaving.

A rapist who molested a mum and her underage daughter while on bail for other sex offences was jailed.
Edward Hunter, 42, who denied all charges against him, forcing his victims to relieve their ordeals in court, was sentenced to eight years and three months.

The High Court in Edinburgh was told the offences against the woman and the 15-year-old girl came as he stayed at their home overnight.
The Record revealed this month how Hunter, from Carronshore, Falkirk , had earlier been freed on bail by a sheriff in Stirling.
He was found guilty of 10 offences of rape, sexual assault, indecency and assault, committed against four victims between 2003 and this year. His sentence covered all of the sex attacks.
Judge Lord Boyd of Duncansby told him: “These offences include ones against two young girls, one of whom you raped repeatedly.

“It appears to me you have no appreciation of the harm you have caused.”
The judge ordered Hunter should be kept under supervision for a further three-year period and remain on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.
MUSKEGON, MI -- A procession of young women told a jury that drugs had been slipped in their drinks before they were raped by the co-defendant of a man already convicted of raping two of them.
Larry Stiff, 32, is accused of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in the alleged drugging and rapes of two of the victims who testified in Muskegon County Circuit Court Aug. 30. Another man, Joshua Humphrey, 35, has already been convicted of the two rapes and is serving 28 to 51 years in prison.
Both women said Humphrey brought them shots at a bar, and within minutes began to feel dizzy, foggy and nauseous and began blacking out. They said they remember only seconds-long snippets of the night: being driven with Humphrey and Stiff to a home, walking into a "gross" basement, coming to while someone was sexually penetrating them, knowing the other woman was lying beside her, and not being able to move or cry out.
Though Stiff is being tried for two rapes, two other women testified they too had been drugged and raped, and another said she was drugged but her friends prevented Humphrey and Stiff from carrying her off.
The prosecutor's office has said more than two dozen women came forward to accuse Humphrey and Stiff of drug-assisted rapes.
Muskegon County Senior Assistant Prosecutor Brandon Davis said in his opening statement Stiff and Humphrey operated a three-year "scheme," from 2013 to 2016, to lure women through Internet social media and dating sites to bars. There, Humphrey would slip date rape drugs into their drinks and the men would transport them to a home where they would rape the women.
Though neither Humphrey nor Stiff were charged with any larcenies, Davis suggested that the men also stole phones, money and clothing from the women.
Defense Attorney Frederick Johnson did not dispute that the women had been drugged and raped. He said Humphrey was the "sexual predator and sociopathic monster" who drugged and raped the women. Stiff was "oblivious" to the fact the women were drugged and joined "the party not knowing what's going on," Johnson said.
"These women were talking to him. They were giving him permission," Johnson said. "The women don't remember any of that."
To convict Stiff of first-degree CSC, he had to have known the women were incapacitated and unable to give consent, Johnson said.
He also needed only to be assisting Humphrey commit the rapes, Davis said.
A forensic scientist testified DNA testing indicated "strong support" that both Humphrey's and Stiff's semen was recovered from one of the victims. That victim's urine sample also contained two drugs: amitriptyline, an antidepressant, and gabapentin, an anti-convulsant drug used to stop muscles from contracting and has side effects of dizziness and sleepiness, another scientist testified.
That victim, who will be referred to here as woman 1, said she met Humphrey on the dating site and agreed to have dinner with him on Oct. 30, 2013. Instead, he suggested they go to a bar, the former Cancun Connection that was on Hall Road. There she struck up a conversation with a woman she didn't know, referred to here as woman 2, and also met Stiff.
Humphrey bought the women shots and about 20 minutes after drinking hers, woman 1 said she started to feel dizzy and nauseous and began losing consciousness. She said she remembered snippets of the evening, including going to a "gross" basement of a home, sitting on a couch next to woman 2 and then realizing she was on a bare mattress on the floor.
She said she believed she was at at home where Stiff was staying because she was told to be quiet because his aunt was sleeping upstairs.
Woman 1 described waking up briefly and not being able to see but realizing someone was penetrating her sexually. Woman 1 said she also realized at one point that woman 2 was naked and next to her on the mattress.
Woman 2 gave a similar account of snippets of memory from the evening: of going to a basement, sitting next to woman 1 on the couch, then lying next to her on the mattress and coming to periodically including at one point when someone was sexually penetrating her.
"I remember being on the bed but I couldn't move.," she said. "I attempted to move my body and I just could not move my body. I was trying to get up."
The following morning, the women realized their cell phones were missing and still were in a groggy state. Both women said they felt pain from vaginal and anal penetration.
After asking two gas station clerks for directions and still feeling groggy, woman 1 made her way to her mother in the Grand Rapids area, she testified.
"Her arms never felt so safe," woman 1 said through tears.
Woman 1 ended up calling police and undergoing a rape examination.
Woman 2 said she didn't call police because "I just wanted to keep it to myself."
"I felt embarrassed that I had put myself into a situation when I was just trying to make new friends and I let my guard down," she said softly. "I ended up having to pay a price for it. I was just trying to make new friends."
Woman 2, who is visibly pregnant, began to weep when she said "I'm just trying to keep it together because I have a baby... I'm trying to be strong."
It is the alleged rapes of woman 1 and woman 2 for which Stiff is being tried.
Several other women testified about their encounters with Stiff and Humphrey.

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