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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


lunedì 11 settembre 2017


A monster who raped a woman more than 900 times has finally been brought to justice.
Brutal Brian McTaggart, 53, even raped his sobbing victim once in front of her young daughter.
He also dropped a hair drier into her bath and kicked her down a flight of stairs.
One another occasion he pushed the woman, who is now 53, over a banister, the Daily Record reports.
Another rape victim, now aged 43, was choked and then had her head forced under water by the brute.
A third was raped on four occasions as she slept and when she woke up and said no, McTaggart carried on raping her.
Sick McTaggart told his victims: “You belong to me. I can do anything I want.
McTaggart was convicted at the High Court of Glasgow of a horrific catalogue of sexual and physical abuse against 18 victims.
This included the rape of three women. He also indecently assaulted teenage girls and boys and physically abused women and teenagers.
All the offences were committed in various addresses in Dundee between 1980 and 2001.
Not proven verdicts were returned for charges of raping a fourth woman and raping a 30-year-old man.
Judge Lord Mulholland told McTaggart: “Your conduct was deplorable treating a succession of woman as chattels and punchbags.
“You repeatedly raped three of these women and you have shown no remorse for your sexual crimes.”
Lord Mulholland placed McTaggart on the sex offenders' register and told him he was considering imposing an order for life long restriction.
Sentence was deferred until November for a risk assessment and a background report.
In evidence, the 53-year-old woman who was almost daily raped by McTaggart said she put up with it because she loved him and added: “He raped me two or three times a week over six years.
He also raped me shortly after I had given birth.
The woman said that after the rapes and violence McTaggart would be sorry for what he had done.
She added: “He was always all apologies and buying me flowers.”
He also physically assaulted victims during a 20-year reign of terror at various addresses in Dundee.
His violence included battering a woman near Christmas time because she wore his Dundee United top. He also twisted a teenage girl's nipples – only stopping when she whisttled and poked people in the eyes in what he claimed for a wrestling move.
The 30-year-old man who accused McTaggart of raping him said that he was a nice person until he drank.
The victim said: “When he opened a bottle of vodka he changed. He behaved as if he was possessed by the devil.”
In evidence, McTaggart denied raping anyone and maintained he had consensual sex with his women victims. He admitted slapping women, but denied the more serious assaults.
He said in evidence: “I've done a lot wrong, but rape no, it's like a witch hunt.
“I've hurt a lot of people. I deserve everything I get.”
The court was shown a letter McTaggart wrote to a friend while in prison.
In it he stated: “I never raped anyone only gave them a hard life. I've been told I'll probably get 15 to 20 years.. I've hurt a lot of people. I deserve everything I get.”
Prosecutor Mark McGuire said of McTaggart: “His sexually depraved conduct blighted lives.
He abused, assaulted and took advantage took advantage of almost every single person he came across."
Mr McTaggart was only interested in domination, humiliation and sexual gratification.
McTaggart has a number of previous convictions for violence and brwach of the peace.
He showed no emotion as he was led away to the cells.

Sex beast attacked 18 women including one victim raped more than 900 times before he was caught WILMA RILEY 7 SEP 2017 Serial abuser raped victim more than 900 times 6 September 2017

A serial sex offender who raped a woman and sexually assaulted four young girls over 40 years has been released from prison to be cared for at a hospice. 

Robert Clyde, 73, is being guarded around-the-clock as he receives the same level of care for a “brain illness” as members of the public would at the Marie Curie Hospice in Frogston, Edinburgh. 

A whistleblower contacted The Scotsman to say some staff were refusing to enter the predator’s room and nurses are up in arms that they have been put in a position where they have to treat him to maintain the integrity of their profession. 

Housekeeping staff were told his name, “not to Google him” and to treat him with “respect” when he arrived with G4S security guards on 23 August from Saughton prison. However, the nurses were not told anything. 

Clyde, originally from Ireland, was living in Niddrie in Edinburgh when he was caught by police in 2013 after repeatedly raping a woman over two days at his home. Police uncovered evidence that he began molesting the youngsters in 1970

They also discovered that he assaulted two boys – one aged just four – for a period of 16 years. He was convicted of 13 charges and jailed for nine years. 

Politicians and campaigners have questioned whether it is right that a prisoner who committed such crimes should be let out to die in a hospice. The source said: “None of the staff knew about his past. When he came in with the 24-hour G4S security guards it gave the staff a bit of a clue and alarm bells started to go off. He’s now been given a 
private room on the ground floor with two guards doing 12-hour shifts then another two come six till six.” 

Marie Curie said for reasons of patient confidentiality they were unable to confirm any details of individuals in their care and would not be drawn on their policy with regard to refusing to accept certain offenders. The hospice gets 40 per cent funding from NHS Lothian. 

Margaret Watt of Scotland Patients Association said: “He should still be in jail and he should die in jail. You don’t put him into a place where he has the potential to offend again – that is obscene.” 

Shadow justice secretary Liam Kerr said: “It’s a difficult situation for Marie Curie. “However, this is a vile, depraved individual who ruined the lives of many. As such, people will clearly be angry that he is being given access to this type of facility.”

Jurors deliberated for about an hour before finding a Fort Valley man guilty of a bevy of crimes related to a string of home invasions and attacks on women near Fort Valley State University in April 2015.
Darrell Aundray Ross, 31, was found guilty of two counts of rape, four counts of home invasion, two counts of armed robbery, three counts of false imprisonment and single counts of aggravated sexual battery, burglary, theft, aggravated assault, kidnapping, criminal attempt to commit rape, criminal trespass and possession of tools to commit a crime.
Ross will be sentenced at a later date.
Ross was arrested May 16, 2015, after a woman and her boyfriend spotted him in the woods behind a Fort Valley apartment complex. The boyfriend held Ross at the scene until police arrived.
Since Ross’ trial began last week in Peach County Superior Court, jurors have heard testimony from two women who said they were raped, a woman who said a man tried to rape her and another woman who was attacked.
In her closing argument Tuesday, prosecutor Elizabeth Bobbitt told jurors Ross had “a rapist’s toolkit” in his pockets when he was arrested — a stun gun, handcuffs, condoms, a flashlight, a homemade sex toy and a cellphone with nude pictures of two of his victims.
A woman testified that she was showering before going to bed in the early morning hours of Easter Sunday 2015 when she heard a noise.
Wrapping a towel around herself, she got out of the shower to investigate and spotted a man standing in her open back door. He had a gun, she testified.
“It hadn’t registered in my mind what was happening or what was about to occur,” the woman said.
She said she asked the man what he was doing and he told her to “shut up” and go to her bedroom.
Still wearing a black bandana on his face, the man raped her as he held a gun in his hand, the woman testified.
Then he forced her to sit on her bedroom floor, naked, as he took photos with his cellphone, she said.
None of the women have identified Ross as being their attacker, Peach County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Don Edwards testified Tuesday.
Edwards said a selfie photo of Ross was taken March 26, 2015, on the same phone where investigators found nude photos had been taken of two victims.
Another photo — depicting a carpet shampoo bottle — was taken in the apartment of another woman who was attacked, he said. Bobbitt said a carpet cleaner, laptop and cellphone taken from that woman’s home were found at Ross’ home after his arrest.
While Ross’ attorney, Alan Wheeler, contends digital data pertaining to the device that took the photos and the date of the photos can be altered. Bobbitt said the information can’t be changed.
Wheeler said his client has pleaded not guilty and “he did not touch those women.”

Transgender sexual predator Patrick “Tara” Pearsall was ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment — the first step in the prosecution’s bid to have him declared a dangerous offender and locked up indefinitely.
Pearsall, 52, who was found guilty in June of two counts of sexually assaulting two teens under the guise of performing vaginal exams, will be assessed in the next 60 days and back in court on Dec. 19.
Justice Wailan Low will receive the assessment report on that date and the dangerous offender hearing dates will be set afterwards.
Pearsall preyed on vulnerable girls who were seeking shelter. One victim was a 17-year-old runaway from a Scarborough group home in 2015 and another was 21 and homeless in 2008.
Pearsall, who now identifies as a female and is being housed at a female prison, prefers the name “Tara,” which is his ex-wife’s first name.
Pearsall’s sex-changing surgery, which has been approved, isn’t complete.
Pearsall has prior convictions for similar crimes against other vulnerable women in London in 1999 and Halifax in 2010.
He’s also facing an allegation that he repeatedly raped a 19-year-old girl — who has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old — in the summer of 2015.
The trial is scheduled for April 23, 2018.
In his most recent trial this year, a 17-year-old runaway testified she was reluctant to visit a doctor because she feared authorities would seize her baby.
She met Pearsall and girlfriend, Jessica Musson, at a West Hill coffee shop.
The homeless teen accepted the couple’s offer to stay at their motel room.
The witness testified she knew Pearsall’s “far-fetched” claims — that he was a member of the British Royal Family and a member of the Hells Angels — were “B.S.”
She permitted him to perform a vaginal examination because she believed he had medical training.

Double child murderer Colin Pitchfork should never be let out of prison, a criminology lecturer has said.
And the American author of a best-selling account of his crimes has said he should remain in prison until he’s too old to be a threat.
Pitchfork raped and murdered Leicestershire schoolgirls Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, both aged 15, in 1983 and 1986.
Now after 30 years behind bars Pitchfork has been allowed out for the first time - and is even allowed out by himself.
But former University of Leicester lecturer Dr James Treadwell believes Pitchfork, who is from Newbold Verdon, is an “expert manipulator”.
The family of one of Pitchfork’s victims have said they are horrified by the decision by the Ministry of Justice to let the 56-year old out on temporary day release.
Like Dr Treadwell, they think he’s still a potential threat to the public.
Dr Treadwell said Pitchfork’s good behaviour behind bars may count for very little in the outside world.
The 38-year-old academic said: “Can we be certain that Colin no longer presents a risk? No. He doesn’t present a risk to young females in a prison cell.
“It strikes as slightly concerning that we’re even talking about releasing him.
“I have no doubt Pitchfork would have killed again had he not been apprehended.”
The lecturer, who is now based at Birmingham’s City University, stated that Pitchfork’s behaviour set him aside from the majority of killers.
He said: “Most murders are in the heat of the moment. There are very few murderers who don’t fit that type.
He killed, he went, he cooled off and he killed again. For me that closes off any chance of release.
And former Los Angeles police officer Joseph Wambaugh also thinks he’s a classic sociopath.
His 1989 book, The Blooding, told how Pitchfork was brought to justice through DNA fingerprinting.
Its title refers to the mass testing of men in the area and the use of the pioneering technology developed by Dr Alec Jeffreys.
Almost 5,000 men across the county were required to give blood samples which were then tested against DNA samples taken from the victims.
Pitchfork attempted to evade capture by persuading a gullible work colleague to take the test for him.
It was only when this colleague was overheard talking about the deception in a pub and police alerted that Pitchfork was arrested.
He was the first person to be jailed on DNA evidence and was told he would serve a minimum term of 30 years, later reduced on appeal to 28 years.
Mr Wambaugh told our sister paper the Leicester Mercury: “That absence of conscience, coupled with impulsive, violent sexual appetites, will make him dangerous until he’s too old to be a threat.
Dr Treadwell agrees that his ability to manipulate is a major factor that raises concerns.
He said: “He showed his ability to manipulate the DNA test.
“He was quite happy to sit by and watch an innocent young man sit in jail.”
Because of this he feels Pitchfork’s behaviour in prison could be a tactic to engineer his release.
He said: “The chief justice at the time said he had his doubts that he would ever be released.
“I think on hearing that he never had any choice but to behave in prison if he ever wanted to get out.
“Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that psychologists will have watched him very carefully. But prisons are a very artificial environment.
“It’s very difficult to see what is true remorse.”
He added: “I completely understand the people of Leicester will be anxious about it.
“For the family it must be a terribly difficult time.
“At least in the first instance he will be very carefully monitored.”
Temporary day release is part of the process of assessing whether a long term prisoner is ready for eventual full-time release.
The Ministry of Justice said the process was ‘risk assessed’ at every stage.

Two jury trials have been scheduled for accused serial rapist McClain Durst.
His first trial is set for Oct. 12 in Huron County Common Pleas Court. He’ll face charges of rape, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and importuning stemming from an allegation that a sex crime occurred on July 20 in West Clarksfield.
Durst will have a second trial Nov. 14 in Sandusky County Common Pleas Court, where he is charged with a rape which allegedly occurred Oct. 14, 2015. That sexual assault occurred in the 300 block of Seneca Parkway in Bellevue, according to police.
Durst will likely face charges soon in Erie County as well.
He raped a 16-year-old girl in Castalia on June 12. The Erie County Sheriff’s office is investigating the sex offense, Detective Dennis Papineau said. Durst has not yet been charged for the rape in Erie County.
Papineau said the sheriff’s office is tracking down witnesses and compiling evidence that they will send to the Erie County Prosecutor’s office for review. The prosecutor could return charges against Durst.
Durst already had a preliminary hearing in Huron County, which he waived, and a preliminary hearing in Sandusky County, which was held behind closed doors.
He was previously convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor in 2010, which saw Durst committed to prison for three years.
He has been held on a $600,000 bond in the Huron County jail since he was arrested July 21 by Sandusky police.
Prior to the jury trials, Durst has final pretrial hearings set for Oct. 9 in Huron County and Nov. 6 in Sandusky County.

Alleged serial rapist has two upcoming trials 9/6/2017 Brandon Addeo

BELFAST — A 69-year-old Searsmont man with a lengthy record of sexual assaults in Knox and Waldo counties will serve more than six years in prison.
Glenn Reed was sentenced Aug. 30 in Waldo County Court for unlawful sexual contact and violating probation. He was ordered to serve six years and nine months in prison.
Reed was most recently arrested in February after police received a complaint from a woman who said she accepted a ride from Reed and he touched her in a sexually inappropriate way.
Reed was on probation for unlawful sexual contact at the time.
That case that resulted in probation came to light in 2014 when a 14-year-old girl wrote about the assault in a school essay. The assault occurred at a home in Searsmont.
Reed initially agreed to a police request to take a polygraph test, but on the day the test was scheduled, he canceled, claiming he was having a heart attack. He also claimed he was suffering from dementia and did not recall the girl.
His fist trial on that charge ended in a mistrial, when a defense witness mentioned Reed was on the state sex offender registry list. The trial judge had earlier barred any mention of Reed's prior convictions.
The trial was rescheduled for March 2016, but just before the trial was to begin, he pleaded no contest to the unlawful sexual contact charge. A no contest plea results in a conviction. Reed was sentenced to eight years in prison with all but one year suspended, to be followed by three years of probation.
Reed's criminal record dates back to 1965. In 1974, he was convicted of breaking into the office of Oasis Hotel on Myrtle Street in Rockland and stealing 26 cartons of cigarettes.
The first sex offense occurred when, at age 33, he was charged with raping a 16-year-old girl in Lincolnville who had been walking home from the Center Store along Route 52 on a July evening in 1981. The girl, who was vacationing in Lincolnville, said Reed offered her a ride home. She accepted, but he refused to let her out of his vehicle, drove her to his home in Lincolnville and raped her, according to previously published reports.
The trial ended with a conviction in 1982, but the Maine Supreme Judicial Court overturned it in 1983 on a 3-2 ruling, saying the trial judge erred by not allowing testimony from Reed that the girl was a voluntary social companion. A second trial that year ended with a deadlocked jury. The third trial ended in 1984 with a conviction. The state's highest court upheld that conviction in an August 1984 ruling and Reed served nearly three years in prison for the rape.
While fighting the rape charge, Reed was charged with, and later convicted of, arson for setting a fire to collect insurance money to pay his legal expenses. He was also convicted of tampering with a witness for arranging for inmates to try to silence a witness in the arson case.
In 1987, shortly after he got out of prison, Reed was charged with three counts of gross sexual misconduct and one count of unlawful sexual contact. Among several reports of assaults, it was alleged he sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl while taking her to Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport to have casts removed from both her arms.
A Knox County jury convicted Reed of those charges in December 1987.
Reed appealed his conviction and was freed on bail 10 months later, pending the ruling on the appeal. In September 1989, a divided Maine Supreme Court overturned the verdict, ruling the trial judge erred by allowing testimony from a child psychologist who told jurors the victim exhibited signs of having been sexually abused by a family member. The justices ruled it was not expert testimony that could be supported by empirical evidence.
In March 2013 Reed was arrested after he sexually assaulted a store clerk in Belfast. He told the clerk he was having a bad day and asked for a hug. When the clerk agreed, he groped her and made sexual comments, according to previously published reports.
He was convicted in June of that year for unlawful sexual touching, assault and disorderly conduct. He was sentenced to six months in jail and placed on probation for a year.
COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE — A man charged in three pending rape cases was released on electronic monitoring Thursday after a Cook County judge reduced his bail.
Robert Walters, 44, first made headlines in 2016 when DNA evidence linked him to the 2013 kidnapping and rape of a drunken woman who'd been trying to hail a cab outside Castle nightclub in River North.
Cook County Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. set bail at $5 million in August 2016. Trial Judge Carol M. Howard later reduced that amount to $200,000. Walters posted the requisite 10 percent and soon went free on electronic monitoring.
He was arrested again in November after DNA evidence linked him to a 2014 rape that occurred after an OkCupid date. Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil set bail in that matter at $75,000. Walters posted an additional $7,500 to be released — again on electronic monitoring.
In July of this year, he was brought before Judge Peggy Chiampas on allegations he raped a married woman he met in a bar in July 2016. Walters' DNA recently proven to be a match to that woman's rape kit.
Chiampas denied Walters bail, calling him "a danger to women."
At the request of Walters' defense attorney, Howard this week agreed to let Walters go free pending trial so long as he qualifies for electronic monitoring. Walters was released from Cook County Jail, 2700 S. California Ave., on Thursday, according to the Cook County Sheriff's Office.
This isn't the first time Howard reversed another judge's denial of bail for an accused serial rapist.
When Marc Winner, a former West Loop tanning salon owner, was charged with the third of his four pending rape cases in April 2016, Bourgeois denied Winner bail, dubbing him "a danger."
Howard would later agree to set Winner free on electronic monitoring after he posted $62,500 — or 10 percent of $625,000, which was a combined "composite bail" for all four of his pending cases.
A trial for Winner is slated to begin this fall.
Walters will next appear in court Oct. 4.
In the latest of Walters' charges, he is accused of raping a 26-year-old woman in his Lakeview apartment in the 600 block of West Diversey Parkway in July 2016.
The victim and a friend had gone to dinner and a play before they wound up in a bar on July 16, 2016, prosecutors said. Walters approached the victim and had several drinks with the women before the victim and her friend got separated, according to authorities.
The victim doesn't remember leaving the bar, prosecutors said.
She awoke the next morning, naked and in pain, inside Walters' bedroom, Assistant State's Attorney Kathryn Roy said during a bond hearing this summer. Walters reportedly was sleeping naked next to the victim.
The woman gathered her belongings and tried to leave, according to prosecutors. Walters awoke and told the woman "that he had had sex with her," Roy said. After the woman left Walters' apartment, she called her husband and reported the attack to police, prosecutors said.
A rape kit was collected; the victim had bruises on her thighs, forearms and clavicle.
In March of this year, Walters' DNA proved to be a positive match to the DNA collected in the victim's rape kit, Roy said. Walters was later identified in a photo array and charged with sexual assault.
Defense attorney Vadim Glozman in July said Walters works delivering food daily. He attends church every Sunday, the attorney said, and has a very supportive family.

HARTFORD, Conn. — An East Coast drifter who authorities say killed seven people in Connecticut during a 2003 series of slayings and sexual assaults while driving a van he called the Murder Mobile pleaded guilty on Friday in connection with six of the slayings.
William Devin Howell pleaded guilty to six counts of murder during a hearing in New Britain Superior Court. Howell, who’s 47 years old, is expected to be sentenced in November to 360 years in prison.
The Hampton, Virginia, native previously was convicted of manslaughter in one victim’s death and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The guilty pleas Friday confirmed that he is the most prolific serial killer in Connecticut history — not including the killers in mass shootings such as the Newtown school massacre.
The bodies of all seven victims were found buried in a wooded area behind a strip mall in New Britain. Three bodies were found in 2007, and the other remains were discovered in 2015 when authorities went back to the site.
Howell’s lawyers said his guilty plea avoids a trial and saves taxpayers nearly $1 million.
“By pleading guilty today, William Howell wanted to spare the victims’ families further emotional pain through a lengthy and drawn out trial that would have taken several weeks, if not months,” the lawyers, Jeffrey Kestenband and William Paetzold, said in a statement.
New Britain State’s Attorney Brian Preleski praised a task force of local, state and federal authorities that investigated the killings and expressed “our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of these innocent victims.”
All seven victims disappeared in 2003, when Howell was mowing lawns and working other odd jobs. They were identified as Joyvaline Martinez, 24, of East Hartford; Diane Cusack, 53, of New Britain; Mary Jane Menard, 40, of New Britain; Melanie Ruth Camilini, 29, of Seymour; Marilyn Gonzalez, 26, of Waterbury; Danny Lee Whistnant, 44, of New Britain; and Nilsa Arizmendi, 33, of Wethersfield.
Howell was arrested in May 2005 in Hampton, Virginia, in connection with Arizmendi’s death and later pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
He sexually assaulted three of the women and kept one of the bodies in his van for two weeks, sleeping next to the body and calling the victim his “baby,” according to an arrest warrant affidavit. He also told a cellmate there was a monster inside him, described himself as a “sick ripper” and called his van the Murder Mobile, according to the warrant.
Howell told the cellmate the first person he killed was a woman he raped in his van, the warrant said. The cellmate, who described his conversations with Howell to authorities, said Howell told him he strangled the woman and hit her in the head with a hammer, the warrant said.
Howell also told the fellow inmate he kept the woman’s body wrapped up in his van because it was too cold outside to bury her, the warrant said. He said he cut off the tips of her fingers, dismantled her bottom jaw and disposed of the body parts in Virginia, the document said.
Authorities said they found in the van blood that matched the blood of one of the victims, along with videotapes of Howell having sex with women.
Police said drug use was a main connection among most of the victims.
Howell called the burial site his “garden” and said the victims should have known they were going to die because of the lifestyles they led, the warrant said.
The seven killings topped the Connecticut body count of serial killer Michael Ross, who killed six women in eastern Connecticut and two in New York and was executed in Connecticut in 2005. Connecticut no longer has the death penalty.

Serial killer who raped victims in 'Murder Mobile' pleads guilty to 6 murders  


A Derby shopkeeper accused of a series of sex crimes raped a 12-year-old girl in his flat, a court has heard.
The trial of Dilan Amin at Derby Crown Court has today heard evidence from a 17-year-old girl Amin is accused of raping when she was 12 at his flat next to the Famous Shop, in Pear Tree, Road, Normanton, which he ran.
Amin, 27, is charged with 14 offences against seven victims, all of which he denies. He has been charged with offences including rape of a child and sexual assault.
She said: "He was just like, let's have sex, and I was like no. He tried to kiss me. I was trying to keep him away to protect myself. I could not control him. He was older than me. He was kissing me."
The girl said he then sat on her and she "could not escape". She added: "He was like we are going to have sex. He grabbed me to the side. I could not escape. He was right on top of me."

The girl said after the rape she thought she was pregnant and "was in shock". She added: "I was still a virgin."
She told the police in the interview that after the incident Amin would call her. She said: "I was like it's my life. I was used to doing my own stuff. But he was trying to control me. He knew I was young. I told him to stop following me."

She also said in the interview she "just can't live without him".
At the end of the police interview the girl was asked what she thought of Amin. She replied: "I hate him. He ruined my young teenage life. I lost friends because of him."
Amin faces two charges of rape of a child, two of rape, four of inciting a child for prostitution, four charges of sexual assault, one for paying for sexual services and one of supplying cocaine.
The trial continues.

An alleged serial rapist  who was on the loose luring females with promises of hotel employment, has been caught.
According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the alleged rapist, whose photograph was widely circulated on social media, was spotted Saturday at around 4:00 pm in Piaye, by a woman who raised an alarm.
Residents of the community were summoned, tied the man up when he tried to put up a fight and gave him a severe beating, it is reported.
The police were summoned and transported the suspect to hospital.
“He is in pretty bad shape,” an eyewitness told St Lucia Times.
Law enforcement officials had been on the hunt for the man who was described as fair skinned, sporting multiple tattoos and being in his thirties, after a warrant was issued for his arrest in May this year in connection with a charge of rape, committed in Soufriere.
Having been charged and held on bail, the defendant failed to appear  for trial.
According to St Lucia Times sources, the man, who introduces himself as ‘Junior’, apparently called telephone numbers randomly and once a female answered, claimed to represent any one of several hotels on the Island and made a job offer.
He is said to have a female accomplice who also makes calls on his behalf.
Once there was interest, the potential victim was invited to meet him, sometimes at a guest house, after which he took them elsewhere and forced himself on them.
The man’s latest rape occurred this week at a remote area in Soufriere after he is reported to have promised a woman a job as a cook and cleaner at a well known resort in the North of the Island.
According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the woman was picked up and driven to a house where she was violated but later managed to escape, despite being threatened with physical violence.
She later made a report to the police.
Since the Times broke the story of the serial rapist on the loose, several women have come forward to tell  stories of how they almost fell victim.
They said others who were actually raped were ashamed to speak up.
One woman who spoke on condition of anonymity, said at the time the serial rapist offered her a job she was desperate for employment.
Police arrested a serial rapist who had lured his victims through social media.

The man, believed to be a former pastor, appeared in court on two charges of murder, four charges of rape, a charge of intimidation and a charge of extortion (“‘Rapist’ uses Facebook as trap”, People’s Post, 22 August).
The suspect has in the past touted himself as a reverend. The accused – believed to be a serial rapist – is thought to have been active in the period 2013 to 2016,” Captain Ian Williams, Mitchell’s Plain police spokesperson, previously said.
The serial rapist is believed to have committed crimes in a large area, from Wolfgat Nature Reserve to Mnandi beach.
The accused would allegedly set up a Facebook profile as a female. He would then befriend his victims and win their trust. The accused would target women from poor economic areas who would be seeking employment and would offer [them] employment for modelling jobs,” said Williams.
“He would then get the victim to come to him to take photos at a place arranged close to his house. When the victims arrived at the meeting place, the accused would offer some excuse as to why the female of the Facebook profile wasn’t there. He would then threaten the victim and rape her,” he said.
“We are unable to divulge further information regarding the Facebook profile at this stage as it forms part of the ­investigation.”
The victims are believed to be women in their twenties. The serious rapist is apparently a well-spoken and groomed professional who is neatly shaven and dressed well. Police are requesting women, who believe they are victims, to come ­forward.

Former pastor seen as ‘serial rapist’ 2017-09-05 Samantha Lee

Two south Dublin schools have sent letters around to parents, warning them of a serial rapist who has been spotted around the area.

It is believed that the man they are referring to is the same man who raped four women in the area of Dalkey, Killiney and Monkstown. It is also the same man who stabbed two women in Rathmines.
He was released in 2009 after serving 13 years in prison.
The man's name was not released, however it is believed that the man they refer to was seen walking around Mount Merrion a few weeks ago.
He has not convicted any of these crimes since he was released in 2009. Despite this, schools have concerns still about the man walking around the area as of late.
According to the Herald, the letter said that local reps would suggest he would ''be encouraged to move out of the area in the near future''.

TEEN RAPISTS 46 11 settembre 2017

4-year-old girl raped by 17-year-old 11 settembre 2017

7-year-old girl raped by 12-year-old boy 11 settembre 2017

8-year-old girl gang-raped by cousin and his friend 11 settembre 2017

8-year-old girl raped at knife-point 10 settembre 2017

16-year-old raped, stabbed to death 10 settembre 2017

2-and-a-half-year-old girl raped by drunken man 10 settembre 2017

2 teenagers raped, murdered 10 settembre 2017

2 U.S. Students Raped by 2 Policemen in Italy 10 settembre 2017

2-year-old boy raped, stabbed to death by his uncle 10 settembre 2017

7-year-old schoolboy sexually assaulted, murdered inside bathroom 9 settembre 2017

13-year-old boy forced into home, raped by 59-year-old man 8 settembre 2017

Police hunt man after two women raped in Finsbury Park 8 settembre 2017

Man who raped daughter over 600 times sentenced 8 settembre 2017

Young mother raped, murdered after party 8 settembre 2017


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