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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


giovedì 2 novembre 2017


AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - Texas plans to execute a man convicted of raping and murdering five children and young women, using a tourniquet to torture and strangle his victims.
Anthony Shore, 55, is set to be put to death by lethal injection at the state's death chamber in Huntsville. If the execution goes ahead, it will be the seventh this year in Texas and the 545th in the state since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976.
Shore was a serial rapist and murderer who killed five girls and women in the 1980s and 1990s in the Houston area, and was known as the "tourniquet killer" for strangling his victims with handmade tourniquets, the Harris County District Attorney's office said.
The crimes went unsolved for more than decade until he was arrested for sexually molesting two girls who were relatives and his DNA was put on file as a sexual predator, the office said.
The DNA was tested a few years later against cold case files and it turned up to be a positive match in at least one case. He was brought in for questioning and confessed to murdering and raping five girls and women in the Houston area, they said.
He was convicted in 2004 and sentenced to death.
His victims included Maria del Carmen Estrada, who was raped and her nude body left in the drive-thru of a Dairy Queen in 1992, the district attorney's office for the county that contains Houston said.
Shore’s other victims included 14-year-old Laurie Tremblay who was killed in 1986, a 14-year-old girl he killed in 1993, nine-year-old Dana Rebollar who was killed in 1994, and 16-year-old Dana Sanchez killed in 1995. All were raped, tortured, and murdered by Shore, it said.
"(He is) a true serial killer, a person deserving of the ultimate punishment. His crimes were predatory, and his victims the most vulnerable in society - women and children," Kim Ogg, the Harris County district attorney, said in a statement.
(Reporting by Jon Herskovitz; editing by Grant McCool)
A “CHARMING and manipulative” man raped, sexually abused and manipulated five women over a nine year period, a jury heard.
Brad Conway forced the complainants to submit to his demands, threatening to publish explicit photos of them if they refused, it is alleged.
Conway, 36, formerly of Wibsey, Bradford, denies nine charges of rape, two counts of sexual assault, two of voyeurism and single charges of harassment to commit rape and false imprisonment.
Prosecutor Nick Askins told Bradford Crown Court that Conway repeatedly raped the first woman.
She described him as “charming" but also "jealous, controlling and manipulative”.
She told how she submitted to Conway’s sexual demands through fear and the force of his personality.
Mr Askins said Conway, now of Balmoral Place, Halifax, threatened to publish topless photos of the woman if she did not agree to see him.
He threw her out of his car on to the pavement on one occasion.
The second complainant described him as “on the one hand generous but controlling, manipulative and prone to outbursts of anger”.
Conway is accused of threatening to send sexually explicit photos to her parents and university if she did not take part in sex acts with him.
“He harassed her with a view to raping her,” Mr Askins said.
The third woman said Conway could act nicely but he was mentally and physically abusive.
After they fell out one night, he backed her into a corner at his home and raped her.
“He looked crazy,” she later told the police when giving a statement.
Conway’s fourth victim said he would devalue her and be sexually demanding and aggressive.
He gave her drugs and alcohol to get her to have sex.
He held her by the hair and recorded her during sex sessions.
One night he dragged her out of a Bradford bar by her hair, locked her in his home, pinned her down with a pillow over her face and raped her as she cried and told him to stop, it is alleged.
Conway is said to have offered to pay a fifth woman to be in control of her sex life, telling her if she broke the conditions: “It would not end well and he would viciously rape her.”
She said he could be a gentleman but he was jealous, controlling and manipulative.
She alleged he was obsessed with violent and degrading pornography and would have sex with her while they were under the influence of drugs.
She described being “in a trance like state”, saying he would strangle her until she lost consciousness and film the sexual acts, telling her to look as if she was enjoying it.
She also said he sexually abused her with a vase and a phone.
Conway is later said to have emailed her with some of the film clips, saying: “Entertainment courtesy of us” and “Good viewing”.
He followed those messages up with: “The viewing is this Friday at eight. You asked for it,” the court was told.
Conway’s barrister, Stephen Uttley, told the jury that his client’s defence was that all five women had consented to sex.
“There is no issue with Mr Conway about sexual activity taking place with these five ladies. The issue is whether it was consensual or not,” he said.
Mr Uttley said the jury might not like Conway’s behaviour but “this is not a court of morals, it is a court of law”.
The trial continues.

A secondary school in South Dublin has made a formal complaint to gardai after serial rapist Michael Murray was spotted outside the premises on several occasions.

Murray has been forced to move to a new address several times in recent years after being recognised by members of the public.
Only last month the Herald revealed that two schools had warned students about Murray lurking in the area, and it has since emerged that his actions have concerned another secondary school in the capital.
Last Monday, officers at Dundrum Garda Station received a complaint that the sex beast had been spotted a number of times on different dates outside the Clonskeagh school.


"Several parents informed the principal about the sightings and he then made a formal complaint to local gardai," a source said.
"Unfortunately, the guards' hands are tied in that he hasn't committed an offence, and all gardai can do is watch him."
A danger to children, he was previously sentenced for indecently exposing himself to a five-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy.
It is understood that detectives from Dundrum Garda Station are keeping tabs on Murray.
In September, two South Dublin schools sent letters to the homes of students warning parents that he had been spotted in the area.
The prominent and well-respected primary and secondary girls' schools issued the letters, which urged students to remain vigilant, the week after concerned locals raised the issue of the serial sex offender being seen not far away.
Murray was jailed in 1996 for raping four women and sexually assaulting two others in South Dublin in 1995.
The Central Criminal Court heard he carried out the attacks between September 18 and 23.
At his trial, two of his victims told the court they thought they were going to die.
Murray committed his first rapes in Dalkey, Killiney and Monkstown, but then began to move out of the area.
His next victim was in Rathmines, where he attacked and stabbed a girl.
After days of surveillance, he was seen returning to his mother's house and arrested.
Murray was eventually sentenced to 18 years, but with standard remission he served only 13 and was released in 2009.
Eighteen months before his rape conviction, he received a four-month sentence for indecently exposing himself to the five-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy after walking into the back garden of a house in Dun Laoghaire.


His previous crimes make him a potential threat to women and children.
One officer with extensive knowledge of Murray said he was "equally as dangerous" as notorious rapist Larry Murphy.
Like Murphy, Murray refused to take part in any rehabilitation programmes during his prison term.

School principal calls gardai over serial rapist fear Robin Schiller – 17 October 2017

Audiences across the country have been shocked to learn that the BBC has decided to axe Crimewatch after 33 years.
It was revealed that the show has been cancelled after a drop in ratings - and BBC hopes to spend more money on dramas.
It comes despite a revamp with former Strictly Come Dancing star and BBC Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine as host.
The programme has helped solve some of the most high profile and shocking murders in UK history.
In Cornwall, serial rapist Richard Baker was trapped following a Crimewatch appeal by Jill Dando in 1999.
The serial rapist was "shopped" to police by his brother Kevin, 36 at the time, who saw trailers for the BBC programme and recognised an E-fit picture of the wanted attacker, it was understood.
It was considered one of the most successful Crimewatch operations.
Kevin Baker, a successful businessman, rang the incident room to give detectives his brother's name and tell them he was staying with their mother in Bodmin.
One source close to the case said: "He had been in trouble with Richard many years ago, but had put it all in the past and wanted to put an end to his brother's activities.
"When he saw the Crimewatch programme he was appalled by what his brother had been doing."
Officers from London rang colleagues in Devon and Cornwall Police, who found Baker had already left on a coach for Heathrow Airport.
His description was sent to London and detectives were waiting as the coach pulled up, in the early hours of December 16, with Baker dressed in a leather jacket and jeans.
Detective Sergeant Peter Bartlett said: "I spotted him coming off the coach. He had high cheekbones and dark looks. I was sure we had our man."
The broadcast appeal featured a reconstruction of Baker's attack on a woman croupier as she walked home through north London after work.
Miss Dando and the officer in charge of the inquiry, Commander Paddy Tomkins, appealed for help after Scotland Yard's Holmes computer linked the attacks through genetic fingerprinting.
Officers were hoping for results - but even they could not have hoped for a name before the programme was broadcast.
The senior investigating officer, Detective Superintendent David Bright, of Essex Police, said: "It was a fantastic breakthrough, just what we had been waiting for.
"Jill Dando and her team did a marvellous job. Millions of people saw it and we received valuable information in addition to the name of the attacker."
Essex Police was the force which first realised that officers could be dealing with a serial attacker following three attacks in the Southend area.
They set up Operation Monarch to target the attacker and then the inquiry became nationwide under Commander Tomkins after the Essex attacks were linked to those in London and Sussex.
Baker was originally questioned about 22 attacks and was then charged with 13, including four rapes.
After his arrest, he refused to answer questions, merely telling detectives: "It was not me."
Baker was jailed for life in 1999 for a string of rapes and other sex offences.
He had previously been jailed for rape in 1987 and for having sex with an underage girl in 1995.
Baker was moved to Chadwick Lodge, a medium secure mental health unit in Milton Keynes, Bucks, in November 2011.
He had spent the previous four years at the high-security Broadmoor Hospital.
In 2012, Baker managed to get a computer tablet into the psychiatric unit where he was being held and downloaded vile images of child abuse while serving four life sentences.
The dangerous predator paid more than £550 for the tablet and persuaded a friend to post it to him, hidden in the bottom of a package where it would not be detected.
He then hid it in a picture frame he modified during a woodwork class and used it over five months to download nearly 300 indecent images of children.
His crimes were discovered after he tried to befriend a therapist at Broadmoor using a Facebook account in the name of Anthony Rekab – his middle name and his last name backwards.
Staff used a scanner that showed an electronic device was in the room, but were unable to find it at first.
He confessed to having it, but told a psychiatrist he didn’t want to give staff the pin because it contained naked pictures of his girlfriend and unpatented designs for an electric car worth millions.
Once the security had been bypassed, police found the indecent images, as well as a number of searches for pornography featuring teenage girls.
After being transferred to Woodhill Prison, in Milton Keynes, Baker discovered an inmate who was about to be released had IT knowledge.
He offered to pay £1,000 if he would delete his history relating to YouTube, email, and social media accounts, but the man went to police instead.
He was handed a six-year sentence at Aylesbury Crown Court in 2016, after being found guilty of nine child pornography offences and intentionally encouraging or assisting a person to commit an offence.
Later Baker appeared over a video link from prison at the Court of Appeal, in London, where he tried to have his jail term cut – with his lawyers arguing it was too tough. But his complaints were thrown out by three of the country’s most senior judges, who said the sentence was justified.
Baker’s lawyers argued the six-year sentence was “far too long” for his most recent offending. But, rejecting his appeal bid, Mr Justice Wyn Williams said there could be no complaint about it, in light of his serious criminal history.
Sitting with Lord Justice Burnett and Mr Justice Supperstone, he added: “When looked at in total, we reach the clear conclusion that the sentence passed was proportionate and appropriate.”

RUSSIAN national Alexander Krylof (56), known to his victims as 'Mr Alex', made his first appearance in the Walvis Bay Magistrate's Court, facing allegations of rape, human trafficking and immoral actions against minors.
Krylof was arrested about three weeks after the police were informed by one of the parents of the victims of what happened. Krylof is a marine pilot at Namport, and was apparently out at sea before his arrest. Court proceedings were, however, stopped after the accused became visibly ill and disoriented.

Magistrate John Sindano ordered Krylof to be taken to hospital immediately. Police officers had to carry him to their van, from where he was taken to the Welwitschia Private Hospital.

He was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and was not well enough to return to court. The case was therefore postponed to 9 November for both further investigations and for his full recovery.

He is currently under police custody in hospital.

Krylof is accused of committing sexual acts with five girls over a period stretching from last year until June this year.

He fetched the victims, aged 15 and 16, from Kuisebmond, and took them to a flat at Walvis Bay, where he would have sex with them. Three of the victims are pupils at Swakopmund and Walvis Bay schools, while two are not attending school.
Alleged serial child rapist makes first appearance  2017-10-23 Adam Hartman

A 22-year-old man described as a predator and a serial rapist was sentenced to life in prison after he pleaded guilty to posing as a popular rapper, luring women to a park in Northport and sexually assaulting them there.
Police say Aaron Lavontra Hall used a fake Facebook account to pretend to be Atlanta musician Issa Thompson. Using the stolen identity, Hall persuaded at least two women to meet him at Kentuck Park, where investigators say he raped and sodomized them. Investigators arrested Hall in July 2015 and charged him with seven felonies.
Hall spent 16 months in the Tuscaloosa County Jail, but was released on bond last November only to be arrested again in Gordo this February and charged with another attack under similar circumstances. His bond was revoked and he has been in jail since.
Hall pleaded guilty to one charge of first-degree rape and one charge of first-degree sodomy Thursday in the courtroom of Circuit Judge James Roberts. The other five charges were dismissed as part of the plea deal.
Hall will serve two concurrent life sentences in prison for the crimes at Kentuck, and he is expected to receive a third life sentence when he pleads guilty to the February attack in Pickens County.
Assistant district attorneys Jonathan Cross and Kate Furek prosecuted the case and said that justice had been served.
“We were pleased with all of the pleas. The maximum sentence is life and that was the sentence we required,” Cross said. “I went to my boss, (District Attorney) Hays Webb, to discuss the case and talk about what kind of plea to offer this man. He said ‘Nothing less than life.’ ”
Cross said the case was unique because of the way Hall used social media to “catfish” his victims.
“These were young girls who just wanted to be valued,” Cross said. “They wanted to matter to someone else. They wanted to be wanted by someone else. They meet online and they think they’re going to meet a nice-looking rapper from Atlanta out at Kentuck Park. Instead they met this predator who preyed upon them, sexually violated them and assaulted them.”
Cross said it was unfortunate that Hall was able to bond out of jail after his 2015 arrest and commit another assault, but added that his bail was set at the highest amount allowed and that police and prosecutors must presume all suspects are innocent until they’re proven guilty.
Cross said the guilty plea specifies that Hall can apply for parole in 15 years, but said he doubted it would be granted.
“In 15 years, he’ll come up for parole, but it’s been my experience when you have someone this violent, with three separate cases, parole will be denied,” Cross said. “We can’t guarantee that, but I know there are several people that have been there for over 35 years serving life sentences because they pose a danger to the public. The parole board knows what they’re doing.”
Accused serial rapist pleads guilty Stephen Dethrage Oct 26, 2017

A convicted sex attacker who was freed from prison is suspected by police of the raping and killing two further women and putting their bodies through a mincing machine.
Alexandr Maslennikov, 31, is then believed to have fed the remains to his dogs, according to police sources in southern Russia.
Video footage has shown the arrest of the 6ft 6in giant, who is bundled into a police van on his return to the city of Volzhsky in the Volgograd region.
Officers believe that Olga Shaposhnikova, 28, and Daria Labutina, 29, went missing after visiting the Voice karaoke club in the industrial city earlier this month, and there was a day and night search for them.
Their mobile phones stopped working immediately and their frantic relatives were not able to reach them. Now police have established that the women had left the club with Maslennikov, who was freed in May this year after serving 11 years for rape, sexual assault, and robbery.
They fear that the Russian giant kidnapped the two shop workers by driving them to his home where is alleged to have raped them and then dismembered their bodies.
The news has shocked the women's families and work colleagues at the shopping mall. A friend said: "It was the first time when they both decide to go out an chill together in a very long time, and then this happened."
Moskovsky Komsomolets reported: "The criminal dismembered their bodies and ground them up with a mincer." Their remains were then "fed to dogs", Russian reports state.
Police found body parts of the women in a nearby forest, and have brought two murder charges against Maslennikov, and he is on the Russian wanted list.
There is a 700,000 rouble or £9,000 reward for information about him. He was held by police near Moscow last week, where it is believed he had started dating a hairdresser.
Police believe the mother-of-one could have become his next victim after she had earlier been his penpal.
One of Maslennikov's former classmates described him as "very unfriendly and reserved" and said he was a "somewhat slippery" character who could lash out at other children who were weaker than him.
The classmate said: "He was a negative personality overall."
His fathe, also called Alexandr, says he doesn't believe his son has killed the women. He said: "Why would he need to kill two pretty girls. I don't know where the girls are."
Russian sex attacker accused of raping and murdering two women then mincing their bodies for dog meat Will StewartAidan Barlow 28 OCT 2017

PEABODY — A serial rapist who was cleared by a jury last fall of his latest rape charge is back in custody, now charged with attempting to sexually assault a woman in his apartment. 
Mark B. Papamechail, 55, of 4 Stevens St., Peabody, who is a Level 3 sex offender, was ordered held without bail by a Peabody District Court judge Monday, pending a hearing next week to determine whether he poses a danger if released. 
Police were called to his address by a woman. Officers found both the woman and Papamechail outside of the home and spoke to them separately, according to a police report. 
The woman, who had gone on several dates with Papamechail, said he picked her up at her home and the two went to dinner. After dinner, rather than drive her home, the two went back to his apartment, where, the woman said, she told him she did not want to have sex that night. She said Papamechail later woke her up and began demanding sex. 
When she refused, he threw her against a wall and said, "I am going to have you one way or another," she told police. The woman broke free and ran outside, where she called 911. 
Papamechail told officers that the two had been in an "off and on" sexual relationship since last December, and denied assaulting her. He said the two had shared a bottle of wine, then went to bed fully clothed. He said she woke up suddenly and began screaming at him, calling him a sex offender and a rapist.
Papamechail has a record of sex offenses dating back to the 1980s, including convictions for indecent assault and battery in 1986 and 1994 and rape in 1991 and 1997. 
He was arrested in 2014 on a charge of aggravated rape after a woman said he had sexually assaulted her after the two went to his apartment following a lunch date. Last October, a Salem Superior Court jury found him not guilty.
Papamechail pleaded not guilty to the new charges of assault with intent to rape and domestic assault and battery at Monday's arraignment before Judge Michael Patten. 
Patten scheduled a dangerousness hearing for Nov. 6 and ordered that Papamechail remain in custody at least through that date. 
Serial rapist faces new allegation Julie Manganis Oct 30, 2017
PORT ELIZABETH – A serial rapist who tormented a string of women in Port Elizabeth pleaded guilty to 17 counts of rape in the city’s high court. 
Mzikayise Mkavu, 27, pleaded guilty to a string of charges which include rape, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, attempted murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances. The charges against him date back to incidents between July 2008 up until January 2016. 
According to the State, in the first incident in 2008, Mkavu accosted a woman and demanded R1 from her. When the women said she had no money, Mkavu who was in possession of a broken bottle told her to run as he would stab her. The indictment reads that he forced the woman to run in the direction of a school where he raped her. 
In the second incident, during September 2010, another woman was robbed of R18 by two unknown men who then proceeded to rape her. When the two men left Mkavu pretended to assist the woman by escorting her home. As they were walking he produced a knife and ordered her to go in the direction of Sisonke High School where he raped her inside a classroom, the indictment reads. 
Still, in September 2010, the State alleges that Mkavu accosted another woman while she was waiting outside her boyfriend’s house. He grabbed her and ordered her to go to the back of the house, before stabbing her in her eyes with a bottleneck. According to the State, he then raped the woman. 
In March 2011, Mkavu targeted a woman who was walking alone in Ketani Street. The State alleges he came running behind her, ordered her to stop and stabbed her in the ear, before raping her twice. 
In June 2011, Mkavu accosted another woman who was walking in a street. According to the State, he robbed her of her phone, R30 and stabbed her with a knife in the neck before raping her. The woman ran to her sister’s house where she collapsed and regained consciousness in hospital. 
In 2012, the State alleges that Mkavu raped five women in separate incidents between May and December. 
The indictment reads that in 2013, a woman was walking to her boyfriend’s house when Mkavu approached her and robbed her of her phone and R90 in cash, before raping her. 
Similarly, in 2014 a woman was on her way home when Mkavu accosted her and demanded money and her cellphone. According to the State, he forced the woman into a house where he raped and stabbed her. 
In the last incident in January 2016, armed with knives Makavu with an accomplice forced a woman into a house where they raped her and forced her to stay the night. 
Fourteen women have been listed in the indictment as complainants. 
Mkavu’s guilty plea explanation, which is a voluminous document, was read into the court record on Monday. 
The Imo State Police Command has arrested two suspected serial rapists in the state.
The suspects names were given as 29-year-old Stanley Ohams and Tobechukwu Udechukwu, 31.
The state Police Public Relations Officer, Andrew Enwerem, told PUNCH Metro on that the suspects were arrested for raping one Agu, 25; and Umelo, 26.
Enwerem said, “The suspects were arrested on October 4, 2017, in connection with assault and rape of Agu and Umelo.
The suspects operate a Facebook account, which bears female pictures and used it to lure the victims to their location at Egwu in the Oguta Local Government Area.
When Agu and Umelo arrived at the location, the suspects assaulted and raped them.
The suspects also used their smart phones to make nude video clips of the victims which they threatened to release on the Internet if victims did not pay money into their bank accounts.
The PPRO stated that the rapists had confessed to the crime, having received money paid by the victims into their accounts.
“They are helping the police to track down other members of their gang, known as Don K,” Enwerem added.

Police arrest alleged serial rapists in Imo Published October 17, 2017

A 66-year-old Jerusalem man was indicted on charges of sexual assault and sodomy in a Jerusalem district court. 

The charges stemmed from a series of rapes and sexual assaults which took place in a Jerusalem mikva (ritual bathhouse) where the accused worked.

According to indictment, the suspect, Haim Shragai, raped three local teenage boys over the course of three years.

The victims ranged in age from 13 to 16.

Shragai helped manage the mikva where the attacks took place, Behadrei Haredim reported, and used his position to trap his victims.

Authorities say Shragai would approach the teenagers while they were using the mikva, and blocked their exit if they tried to escape.

When the teens refused to submit to his demands, Shragai would threaten to leave the victims locked inside the facility, and warned that he would tell the victims’ parents that they were guilty of various offenses. 

In some instances, Shragai showed his victims pornographic material, then threatened to tell their parents.

After each incident, Shragai would pay the victim a small sum, usually several shekels.

The prosecution has requested that Shragai be denied bail and be held in custody until the end of his trial.

TEEN RAPISTS 51 2 novembre 2017

22-year-old taxi driver raped, tried to kill 9-year-old girl 2 novembre 2017

27-year-old woman burnt alive for resisting rape 2 novembre 2017

7-year-old girl raped, killed by 2 brothers 1 novembre 2017

23-year-old woman murdered for resisting rape attempt by 4 people 30 ottobre 2017

17-year-old girl died after she was gang-raped by 3 youths 30 ottobre 2017

100-year-old woman died after being raped by a drunk youth 30 ottobre 2017

Tourist gang-raped by 4 Moroccan immigrants 29 ottobre 2017

Woman dragged out of her house, gang-raped by 8 men 27 ottobre 2017




Paedo priest jailed for sexually abusing 11 boys 27 OTTOBRE 2017

Paedo arrested for raping a 6-year-old girl he was babysitting 27 OTTOBRE 2017

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