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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


venerdì 24 novembre 2017


CHENNAI: The city police said a 28-year-old former employee of a software company they had arrested for robbery was a serial rapist who could have sexually assaulted up to 50 women in Chennai.

Investigators stumbled upon the crimes of Madhan Arivalagan, a native of Mathur in Krishnagiri district, after they took him in for questioning in connection with a mugging, inspected his cellphone, and were stunned by what they found recorded on the device. "Arivalagan sexually assaulted women after trapping them alone at home," an investigating officer told TOI. "He recorded the acts on his cellphone in several cases and used the footage to blackmail and repeatedly rape the women."

"We have received a first formal rape complaint against him and expect more to follow," he said. "Many of the women, of course, may choose to never come forward and charge him." 

Investigators said Arivalagan, a BSc (Maths) graduate from a Krishnagiri college, worked for a software firm in Bengaluru for couple of years before moving to Chennai in 2015.

"Arivalagan told us during interrogation that he was looking for a job in the city butcould notfindsuitable employment," the investigating officer said. "He started to rob people on the roads and in their homes, often targeting women who were home alone. He raped one robbery victim and soon turned into a sexual predator." 

The Velachery police on Thursday detained Arivalagan on a complaint by a software engineer and Velachery resident, Williams, who said a lone robber had mugged at knifepointhim near hishouse a few days earlier and made away with Rs 8,500 in cash. A police team identified Arivalagan as a suspect through footage from security cameras in a showroom near the crime scene and took him into custody from hishouse in Maduvankarai near Guindy.

After checking his cellphone, investigators pointedly questioned Arivalagan about the incriminating videos they found. "Arivalagan admitted that he had raped several women at knife point in their houses," the officer said. "He gained entry by asking them for water to drink or for directions to an address." Another officer on the case, who had viewed Arivalagan's video sof sexual assault, said some of the recordings were up to 20 minutes long

"Arivalagan forced his victims to give him their mobile phone numbers and contacts," he said. "He later called them and threatened to show the videos to their husbands or family members and raped them again on several occasions."

A senior police officer said Arivalagan appeared to have serious psychiatric problems. He admitted to police that he not only used the videos to repeatedly rape some women, but also enjoyed watching them

Former tech company man raped over 50 women in Chennai, say cops A SelvarajTNN | Nov 17, 2017

A convicted sex predator has been arrested after California cold case detectives found DNA evidence linking him to the murder of a 19-year-old woman more than 40 years ago.

Leon Melvin Seymour, 71, was charged with murder in the April 1976 stabbing death of Denise Lampe, 19, in Daly City, California.

Prosecutors said that Seymour was formally charged with the murder after new DNA analysis of a blood stain on Lampe's jacket showed a match with Seymour's DNA.

'We’re grateful to have the clarity that DNA evidence brings us,' said San Mateo County Chief Deputy District Attorney Karen Guidotti , according to The Mercury News

'Mr. Seymour can finally be brought to justice. Something he has avoided for many, many years.'

At the time of his arrest, Seymour was already an 'inmate-patient' at Coalinga State Hospital. He had been civilly committed to the state mental hospital as a sexually violent predator following a 33-year prison sentence for the assault of six women. The charges, which date back to the 1970s, included kidnapping, rape and attempted sodomy.

Lampe was killed on April 1, 1976 following her shift at Macy's at the Serramonte Mall in Daly City. She was supposed to meet a friend after work, but never made it to the appointment. 

Local police said that her body was found in her car — a 1964-½ Mustang — which was in the shopping mall's parking lot between the Macy's and Denny's restaurant. 

Lampe's death was one of five unsolved, suspected serial killer murders of young women that occurred over a five month period in 1976 in San Mateo County, which were dubbed the 'Gypsy Hill murders.' A sixth woman was found dead in Reno, Nevada, that year, bearing striking similarities to the Gypsy Hill victims. 

In 2013, the FBI said there was a possibility that the six murders were connected to each other as the victims were all stabbed multiple times and likely raped before they died.

Two years later, authorities arrested Rodney Halbower after DNA evidence tied him to two of the five Gypsy Hill murders, as well as the Reno slaying. Halbower was 66 when he was arrested and already in prison in Oregon on a different attempted murder conviction.

Halbower was charged with two counts of murder and special circumstance of murder during the course of a rape in the deaths of two Gypsy Hill victims who were ages 17 and 18. 

He is expected to go to trial over the new murder charges on January 8. 

After tying Halbower to the Gypsy Hill murders, cold case detectives realized that Lampe's death must have been committed by another person, since Halbower was already in jail at the time of her death, the San Mateo Daily Journal reported. 

Prosecutors said that there was no evidence indicating that Halbower and Seymour knew each other. 

Seymour is held on $10million bail in Lampe's death.  

A jury has been selected to hear the case of a serial rapist in the Shoals.
Opening statements in the Corey Davis started in the Lauderdale County Courthouse.
Davis is accused of attacking multiple women in 2016. Davis was indicted by a Lauderdale County grand jury on multiple charges of rape, sexual torture, kidnapping, and human trafficking.
Police said Davis lured his victims into rural areas after meeting them online, but his defense attorney told WAAY 31 the victims were hired prostitutes, and his client did not hurt them.
"They had posted ads on back page and similar websites seeking to sell their services," said Davis's defense attorney Marty Newell. "He is not the person responsible for these crimes."
Authorities say one of Davis's victims was found tied up in the bottom of an abandoned house in Lauderdale County near Highway 17 and Chisholm Road.
Davis has been held in the Lauderdale County Detention Center awaiting trial since his arrest in 2016.

Jacob Ewing has received additional prison time for his crimes against women, sex crimes that have divided the town of Holton, Kan., for more than a year.
Jackson County District Judge Norbert Marek sentenced Ewing to 7.5 years for the attempted rape of a woman in 2014 and child exploitation related to images he had of an underage girlThe Associated Press reports.
In September, the 23-year-old Ewing was sentenced to 27 years for raping and sodomizing two other womenA jury in June found him guilty on 11 of 12 charges, including two counts of rape, four of aggravated criminal sodomy and two of battery.
According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, Marek departed from an earlier agreement between Ewing’s attorney, Kathleen Ambrosio, and prosecutor Jacqie Spradling, that Ewing’s sentences would run concurrently.

TEEN RAPISTS 34 29 giugno 2017

A rapist serving a life sentence plus 220 years had another 50 added to his term after he pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman in the city’s Magic Hollow area in 1992.
Robert Lee Lane, 50, came up as a match when DNA evidence in the cold case was resubmitted in 2016, according to a news release from the commonwealth’s attorney.
The rape occurred Nov. 4, 1992. The woman was walking home from work in the Magic Hollow area, off Lynnhaven Parkway, when Lane rode past on a bike and told her she looked “sexy.”
Lane then came up behind her, put a knife to her neck and forced her to a park, where he assaulted her on a table, the release said.
Lane’s prior convictions include two counts of abduction, three counts of rape, carjacking, burglary, grand larceny and cocaine possession.

The victims of Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan are in the tens, if not hundreds, stretching back over more than two decades, according to a new exposé.
Majda Bernoussi, a woman of Moroccan origin, kept a daily journal throughout her tumultuous relationship with the prominent Islamic scholar, extracts of which have been unveiled in French magazine Le Point.
While Ms Bernoussi was herself not raped or beaten in the five year relationship, which lasted from 2009 to 2014, she claims to have been threatened by his fans when she tried to denounce him for his “predatory” behaviour towards women.
She is now planning to publish her journal, entitled: A voyage into troubled waters with Tariq Ramadan.
The latest development follows a string of damning allegations about Mr Ramadan, who is a professor at Oxford University and the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Three women have accused him of rape or sexual assault in the past month, providing graphic details in interviews and on social media. Four of his former students also claimed he seduced them when they were just teenagers.
After the first accusation, Mr Ramadan issued a strong denial and filed counter-charges for libel.
Ms Bernoussi made contact with Mr Ramadan on the internet after returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca, attracted by his reputation as a holy man. “He was very cooperative during this first exchange,” she said, adding that she was not in the least concerned. “How could this emblematic figure of Islam, respected worldwide, hurt me?”
They started to exchange text messages, "at first very modest". But soon, "his fake neutrality gave way to tender words, then love," she said. Lingering doubts over his marital status plagued her, and she asked him to clarify his position several times, but without success.
His messages became more and more daring, she said, including statements such as: “I want you, you are mine”, despite having still not met in person.
“I felt less and less peaceful,” Ms Bernoussi said. Still, a date was set to meet, in Lille in July 2009.
“That's when a friend advised me to go on the Internet. I then fell on a site that chilled me with dread. There, before my eyes, dozens of girls screamed their dismay anonymously. They revealed what happened during their meetings with Ramadan…. They depicted a monster without faith or law, who took advantage of everything, their souls and their bodies.
As Ms Bernoussi’s doubts mounted, she says Mr Ramadan started getting angry. “He called me a tease. He wrote to me, saying: ‘That's it?’ …I felt the evil in him, the fake, the deceived makeup man of Islam."
A relationship nevertheless developed, and according to Ms Bernoussi, Mr Ramadan asked her to be his wife. “He told me he was divorced… He never answered the most basic questions about his family and private life,” she said. “He spent his time telling me he loved me. An inner voice screamed at me that he was only a manipulator, who was only trying to destroy me, while he promised me the light.”
Ms Bernoussi grew rebellious, telling him "truths he hated, which he categorically refused to hear".
"I used to send him text messages, asking: 'Would people would continue to come and listen to your sermons if they knew what you were doing to their daughters?'"
Eventually, she says, she realised she was "just an object" for him. "I exceeded my rights by daring to ask him what he had promised me, respect and love.
“I was sincere, not him, never him. For him, it's only a game.”
The relationship came to an end when, according to Ms Bernoussi, Mr Ramadan realised he could not control her like he could the other women.
“After a multitude of lies, and my rebellion, Ramadan let go of me. He was disappearing because he told me I was not who he had believed I was, I had not done what he expected of me. Namely, let him trample and abuse me."
“And with the back of his hand, he swept everything away.”
Ms Bernoussi first gave an interview about her relationship with Mr Ramadan to Le Point three years ago, in which she claimed the number of his victims stretched into double, if not triple digits.
The comments provoked abuse and insults from his fans, she said. “His fans refused to accept that their pseudo-prophet was a usurper and a hypocrite. Eloquent and brilliant, certainly, but an usurper nevertheless."
She added: "Tariq's love is pitiful and boring. I know terrible things about him today. I am so often riddled with rage and pain.”

A 16-year-old rape victim managed to get the license plate number of the car in which she was abducted from a Mifflin Township street last fall.
Her quick thinking not only led investigators to her attacker, but to charge him with four rapes over a three-week period.
Kaquawn Lane, 25, faces as many as 95 years in prison after pleading guilty to four counts of rape, four counts of kidnapping and two gun specifications. He is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 4 by Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Stephen L. McIntosh.
Lane, formerly of Jessica Way in Gahanna, forced the teenage girl into his car at gunpoint as she was walking in the 2200 block of Innis Road toward a bus stop on Cleveland Avenue at about 7 a.m. Oct. 22, 2016.
He drove the girl to an unknown location, raped her and stole her iPhone and $40, then drove her back to the area where she had been abducted, Assistant Prosecutor Kacey Chappelear said.
“He threatened her and threatened her family before he pushed her out of the car,” Chappelear said.
After sheriff’s deputies used the license plate number to track down Lane, his DNA was entered into a computer database, where it matched evidence taken from the teenager as well as victims in three other rape cases. All of the victims identified Lane in photo arrays, Chappelear said.
Chappelear offered the following summary of the other attacks:

  • On Sept. 30, 2016, a woman told Columbus police that a man took her purse from her at the corner of Hague and Sullivant avenues on the West Side and refused to return it unless she got in his car. She said he drove her to the area of East 17th and Joyce avenues on the Northeast Side and raped her before she fled the vehicle.

  • On the same day, Lane met a woman at an East Side house and lured her into his car by asking her to help find his cigarettes, then drove a block away and raped her.

  • On Oct. 9, 2016, a woman visiting from Minnesota was in the front passenger seat of a car that her boyfriend had left running while he went to see someone at an apartment in the Easton area. Lane got into the driver’s seat, pointed a gun at the woman and drove off. He forced her to withdraw money from an ATM before raping her at an unidentified motel, then drove her to Parker Knoll Lane on the Northeast Side and abandoned the car.
Lane pleaded guilty to one kidnapping count for each incident and two counts of rape each for the teenage victim and the Minnesota woman.
None of the victims attended the plea hearing, but Chappelear said at least one is expected to appear at the sentencing.
A 19-year-old man has been sentenced to 13 years in prison after he drugged and raped seven girls — all under 18 years old — whom he met online under the pretext of offering guitar lessons. The case points to the disturbing possibility of a larger ring of drug-facilitated sexual assault.
The rapist purchased the knockout drugs from a 21-year-old man in Heilongjiang province, in China’s northeast, who in the same judgement was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for “imparting criminal methods” and assisting rape. A district court in Changzhou, a city in eastern China’s Jiangsu province, delivered its sentence on Oct. 17, China Youth Daily reported. The criminal case was heard in a closed trial to protect the identity of the underage victims, and identifying information was redacted from the judge’s report.
According to the court, the rapist found the dealer on China’s ubiquitous messaging app WeChat in early 2017. The dealer then messaged him not only the drug dose required, but also a video showing another customer raping a woman after using the drugs he supplied to render her unconscious. The court report stated that the rapist filmed his crimes to share with the dealer in exchange for discounts on his next purchase, and that the vendor had reportedly sold incapacitating agents to nearly 100 people online while posing as a biotechnology company.
None of the guitar teacher’s first six victims reported the incidents to police or their parents, either because they were ashamed to talk about it or because they could not contact him after he blocked them online. But in May, he switched his weapon of choice to a cheaper drug from the same dealer and overdosed his victim, a 17-year-old high school student. When she remained unconscious well into the afternoon, the rapist dropped her off at the front door of her parents’ home. When her parents found her still unconscious, they called an ambulance to take her to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed abnormal drug intoxication. They then reported the case to public security, which launched an investigation.
The court report quoted public prosecutor Xu Liuqin saying that schools lack education and guidance on preventing and reporting sexual abuse, leaving minors more exposed to danger, especially from online predators.
Although public attention to sexual abuse and harassment is growing across the country, there is still significant denial of the issue in some quarters. In October, for example, state media outlet China Daily outraged readers when it published a commentary claiming that because of cultural traditions, sexual harassment was less prevalent in China than in the West. The piece was later deleted. According to statistics from the Supreme People’s Court, China’s courts saw more than 60,000 rape cases from 2013 to 2015.
The case is not the first in which domestic media have been gripped by drug-facilitated sexual assault involving illicit online sales. In August, a man was arrested in central China’s Hubei province after he bought drugs online and then sedated and raped his wife’s former colleague. Public prosecutor Xu said that her office has urged public security and other law enforcement departments — including the country’s food and drug administration — to reinforce supervision of online drug sales and break the supply chain behind such crimes.
The court’s report made no mention of whether it was investigating the drug seller’s other clients, including those who documented their crimes on video.
PRETORIA – Gauteng police commissioner Lt-Gen Deliwe de Lange has welcomed the five life sentences handed to convicted serial rapist Charles Mthetwa in the High Court in Pretoria.
De Lange hailed the sentences as an endorsement of a meticulous and thorough investigation by the investigating detectives team, Brigadier Mathapelo Peters said.
“The sentence comes as the South African Police Service [SAPS] has taken it upon themselves to prioritise investigation of cases against women and children in line with [Police] Minister Fikile Mbalula’s six point action plan on gender-based violence.”
Mthethwa, who had been terrorising the communities of Olifantsfontein, Ivory Park, and Erasmia between 2013 and 2015, was handed five life sentences and 100 years behind bars for crimes including murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, and assault, Peters said.
“We are convinced that the diligent work by members of our component specialising in cases related to family violence, child protection, and sexual offences (FCS) will go a long way in making sure that perpetrators of such offenses deservedly face the full might of the law,” De Lange said.
With the “Safer Festive Season” operations under way and the upcoming 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, De Lange urged members of the public to continue to work closely with police by reporting crime promptly, and also following and adhering to safety tips issued by the SAPS, over and beyond this festive season campaign.

Ulundi - A serial rapist, who has been accused of terrorising the Ulundi community in KwaZulu-Natal since 2012, is to appear in the Mahlabathini Magistrate's Court.
The 37-year-old man was arrested by the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) unit on the evening of November 9 on 12 counts of rape.
He had been arrested for rape in 2015, but the charges were withdrawn due to insufficient evidence.
DNA samples obtained at the time linked him to 12 other cases of rape in and around Ulundi.
"The suspect has been terrorising the victims who were working at Ulundi Plaza, and especially those knocking off duty late at night, since 2012 until last year. The suspect would wait for the victims along the railway line near Mbhoshongweni area, Ulundi," Colonel Thembeka Mbele alleged in a statement.
She added that victims were threatened with a firearm and knife, before they were pulled into nearby bushes and raped.
KwaZulu-Natal Acting Provincial Commissioner, Major-General Bheki Langa, said police will remove criminals who target vulnerable women and children.
He commended the police for their work in the rape case.
Anyone with information can contact Warrant Officer Mucu Luhlongwane on 035 874 0330 or 071 560 2976.

Alleged Ulundi serial rapist in court 2017-11-13 Nation Nyoka

Durban – A 47-year-old serial rapist has been sentenced to 319 years in jail for a series of rapes committed over a period of more than seven years, police said.
Bheki Doctor Magwaza, who worked as a security guard, was sentenced in the Durban High Court.
The rapes were committed from September 2008 to February 2016 around Verulam, north of Durban, Lieutenant Colonel Thulani Zwane said.
He added that Magwaza wore his security guard uniform when he committed the rapes.
"He was convicted after he pleaded guilty to all counts which he committed over a period at Verulam and the surrounding areas," Zwane said.
He added that Magwaza targeted couples.
"The accused would instruct the couples at gunpoint to have sex in front of him and when they refused, he would threaten the men and rape the women," said Zwane.
Members of the investigative psychology section of the provincial and national police assisted in locating Magwaza.
One of the victims took down his car registration number, which was handed to police.
"Such information was of great assistance in tracing the accused and he was arrested in September 2016 while at his workplace in Pinetown," Zwane said.
DNA results linked the accused to 26 cases of rape and sexual assaults, he added.
Acting Provincial Police Commissioner Major General Bheki Langa said they were pleased with the sentence.
"We hope this will send a clear message to other perpetrators, who think they can run away from the law. We will continue with our mandate to protect our women and children from such people by making sure that criminals remain behind bars," he said.
Langa also commended the team of forensic investigators who assisted in linking Magwaza to the case.

‘Security guard’ serial rapist sentenced to 319 years Nov 17 2017

After months of investigation Const Nonhlanhla Zulu of the provincial Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit helped to secure the conviction of Mzingisi Radebe, known as Mandela.
Radebe was connected with several Germiston rape cases during Zulu’s investigation.
“His DNA linked him to three cases, one in Katlehong and two in Germiston,” she explained.
“I found him in Boksburg Prison where he was an inmate and charged him with the three rape cases and discovered he was on trial for yet another case.”
The first charge was from March 2011 where Radebe raped a 19-year-old girl in Mandela Park in Katlehong.
The victim was held down and raped.
Following the incident the victim moved back to the Eastern Cape.
“When I took over the investigation and attempted to speak to the victim I discovered she now resided in the Eastern Cape.
“I was able to find her contact details and called her. During the conversation I discussed the current status of the case and my intentions for the investigation as her case had been reopened as there was new information and leads.
“She, however, had no faith and believed that the outcome of the case would not make any difference in her life as she was still traumatised,” said Zulu.
The victim finally agreed to assist in the case when Zulu informed her that her attacker was in custody and that her help was needed in his trial.
In the first incident he raped a 20-year-old woman in March 2014 and in the second he raped a 30-year-old man in December 2015. Both victims were reluctant to help in the case but Zulu managed to make them see the importance of removing the accused from the community.
Witnesses were afraid to give testimony in court against him as he was known to be a very dangerous man.
But this did not deter Zulu and Radebe was found guilty in each case in the Johannesburg High Court.
For the first he was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for rape and kidnapping, in the second he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for rape and kidnapping and in the third he was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for rape, kidnapping and pointing a firearm.
Zulu believes that the successful conviction of Radebe will help his victims find closure.

Serial rapist finally behind bars Leigh Hodgson Nov 20 2017

Sex predator charged with attacking four women and trying to rape a fifth 

SERIAL RAPISTS 49 13 novembre 2017

Man sentenced to death for double rape 24 novembre 2017

17-year-old babysitter raped and murdered 24 novembre 2017

14-year-old school girl gang-raped by 4 youths 24 novembre 2017

Gymnastics doctor pleads guilty to sexual assault charges 24 novembre 2017

8-year-old rape victim died 24 novembre 2017

Female motorbike squad to protect women in India's rape capital 23 novembre 2017

4-year-old boy accused of raping classmate 23 novembre 2017

55-year-old man arrested for rape, murder of 4-year-old girl 23 novembre 2017

Child rapist assaulted after rape of 11-year-old girl 23 novembre 2017

Man executed for rape, murder of 8-year-old boy 23 novembre 2017

85-year-old man arrested for sexually abusing 6 minor girls 22 novembre 2017

40-yr-old gang-raped by 5 men for 7 hours 22 novembre 2017

17-year-old girl gang-raped by friend, 5 others 21 novembre 2017

3-year-old girl raped by her mother’s partner, critical 20 novembre 2017

27-year-old deaf-mute woman raped, murdered 20 novembre 2017

13-year-old girl raped, killed by 19-year-old 19 novembre 2017

2 five-year-old girls raped by school boys 19 novembre 2017

24-year-old woman gang-raped by ex husband, his 3 friends 19 novembre 2017

13-year-old girl raped to death by 30-year-old man 19 novembre 2017

19-year-old girl jumps off ambulance after driver tries to rape her, critical 19 novembre 2017

TEEN RAPISTS 53 18 novembre 2017

Paedo babysitters arrested for sexual assault of children 22 NOVEMBRE 2017

Paedo jailed for sexually abusing stepdaughters 22 NOVEMBRE 2017

Paedo magistrate accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy 22 NOVEMBRE 2017

Paedo football coach jailed for sexually abusing boys 22 NOVEMBRE 2017

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