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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


mercoledì 29 novembre 2017


  • Cape Town - A 21-year-old man accused of raping a woman “and biting her like a vampire” on Guy Fawkes was released on R500 bail

    Peter Lee Hercules made his third appearance at the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court.
    He is accused of raping a 25-year-old woman and biting off flesh from her face and ear.
    State prosecutor Farieda Jacobs said Hercules, who has a tiny ponytail and was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, was walking his victim home from a party on November 5 when he pulled down her pants and raped her.
    “The victim is extremely traumatised and is fearing his release. She said the accused bit her on the cheek. According to the J88, there are bite marks on her cheek and lip,” the prosecutor says.
    The court heard Hercules had no previous convictions or warrants and that he had a new address where he could stay should he be granted bail.
    The address was not disclosed because Hercules fears for his safety.
    Magistrate Alwira Bezuidenhout granted Hercules R500 bail with strict conditions.
    “Look at me when I am talking to you,” she told him.
    “You may not enter Mitchells Plain unless you are coming to attend the court case. You may not contact the witness and victim or your bail will be revoked.”
    The case was postponed to 23 January for further investigation.
    Outside court, the woman’s uncle said his niece was still recovering.
    “My niece doesn’t know him, but he is from the area and that night he walked her halfway home.
    He bit her face and ear. There were pieces of skin missing. She is still healing.
    Outside court, the Mitchells Plain Crisis Forum protested against bail.
    Spokeswoman Joanie Fredericks said Hercules was known in the community as a respectable young man, but apparently “turned into a monster who bit his victim like a vampire while raping her”.
  • 'He bit his victim like a vampire while raping her' WESTERN CAPE / 17 NOVEMBER 2017 GENEVIEVE SERRA

  • OXFORD, OH (FOX19) – A student at Miami University is charged with rape and several other sex crimes, according to Butler County court documents.
    A grand jury indicted Nicolas Cristescu on 11 counts of voyeurism, one count of sexual battery and rape.
    Cristescu lived on Miami U’s campus, university spokesperson Claire Wagner confirmed. 
    The 20-year-old engaged in sexual contact with the victim while knowing the “the other person submits because the other person is unaware that the act is being committed,” the indictment reads.
    He is also accused of invading the victim’s privacy in order to take nude photos.
    Shawn Puchakalta used to live next to Cristescu and said that he always enjoyed his company.
    "He was a pretty quiet guy, pretty chill. He was a good guy to all of my hall mates and stuff," he said. 
    The accusations stem from an alleged incident on Oct. 11 through Oct. 12. 
    Court documents said the woman told police that she did not give consent and has no memory of the sexual encounter.
    When police searched his dorm the next day they reportedly found obscene images of a 16-year-old on his phone.
    Students said more needs to be done to stop this kind of behavior.
    "Holding people accountable. You have to be responsible for your actions. I also think they need to better educate people on what sexual harassment and sexual assaults are," Puchakalta said. 

    A University of Louisiana Monroe student is facing one count of second degree rape in connection with an August incident. 
    According to an arrest report filed by the ULM Police Department for Samuel Hudgens, 18, Pollock, a complaint was filed with campus police. 
    The affidavit states a female student told officers she was raped by Hudgens, a person she knew since high school, while watching a movie in his dorm room.
    She said Hudgens began kissing her, and she said there would be no sex. According to the report, the victim told officers he repeatedly attempted to remove her pants before raping her.
    The victim reported she told the suspect to stop approximately 20 times. 
    The affidavit states the victim told her mother, father, sister and a college counselor about the incident within one to three weeks. 
    It states the arrest officer reviewed screen captures where the suspect discussed the reported rape, apologized and asked for the incident to not be reported. 
    The victim said she was coming forward because she suffers from bad dreams of the incident and its impact on her mental health. 
    Hudgens declined to give a statement prior to arrest. 
    He was booked into Ouachita Correctional Center on the second degree rape charge late Thursday. Bond has not been set. 

    A Blair man accused of raping two teenaged girls accepted a plea agreement in Washington County District Court.
    Joshua M. Hook, 21, pleaded no contest to the amended charge of attempted first-degree sexual assault, a Class IIA felony. There is a sentencing recommendation of one to two years in prison and Hook must register as a sex offender for 25 years.
    Hook could face up to 20 years in prison and be ordered to pay restitution.
    Judge John E. Samson ordered a presentence investigation, a psycho-sexual evaluation and a substance abuse evaluation.
    As part of the plea agreement, Hook must admit to sexual activity with both victims during a psycho-sexual evaluation.
    Sentencing is Jan. 23.
    According to the complaints, a 15-year-old girl reported being raped during a party at a home in Blair in April 2016. During an interview with police, Hook admitted to having sex with the victim, but contended it was consensual.
    A second sexual assault charge was filed against Hook on July 10. According to the complaint, the incident took place on or about March 2, 2016. The victim, who is from Blair, was born in 2000.

    Blair man accused of rapes takes plea deal Leeanna Ellis Nov 18 2017

    GAINESVILLE, Fla. - A 14-year-old has been arrested on a charge of raping a female University of Florida student, Gainesville police say.

    The teenager is also being charged with burglary and other crimes stemming from the rape case and recent burglaries in the area of Tivoli and Bivens Cove.

    The rape victim told police that she was working out in the Tivoli Apartments gym at about 6:15 p.m. when a black male knocked on the door.
    When she let him in, he reportedly grabbed her and pulled her into the bathroom, Gainesville police reported.
    Police say the suspect punched the victim in the face, grabbed her by the throat and made her perform a sex act.
    composite drawing of the assailant was released shortly after the incident.
    It's unclear if there's any resemblance to the 14-year-old suspect whose identity hasn't been revealed.
    He was arrested along with his 13-year-old brother after police viewed undercover surveillance at the complex where the rape occurred.
    Undercover officers noticed the two boys acting suspiciously and concealing themselves in the shadows of breezeways and the building, police said in a statement released Sunday.
    When uniformed officers arrived to investigate, the pair had apparently begun to break into an apartment by lifting a window just before their arrest, according to the statement.
    Detectives interviewed the boys following their arrests and say statements and other evidence link the 14-year-old to the rape.
    The 13-year-old brother was charged with attempted burglary.

    Bond has been set at $500,000 for Austin Hunter, 18, who was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault of a 6-year-old girl at a Naples school.

    He faces felony charges of lewd and lascivious molestation on a person younger than 12, lewd and lascivious exhibition on a person younger than 16 and two counts of sexual battery of a minor. 
    The girl said Hunter touched her inappropriately and exposed his genitals to her at Mason Classical Academy, according to a police report. Hunter was employed by After School Programs, a statewide child-care service that had a contract with the school. 
    Judge Joseph G. Foster, who presided over Hunter's arraignment at the Collier County courthouse, gave him the following orders while the case is pending: no contact with the girl or any members of her family, and no unsupervised contact with children younger than 12.
    He also asked that Hunter relinquish all his firearms.
    According to a Naples Police Department news release, Hunter "solicited" the girl into a bathroom stall at Mason Classical Academy "for purposes of committing a lewd and lascivious act." 
    Police opened the investigation and Hunter was arrested.
    Hunter initially denied any wrongdoing when questioned by authorities. He said he was only assisting the girl with washing her hands, the report states.
    Security video showed Hunter directing the girl into the bathroom, where they remained for 11 minutes before two students entered the bathroom, the report says.
    Those students were seen leaving and returning with a female counselor, who found the minor and Hunter locked in a bathroom stall, the report says. 
    The minor told investigators that Hunter told her to follow him into the bathroom to wash her hands. He then touched her inappropriately and told her not to tell anyone, the report states. 
    Hunter then reportedly asked her whether she wanted to see his private parts. She replied, "No," but he exposed his genitals, the report says. 
    Investigators confiscated Hunter's phone. After being confronted, he kept notes on the phone about his interaction with the minor, the police report states.
    In an email sent to parents, Mason principal David Hull said the school terminated its contract with After School Programs, a statewide child-care service, after "an incident occurred" Wednesday evening between a company employee and a student in their care.
    The school notified Naples police and cooperated in the investigation, the email states.
    Hull said in an email that the school is putting measures in place to provide counseling for anyone who needs it. The school is working with Collier County Public Schools to make that happen, he said.
    Hull said the school building was used as a facility for the company to conduct its programs.
    "MCA parents contracted with ASP after school hours, and neither the school itself nor any of its employees had anything to do with services provided by ASP," Hull said in a subsequent email.
    Hull emphasized the employee accused in the assault was an employee of After School Programs and had no affiliation with the school.
    "The safety and well being of our students has and always will be our top priority," Hull said in his first email Friday night. "To that end, we are proud of the swift and professional response of our local law enforcement throughout this situation. The MCA community looks forward to justice being served."

    WEST YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Three 16-year-old boys have been arrested for the rape of a 14-year-old girl near the York Fair.
    Andrew R. Miller, Kelvin J. Mercedes, and Daishon M. Richardson, all of York, are charged as adults with felony counts of rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, and unlawful restraint, as well as a misdemeanor count of terroristic threats.
    The suspects were arrested. They were placed in York County Prison on $25,000 bail.
    Their accuser told police she was at the fair with friends on Sept. 22 when the boys asked her to go a nearby business parking lot where they put a gun to her head and forced her to perform sexual acts. She said the boys then raped her at another location, according to charging documents filed by West York police.
    She said the boys also made a video recording or took photographs of the assault.
    In text messages sent after the assault, the girl said one of the suspects told her to stop lying and another sent a photo of himself holding a handgun. The photo was tagged “gang,” according to the criminal complaints.

    Teen boys arrested for gunpoint rape of 14-year-old girl Myles Snyder, ABC27 News 

    3 young players charged with rape Associated Press November 26, 2017

    As he stood at the courtroom podium, his hands and legs shackled together, 20-year-old Mohammed Ali Mohammed admitted he did “very, very horrible things” six years ago.

    At age 14, the Somali refugee sexually assaulted two women at knifepoint on consecutive nights in Salt Lake City. He attacked one woman who was standing outside of her home, and, on the following night, broke into another woman’s home and assaulted her there before demanding she go to an ATM and withdraw $400 for him.

    I was a monster,” Mohammed said Monday in 3rd District Court. “I didn’t know what I was thinking. I was a very stupid kid.”

    But now, after six years in a secure juvenile detention facility, Mohammed says he’s learned a lot and is ready to show he’s a different person than the boy who assaulted the two women in 2011.

    “There is nothing that I could say or do that could restore what I did to them,” he said. “The only way I can show them I’ve changed is how I live my life.”

    Judge Vernice Trease gave him the opportunity to do just that, opting to sentence Mohammed to five years of probation instead of a term at the Utah State Prison.

    The sentencing comes a month before Mohammed’s 21st birthday — the time when he would age out of the juvenile system and could no longer be housed at the Wasatch Youth Center, where he has been since he pleaded guilty to rape, sexual assault and kidnapping charges in 2012.

    He pleaded guilty to charges in both adult and juvenile court, allowing a “blended” sentence that would give him the chance to receive services in the juvenile system, but still give the judge the option to sentence him to adult prison, if necessary.

    However, Trease told the defendant that he would not go to prison, and instead sentenced him to strict probation — requiring weekly check-ins with the court and his probation officer, no internet access and ankle monitoring, among other restrictions.

    If he violates his probation in any way, Trease said, she “won’t bat an eye” in sending him to prison to serve consecutive sentences on the three crimes he pleaded guilty to in adult court.

    “I won’t let you down,” Mohammed told the judge at the end of the hearing.

    Mohammed’s sentence was not what prosecutors or victims had sought.

    One victim told the judge that she is “terrified” at the thought of Mohammed being out on the same streets where she lives. The woman, who was assaulted inside her home, asked for the strictest sentence that the judge could impose, saying that she has to live with flashbacks and fear every day.

    He did adult crimes,” she told the judge tearfully, “and should have an adult sentence to match what he did.”

    Prosecutor Coral Sanchez-Rose said it wasn’t difficult for her to ask for a prison sentence for Mohammed, because of how vicious his crimes were.

    She said the other victim wasn’t in court because prosecutors have lost contact with her. At the time of the assault, the woman was a college student and doing well, Sanchez-Rose said. But afterward, she fell into drug use and got in trouble with the law.

    “We just lost track of her,” Sanchez-Rose said. “I don’t know if she’s homeless, I don’t know where she’s staying at; we’re unable to contact her. Clearly, this has had a great impact in her life.”

    That victim told a judge in 2012 that she, too, wanted adult prison for Mohammed. The Salt Lake Tribune generally does not identify victims of sexual assault.

    Supporters of Mohammed, mostly staffers and volunteers at Wasatch Youth Center, painted a different picture of Mohammed. He is a leader in his unit, they said, and his peers look up to him. He is well-liked, and has come a long way in understanding empathy and taking responsibility. He also trained in carpentry while at the detention center and has a job lined up.

    He has a “kind and gentle soul,” said Robert Crawford, a branch president for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who volunteers at the detention center.

    “I would trust him with my life,” Crawford said, “and we want to continue to help him. We will do everything in our power to help this young man.”

    Mohammed was born in a Somali refugee camp, where he saw his brother killed by a robber, witnessed a rape and was himself the victim of sexual abuse, according to testimony at earlier proceedings.

    On Aug. 14, 2011, in Salt Lake City, the teen came up behind a woman who was outside her house with a dog and held a four-inch switchblade to her throat. He threatened to cut her if she screamed, the charges state, then raped her behind the home.

    The following night, the boy broke into another woman’s home. He looked through drawers in the house before raping the woman, according to charging documents.

    The teen then forced the woman to go to an ATM and withdraw money for him, according to charges.

    The ATM machine’s security camera eventually led police to young Mohammed. He would later tell investigators he wanted the money so he didn’t have to wear stained clothes on the first day of ninth grade school classes.

    A 14-year-old Somali refugee raped two Utah women in 2011. Six years later, a judge gives him probation instead of prison time Jessica Miller Nov 28 2017

    An Alpharetta man is now accused of separately raping two women in his Kennesaw State University dorm room.

    20-year-old Benjamin David Wainscott had been in Cobb County jail nearly two weeks on a rape count when police charged him with a second rape, according to a Nov. 20 warrant.

    The incident that brought on this second charge predates the count that originally put Wainscott in jail on Nov. 9.

    The warrant from this new charge alleges that Wainscott raped a woman in early July.
    A school spokeswoman said neither of the women were students at the time. The spokeswoman also said Wainscott is no longer a student.
    Wainscott “confessed via text messages to the victim” that he raped in July, according to a warrant.
    In the November rape, a warrant says that Wainscott invited the woman to his room after dinner.
    When talking to police about the November incident, Wainscott “confessed that he should have stopped after the first time the victim ordered him to stop, however, continued having sexual intercourse with the victim,” according to the warrant.
    He texted her an apology after the rape, says the warrant.
    The university said it is not aware of any additional or pending charges against Wainscott, who is being held without bond.

    Kennesaw State student now accused of raping 2nd woman in dorm room Ben Brasch  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Nov. 27, 2017

    A Hanceville man has been arrested on allegations of sexual abuse of a child.
    Brandon William Brown, 20, was arrested at the Cullman County Detention Center. He was charged with a single count of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12.
    Authorities do not release details of cases involving alleged abuse of minors, so there is little additional information about the nature of the charge until Brown has been arraigned.
    Brown was arrested last month on a charge of 2nd degree rape in a case that, according to the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, was connected to an alleged victim who is a minor. His arrest came while he was incarcerated at the detention center on that earlier charge.
    “I would like to thank the Child Advocacy Center for their commitment to keep children safe and to get them the help they need,” said Sheriff Matt Gentry in a statement. “I would also like to thank our investigators who worked on this case.”
    Brown faces a $55,000 property bond, and remains in custody at the detention center.

    TEEN RAPISTS 53 18 novembre 2017

    Dad pleads guilty to raping 3-month-old 29 novembre 2017

    6-year-old girl raped by 30-year-old 29 novembre 2017

    8-yr-old girl raped by neighbour 29 novembre 2017

    Uber driver raped elderly passenger 28 novembre 2017

    4-year-old girl died after rape 28 novembre 2017

    7-year-old girl raped and murdered 27 novembre 2017

    60-year-old woman killed for resisting rape 27 novembre 2017

    2 younger sisters raped, 12-year-old girl killed 25 novembre 2017

    Medical nurse abducted, gang-raped by 3 men 26 novembre 2017

    2-year-old girl died after being raped by her stepfather 25 novembre 2017

    Woman gang raped, murdered along with husband 25 novembre 2017

    60-yr-old arrested for raping 8-year-old girl 25 novembre 2017

    SERIAL RAPISTS 50 24 novembre 2017

    Paedo kindergarten teacher pleads guilty for child pornography video 28 NOVEMBRE 2017

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