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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


lunedì 11 dicembre 2017

18-year old girl raped, filmed, blackmailed, killed her sister

KARACHI: Alveena, the sister of the teenage girl murdered in a reported robbery earlier this week, has confessed to the crime.

Aleena, 16, was brutally murdered with a sharp-edged object during an alleged robbery incident in Saudabad, Malir early Tuesday.
Speaking to the media during a press conference at the Korangi SSP's office on Sunday, Alveena, 18, narrated the circumstances surrounding the incident. 
She accepted killing her sister along with her fiance Mazhar.
"Aleena had my [objectionable] pictures, and she didn’t delete them despite my continuous pleading and continued to blackmail me. I told Mazhar everything then. He also tried to explain things to Aleena and get her to stop but she didn’t," explained Alveena.  
Mazhar also spoke to the media and confessed to the crime. He said Aleena had objectionable pictures of her sister. 
Two other suspects, brothers Abbas and Ahsan, also spoke to the media. They were involved with Aleena and blackmailed Alveena together. 
Police officials said earlier that Alveena injured herself to make it look like the 'robbers' had injured her over resistance. 
Earlier, explaining the reasons for the murder, police officials said the victim had objected to her elder sister secretly bringing over her fiance and threatened to tell their parents. This resulted in an altercation between the sisters which led the elder sibling to orchestrate Aleena's killing with Mazhar's help. 
Police believe Mazhar is the one who committed the murder after being supplied with a knife by Alveena.
Following the incident, Alveena had said two robbers came in and killed her sister upon resistance. She had said that the thieves took cash, jewelry, and valuables along with them.
According to the girl’s mother, the robbers wanted to kill the elder sister too but fortunately, she was saved.
The police had registered a case against unidentified people in the Saudabad Police Station and arrested the engaged couple, and two accomplices Ahsan and Abbas. 

SSP praises pure police work for solving case 

In a press conference later, SSP Korangi Nauman Siddiqui praised the Saudabad SHO, DSP and SP for their pure police work, and not technology, which solved the case. 
Speaking to the media, Alveena shared how two men, Ahsan and Abbas, would blackmail her while her murdered sister would assist them. According to her, the two men are brothers and were their neighbors when they lived in Shadman before shifting to Saudabad.

Alveena said that the men raped and filmed her and then blackmailed her. "Ahsan made an inappropriate video of me," she said. "Alina had it and I had asked her to delete it. I told my fiance about everything and he also tried to convince Alina to delete the videos but to no avail. She would blackmail me in connivance with Ahsan and Abbas. I even begged her but she didn't listen. I killed her for not stopping with the blackmailing. I decided to take away the cash and phone so that murder suspicion doesn't arise."

According to Alveena, Alina wanted her to befriend Abbas and the blackmailing had been going on for months. "They used to say that they have inappropriate videos and pictures of me. Every other day, they would blackmail me over the pictures and call me for further meetings."

Alveena said that each time she asked Alina to delete the videos, she would tell Ahsan and Abbas. "They used to say that to get the material deleted, I would have to meet them," she said. "Upon meeting, they would subject me to sexual assault in the presence of my sister and would take more pictures and videos. My sister would assist them."

One day, Alveena said, I again asked them to delete the videos. "They asked me to come to Aga Khan University Hospital," she said. "I even begged Ahsan, Abbas and Alina at their feet but they continued with the blackmail."

When asked how they got in touch with Ahsan and Abbas, Alveena said that they were her neighbors when the family lived in Shadman before shifting to Saudabad. "Before getting involved with them, Alina used to speak to another man on the phone," she said. "I used to consider Ahsan and Abbas my brothers and asked them to convince Alina to stop talking to that man. When I used to stop her, she used to fight with me."

She said that she first thought of committing suicide but couldn't muster the courage. "I was tired of the blackmailing and had become a mental patient," she said. "When I used to tell our parents, they would beat me up and my sister would tell Ahsan, after which he would threaten me. He used to say that no one can hold me accountable as I have contacts in the police and SIU. I would again get silenced and suffer the blackmailing. What else could I do?"

According to her, Ahsan and Abbas would tell her that they would show her videos to her fiance, which would make him call off the engagement. "They further said they'll show the videos to my father and he would throw me out of the house," she said.

Fiance breaks into tears

Addressing the media after Alveena, Mazhar broke into tears. All he could say was that Alveena was tortured and that Ahsan and Abbas had her inappropriate videos and pictures. "We were under pressure and were scared," he said.

Ahsan blames Alveena

Meanwhile, Ahsan pinned all the blame on Alveena. Speaking to the media after Mazhar, he said that Alveena was pursuing him and used to meet him out of her own will. "When I refused to meet her, she would threaten me that she'd kill herself and I'd be blamed for her death. If you check her arms, you'd find marks of cuts that she used to inflict on herself just to meet me." 

Saudabad murder case: They raped, filmed and blackmailed me while my sister supported them 
December 10, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

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