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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


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WEST CHESTER A Common Pleas Court jury has convicted a former teacher’s aide at Unionville High School of having inappropriate sexual contact with two youths who were students at the school.
The jury of eight women and four men – seven of whom were either current or former teachers, or were related to teachers, according to the judge in the case – deliberated for less than two hours before returning to Judge Patrick Carmody’s courtroom to announce their verdict.
Defendant Sheri Maufort was found guilty of two counts of institutional sexual assault, a third-degree felony that deals with sexual contact by school personnel with children they supervise. She was also found guilty of one count each of unlawful contact with a minor and corruption of minors, charges stemming from a sexual encounter Maufort had with a 17-year-old youth outside a West Chester area restaurant.
Maufort, 43, of Birmingham, who was acquitted on two counts of furnishing alcohol to minors, showed little reaction to the verdict when it was delivered. She will remain free on bail pending sentencing, with Carmody rejecting Assistant District Attorney Erin O’Brien’s request that he revoke her bail.
The judge, however, warned Maufort not to have any unsupervised contact with minors, with the exception of her own children. He said that should she do so and he learns of it, it would have negative consequences for her when she is sentenced. 
Because of the nature of the felony charges she was found guilty of, Maufort faces the possibility of a prison term.
The three-day long trial centered around the events of Sept. 16, 2016, when Maufort, who worked as a part-time secretary and teacher’s aide at the highly regarded public high school in East Marlborough, made contact with two male seniors she had met through her work at the school.
In the first instance, testimony showed that Maufort went to a party that was held at a student’s home following a football game. She met up with an 18-year-old who was at the party, drove him to a secluded spot away from the house, kissed him, and touched his groin through his pants. The youth, who then went back to the party, testified that he had told several friends at the party about the incident, although he exaggerated the actual level of sexual contact.
Later that night, according to testimony, Maufort contacted a 17-year-old who was friends with her daughter and who she had planned to hire to play music at a party at another student’s home. She drove him from his house to the parking lot of the Blue Pear Restaurant in Dilworthtown. There, they drank beer and sat in a grassy area, and she performed oral sex on him, he testified.
The episode ended when Maufort’s husband, Rocky Maufort, drove to the scene and met the pair after finding that his wife was not at home. Rocky Maufort testified that he then gave the youth a ride home.
The Daily Local News is withholding the names of both youths – each of whom has since graduated from the school – because the nature of the charges.
Defense attorney Lloyd Long of Philadelphia argued that the jury should find Maufort not guilty because of inconsistencies in the youth’s stories that damaged their credibility, and that they likely had made up the allegations. But O’Brien, who is a member of the District Attorney’s Child Abuse Unit, argued that their testimony had been corroborated by other evidence, including the testimony of Rocky Maufort and friends of the first youth.
O’Brien also played a tape recording of a telephone call that the second youth made to Maufort about two months later. In the call, Maufort brushes off any suggestion that she and the youth had sex the night of the incident.
“What are you talking about?” Maufort asked the youth, according to a transcript of the tape. “Are you stoned? Nothing happened. We were just sitting there talking. It’s all just high school drama. People make (stuff) up.”
But O’Brien suggested to the jury that the call had been made after Maufort had been tipped off that there was a police investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct at the school. It also confirmed that Maufort was at the Blue Pear with the youth that night, as he alleged.
She was arrested by state police Trooper Jason Pennington in November 2016.

Ex-aide at Unionville High convicted in student sex case Michael Rellahan 11/30/17

A history teacher in Texas has been arrested and charged with sexual assault after getting intimate with a former student following a meeting in a fast-food restaurant parking lot.
Michelle Schiffer, 23, met up with a student, who is now 16 but was 15 at the time, at Chick-fil-A and then went to a friend's house where they had sexual relations, according to PEOPLE.
Per court records, Schiffer has been charged with "having an improper relationship with a student" and "sexual assault of a child."
She appeared before a judge who set her bond at $30,000 and directed her to have no contact with anyone under the age of 18.
Schiffer did post her bond, but it's unclear if she entered a plea or retained legal council.
The teacher also revealed that she smoked marijuana with the underage student.
Reportedly, Schiffer's misdeeds were uncovered when an anonymous student went to the principal of Cypress Springs High School and divulged the interactions.
That student claimed that the boy Schiffer had been involved with told them about the situation.
The Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District immediately fired the teacher upon learning of her indiscretions.
“We will continue to protect our students and not tolerate relationships of an inappropriate nature,” they said in a statement.

Texas Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault of Former Student in Fast-Food Parking Lot STEPHEN ANDREW 

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- The teachers' aide who admitted to taking lewd photos of an All Saints Elementary student and sexually abusing two other children was sentenced to 60 years in prison.
Emily Oberst faced 360 years in federal prison for 12 counts of conspiracy and child exploitation. Her boyfriend Jason Kopp was sentenced to 235 years in prison last year.
When allegations of the couple's crimes surfaced in spring 2016, it "rocked" the school community "to its core," Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisa Fletcher said.
Oberst was a teachers' aide at the school. Investigators found nude photos of a student, taken in the school's bathroom, on her cell phone.
Fletcher discussed the "profound effect" Oberst's actions had on the entire school community -- particularly parents, whose trust Oberst violated.
She said the investigation "unfairly" came to be known as the All Saints case in the media.
But the couple's conduct extended far beyond the parochial schools' grounds, Fletcher said.
In fact, the bulk of the accusations against Oberst and Kopp involved two children not affiliated with the school. Their victims included a newborn baby on the night she was brought home from the hospital.
"Simply put, Emily Oberst's crimes here are horrific and inexplicable," Fletcher said.
She and defense lawyer Kimberly Zimmer negotiated the 60-year sentence, which was approved by U.S. District Court Chief Judge Glenn Suddaby.
Fletcher said she considered the more than 150 child porn cases she's prosecuted in the last 15 years, and tried to arrive at a fair and consistent plea deal.
Suddaby said he felt 60 years was an appropriate length considering the seriousness of crime, and Oberst's lack of prior criminal history.
He detailed her crimes against three young children, in court, calling her actions the "sexual exploitation of extremely young and vulnerable children."
He described how text messages between Oberst and Kopp showed her willingness -- even eagerness -- to engage in sexually illicit behavior with Kopp, a man she'd met online just months before the conduct began.
He said Oberst was under "little if any pressure" and not once did she express concern for the children. He said she even suggested victimizing additional children after the first.
Zimmer, Oberst's lawyer, submitted a memorandum detailing Oberst's struggles over her 24 years, but the judge noted that Oberst had a good upbringing in a good home.
"Nothing in the defendant's background can explain her behavior," he said.
Zimmer said that Oberst accepts responsibility for the crimes.
"There's not a lot to say here. ... All around this is a tragedy,"  Zimmer said.
When given the chance to speak, Oberst declined to say anything.
Fletcher said she was surprised Oberst did not apologize, but aside from "I"m sorry," Fletcher said she wasn't sure what Oberst could say in light of what she's done.
In addition to 60 years in prison, Oberst was sentenced to lifetime supervised release. The judge and prosecutor said the details of her supervision would have to be worked out at the time, given changes in technology and the nature of her crimes.
Public Affairs Reporter Julie McMahon covers courts, government and other issues affecting taxpayers. She can be reached anytime: Email | Twitter | 315-412-1992

Teacher's aide sentenced to 60 years in child porn case that 'rocked' All Saints school 

BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. — A former preparatory school teacher who most recently taught in Maryland was arrested following an investigation into an alleged sexual assault that occurred while she was an instructor at the Pennington School in New Jersey.
Solebury Township Police say Alyssia Reddy, 28, and a 16-year-old student engaged in sexual intercourse at a park in the township in the spring of 2017.
Police received a report of the incident on November 20.
Following Reddy’s arrest, St. Paul’s School for Girls — located in Baltimore County — terminated her employment.
Reddy, who currently resides in the Baltimore area, awaits extradition to Pennsylvania.
She is charged with institutional sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, criminal use of a communication facility and corruption of a minor.
St. Paul’s School for Girls issued this statement upon hearing about the allegations:
Dear Members of the St. Paul’s School for Girls Community,
We have just learned that one of our Upper School teachers, Alyssia Reddy, who joined our faculty this year, has been charged with a felony involving sexual assault of a minor. The alleged events took place in Pennsylvania this past school year with a male high school student before she came to St. Paul’s School for Girls. This news is deeply disturbing to all of us and saddens us. We have terminated Mrs. Reddy’s employment with St. Paul’s School for Girls, effective immediately. Mrs. Reddy is barred from campus and we discontinued her access to the school’s computer network. Before today, we had no information suggesting any prior improper conduct by Mrs. Reddy.
The safety and well-being of all our students is our top priority. It is our most sacred trust.
What is most important for you to know is that our policies and procedures, as well as the professional training for all members of faculty and staff are comprehensive and reflect our steadfast commitment to protecting our students. Prior to hiring Mrs. Reddy, we performed a thorough background check, as we do with all new employees. Our training includes a code of conduct, with clear definitions of what is – and is not – acceptable behavior. We discuss the importance of maintaining appropriate boundaries between faculty and students.
A professional from Baltimore Child Abuse Center conducts annual training regarding the duty to report so that members of our faculty and staff, including coaches know and understand that they should immediately report behavior by any member of the staff which they find inappropriate.
A separate message to our Upper School families regarding staffing changes is forthcoming.
We understand that this news is troubling and that you may have questions. Please know that I welcome your call and would be happy to talk with you. And if you have any concerns regarding student safety, please share them with me immediately.
We are deeply grateful for your continued trust and confidence in St. Paul’s School for Girls. Thank you.
Penny B. Evins
Head of School

Former teacher arrested following sexual assault investigation DECEMBER 1, 2017 SEAN NAYLOR

PITTSBURGH — A special education teacher in Pennsylvania has been fired from her job after being accused of having sex with a student.
KDKA-TV reports the abuse happened at Summit Academy, a private school for court-adjudicated youth between the ages of 14 and 19.
According to court documents, Summit hired 24-year-old Jordan Ondish in June. Investigators say staff found a cellphone in the victim’s room and confiscated it. Students at Summit aren’t allowed phones.
They say that phone, provided by Ondish, had explicit text messages between the victim and his teacher.
The criminal complaint says the victim said he had sex with Ondish more than once in her classroom in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.
According to a KDKA-TV investigation, Ondish had been warned about inappropriate behaviour prior to being charged.
That inappropriate behaviour included having the student sit beside her while behind her desk, allowing the student in her classroom after work hours and signing the student out without other students or staff with her.
She’s charged with institutional sexual assault.
A call seeking comment from her attorney wasn’t returned.

SIDNEY — A Sidney woman accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy has pleaded to charges.
According to Cheyenne County District Court records, Jennifer McKinsey, 30, agreed to a plea agreement and pleaded Dec. 6 to the amended charge of child abuse, a Class IIIA felony.
Charges stem from a July 2016 investigation in which Sidney police responded to a disturbance at a Sidney home. Police made contact with McKinsey, who was arguing with another woman. The woman told police her son had alleged that the woman had sexually assaulted him.
The boy reported to his mother that he had been at the woman’s home, watching a movie, when he alleged the woman attempted to kiss him. After falling asleep, he alleged he woke up to the woman performing a sex act on him.
ANDERSON — An Anderson woman has been sentenced to 30 years in prison after admitting to performing oral sex on a then-13-year-old boy.
Madison Circuit Court 3 Judge Thomas Newman Jr. sentenced Christina Greer, 37, 1900 block of West 27th Street, to 30 years on a Level 1 felony charge of child molesting.
The Herald Bulletin does not identify victims of sexual abuse.
Greer wept throughout most of the hearing and claimed that her manipulative husband and use of methamphetamine resulted in the incident that took place on Oct. 30, 2016.
“There is a lack of criminal history, but she has admitted to criminal conduct,” Newman said. “I think she is remorseful, but not under any circumstances is the crime inexcusable.”
Newman said that for 16 years Greer continued to live a dysfunctional lifestyle with her husband, Matt, that put herself and her children in jeopardy.
“My hope is that the victim does not accept any blame for her being sentenced to 30 years,” he said.
Her husband Matthew Greer, 37, 1900 block of West 27th Street, is charged with aiding, causing or inducing child molest, a Level 1 felony; vicarious sexual conduct, a Level 3 felony; aiding, inducing or causing incest, a Level 4 felony; performing sexual conduct in the presence of a minor, a Level 6 felony; and resisting law enforcement, a misdemeanor.
His trial is set for Jan. 9 in Madison Circuit Court Division 3.
Chief Deputy Prosecutor Steve Koester requested a 30-year sentence for Greer.
“There is no doubt her husband is not a nice person,” he said. “But there were times she could have gotten out. She should have realized this was a terrible idea.”
Defense attorney Lisa DeLey asked Newman to sentence Greer to 20 years with five executed and 15 served in community corrections.
“There is no one more troubled by this incident other than my client,” she said. “She has accepted responsibility from the beginning.”
DeLey said Greer’s thought processes were clouded by a manipulative husband and drug use.
“How did this happen?” DeLey asked. “You can’t make sense of it, but there were factors.”
Greer testified that her husband asked her to teach the boy about sex so his first experience would not be awkward.
She resisted for several months but in September 2016 started using meth with her husband.
DeLey introduced over 1,000 text messages sent to Greer by her husband after the couple separated on Dec. 1, 2016.
In two of the text messages, Christina Greer had denied her husband’s request for money to buy drugs. When she denied the requests, Matt Greer contacted Child Protective Services.
DeLey said she asked about the victim testifying during the sentencing hearing but Greer was adamantly opposed to it.
Greer’s mother in-law, Nancy Greer, testified she visited her several times and there was always a concern about the children.
She was on drugs at the time,” Nancy Greer said. “My son, Matt, was on drugs when they got married. We have told her to leave and divorce Matt.”
Nancy Greer said her son was controlling, and Christina suffered from low self-esteem.
The then-13-year-old boy said in a video forensic interview in October 2016 that a week after his birthday, Christina Greer performed oral sex on him to teach him about sex.
The boy told investigators Christina Greer talked to him about the need to learn about sexual intercourse and that she would teach him so that his first sexual experience would not be awkward.

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — Jurors found a mother guilty of multiple counts in a child molestation case in Hamilton County, according to Fox59.
Lisa Colbert was convicted of 16 counts ranging from child molesting to incest to performing sexual conduct in the presence of a minor. The three victims ranged between 3 and 8 years old.
Investigators said Colbert’s husband, Jayson, molested and raped the children on multiple occasions from 1997 to 2010. Lisa Colbert knew about the molestation, prosecutors said, and didn’t stop it.
In one case, prosecutors claim Lisa Colbert caught her husband having sex with one of the young victims and did nothing.
She “entered the room, glared at Jayson, and then left, slamming the door,” court documents said.
Lisa Colbert faced 22 charges in the case. Here’s the rundown from jurors:
  • Guilty, Felony D – Performing sexual conduct in the presence of a minor
  • Guilty, Felony D – Performing sexual conduct in the presence of a minor
  • Guilty, Felony A – Child molesting
  • Guilty, Felony B – Incest
  • Guilty, Felony A – Child molesting
  • Guilty, Felony B – Incest
  • Not guilty – Child molesting
  • Not guilty – Incest
  • Guilty, Felony A – Child molesting
  • Guilty, Felony B – Incest
  • Guilty, Felony A – Child molesting
  • Guilty, Felony B – Incest
  • Not guilty, Felony A – Child molesting
  • Not guilty, Felony B – Incest
  • Guilty, Felony A – Child molesting
  • Guilty, Felony B – Incest
  • Guilty, Felony A – Child molesting
  • Guilty, Felony A – Child molesting
  • Not guilty, Felony A – Aiding, inducing, or causing child molesting
  • Not guilty, Felony A – Aiding, inducing, or causing child molesting
  • Guilty, Felony B – Vicarious sexual gratification
  • Guilty, Felony B – Vicarious sexual gratification
As for Jayson Colbert, investigators allege he threatened to shoot one of his victims if he said anything about the abuse.
“If he said something Jayson would shoot his siblings … and that it would be his fault,” according to court documents.
Police arrested the couple in Madison County but said the abuse happened in Hamilton County, which is where the trial took place.

A 29-year-old Soweto woman‚ accused of raping her two-month-old baby‚ will hear her fate in the Johannesburg High Court.
Judgment is expected to be handed down on the four counts with which the woman was charged: rape‚ her role in facilitating a rape‚ child abuse and obstructing justice.
On the morning of November 6‚ a neighbour found the woman screaming in her room in Meadowlands‚ while her baby lay on the bed struggling to breathe.
She claimed the baby had fallen off the bed.
The pair took the baby to the hospital to receive medical attention‚ where a doctor determined that the infant’s injuries were not consistent with a fall‚ but that she in fact had been penetrated “by an object”.
Semen was also found on the child‚ who had to undergo reconstructive surgery. The mother claimed she had been with the child all night.
In its head of arguments‚ the state said that the evidence of semen proved that a male must also have been involved in the attack.
The state said that the woman‚ who denied raping or assisting in the rape of her daughter‚ had tried to hide what truly happened from the start.
“The accused‚ in her plea explanation‚ admitted that she lied to the hospital staff and SAPS to protect her husband. The proven objective facts indicate that the victim was raped.
“Furthermore‚ it is submitted that the only aspects in dispute are whether the accused herself inflicted the act of sexual penetration‚ or whether she aided and abetted another person to do so.”
The state claimed that the woman’s version of events changed constantly and were “mutually destructive”.
“The accused’s plea explanation indicated that the victim was injured when she fell on top of the victim whilst she was strapped in on the front part of the accused’s body… [but] during [the doctor’s] testimony... her version changed‚ in that the child came loose from the way she was strapped and fell to the ground‚ and that she then fell on top of the victim.”
This version changed further‚ turning into a claim that the woman actually fell with her knee on the victim’s private parts.

Verdict on mother accused of two-month-old’s rape expected Tuesday 04 December 2017 FARREN COLLINS

A 27-year-old San Juan Island woman was released on $100,000 bail after being arrested on three counts of third-degree child rape. 

She is accused of having sex with her boyfriend's 14-year-old son
According to court documents, on November 2, 1017 the woman told a friend she was "really stressed out" as "she had done something really stupid and she had slept with a minor." The friend figured out who the boy was after the woman said the minor was 14-years-old. The friend called the boy's father later that day. 
According to the detective's report in the court documents, the boy told the detective the first sexual encounter happened while his father was out of town. The father was out of town from October 19 to October 24.  
According to the court documents, the boy told the detective, the first two incidents were at his home on October 23 and October 29, 2017. The third time occurred on October 30, 2017 after she picked him up from school during his lunch break and drove to Jacksons Beach where she performed oral sex on him in her car. 
On November 9, 2017, the woman's attorney told San Juan County Prosecutor his client would "cooperate fully with any legal proceedings should they be initiated" and that she would "voluntarily appear in court if requested or ordered." An arrest warrant was issued and charges filed November 16, 2017. 
According to court documents, after the arrest warrant was issued, the woman went to Mexico. 
According to the court minutes of the November 22, 2017 hearing in San Juan County Superior Court, her attorney Craig Platt asked for the warrant to be quashed because "his client is currently in Mexico and he outlines the problems of coming back to Friday Harbor should the warrant still be active." Deputy Prosecutor Barnett said that "she believes that there is a likelihood that the woman may likely interfere with witnesses" and "had already made a showing of an unwillingness to appear."
At the hearing, Judge Eaton granted a  motion to issue a new warrant in the amount of $100,000.

A 41-year-old Leavenworth woman has been sentenced to life in prison for the rape of a 16-month-old.
According to a release from the Leavenworth County Attorney, Mahogany Payne will not be eligible for parole until 25 years from now, despite that fact that she asked the judge to impose a sentence of probation.
The county attorney’s office filed charges after two incidents with two separate victims happened at Payne’s house.
She was babysitting both victims.
On Jan. 12 of last year, she was babysitting a 16-month-old girl and penetrated the girl’s vagina at some point during the day, which caused blunt force penetrating trauma.
A jury did find Payne guilty of raping this 16-month-old, but acquitted her of charges regarding a 5-year-old victim at a trial.
Payne has a prior conviction of felony child abuse from 1999 in Sedgwick County, Kansas.
Todd Thompson, Leavenworth County Attorney, said, “I have seen a lot of a cases, but I can’t think of many worse than this.  I’m sad we even have to be here for something like this.  I am thankful justice was done and this child will never have a memory of this incident.”
The Payne family said she didn’t do it.
“This situation is not right,” said Ashia Payne, Mahogany’s sister. “To have a family member in jail for something they honestly didn’t do; it’s killing us.”
For the victim’s family, however, it means they can start moving forward.
“You just have to hope and pray that justice was done, and we feel it was,” the family’s spokesperson Larry Hayes said. “This whole situation has been a parent’s worst nightmare.”
At one point, Payne wanted a new trial but that request was denied.
Her attorney will start the appeal process in the next 30 days.
One person who supported Payne was removed from the courtroom after an outburst. Another person supporting Payne pleaded “no contest” to disorderly conduct, which was in relation to her behavior at one of Payne’s prior hearings. On Nov. 8, an additional supporter caused an outburst in the courtroom and justice center and had to be removed, as well.

The woman guilty of participating in the sexual abuse of a seven-year-old girl made available for sex on Craigslist says she's "worth saving." 
Sonya Lucas pled guilty in June and was back in a Hamilton courtroom for a sentencing hearing. While her defence argued any sentence had to take into account she is a "damaged individual," because of abuse she herself suffered, the Crown said that shouldn't be a factor in the punishment.
Justice Anthony Leitch said "the offence is a grave one." 
Leitch was hoping to sentence Lucas, but is holding off to review submissions made in court and in particular, facts involved in the sentencing of the man who hired her to perform acts she pled guilty to. 
Lucas pled guilty to possession of child pornography, sexual interference with a child under the age of 16 and sexual assault on a child under the age of 16.
Lucas's lawyer, Hal Mattson is arguing for a five to six year sentence, minus the time spent in jail.
Lucas has been in jail since August 2016.
"Her background situation is very empathetic and as a result of that I'm suggesting there be a lighter sentence," said Mattson.
"It's a sentence for this type of crime that requires a lot of time," said Mattson. He said Lucas was "broken" at the same age as the victim in this case.
The Crown is asking for 10 years.
"She was a very damaged individual from a young age and those type of things go on forever. I think she's a great candidate for rehabilitation. I don't think she's Karla Holmolka," said Mattson. 
Assistant Crown attorney Janet Booey said she recognized the "horrific" upbringing of Lucas, but that it's not a mitigating factor for someone to abuse another child. 
Booy read an impact victim statement from the victim's aunt.
"My niece has been robbed of her innocence. It makes me angry to know that someone on purpose, would make arrangements to hurt a child."
In a previous court appearance Lucas said she filmed the seven-year-old girl being abused because she was told to by the man who hired her. He received a sentence of eight years for his involvement in the abuse. 
Lucas read a statement, apologizing to the victim and to her own family.
"I deeply regret not doing something to help her instead," said Lucas about the part she played. "I know I am not a monster and I believe I am worth saving." 

Delayed sentencing 

Lucas said she did not know she was walking into a situation where a minor would be abused and where one of the two men involved would ask her to film and perform sexual acts on the victim.
Sentencing was delayed in September because the crown and the defence could not agree on details around Lucas's participation.
There was then what is known as a 'Gardiner hearing,' which occurs during the sentencing phase of a trial as a way to resolve disputes over facts.
 Lucas testified as part of the hearing.
When asked by Booy Nov. 14 why she complied instead of leaving, she said she was "scared and cowardly."
The Crown argued that Lucas was "completely, willfully blind," given she had known child pornography was involved during her previous sexual encounters with the man who brought her to the residence where the abuse happened.
Lucas also did not phone the police or CrimeStoppers at any point after that day last year.
Lucas admitted to accepting $100.00 on the way home from where the victim was abused.
Last November, Hamilton police laid dozens of charges linked to a child sexual exploitation ring that involved a seven-year-old girl being made available online for sexual abuse and being used for the creation of child pornography.
Police said that the girl was being abused by her mother's boyfriend, who also made the girl available on the online advertising service, Craigslist.
Lucas has a prior conviction from 2004 and is a registered sex offender.
The investigation dubbed "Project Links" took place of six months and involved the Ontario Provincial Police, Niagara Regional Police, Chatham-Kent Police Service and U.S. authorities.

"Project Links" 7-year-old girl offered up in an online advertisement 9 dicembre 2016

The investigation began with information forwarded to police by the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board.
Search warrants were executed in May 2016 at a home where electronic devices were seized. Investigators quickly realized they were dealing with a network of people connected in arranging sexual abuse and distributing child pornography.

FEMALE RAPISTS 21 29 novembre 2017

FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - Noemi Noria will spend the next 30 years of her life in prison for her role in the sexual abuse of a young child, starting when he was eight years old.
"She was convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a young child," said Fannin County prosecutor Don Hoover. "What that means is there's two or more acts of sexual abuse that happened over a period of 30 days or more when a child was under 14."
Hoover said the case all started in 2015 when one of Noria's children, special needs 12-year-old Jhoel Noria, was hit and killed by an SUV while walking across the highway.
That led to an investigation from Child Protective Services, and it wasn't the first.
"It was discovered there was a long standing CPS history with the family," Hoover said. "CPS got involved and removed all the children from family."
Hoover said one child claimed to be assaulted by Noria's co-worker Sergio Facundo, after she duct taped his mouth after he was tied to a bed. Prosecutors said Noria's husband Pedro watched.
One abuse counselor who testified said this is the worst she's ever seen.
"I can't put the words the type of courage displayed by these victims when they do come forward," Hoover said. "Without them, we can't hold these people accountable."
Noemi Noria will not be eligible for parole. Stepfather Pedro Noria's trial is set for February, and Facundo got life in prison earlier this year. 

Woman sentenced to 30 years for sexually abusing young boy  

A 21-year-old Junction City woman has been sentenced to four years sex offender probation after earlier pleading guilty to two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.
Dallas Holt of East 8th Street admitting to committing sex acts with two underage family members. As part of an earlier plea, Holt had one Class X count of predatory criminal sexual assault and seven criminal sexual assault to a family member under the age of 18 dropped.
Assistant State Attorney Melissa Doran argued for prison time, but Judge Mark Stedelin found no evidence in aggravation. The judge ordered Holt to complete the counseling through 'Choices' program, was given credit for time served, ordered to pay court costs, and complete a job search. Holt will also be subject to search and be prohibited from using alcohol or illegal substances.
Holt is the daughter of Gary and Patricia Speagle who each earlier received 110-year prison terms on multiple sexual assault charges against other family members.
Holt and her parents were arrested after computers and other electronic devices in their home documented some of the sexual assault and abuse. The investigation began in October of last year when a person asked to make repairs to Speagle's computer found the child pornography and reported it to authorities.
State's Attorney Bill Milner says all reports prepared for the court indicate Holt was not likely to be a re-offender.

Junction City Woman Sentenced to Probation on Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse Cases 12/13/2017

A GRANDMOTHER and four men accused of sexually assaulting two girls have been denied bail for a second time.
Shelly Ann Springer, 40, her son Tarik Alleyne, 22, Jonathan Cummings, 19, and his brother Tyrell Cummings, 20, and Carlon Singh, 18, were once more remanded into custody by magistrate Michelle Maharajh Brown.
The five were denied bail at their court appearance last week and ordered to return to the Princes Town Court. 
Attorneys Petronella Basdeo and Ashley Badal represented Springer, Alleyne and Tyrell Cummings while Jonathan Cummings was represented by attorney Roland Bain. Singh who turned 18 on Sunday was unrepresented.
The five were charged were under the Children's Act by corporal Nicole St John of the Child Protection Unit.
It is alleged that Springer, on a day unknown between January 1 and December 31 2015, at New Grant Princes Town sexually penetrated a female child aged ten years old. It was also alleged that during that period she twice sexually touched the child. 
Alleyne faced two charges that on a day unknown between the same period - January 1 and December 31 2015 - he sexually penetrated the ten-year-old.
Singh was charged with sexually penetrating this alleged victim between January 1 and December 31 2016. He was also charged that twice on a day unknown between July 1 and August 31 2017 in Princes Town, he sexually penetrated and once sexually touched a 12-year-old.
Jonathan Cummings was charged that between July 1 and August 31 2017 in Princes Town he sexually penetrated the 12-year-old female.
His brother Tyrell Cummings faced three charges of sexual penetration and one charge of sexually touching the 12-year-old between the same period and at the same location in Princes Town.
The five were remanded into custody for a tracing of their criminal record to be presented before bail was considered.
The court was told that none of them have previous convictions.
Police prosecutor Sgt Shazeed Mohammed however objected to bail. Mohammed cited the seriousness of the offence, the ages of the victims, the status of one of the victims who is four to five months pregnant, fear that the accused will interfere with the victims if granted bail and their places of abode.
Basdeo however said her clients were willing to live out of the area and also abide by any bail conditions attached.
Bain agreed and also said that his client had one charge and consideration of his bail should be treated differently.
The magistrate said she considered the submissions from both sides and denied bail.
The case was adjourned to January 9.
It is their right to apply for a judge for bail and the Express was told that attorneys Basdeo and Badal made the application following the court appearance. This matter will be heard by a judge next week Thursday.
A Syracuse woman been sentenced to 60 years in prison for her sexual exploitation of children.
The U.S Attorney's Office says 25-year old Emily Oberst pleaded guilty in April to one count of conspiracy to sexually exploit children and 11 counts of child exploitation.

They say Oberst admitted that she took sexually explicit images of two girls -- an infant and a four year old -- and sent them to her co-defendant Jason Kopp.

“The substantial sentence imposed today reflects the enormity of the defendant’s appalling sexual exploitation of an infant and a toddler.   We will continue to use all available tools to hold child predators accountable so that all children can be safe from such abominable abuse,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Grant Jaquith.

Kopp was previously sentenced to 235 years in prison.

Indore: A girl student of LKG was sexually abused by three teachers of a prestigious school under the Chhatripura police station. 

Victim’s family members created a ruckus in the school and tried to manhandle a teacher. The police have registered a case against the three accused under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. The police are examining CCTV footage for evidence.
According to reports, kin of four-year-old reached Malharganj police station and lodged a complaint against three teachers of the school. Victim’s kin said that their child had been complaining of pain for the last few days. However, they had dismissed it as an excuse for not going to school.
They realized seriousness of the issue after the girl shared her ordeal. She told them that while two teachers sexually abused her, the third captured the act on her mobile. All the three accused teachers are women.
After registering a case against the teachers, Malharganj police transferred the case to Chhatripura police station for further investigation. Police station in-charge Sunil Shaijwar said that investigation was underway and the police were also collecting information from other teachers and staff.

CSP Vandana Chouhan and other police officials visited the school and checked CCTV footage.
School principal told police that 20 CCTVs were installed on the premises. The school has 144 students, five women caretakers and three teachers.
According to reports, the victim is a resident of Maharashtra and has recently joined the school as her mother is in family ways and has come to the city for delivery.

Indore: LKG girl accuses three women teachers of sexual abuse Dec 09, 2017

Polokwane - A Limpopo man was hospitalised after being raped at gunpoint by two middle-aged women, police said.

"The victim is presently admitted in hospital [in] a serious condition for medical treatment," said spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.
He said the 25-year-old man was hitchhiking in Polokwane on Saturday morning when the two women in a Toyota Tazz stopped to pick him up.
However they turned into bushes in Magoebaskloof, pointed guns at him and made him drink "a certain substance". Then they took turns to rape him.
Afterwards they left him in a secluded area near the Tzaneen CBD.
He reported the attack to the police and was taken to hospital, said Ngoepe.
Anyone with information about this attack is asked to contact Lieutenant-Colonel Cecil Machimani on 082 451 7181 or Crime Stop on 0860010111 or Crime Line SMS 32211, or their nearest police station.
Ngoepe urged people to use reliable public transport and warned people of crimes that often start at a hitchhiking spot.
Laboratory tests will determine the nature of the substance he was forced to drink, said Ngoepe.

Cases of women raping men after drugging them have been on the increase in some parts of Southern Africa especially Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Man and girlfriend guilty after she tells of repeatedly raping boy in Parkland STACIA GLENN, The News Tribune 

FEMALE RAPISTS 21 29 novembre 2017

Paedo body builder jailed over sexual abuse of 4-year-old girl 15 DICEMBRE 2017

Paedo teacher sentenced for "predatory and wicked" child sex abuse 15 DICEMBRE 2017

Paedo posed as school girl on Facebook 15 DICEMBRE 2017

Paedo teacher jailed for sex acts with girl, 16, child porn 14 DICEMBRE 2017

Paedo teacher, coach charged with historical child sexual assault 14 DICEMBRE 2017

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