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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


domenica 3 dicembre 2017


Evil ex-policeman Mikhail Popkov, 53 – who was convicted of killing 22 women two years ago – has now admitted 62 more murders ahead of a new trial next month.
Nicknamed “The Werewolf”, he violently raped victims before bludgeoning or stabbing them to death using axes, bats, knives or screwdrivers.
Despite already serving a life sentence, he was allowed to do a chilling major TV interview on state-funded Rossiya 1 channel in which he blamed his wife's "treason" for his attacks on women in the Siberian city of Angarsk, and denied being a rapist.
In sickening footage, Popkov grins as he claims many of his latest 62 women victims willingly had sex with him moments before he murdered them.
Smiling and plainly enjoying the limelight, his appearance produced an angry backlash amid accusations he was mocking his 84 victims with his self-serving statements, claiming he hoped one day to be released.
"My genetic material was found on the clothes (of victims), so I was automatically accused of rape," he said.
"But I will say 100% – none of the victims were raped.
"If I had a sexual intercourse with anybody – it was voluntarily."
He also boasted about having an affair with a woman called Elena Porokhina, who has admitted the relationship and told police he didn't harm her.
Grinning in the video clip he said: "I know what she said, I read the protocol of her interrogation. You will not find anybody who will say bad about me."
His TV appearance sparked a flood of online demands for Vladimir Putin to end a moratorium on the death penalty so that Popkov can be shot at close range, the traditional Russian method of execution.
"There is only one just punishment for such animals – execution," said Alexey Kobzev.
"This is not just a TV interview, he's giving a master class in how to become a maniac," complained Natasha Model.
"Bring back the death penalty so he can't sit there and smile. He is proud of himself, this bastard."
"He is insulting the women he raped and killed," said another.
"Maniacs are not humans, but monsters, they should be shot...not free to go on TV."
A woman complained: "This is hell.
"TV gives him the opportunity to justify himself.
"What is it like for people who have lost their loved ones to listen to this animal?"
Another furious comment read: "This show is giving PR to this maniac, and then we wonder why other mass killers appear?
"It sounds like it's so cool to be a maniac: you can even be shown on TV while you're in prison. He should be executed."
One more read: "He is being treated like a hero."
A smile was wiped off his face when the interviewer Ksenia Zotina told him that his wife Elena is now in a relationship with a police investigator who was on his case, Vasily Domoradov.
Looking upset, he asked: "How long...if it is not a secret?"
The he said: "No...I will not think about this and feel upset. You can always find a positive side.
"She shouldn't spend all her life with a bonehead like me."
But he accused his wife of "treason,” saying: “There was an incident with the infidelity of my wife. Then I...if I can say so...'treated' that young man."
He coldly revealed to police how he cruelly selected women to kill during his 18 year reign of terror in Irkutsk region between 1992 and 2010.
"The victims were those who, unaccompanied by men, at night, without a certain purpose, were on the streets, behaving carelessly, who were not afraid to enter into conversation with me, get into my car, and then go for a drive in search of adventures, for the sake of entertainment, ready to drink alcohol and have sexual intercourse with me."
He used his police car, offering lifts to some victims, then taking them to remote areas to rape and murder them.
"Not all women became victims, but those of a certain negative behaviour, I had a desire to teach and punish," he said of his decision who would live and die.

Russian 'werewolf' killer raped and murdered 82 women 28 marzo 2017

The murderer who raped and killed teen model Sally Anne Bowman has been given two more life sentences for two further sex attacks.
Mark Dixie, who is already serving a life sentence for murdering the 18-year-old model, admitted raping a 16-year-old after ambushing her in a car park in 1987, and molesting a woman in 2002.
Southwark Crown Court heard horrifying details about the attacks, during which he tied the 16-year-old to her car and set fire to it.
Dixie, 46, admitted charges of indecent assault and GBH over an attack on a second woman in 2002, when he hit her around the head with a chef's steel - which is used to sharpen knives - before molesting her.
It emerged that Dixie called both of his victims after the attacks, the Croydon Advertiser reports.
Dixie called the victim of the 1987 rape on her home phone afterwards. Prosecutor Aisling Hosein says she recognised his voice and was “understandably terrified”.
Then, after the 2002 indecent assault, he recovered the phone left by his victim and called her boyfriend.
Ms Hosein says Dixie told the boyfriend: “Is that your bird? Is that your bird? I’ve battered her, I’ve left her by the railway. I f***** her up the a***. She loved it. It was a good f***.”
The calls, which Dixie has admitted making, are cited as evidence by Ms Hosein that he seeks to relive his crimes.
Dixie has been given two more life sentences for the attacks, with a minimum sentence of 28 years before parole.
Judge Pegden, describing the 1987 rape, said: “You left her bound and gagged. You attempted to start a fire using a tampon, and delighted in her evident fear.
"She was hysterical, she thought she was going to die. This was added to by your calling her on two successive nights, as if to re-live the crimes."
And he said of the 2002 attack: "You attacked her in the early hours, dragging her to an isolated spot and saying you were going to kill her.
"You were only stopped by the intervention of Adam Billing [the man who shouted] who heard the crime. She managed to escape. She was bleeding profusely, she had a fractured skull. You told her boyfriend on the phone that you had beaten and f***** her. It is always on her mind."
He was also given a five-year sentence for the indecent assault on the 2002 victim. It means there is no chance he can apply for parole before 2044.
He is already behind bars for the horrific murder of Miss Bowman, who he repeatedly stabbed before raping as she lay dead or dying in Croydon, south London.

Evil murderer who raped and killed teen model Sally Anne Bowman given two more life sentences for two further sex attacks Tom Matthews Craig Simpson Dave Burke 24 NOV 2017

SERIAL RAPISTS 38 29 luglio 2017

A twisted sex fiend has been found guilty of raping and assaulting three victims during a seven-year campaign of terror.

Martin Daniel, 35, preyed on the females, who cannot be named for legal reasons, at various addresses in the Aberdeen area between October 2007 and February 2015.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how Daniel's first victim was a 15-year-old schoolgirl when Daniel started attacking her 10 years ago.

The pervert also abused a 19-year-old Aberdeen University student in September 2009. He locked the woman inside a flat in the city for three days before sexually assaulting her.

The court heard that during the terrifying attack Daniel held a knife to her throat. The abuse against this woman continued until April 2010.

On various occasions between May 2014 and July 2015, Daniel assaulted and raped another woman.

Daniel, of Urquhart Road, Aberdeen, denied any wrong doing.

But a jury convicted Daniel of 11 charges of assault, violence and rape following a two-week long trial at the high court in Edinburgh.

Judge Lord Summers adjourned sentence for the court to obtain reports about Daniel's character.

But he warned the pervert to expect jail.

Remanding Daniel in custody, Lord Summers said: "You should be under no illusion that in cases like this, there is only one sentence which can be imposed and that is custody."

During proceedings, the court heard from Daniel's first victim who met him while working part time at a food court in an Aberdeen shopping centre.

The court heard that Daniel preyed on this woman between October and November 2007.

She said when she first met him, he seemed "quite friendly" and she had agreed to meet up with him at a beach arcade to play pool although she had school the next day.

After playing pool her friend said she had to go and get the bus. The two girls had intended to get the coach home together but Daniel offered his victim a lift home.

Prosecution lawyer Margaret Barron asked her how she felt about getting a lift from Daniel and she replied: "I was a bit anxious but I obviously trusted him enough that I went to meet him in the first place.

"I assumed we were driving to my house but we ended up pulling up on the beach front."

She said it was dark but dog walkers were out exercising their pets.

She said she was "a bit scared" when Daniel decided to stop the car and added: "I asked him what he was doing."

She said he then began trying to kiss her and made her feel "a bit uncomfortable". She said: "I pulled away. He just kept trying to kiss me. He was being quite forceful."

She said Daniel sat on top of her on the passenger seat and was leaning over her. She told him: "Just take me home. He just of laughed and continued."

She said her trousers and pants were pulled below her knees. She said: "I just kept saying 'no' but at this point I just thought this is going to be happening."

She said she felt scared and Daniel had sex with her. She told the court: "I kind of just went into another world. I tried to black out what was happening."

The prosecutor asked her why she had done that and she said: "Because I didn't want it."

She said that after the sex she remembered repeatedly telling him to take her home. She said she felt scared, upset and embarrassed.

When she arrived home she ran upstairs to her room. She said her mother had been quite strict and she did not want to tell her what happened to her. She added: "I didn't speak to anybody."

She added: "I spoke to nobody about what happened. I was quite young so I did not know if people would believe me."

Daniel's second victim was a student at Aberdeen University when he met her.

She told the court that Daniel attacked her on various occasions between September 2009 and April 2010.

On one occasion between October 2009 and April 2010 at a property in Aberdeen, he assaulted the woman, who is now aged 29, and locked her inside the flat.

The court heard that Daniel refused to allow her to leave before raping her. When she attempted to leave, Daniel seized hold of her neck and held a knife to her throat.

Giving evidence, the woman said that she was in a poor financial situation and did not have a job. She said Daniel was in a "really horrible mood" because she had planned to go out with friends without him. She said that she had about £200 in cash and Daniel ripped the notes up into tiny pieces.

She said: "I felt like I had nothing. Without having any money I couldn't buy anything or eat."

She said she was crying uncontrollably and contacted a friend who came round and helped collect the torn fragments of banknotes. They went to the friend's home and tried to tape the pieces back together to see if the bank would accept them.

She said: "We didn't have a night out. We sat and put those notes back together."

Between May 2014 and July 2015, Daniel raped his third victim at an address in the city. He also assaulted the woman during the same time period.

During these attacks, Daniel spat on the woman's face, seized hold of her and pushed and pulled her down stairs at a house. He then restrained her, and placed his hands around her neck before punching and kicking her on the head and body.

Giving evidence, Daniel denied any wrongdoing.

He said: "I wouldn't have had sex with these women if they hadn't given me their consent."

Daniel's lawyer Shelagh McCall QC told the court that she'd reserve her mitigation until reports concerning her client's character were made available.

Before being taken to the cells, Daniel shook his head in disbelief as escort officers placed handcuffs on his wrists.

Lord Summers remanded Daniel in custody ahead of a sentencing hearing at the High Court in Edinburgh on December 22.

MURDERER Gregory Keith Davies sexually attacked a dozen children in the years before and after he raped and killed schoolgirl Kylie Maybury.

Rape, murder of Kylie Maybury, six years old 10 giugno 2016

He knew all 12 of his female victims and had regular and easy access to them.
The much-married Davies, 75, has pleaded guilty to the 1984 murder of Kylie, 6, and will appear in the Victorian Supreme Court for a pre-sentence plea hearing.
Herald Sun investigation has also discovered:
DAVIES this month told his daughter in a jailhouse confession that, while he doesn’t remember murdering Kylie, “I must have done it because my DNA is a match to Kylie’s killer’s DNA”.
SOMEBODY very close to Davies anonymously told police in 1997 that they should investigate Davies over the Maybury murder — yet Davies wasn’t charged until nearly 20 years later.
A DAVIES family member recently claimed Davies’ mother Eileen had “blood on her hands” because she knew her son was sexually abusing children for decades but never dobbed him in.
DAVIES’ mother and her friend Patricia, who later became Davies’ third wife, sat in Ararat prison in the late 1990s during Davies’ rehabilitation program as he read out details to them of his sexual abuse of six children — yet both women continued to stand by him and kept his abominable behaviour secret from others.
A DAVIES family member recently claimed Davies escaped jail in 1984 over sexual assaults committed against four other children because police allegedly talked them out of pressing charges “by saying it would be too traumatic for the children to go through the court process”.
DAVIES’ daughter revealed hat she has been in contact with two more of her father’s victims and that they hadn’t reported the sexual abuse they suffered “but they have confided in me and I believe them”.
ONE of those victims contacted police after Davies was arrested in 2016 and told a detective she would be prepared to press sexual assault charges against Davies if it would help get him convicted over the Maybury murder.
Kylie’s mother Julie Maybury made an emotional visit to her daughter’s grave at Fawkner Cemetery to give Kylie a message.
“Justice is almost here Kylie,” she said as she leaned over the gravestone.
“I hope you will be finding yourself at peace at last and that you can fly with the angels.
“I know you will be beside me tonight and be in my dreams, my beautiful Kylie.”
Davies’ daughter, 28, who asked not to be identified, is using Herald Sun to publicly apologise to Julie Maybury — as well as the sexual abuse victims — for her father’s monstrous behaviour.
Another Davies family member claimed Davies’ mother Eileen Davies, who died in 2010, had “blood on her hands” for not reporting her son’s perverted behaviour to police when she first discovered or suspected it.
“Had she done so, then Kylie might still be alive and the other victims he molested after her murder wouldn’t have had their lives ruined,” she recently told the Herald Sun.
The relative, who asked not to be named, claimed Mrs Davies knew before Kylie was murdered in 1984 that her son had previously raped at least one young girl and bashed another with a hammer during a frenzied attack.
Police questioned Davies — who is one of 11 children — and his mother about Kylie’s death a few days after her body was found in a Preston gutter near the Davies family home.
Neither of them mentioned the unreported rape or the ten years Davies spent in jail over the sexually motivated 1970 hammer attack on 14-year-old Lucy Stasiewcz.
Had Mrs Davies done the decent thing when police questioned her in 1984, then her son would almost certainly have become an instant suspect for the Maybury murder.
But her silence meant he didn’t get charged until 32 years later.
Kylie’s uncle Mark and grandfather John Moss both killed themselves after being wrongly treated as suspects for murdering Kylie.
“They also might still be alive if Mrs Davies had reported her son to police when she had the chance,” the Davies family member said.
“Sadly, a decision was made to keep his child sex offending quiet.
That left him free to sexually abuse other girls, which he did for years.
Davies’ daughter, his only child, told the Herald Sun that she wasn’t aware of when Mrs Davies found out her son was sexually abusing children, but had been told by other family members that it was decades ago.
“From what I can tell a lot of it has been kept hush hush,” she said.
“But in terms of his mother, my grandmother, I think she was in denial.
“She was a Christian and just did not want to believe that her son had done something this horrific.”
Davies was jailed for two and a half years in 1996 over sex attacks on six young girls.
He was working as a Windsor Hotel housekeeper at the time he murdered Kylie in 1984, prior to that he was a welder.
Davies was a talented musician and artist and in later years he helped his current wife Patricia run a bed and breakfast place in Waterford Park, near Kilmore.
His daughter Jill — not her real name — recently confronted her estranged father over his sickening crimes.
She spoke to him in Port Phillip Prison on November 6 — exactly 33 years since her father abducted and later murdered Kylie Maybury.
“I didn’t realise until I was leaving the jail that it was the 33rd anniversary, I felt sick after that,” Jill said.
“I plan to visit him again; it is something I have to do for myself.
“I need to ask him things about my life, why he abandoned me and why he has done what he did.
“I need answers to help me cope, answers only he can provide. I’m doing this for my wellbeing, not his.”
Jill is breaking her silence to reveal she has spoken to some of her father’s sexual assault victims and to ask the Herald Sun to pass on her apologies about her father’s behaviour.
“I particularly want to say sorry to Kylie’s mother,” she said on Sunday.
“I can’t imagine what she’s going through. If it was my child I would be absolutely devastated.
“I am really sorry that this has happened. I wish it never did.
“I hope that with him being convicted it does bring her some peace of mind. He deserves whatever sentence he gets.
“There is no excuse for what he’s done, none whatsoever.”
Kylie’s mother Julie Maybury, 57, told the Herald Sun she appreciated Jill’s gesture.
“But I will never forgive Davies for taking my beautiful Kylie’s life,” she said.
“I hope the other prisoners make his life hell and that he dies a painful death in jail.”
Jill, Davies’ only child, said she wanted Julie Maybury to know that she would also never forgive her father for what he did to Kylie.
She said as soon as her father was arrested for murdering Kylie, she and her mother contacted police and “gave them as much information about his background as we could”.
Kylie had been sent to buy sugar from a local Preston corner shop when Davies kidnapped her on Melbourne Cup Day in 1984.
Her body was found dumped in a gutter near the Davies family home the following morning.
Jill said her father told her during their recent prison visit that he remembered most of what he did on the day Kylie was abducted, including stopping at a shop to buy food on his way home from a family barbecue — probably the shop Kylie went to.
“He said the last thing he remembered from that day was falling asleep in a chair,” she said.
“We’ll probably never know if he really doesn’t remember it or whether it’s just what he is saying.”
It wasn’t until 32 years later that Davies became a suspect, after the Victoria Police cold case squad had a fresh look at the Maybury murder.
The Herald Sun revealed in November 2014 that the squad was re-examining the Maybury killing.
“I am hoping an article on the case triggers someone’s conscience,” the then head of the squad, Det-Sen-Sgt Boris Buick, told the Herald Sun.
That investigation resulted in detectives arresting Davies at the Waterford Park home he shared with his third wife Patricia on June 6 last year after DNA they took from him two months earlier was found to match DNA obtained from semen left on Kylie’s body and clothing.
Davies’ daughter Jill said her father has shown no remorse over the murder.

The Crown is considering whether to seek a dangerous-offender label for serial rapist Charles Henry Desjarlais.
Desjarlais pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual assault with a weapon in connection with an Aug. 14, 1997, attack on a Calgary woman.
Crown prosecutor Karuna Ramakrishnan asked provincial court Judge John Bascom to adjourn the case to January so she and co-counsel Pam McCluskey can consider whether to make a dangerous-offender application.
Reading from a statement of agreed facts signed by the offender and defence lawyer Mitch Stephensen, Ramakrishnan detailed the attack Desjarlais committed two decades ago, one of a series of similar violent offences.
The prosecutor said the assault on a 19-year-old woman in a downtown alley was just one of several “stranger rapes” Desjarlais has committed over the years.
Ramakrishnan said the woman was walking to an LRT station on her way to work around 5:15 a.m. when she walked past an alley and heard a shuffling noise.
She turned to see Desjarlais with his pants down, but his underwear still on.
The victim tried to ignore him and walk away, but he told her to “stop, or I will cap you.”
Desjarlais then walked toward her, grabbed her by the arm and took her into the alley.
There he forced her to remove her clothing and raped her, Ramakrishnan said.
“He was not wearing a condom,” she said.
The prosecutor said the victim believed her assailant had a gun and might kill her.
After the rape, Desjarlais told the victim to get dressed and at one point she glanced at him.
“He said to her ‘turn around and don’t look at me or I will (expletive) cap you right here,’ ” the prosecutor said.
Desjarlais also told the woman he would “cap” her and her mother if she told anyone about the attack.
The crime went unsolved until Desjarlais, who was serving a sentence in Bowden Institution for another rape, contacted Mounties to confess about a sexual assault he committed in Calgary around 1995.
Calgary police were then contacted, and when they couldn’t find a similar offence in 1995, focused on the 1997 attack.
Forensic evidence collected at the time of the 1997 attack was then sent for DNA analysis and came back a “hit” on Desjarlais.
Desjarlais told Det. Michelle Moffatt he was “tired of carrying” this offence “around and was tired of hurting people,” the prosecutor said.
His record includes a 10-year sentence in 1982 for rape and other offences, as well as 2003 and 2016 convictions for sexual assaults in 1994 and 1995, which were stranger rapes.

Serial rapist Charles Desjarlais pleads guilty to historical attack Kevin Martin November 28, 2017

Charges continue to pile up for a 24-year-old man accused in the rape and strangulation deaths of two North Texas women, with three more sexual assault indictments being handed down in Collin County.
Court records show that Reginald Gerald Kimbro was indicted by a Collin County grand jury on two counts of sexual assault stemming from the rape of a woman at a party in Allen on Jan. 19, 2014.
Sgt. Jon Felty, an Allen police spokesman, said the victim had been found in the home’s yard lying by a fence. He said he could not release additional details about the case because it is still considered under investigation as some DNA test results are still pending.
A source familiar with the investigation told the Star-Telegram that Kimbro has also been indicted in Collin County in two other sexual assault cases, though those two indictments were not reflected in court records on Wednesday.
Details about those two sexual assault cases were not released.
Plano police did not immediately return messages inquiring whether one of the indicted cases could be in connection with a September 2012 sexual assault that police began re-investigating this year.
In the 2012 case, the victim — an acquaintance of Kimbro’s — reported to Plano police that Kimbro choked her, threatened to kill her and raped her. But Kimbro was never arrested in the case because, according to a Plano police affidavit, “there came a point during the investigation in which [the victim] no longer wished to pursue the case.”
Plano police have said, however, the case was being re-investigated after the victim decided she wanted to pursue charges following Kimbro’s arrest in the Fort Worth slaying.
Kimbro remains in the Tarrant County Jail in lieu of more than $2 million bail.
He was initially arrested April 24 by Fort Worth police in connection with the death of 22-year-old Molly Matheson, whose body was found April 10 in the shower of her Fort Worth apartment.
Fort Worth police allege Kimbro, who had previously dated Matheson, raped and strangled the woman, then washed her body, clothes and bedding in attempt to destroy evidence.
Plano police later added their own capital murder charge against Kimbro, accusing him of attacking 36-year-old Megan Leigh Getrum of Plano as she hiked at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. Her body was found in Lake Ray Hubbard, about 30 miles away in Dallas, on April 19.
Kimbro has been linked to both of those sexual assaults and slayings through DNA, officials have said.
Kimbro was also indicted this past summer on sexual assault charges in Cameron County for raping a woman at a South Padre Island Hotel during spring break in March 2014.
Police had arrested Kimbro shortly afterward, but the charges were later dismissed by the Cameron County district attorney’s office “pending further investigation.”
Officials there have refused to elaborate on why they dropped the charges then.
Jack Strickland, Kimbro’s defense attorney in the Tarrant County capital murder case, said he had not heard of the latest indictments against Kimbro when contacted by the Star-Telegram on Wednesday.
“I don’t know anything about the case and it’s a surprise to me, but it’s just something that we’re going to have to look into and deal with because clearly it can have an affect on his prosecution here in Tarrant County,” Strickland said.

 - Prince George's County police want to hear from anyone who may have encountered security guard accused of impersonating a police officer. Investigators say 36-year-old Michael Bell raped a man while pretending to be an officer, and evidence found inside the car Bell was driving indicates there could be more victims. 
The Prince George’s County Police Department said Bell stopped a man in Langley Park near the intersection of Riggs Road and University Boulevard and asked for his identification. They say Bell flashed a badge at the victim, who was described as a young Hispanic male, and began patting him down, according to authorities. 
According to police, Bell told the victim he was in a dangerous area and offered to give him a ride, putting the victim in the back of his black 2007 Ford Crown Victoria and drove him to a secluded area in the 2100 block of Guilford Road. Once there, police say Bell made the victim perform sexual acts, and raped him in the backseat.
The victim was able to escape and took a picture of Bell’s license plate as he drove off, which helped police track him down. Based on evidence collected from Bell's vehicle, officials said they were worried Bell had done this before.
"We have been able to execute search warrants. We have gotten some evidence that makes us very concerned about the potential of other victims. There was that ID that Bell asked the victim to give to him, demands him upon approaching him, says, ‘Give me your ID’ and then pats him down. We have located other ID of other people (and) we are looking into that now,” Jennifer Donelan with the Prince George's County Police Department explained.
Bell has been charged with first-degree rape, second-degree assault, impersonating a police officer and more. Police released a photo of the vehicle he was driving, and the badge he showed he victim in this case. It reads "Special Agent" and indicates he is a Sargeant with the "Community Patrol Agency."
Police are asking anyone who interacted with Bell while he was pretending to be an officer to call the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Sexual Assault Unit at (301) 772-4908.

Authorities in the Lehigh Valley have charged a man who they say lured women from across the United States to meet him in person and then he held them against their will, forced them to do drugs, and raped them.
Seth Mull, 30, of Hellertown, Pennsylvania, was arrested on Oct. 29, after a woman he abducted called police to the man's hotel room at the Holiday Inn Express in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, police said.

Delaware Teen Met Her Killer Online, Police Say

The woman told detectives she connected with Mull on an online dating site. When she went to meet him, he attacked her and forced her do cocaine and smoke crystal meth, police said.
"She reported that Mull choked her to the point of passing out and raped her," Northampton County district attorney John Morganelli said. "Mull also threatened her family and threatened to use her in human trafficking."

The woman suffered bruises and a burn to her back during the assault, police said.
This woman was far from his only victim, Morganelli said. Since Mull's arrest, at least six women have come forward alleging the man carried out similar acts on them.

Morganelli described Mull as a "series predator" who attacked women in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania; Chicago, Illinois; New Jersey; and Hawaii. Authorities believe there may be additional victims.
Authorities are also investigating whether Mull ever carried out his threats of forcing the women into sex trafficking. Morganelli said police found human trafficking and online dating websites in the internet browsing history on Mull's computer.
Mull faces nine charges including forcible rape, strangulation, unlawful restraint and possession of controlled substances. He is being held in the Northampton County Jail on $500,000 bail. His court appointed attorney was not available for comment.

Convicted serial rapist Sinja Robin Mabitsela does not recall most of the heinous crimes he committed because he was high on drugs.
This came out in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg where the 38-year-old was sentenced to 32 life sentences for 23 counts of rape, six counts of compelled rape, 18 counts of armed robbery, three counts of sexual assault, two counts of kidnapping, and a count of assault with intentions to cause grievous bodily harm. He was also sentenced to a further 275 years for kidnapping and robbery with aggravated circumstances.
According to a social worker's report read out in court by Judge Carla van Veenendaal, Mabitsela was high on rock while carrying out most of the crimes he pleaded guilty to. "The accused said he started using drugs after the death of his previous partner with whom he has a child," Van Veenendaal said.
"The accused said he was high during his involvement in most of the crimes he committed and that he could not remember some of them."
The report further stated that Mabitsela claimed that he was forced by his co-accused, Josias Xaniseka Mkansi, 50, who was out on parole at the time. The duo were dubbed the balaclava rapists and they terrorised Alexandra residents between 2007 and 2015. They raped, robbed and forced men to rape their partners while watching. They were caught in 2015.
Mabitsela covered his face and head with a scarf and red towel while keeping his eyes fixed on the floor during sentencing proceedings.
Van Veenendaal said the state had 16 victim impact reports in which most of the victims said they were left traumatised by their ordeals.
She said for a period of eight years, the community of Alexandra was under siege from Mabitsela and Mkansi.
"The fact that the accused pleaded guilty is a neutral fact. The fact the accused wanted to apologise to the victims does not work as a mitigation factor and there is no indication that there is a true change of heart," she said.
Miranda Jordan-Friedmann of Women and Men Against Child Abuse was happy with the sentence. "Although no sentence fully compensates the trauma and heartache endured by victims, we are satisfied with the sentence."

Brutal serial rapist gets 32 life sentences TANKISO MAKHETHA 22 November 2017

The Bloemfontein High Court in Bethulie has sentenced Mvula John Ndle­tyana (40) to life imprisonment.
The sentence is for repeatedly raping a woman, then 48 years old, in 2009. The latest sentence adds to the two sentences already handed down to Ndletyana for two separate rape incidents he was found to have committed in 2014.
The accused had already been serving 12 years and 18 years in prison for raping two teenagers in separate incidents. The court had sentenced him to 12 years on a charge of raping a 15 year old in 2004 and 18 years for raping an 18 year old in 2007. Both had reportedly been raped in an open veld.
Sgt Yanga Ngcukana, provincial police spokesperson, says the accused was convicted and sentenced by the same court for a string of rapes.
He says the 12 year and 18 year sentences will run concurrently.

Fear has the community of Etwatwa in Ekurhuleni increasingly in its grip as an unknown serial rapist remains on the loose.
A total of 25 rape cases linked to the same suspect have been reported at the Benoni police station since October 2016.
Etwatwa police station commander Colonel Molotelo Maoto confirmed that there is a serial rapist in the area. A special task team has been set up to close down on the man.
Maoto said collected evidence indicates that he carefully studies his victims and approaches them under the pretense of being a municipality official offering employment.
"We are on the verge of finding the suspect. I am confident that the man will be arrested soon. But while we are still gathering evidence we urge residents to be extra cautious because the suspect is operating silently among us‚" said Maoto.
From the reported cases‚ one victim was raped and killed. The remainder are alive and assist investigators with leads.
Speculation is rife in the community that the suspect might have changed his tactics. Many fear that his current aim is to kill his victims.
These suspicions were sparked by the recent killing of Bongiwe Mdaki‚ whose corpse was found ditched in an open veld on November 6. She was reported missing three days prior.
"We live in fear. Women and children are not safe in this community. We have not heard anything from the police since my sister's killing. We don't know if she was killed by the same rapist or not‚" said Khosi Mdaki‚ sister of the deceased‚ speaking at a community meeting on Wednesday afternoon.
The gathering was organized by Popcru to raise awareness about the serial rapist. Under the theme "Not in my name"‚ the event was also in line with the upcoming 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Child Abuse.
It was attended by different political parties‚ the community police forum and Gauteng Community Safety.
"It's unfortunate that women and children are killed by the very same people we love. Enough is enough. The law must deal harshly with these criminals. The spirit of Mdaki will not rest until those who killed her are arrested‚" said Community Safety acting director Busaphi Nxumalo.
A police report shows that Mdaki's cause of death was poisoning. The 35-year-old was not raped. Nobody has been arrested for her murder.
ANC MP Mathole Motshekga visited the grieving family minutes before attending Wednesday's public meeting in Etwatwa.
Motshekga condemned all forms of violence affecting women and children. He called on locals to work with the police in a bid to remove offenders from the street. "There is something wrong with our society. We are sick. As South Africans we need to fix ourselves first. We can't blame the police for everything. Let us work together with the police to solve crime‚" he said.

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