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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


venerdì 15 dicembre 2017


A man dubbed “Britain’s worst serial rapist” has accused a fellow prisoner of confessing to the murder of a mother and daughter.

Richard Baker, 52, was given four life sentences by an Old Bailey judge in May 1999, after carrying out several vicious attacks in the Southend area.
One of his crimes was the horrific rape of a 15-year-old Leigh schoolgirl in the grounds of Belfairs swimming pool in August 1998.
He indecently assaulted a 21-year-old woman in Beedell Avenue, Westcliff, and was fought off by a 19-year-old girl in the underpass through the roundabout by Queensway, Southend.
The former nightclub DJ also attacked girls in London and Brighton during the six-month period in 1998 and is thought to have raped more than 100 women.
Baker now claims fellow inmate Levi Bellfield confessed to the killing of Lin Russell, 45, and her six-year-old daughter Megan in Kent in 1996.
Lin’s other daughter Josie, who was nine at the time, also suffered severe head injuries and the family’s dog, Lucy, was killed.
Michael Stone, who has always professed his innocence, is currently serving three life sentences for the crimes and is hailing Baker’s “new evidence” as his biggest hope.
But Bellfield, who is serving two whole life prison sentences for murdering two women and schoolgirl Milly Dowler, 13, has denied making any such confession, saying in audio from behind bars that his accuser is a “known fantasist”.
Bellfield, in audio obtained by the Mirror, claimed Baker was a “fantasist, manipulator and compulsive liar”.
He continues: “His latest endeavours to pervert the course of justice are an example of his character which seeks attention and publicity.”
Baker, Bellfield and Stone are currently locked up in HMP Frankland - a maximum security prison in Durham.
Police were critical of the decision to raise the question of Stone’s conviction repeatedly.
Nick Downing, assistant chief constable for the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, said: “We feel it is not contemporaneous and is unfair on the victims to continue to raise questions or re-release details about the murder investigation and subsequent conviction of Michael Stone.”

SERIAL RAPISTS 48 2 novembre 2017

A controversial play about child killer Raymond Leslie Morris has been stopped after the families of his three young victims begged a local thespian to stop it being staged.

Dubbed the 'Monster of Cannock Chase', Morris raped and murdered a seven-year-old girl and was suspected of strangling two others in the 1960s.

He was jailed for life after he snatched schoolgirl Christine Darby, seven, off a street and strangled her before dumping her body on Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, in 1967.

He was also prime suspect in the murders of five-year-old Diane Tift, from Bloxwich, West Midlands, and six-year-old Margaret Reynolds, from Aston, Birmingham, who disappeared in 1965.

The bodies of all three girls', who had also been sexually assaulted and strangled, were dumped within a few miles of each other beside the A34 on Cannock Chase in 1966 and 1967.

The killings shocked the country and sparked one of the biggest murder investigations in British criminal history - dwarfing even the man-hunt for Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

Morris  was jailed in 1969 and spent 45 years in prison before his death in 2014 aged 84.

Peter Sidgwick, chairman of Cannock Chase Arts Council sparked uproar when he announced he had penned a production about the murders.

'Morris: The Cannock Chase Murderer', which he penned for amateur dramatic society the Tower Players based in Hednesford, Stafordshire., took around two years to write.

But, following an almost 700-signature strong petition and having spoken with heartbroken relatives of the victims, he has decided to cancel the play and apologised for any distress caused.

The 70-year-old former teacher said he was particularly moved after talking to Susan Upton, aged 63, who is Margaret Reynold's older sister.

Mr Sidgwick, from Hednesford, said: 'She was incredible. She spoke so calmly, so measured and so movingly, she absolutely blew me away.

'I have told her that I am no longer going to proceed. I didn't feel I had any option. I am quite clear that it is the end of it. It is the right decision.

'Obviously I thought it was a story of interest to the people of Cannock, but it is not as important as the wishes of these people.

'I am profoundly sorry if I caused any upset to members of the families, it was never my intention.

'I simply wanted to tell a story worth telling and had been told before. The matter has been quite stressful. As far as I'm concerned the matter is closed.'

Ms Upton herself said: 'We are very relieved he is not going ahead. To him it's a story but to us it is our lives we live every single day.

'I just tried to get across how it affected us as a family and he was very responsive to that.

'He hadn't realised and I don't think you can unless you have gone through it yourself.'

Jemma Tift, 31, is the niece of Diane who began a petition to block the play going ahead - which gained almost 700 signatures in four days.

Ms Tift, from Willenhall, West Midlands, wrote in the petition: 'Please help us to try and stop this play happening.

'These are three little girls who sadly had their lives taken from them by such an evil man who couldn't even admit to his crimes.

'My auntie Diane Tift was sadly one of the girls this evil man killed and then just left her like she was rubbish in a ditch on the Cannock Chase.

'This affects my father in every way and still makes his heart break and for someone to make it into a play is downright wrong.

'Yes, I understand that he is trying to show we must protect our children but don't show us in this manner.

'Please let these little girls rest in peace they have gone through too much suffering at the hand of Raymond Morris.

'Let us, their families, not have to be put through the pain again.

'This isn't a documentary it is a play - how can you make something so heart breaking into a play?'

She said: 'I am just overwhelmed he is cancelling it. If this play had been staged it would have broken the families.

'My dad is really happy. To anyone else who thinks about doing a play or something about it I will fight it.

'The reaction from everyone was absolutely brilliant. This is a real victory.'

Alan Reynolds, who signed the petition, wrote: 'My sister, was a victim of this cold blooded murderer, now he's dead, good riddance to trash, and anyone trying to make money from his evil deeds, is just as sick'.

Ginnette England wrote: 'I'm signing this because my auntie was one of the victims and I don't think it's very fair on all the family of the victims to keep having this brought back up'.

The play was set to be held at the Prince of Wales theatre in Cannock, Staffs., in May.

It was in January 1966 that the bodies of two little girls were found buried in a ditch in the heart of the wooded Staffordshire beauty spot.

Diane Tift had gone missing while playing with friends outside her Bloxwich home two weeks earlier.

Margaret Reynolds had vanished as she walked to school in Aston, the previous September.

Police said the girls had fallen prey to a crazed sex monster who had used the A34 to get to the forest after the abductions.

A year later, the body of Christine Darby was discovered on Cannock Chase by a soldier - just a mile from the first grim discovery.

She had also been taken from near her home before being brutally strangled and sexually assaulted.

The hunt for the Cannock Chase child killer saw 150 detectives visit 39,000 homes, interview 80,000 people and check more than a million car records before Morris's arrest.

Morris was spoken to four times but slipped through the net when his wife gave him an alibi. She later became a key prosecution witness.

In 2011 Morris broke his silence insisting he was an innocent man.

He said: 'No acquisitions of guilt can ever compensate the loss that the families involved must feel.

'But I will always maintain that I am not responsible for the murder of Christine Darby and hopefully my fight for justice will uncover the truth.

'I can only say over and over again, I didn't do it, and hope that someone will listen.' 

A convicted serial rapist paid heavily for his offences last week when a Francistown magistrates court slapped him with a 45-year jail term plus 30 strokes of the cane on his bare buttocks.
Appearing before Principal Magistrate, Dumisane Basupi, the notorious Thatayaone Wabuya Nka, 30, was convicted of three counts of rape, following his much publicised rape of three school girls.
The court heard that Nka targeted lone school girls at hiking spots in the morning and offered them a ride in his white truck.
He would then turn to a nearby bush where he raped his victims at knife-point.
Upon sentencing the accused, Magistrate Basupi started by reiterating what was said by the three girls during trial. “The first girl when testifying in court said the accused person grabbed her by the neck and dragged her to a nearby bush where he penetrated her vagina with his penis from behind threatening her with a knife,” Basupi said.
The Magistrate said the second girl testified that Nka angrily told her to undress as he menacingly wielded a screwdriver.
Confused and scared, the young girl undressed and her innocence was violently taken away by a heartless rapist.
With every victim conquered it became apparent that Nka became more violent, bold, creative and at times displayed arrogance in the execution of his evil deeds, as was explained by the third victim.
She said after Nka made an unexpected turn into the bush, he gave her countless hot claps before demanding sex. “The victim pleaded with him to only thrust 10 times, but Nka stopped after 13 thrusts. I asked myself why he needed three more thrusts to finalise sexual intercourse,” Basupi said.
The doctor’s report has shown that the first victim sustained a perforated hymen as she did not consent.
The second girl’s clothes and hands were soaked in blood, and she also lost her hymen during forced intercourse.
The last victim had a leg abrasion, clothes soiled and lacerations on the lips.
In mitigation Nka asked for forgiveness from his young victims and stated that he did not reap anything from his actions.
“I was 26-years-old when I committed the offence and before that I was a law abiding citizen,” he said.
The father of two pleaded with court to be lenient as life in prison is unbearable.
Basupi was however in no mood for mercy stating that rape is a serious offence which is traumatising to its victims.
“The innocent school children were targeted and the accused should be thankful that his HIV status is favouring him. I therefore sentence the accused to 15-years in prison on each count and 10 strokes on every count too.The sentence is to run consecutively and strokes concurrently,” ordered Basupi.
After sentencing, one of the victim’s mother told The Voice reporter that she was happy with the outcome. “After raping my child he gave her P20 as a bribe to buy her silence,” revealed the distressed mother.
The Voice also learnt that the notorious Francistown rapist may soon be back in court after more young girls came out accusing him of rape and threat to kill.

Serial rapist dubbed 'Forest Evil' jailed for 45 years LEBOGANG MOSIKARE LENITAME MOTSOKONO 05 Dec 2017

A 28-year-old man facing 40 separate charges of rape and other crimes appeared at Grahamstown High Court in Eastern Cape, South Africa, on Monday, 4 December.
The unidentified man, who cannot be named due to legal reasons, faces some 67 charges in total. If found guilty of all these crimes, he would be one of South Africa's most notorious serial rapists.
The man has been accused of terrible crimes against women, teenagers and children, aged between 11 and 46, in a violent five-year period, according to reports. The rapes were committed in several towns in Eastern Cape, including Alice, Bathurst, Dutywa and Willowvale.
The suspect is also alleged to have committed some of the rapes in other areas as well, like Stellenbosch in Western Cape and Rustenburg in North West province.
The chargesheet filed against the man said that he had raped at least six students at the Alice campus of Fort Hare University between 2012 and 2013, and was a student of the university at that time. He has been linked via DNA evidence to all the rapes, Herald Live reported.
Local media reports stated that in about 10 of the 40 incidents, he had either raped the women or teenagers multiple times, or raped more than one woman in the houses he had broken into.
Apart from rape and assault, the accused has also been charged with other crimes, including robbery, theft, and housebreaking with intent to rob and rape.
In the indictment, the state said that a minimum sentence of life imprisonment was proposed for 11 of the charges because the victims had either been raped more than once or were under 16. The state added that it would also request life sentences in at least five of the other counts as the victims in those cases were raped in their homes by the man, who, by then, already fit the profile of a serial rapist.
The case has been postponed to 14 December, with the accused expected to plead guilty to all the charges during the hearing.
Man accused of raping 40 in a violent five-year spree faces court Divya Kishore December 5, 2017 
The net is closing fast on the Etwatwa serial rapist‚ says Gauteng Community Safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane.
“He can run but he cannot hide. We are now in a strong campaign of making sure that with every victim of rape there is DNA test that is done. If a person is arrested for rape‚ we also investigate if that person is not linked to other rape cases.
“The Etwatwa serial rapist will definitely be arrested soon‚” said Nkosi-Malobane in response to reports that an unidentified male is targeting the Ekurhuleni area.
A total of 25 rape cases linked to the same suspect have been reported at the Benoni police station since October 2016.
A special task team has been set up to track down the suspect.
“Rape must never happen. A person who has experienced rape is as good as a person that is dead because she will live with that challenge forever. My wish is that we prevent rape before it happens‚” said Nkosi-Malobane.
According to her‚ efforts have been doubled to remove sexual offenders from the streets of Gauteng.
The newly established Family Violence‚ Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) unit has contributed in making sure that 24 serial rapists in this province just in one year were arrested and prosecuted. I strongly believe that the FCS will get the Etwatwa rapist and he will be sentenced for a long time‚” she said. Etwatwa police station commander Colonel Molotelo Maoto said among the reported cases‚ one victim was raped and killed. The remainder are alive and are assisting investigators with leads.
Maoto said the suspect carefully studies his victims and approaches them under the pretext of being a municipality official offering employment. “We have intensified police visibility in identified hotspots. We urge residents to be extra cautious because the suspect is silently operating among us‚” he said.

Etwatwa serial rapist ‘can run but he cannot hide’‚ says MEC 04 December 2017

The Adamawa Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, has confirmed the arrest of five suspects who specialise in luring and raping teenagers in Mubi town of Adamawa.
The Command’s Public Relations Officer, Suleiman Baba, confirmed the arrest of the suspects to the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, on Monday in Yola.
Mr. Baba said that the suspects were apprehended following a tip-off that led to the arrest of one of them whose confession and that of their four victims ranging between the ages of 12 and 10 were used to fish out the rest.
Mr. Baba said medical reports confirmed that the minors had been violated.
“We are taking the suspects to court and they will be charged with rape, criminal force and assault on minors,” Baba said.
While nothing that the victims were girl hawkers, Mr. Baba cautioned parents on sending their little children to hawk instead of school.
Parents need to be vigilant on the movement of their wards if we must tackle this problem,” Mr. Baba said.
He gave the names of the suspects as: Abdullahi Ibrahim (32), Musa Mohammed (31), Bakura Mohammed (39), Joseph John (29), and Mohammed Musa (42).
Also speaking, a resident of Mubi town, Danladi Chamber, who lauded the development said residents would be mobilised to support NSCDC to expose more suspects.
We are working on a theory that those rapists of minors are syndicate; we need to work and expose those dangerous people,” Mr. Chamber said.

Five alleged serial rapists arrested 

SERIAL Rapist Jude John Arjoon will be sentenced next month for manslaughter, sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery connected to three women he picked up while plying his private car for hire.
Arjoon who upon his arrest in 2005 told police, “I had a bad childhood and ah sorry. Ah need help. Better alyuh kill meh and done”, last week entered guilty pleas to six charges.
State attorney Sabrina Dougdeen-Jaglal and Anslem Leander appeared on behalf of the State in the matters which were heard before Justice Hayden St Clair Douglas.
Dougdeen-Jaglal told the San Fernando Second Criminal Court that at 5 p.m. on April 28 2005, one of the women who was heading home, entered Arjoon's car while in San Fernando.
He instead took her to a track in Debe where he robbed her of a cellular phone and wallet. He threatened to kill her as he demanded the personal identification number to gain access to her bank account. She gave him the information and he put her in the trunk of his car.
That same evening, he picked up another victim, Toyota accountant Mary Betsy Waheed. While along the M2 Ring Road Waheed managed to jump out the back seat of the moving vehicle but suffered head injuries. She died the next day at hospital.
After the woman escaped from the car, Arjoon took the female who was in the trunk to Hermitage Village where he raped her twice in the back seat and drove away without her.
Just after mid-day on May 24 2005, he picked up another victim while in Marabella.
He took her to the M2 Ring Road where he robbed her of a $1,000 cellular phone and her wallet. He also asked her for her PIN number. The woman was able to open the back door in an attempt to flee but Arjoon grabbed her and ordered into the trunk. She kicked Arjoon who had a knife.
He cut off her clothes. She later managed to open the trunk from inside and jumped out. She was assisted by a passer-by.
On July 5 2005, Arjoon was held at a house in Erin. He apologized, said he had a bad childhood and needed help. “Better allyuh kill me and done,” he told the police.
Defence attorney Ramesh Deena is expected to make a plea in mitigation on Arjoon's behalf of January 12. A bio social report from the prison where Arjoon, 35, has been since 2005, is expected to be made available before mitigation is done.

Serial rapist, killer tells cops: 'Better alyuh kill meh and done' Dec 4, 2017 Nikita Braxton-Benjamin 

Durban - Serial rapist Dingindawo Jojisa, 62, looked confused as he walked slowly to the dock with his back hunched in the Durban High Court.

He had expected to be sentenced for six counts of rape, attempted murder and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm - crimes he committed between 2010 and 2014.

He lured women desperate for employment to the sugar cane plantations in Mount Edgecombe on the pretext that they would work for his boss who lived in the area.

Instead he overpowered, assaulted and raped them.

According to the indictment, Jojisa - a construction worker - was always dressed in blue overalls when he committed the crimes.

His victims believed he was going to or coming from work, and trusted him when he told them that his boss was looking for a woman to work in his house.

Jojisa continued his crime spree for years, and although his victims opened cases at the nearby Phoenix police station, it took years for police to discover that there was a serial rapist on the loose.

The first victim, a woman originally from the Eastern Cape, only opened a case a year after the incident.

This made it hard for the investigation to conclude that the rapes were committed by the same man.

Sergeant Nazaren Naidoo finally made the link when he came across Jojisa’s file at the holding cells where he had been kept before appearing for another rape case in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court.

“The name Jojisa rang a bell. I realised that it was the suspect in a rape case I had been investigating for some time.

“I checked his details and they all corresponded with that of a suspect I had been looking for,” Naidoo said.

He was able to link him to other cases opened at the same police station.

Naidoo said investigations found that Jojisa had used the same modus operandi when he committed the crimes.

“His victims were women desperate for jobs; they came from the Eastern Cape and the scene of crime was the same.

“The women described his blue overalls,” he said.

The DNA taken from the condoms collected from the scenes matched his and he was positively linked to all the six cases of rape,” Naidoo said.

Jojisa was convicted of the crimes in the absence of his victims who had all left the province after the attacks.

Naidoo said Jojisa was linked to more rape cases during the trial, but they could not be added to the docket because the high court case was still in progress.

More charges would be opened against him at a separate trial.

62-year-old KZN serial rapist faces more charges DAILY NEWS /  

Most serial murderers and rapists will approach a complete stranger in the middle of town‚ at a taxi rank or a bus stop‚ and offer them a job‚ according to former top cop Dr Gerard Labuschagne.
Labuschagne investigated more than 200 serial rape cases from 2002 to 2016‚ while he was the head of the South African Police Service forensic psychology unit.
“If people just didn’t go anywhere with a stranger‚ it would at least force serial rapists to choose a completely different modus operandi‚ which often doesn’t suit the reasons why they rape. They want to lure them‚ they want to have the challenge of luring a person‚ the person doesn’t know what’s coming. It’s a boost to their ego‚” says Labuschagne.
“You don’t have to be well dressed‚ you don’t need to drive a Porsche‚ all you have to say is‚ ‘Do you want a job? It pays R200 a day.’ And they’ll go with you‚ as simple as that.”
Serial rape is a growing concern in South Africahighlighted in the manhunt under way in the Etwatwa township in Ekurhuleni‚ Gauteng. Police say 25 rape cases in the area are all linked to the same suspect and believe the rapist watches his victims and approaches them under the guise of being a municipality official offering employment.
Labuschagne‚ who has since started a threat management consultancy‚ says serial rapists will continue raping as long as they are free‚ making it essential for police to use all available techniques to put them behind bars.
They almost have this inner psychological script - some people call it a fantasy - that guides them‚ which means they’ll try and repeat it over and over… which is why we say they will continue to commit the crime as long as they are capable and free to continue committing the crime‚” says Labuschagne.
DNA has proven to be the most effective means of securing the conviction of serial rapists. South Africa is currently improving its DNA database system after government passed the DNA Act‚ which requires that police take DNA from convicted criminals and suspects in a range of crimes from theft to murder.
“We’ve never lost a serial rape trial because‚ if you’ve got 10 to 15 victims and DNA‚ whatever excuse [the rapist] is giving‚ you’re going to get a conviction‚” says Labuschagne. “Which is why it’s a pity that so few people come forward to report their rapes.”
Kathleen Dey of Rape Crisis in Cape Town says rape survivors are often too traumatised to report the crime. This is one of the reasons only one in nine rapes are reported.
“The ordeal of going through a forensic examination‚ where the body is viewed as a crime scene‚ where the clinical forensic specialist takes samples and touches all the same places the rapist has touched‚ within hours or days from that happening‚ is extremely traumatic as a rape survivor‚ and many of them just simply don’t want to go through that‚” says Dey.
A new policy for the investigation and management of serial rape and murder is at an advanced stage of finalisation and awaiting approval from Police Minister Fikile Mbalula. The policy hopes to aid the tracking and capturing of serial rapists and murderers.
We’ve had such a massive increase in serial rape being reported‚ it’s difficult to say via a percentage whether we are better or worse at catching serial rapists now‚” says Labuschagne.
“But DNA evidence has certainly helped in convicting these serial rapists and to ensure that they stay behind bars because if they don’t get convicted‚ they will continue with their crimes.”

Fury at ad seeking tenants to share house with serial rapist Conor Feehan  December 9 2017

Accused serial predator had ‘devil’ in eyes, woman says MICHAEL RUBINKAM 12/9/17

Suspected serial rapist further remanded GOITSEMODIMO KAELO 12 Dec 2017

Handyman accused of serial rape sentenced to 60 to 120 years 69 News & Associated Press Dec 12, 2017

23-year-old raped, killed by her driving instructor 15 dicembre 2017

2 men accused of raping and killing 10-year-old girl 15 dicembre 2017

Man arrested in rape, murder of 18-year-old girl 15 dicembre 2017

Rape and murder in India 15 dicembre 2017

16-year-old girl raped by Uber driver 15 dicembre 2017

70 year-old-arrested for raping 3-yr-old girl 15 dicembre 2017

7-year-old girl raped inside a mosque 15 dicembre 2017

20-year-old raped daily by 10 men in Libyan slave camps 14 dicembre 2017

Mass rape of Rohingya women and girls 14 dicembre 2017

11 militiamen jailed for life for mass child rape 14 dicembre 2017 

TEEN RAPISTS 57 13 dicembre 2017

18-year old arrested for raping a 90-year old woman 13 dicembre 2017

Teen pleads guilty to raping, murdering 12-year-old girl 13 dicembre 2017

27-year-old arrested for raping schoolchildren 13 dicembre 2017

Man jailed for life for raping, murdering a 4-year-old girl 13 dicembre 2017

Man sentenced for kidnapping, raping, videotaping 21-year-old student 13 dicembre 2017

83-year-old woman raped to death 13 dicembre 2017

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