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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


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GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (12/18/2017) - He's been practicing hypnotherapy for 40 years, most recently out of this office on Holly Road in Grand Blanc Township. That's where three women claim Dr. John Tomlinson sexually assaulted them while they were undergoing hypnotherapy.

"She described in detail the session, in which the therapist put her under; and, she remembers being under and remembers him, I believe, going up her pant leg and forcing her legs apart," sexual assault nurse examiner Michelle Most said on the witness stand.
She testified about evaluating a 49-year-old accuser in April after she was raped during her fourth session with Tomlinson.
"She reported to me that she had some soreness to her jaw area as well as her nasal area," Most said.
Both are potential signs of strangulation. Investigators have said when the woman came out of the hypnosis, Tomlinson strangled her to keep her in his office.
The woman was also on the stand -- but only briefly -- for a cross examination from Tomlinson's defense attorney Michael Manley.
"I want to make sure we don't have a professional victim here," he said.
The hearing got heated, as Manley said she's made four prior allegations of rape.
"That is incorrect," the woman shouted.
The Judge said, "Hold on ma'am."
As Manley continued, "This is actually the fifth rape that she has claimed."
The prosecution stepped in: "They have to be able to establish that, in fact, those prior allegations, if they occurred, were false. There's been none of that groundwork laid here."
The woman has been excused until Manley can argue to use the information in court next month.
The two other women are expected to testify about their allegations from 2013 and 2015.
Tomlinson does still has his medical license and is allowed to practice.

MILTON — A Shamokin man was jailed on $1.5 million cash bail after admitting to state troopers he bound, gagged, choked and raped three female victims over the course of six years.
Troopers arrested John Kurtz, 43, of North Eighth Street., an officer at the state Correctional Institution at Coal Township, who sexually assaulted three woman, including a co-worker's wife before leaving her in a cornfield.
Kurtz, a prison guard since 2010, was arrested at the state prison while on duty, troopers said. He was charged by Tpr. Joel Follmer and Cpl. Jeffrey Vilello, both based at the Milton station, with a series of sexual crimes, including rape and kidnapping, attempted rape, attempted kidnapping, burglary, sexual assault, stalking, aggravated assault, simple assault and unlawful restraint.
Kurtz, who troopers have described as a serial rapist, was sent to Centre County Prison, in State College, on $1.5 million cash bail set by Milton District Judge Mike Diehl following a brief court appearance.
According to the criminal complaint, state police have been investigating a series of kidnappings, rapes and attempted kidnappings, within Northumberland County beginning on Nov. 9, 2012 through April 23, 2017. Kurtz has been charged with the kidnapping and rape of two women and the attempted kidnapping of a third woman. According to police, Kurtz would break into the victims' residences, kidnap them, take them to another location and rape them. He was identified as a suspect through DNA evidence and digital evidence, which was collected through the execution of multiple search warrants and court orders, troopers said.
Authorites started to close in on Kurtz during the past several weeks and have been following him, troopers said.
On Dec. 15, state troopers were assigned to a 24-hour detail, following Kurtz through Shamokin and Coal Township. During their pursuit, police saw Kurtz throw a cigarette out of his window and troopers retrieved it for DNA testing, according to court documents.
The next day, Kurtz was being followed and he again threw a cigarette out of his window and troopers collected the evidence and transported it to the barracks at Greensburg to be tested. The results showed a match between the DNA on the cigarette and on a swab taken from one of the victims after the assault took place, arrest papers state.
Troopers alleged that in July, one of Kurtz co-workers was at work when Kurtz arrived to the man's home and attempted to kidnap the man's wife, according to court documents. The suspect has access to the work schedules of every employee at the prison, troopers said.
Kurtz arrived at the home in a ski mask and physically assaulted the woman, bound her hands with zip-ties, blindfolded her and placed a gag over her mouth, according to court papers. Kurtz tried to carry the victim out of the home, but she managed to move the gag and began to scream. Kurtz then went back inside and choked the victim until she was unconscious, according to the charges.
When the woman recovered, she told troopers she remembered being on a sofa as Kurtz raped her, according to court documents.
After the rape, Kurtz used latex gloves, cleaned up with antiseptic wipes and placed a cloth bag over her head as he escorted her to his vehicle, troopers said.
Kurtz then drove the woman to a cornfield that was near her residence and removed the zip-ties, blindfold and gag and released her, according to court documents.
"The citizens of Northumberland County and surrounding counties can rest assured tonight, knowing that a serial rapist has been taken off the streets and is securely housed in prison," Lt. Sherman Shadle, of the state police barracks in Montoursville said during a press confernce held outside of the Milton state police station in Montandon.
Troopers said staff at SCI-Coal Township along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation provided assistance and support in the in the case.
Troopers utilized extensive resources, including the Bureau of Forensic Services, Aviation, Electronic Surveillance, Computer Forensics, and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to assist with the case, troopers said.
During Kurtz arraignment, Northumberland County Assistant District Attorney Julia Skinner asked Diehl to make the bail high because Kurtz has ties to the Philippines and she was afraid he may flee.
Troopers said during the investigation Kurtz had made several international calls. Diehl agreed and explained to Kurtz, who sat motionless during the proceedings, he would be setting the bail at $1.5 million.
Kurtz nodded his head that he understood what was happening and troopers led him out of the courtroom and into a police vehicle. The suspect declined comment.
According to Lt. Sherman Shadle, of Montoursville, more charges could be filed.
"We are investigating other areas and we are asking that anyone with information come forward," he said. "We feel there are other potential victims out there. We strongly encourage anyone with information to come forward," Shadle said. "Every lead will be thoroughly investigated.
Anyone with information is asked to call state police at Milton at (570) 524-2662 or state police at Stonington at (570) 286-5601.

A woman testified that she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted multiple times by a man police claim is a longtime serial rapist.
Appearing in Tulsa County District Court, the woman testified against 60-year-old Victor Willard Hursh, who is charged with nine counts that include first- and second-degree rape, forcible sodomy, kidnapping and possession of a firearm while committing a felony in connection with crimes that reportedly occurred in December 2016 and this summer.
Authorities say Hursh is a suspect in multiple kidnappings and rapes of women. Police think the same person is responsible for each crime because they all involved forced drug use, kidnapping and rape via devices, an affidavit says.
Special Judge James Keeley granted a request during the hearing to dismiss one count each of first-degree rape, second-degree rape and kidnapping. The charges stemmed from allegations by a woman in a June 2015 report, and were dismissed because she has since left the state and hasn’t responded to requests to testify.
Wednesday’s witness said Hursh drugged, restrained and raped her multiple times Dec. 29 at his home on North Columbia Avenue.
She said she met Hursh on a dating website about a month earlier and at some point told him her living situation in central Oklahoma was in flux. She said he offered to let her stay with him in Tulsa for $100 a month in rent while she looked for work or applied for disability.
She said Hursh picked her up Dec. 28 and took her to his house. Hursh, according to the woman, took away her cellphone early Dec. 29 after he realized she had spoken with her daughter.
The two ran errands Dec. 29 and returned to the house after Hursh bought methamphetamine for his personal use, the woman told the prosecutor.
She said Hursh became “agitated” after taking the drug and began what would be a protracted period of physical assault, sexual assault and rape in in his bedroom and bathroom.
He informed me that he was going to use a machine on me and that he was going to videotape it, so I needed to make it look believable or he’d kill me,” the woman said, adding that she complied outwardly “when really I was screaming and yelling inside.”
She said she was afraid of greater harm because Hursh had a knife and told her he injected her with methamphetamine while she was restrained so she could stay awake while he subjected her to the forced use of various sexual devices.
The woman said “there was no point” fighting back in large part because she was broke and without a phone and knew nobody in the Tulsa area who could help.
She noted that Hursh took her in his van while he bought food but felt it was unsafe to risk leaving until she told him to “kill me or let me go,” which prompted him to eventually leave her at a bus station downtown.

The woman said she contacted her daughter after Hursh drove off and that she subsequently reported the rapes to police, who she said helped her get a sexual assault exam. Boeheim said the woman initially refused such an exam, but she later told Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Elmore she did so because she was “completely humiliated” by what happened to her and did not want people to learn about it.

After the hearing, defense attorney Brian Boeheim said the woman’s testimony is not fully consistent with the statements she provided to police last year. He also said he was disappointed that Keeley’s ruling regarding the dismissed counts was done in a way that gives the state a chance to refile them in the future.

A 1999 arrest report obtained by the Tulsa World revealed that Hursh was arrested on a first-degree rape complaint based on allegations that largely mirror those made in the most recent affidavit, but he was not prosecuted in that case.

Hursh, who is in the Tulsa Jail, is due back in court Jan. 3. In the meantime, prosecutors will try to secure the testimony of a woman who reported being raped and sexually assaulted by Hursh at his home for more than two months this summer. Her reported escape from captivity led to Hursh’s arrest in August.

KOLOA, KAUAI (HawaiiNewsNow) -
Kauai police are calling a homeless man captured in connection with two separate sex assaults on the south shore over the weekend a serial rapist. 
Detectives say that Jesse Korn targeted women living at a public housing complex in Koloa.
The 26-year-old is suspected in the attacks of as many as three women. Investigators say all of the incidents happened within hours of each other.
Officers say just after 2 a.m. Sunday, Korn broke into an apartment at the Kawailehua complex and sexually assaulted the woman inside. 
"He wasn't in that unit that long. I would say less than a half hour. From there he went on to the second victim," KPD Assistant Chief Bryson Ponce said.
But this time, investigators say, after breaking into a second unit Korn held the victim hostage, raping her repeatedly for more than two hours.
"While the officers were investigating that first sexual assault, he was committing a rape on the second victim," Ponce said.
The woman somehow managed to call police, but officers say Korn jumped from a second-story window and escaped.
A manhunt led to his capture. Detectives say neither of the victims knew Korn but told police they had seen him hanging around the complex.
"They were able to identify him based on photo lineups because they'd seen him in the area before because his family lives there," Ponce said.
Police confirm they're investigating a third incident at the complex involving a juvenile. Investigators say the girl may have been Korn's first victim that morning.
"He hasn't been charged with that yet because we're still following up on information," said Ponce.
Right now, investigators are also looking at evidence to see if he could be connected to other rapes that have happened on the island over the past year.

A 34-year-old Chicago man raped four women, dating back to 2002, targeting young women at night clubs and a heavily intoxicated 18-year-old he encountered outside a Loyola University dorm, Cook County prosecutors said.
DNA evidence links cab driver Gabriel Dathey to the assaults, Assistant State’s Attorney Julia Ramirez said at a bond hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse.
Judge David Navarro ordered Dathey held without bond on four counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault.
The rapes occurred years apart, Ramirez said, with the first victim, an 18-year-old student, who was returning to her dormitory from the bar in the early morning hours of Sept. 29, 2002.
The victim was having trouble walking, and Dathey led her to a bench and began kissing her and put his hand down her pants, Ramirez said. Dathey tried to have sex with the victim, but was unable to, and ran, leaving behind a condom and wrapper that, prosecutors said, carried traces of his DNA.
The DNA was entered into a national database, and turned up a “match” earlier this year, Ramirez said.
A decade later, a 21-year-old au pair from Finland met Dathey while out at a friend’s birthday party in April 2012. Dathey bought the woman two drinks, but she felt as if she was under the influence of “an unknown substance,” Ramirez said. A witness said he saw Dathey follow the woman into a bathroom, and when the two came out, Dathey told the witness he and the woman had sex, Ramirez said.
The woman said she woke up in a strange apartment, and remembered having sex with someone. She called her host parents and went to a hospital, where a rape test was performed. Police located Dathey and took a DNA swab, but Ramirez did not say why results linking Dathey to the assault were not available until this year.
Two weeks after that assault, a 21-year-old woman met Dathey at Berlin night club, where she met Dathey for the first time and Dathey bought her two drinks, Ramirez said. The woman said she felt as if she had consumed something other than alcohol, and next remembered riding in a car with Dathey and going to her house with him, Ramirez said. The woman was in an out of consciousness, but remembered Dathey having sex with her, and woke up without pants, Ramirez said. She began vomiting, and Dathey left, Ramirez said.
The woman called police and went to a hospital for rape testing, and DNA was again entered into the national database.
A fourth woman, 30, reported being assaulted by Dathey in 2014, and DNA collected then linked Dathey to the crime.

A serial rapist targeted three women in an eight-year campaign of abuse in Dundee.
Jason Okwara raped two of the women and sexually assaulted a third in incidents across the city between 2004 and 2012.
The 45 year-old, of Dundee, was jailed for nine years at the High Court in Glasgow.
He first raped a "particularly vulnerable" woman at a property in Broughty Ferry in 2004.
She was asleep at the time having previously told Okwara she did not want to have sex.
It was stated she was "incapable of giving or with-holding consent".
Okwara, originally from the US, struck again five years later at a different address in the city.
Jurors heard this victim "simply froze" as he told her "your body says yes" while raping her.
Okwara later sexually assaulted a third victim in August 2012. She believed he only stopped when she shouted at him.
He was finally caught during a probe into the attacks years later.
Lady Rae said pre-sentencing reports on Okwara "did not make good reading".
The judge told Okwara: "You have shown no remorse and you still maintain your innocence.
"These three women were unknown to each other, but, according to you, have lied."
In his closing speech to the jury, prosecutor Alan Cameron said Okwara was guilty of a "course of conduct of serious sexual offending".

A Calgary man who was charged in May in connection to a child sexual abuse investigation is facing more charges after 19 new victims came forward to police.
Christian Allen Sarile was charged in May of this year with three counts of sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, sexual assault and obtaining sexual services for consideration from a person under 18 years of age.
He was released on bail with the condition that he not come into contact with minors.
Police continued to investigate and another 19 victims were identified.
“There was a lot on commonalities that we were able to link, we certainly worked in support with our cybercrime teams and tech crimes and whatnot to link that but there was a lot of investigation by the child abuse detectives, hours of connecting the dots,” said Staff Sgt. Melanie Oncescu of the Calgary Police Service Child Abuse Unit.
Investigators believe he posed as a young teen male and used social media sites to meet and chat with young girls.
He offered items or cash in exchange for sexual favours and police say in some cases, the victims were asked to send photos of themselves either clothed, partially clothed or naked.
Investigators say he used a number of social sites to make contact including Askfm, Snapchat and Instagram and that he utilized a number of user names including; josh.c234, bmyles, bmyles23, Brandon, mike.reele, avgjoe2 and a-rod.
Police say two of the incidents are alleged to have happened in 2009 and 2011 and the rest were between 2015 and 2017.
All of the victims are between the ages of 12 and 17 and are all from the Calgary area.
Investigators learned that the suspect was with an underage girl on December 5, 2017, despite his release condition.
“Can’t speak to the specifics of that, but it came to our attention that he was with an underage girl,” said Oncescu.
He was arrested and charged two days later and additional charges were then laid.
‘His previous job was that he did work with children, yes,” said Oncescu. “He was a music teacher.”
Sarile, 27, is now also charged with the following:
Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017 – one victim, six charges
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual interference
  • Invitation to sexual touching
  • Three breaches of recognizance
Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017 – 18 victims, 37 charges
  • Eight counts of making sexually explicit material available to a child
  • Eleven counts of communication for the purpose of obtaining sexual services with a child
  • Three counts of extortion
  • Five counts of sexual assault
  • Two counts of sexual interference
  • Three counts of luring a child under 18
  • Two counts of luring a child under 16
  • Two counts of accessing child pornography
  • One count of distributing child pornography
The numbers are alarming,” said Oncescu. “We haven’t had many circumstances where we’ve laid this many charges so it’s certainly a first for us in terms of that volume of charges laid.”
Police say the investigation is ongoing and anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault is encouraged to contact police at 403-266-1234.

Paedo music teacher sexually abused 22 young girls 25 DICEMBRE 2017

A judge told a serial rapist who was jailed for more than nine years that he had a “disturbing attitude” towards women.
Martyn Daniel carried out his first sex assault on a 15-year-old girl in 2007 and continued his crime spree up until 2015.
Another victim was subjected to a rape after he locked her in a flat in Aberdeen and when she tried to leave he grabbed her by the neck and held a knife against her.
Daniel also squeezed the neck of a third woman and punched and kicked her and spat on her face and pulled her hair. During one attack he repeatedly kicked her on the head and caused her to lose consciousness.
He also repeatedly raped the woman and at one point in 2014 threatened to drive her and her daughter to the city’s harbour and leave them there.
The 35-year-old was convicted by a jury of a string of charges, including rape, assault and malicious damage following a two-week trial at the High Court in Edinburgh last month.
At his sentence, Lord Summers told him his sexual offending revealed a “disturbing attitude towards women”.
He said: “You have little regard for their dignity or autonomy. These were persons you used and exploited for your personal gratification.
Jailing Daniel, formerly of Urquhart Road, in Aberdeen, for a total of nine years and seven months, he ordered that he be subject to supervision for a further three year period.
His counsel Shelagh McCall QC said Daniel had served a sentence previously for drink driving in 2015 and had been trying to stabilise his life when the latest allegations against him came to light.
She said: “What I cannot get away from in the end is the seriousness of the convictions. He recognises, of course, that a custodial sentence is inevitable.”
Detective Inspector Muriel Fuller of Police Scotland’s Domestic Abuse Task Force described the criminal as a “violent and controlling individual”.
She said: “He is clearly a dangerous individual and has, over a number of years, committed serious, violent offences which have gone unpunished.
“He will now face the consequences of his actions after being convicted in court.”

Sexual predator Charles Howeson took advantage of a different age when he abused young men in the 1980s and 1990s.
It was a time when the public image of a sex offender was of a dirty man in a raincoat who hung around on corners.
Few believed that rich and charming people in positions of power could be abusers.
The police and prosecution view in the 1980s was that sex cases would not be prosecuted when it relied on one person's word against another – in other words if there was no independent witness nor forensic evidence.
But of course sexual predators abuse their powerful positions to isolate and exploit vulnerable people. They make sure there is no evidence.
Victims often do not come forward because they fear they will not be believed. They think they are the only ones.
But the urge of the abusers and their failure to be detected means they are usually not the only ones.
The prosecution of paedophile Jimmy Savile, a Knight of the Realm who raised £40 million for charity, lifted the veil from many people’s eyes in 2011.
He is believed to have abused hundreds of children.
It has brought a flurry of sexual allegations against high-profile figures and prompted several police investigations.
Police and prosecutors have long since dropped the policy of only prosecuting sex cases if there is corroborative evidence.
Howeson’s abuse never reached the police until 2015 and the case has since been prosecuted with vigour by officers.
After the first complainant came forward, police traced and contacted ten more potential victims.
It turned out that two Royal Navy ratings on board HMS Cleopatra had immediately spoken out about his indecency late in 1985.
Worse, six young men with the Groundwork Trust in Plymouth made strikingly similar allegations in the early 90s.

The charity, now defunct in the city, launched its own investigations and was suspicious enough to ask Howeson to quit as executive director – apparently with an undertaking he would never work with vulnerable people again.
But the police were not informed on legal advice from an unidentified city firm.
Paul Dunkels, QC, the Crown Prosecution Service barrister, said the matter was “swept under the carpet”.
He cited this was in keeping with the prevailing “culture” in the 1980s and 1990s.
The Navy at least flew in special investigators and interviewed the two junior ratings and Howeson.
A full report was prepared and passed on the Provost Marshal, a high-ranking officer who was head of the Navy’s regulatory or police service.
The Admiralty Board then recommended him for a reprimand. It is unfortunate that the paperwork from 1986 cannot confirm whether this warning was actually given.
But it is perhaps not surprising that Howeson was not court-martialled given what was quoted as a “lack of a corroborative evidence”. Such was the thinking of the time.
It is certainly unfortunate that Howeson was later promoted – a slap in the face to his Royal Navy accusers. No wonder one of his victims left the service in disgust.

The Savile Scandal SEPTEMBER 9, 2017

This week Married with Secrets spotlights the case of police officer Sgt. Jeff Pelo, a police officer who was a seemingly good cop and family man.
Bloomington, Ill., and Sgt. Pelo has a great life with a good job and a wife plus three teenage kids. But this cop has a secret life and was eventually caught and charged with raping four women and stalking another between 2002 and 2005.
He was arrested in 2006 and at the trial the prosecution said that he was driven to rape by fantasies partly taken from pornography he viewed featuring women being forced to have sex. He was also accused of believing that they might even like him and become his lover or girlfriend.
He was also very careful when he committed the rapes and made his victims take a bath before removing all the sheets and any items that might leave DNA evidence. As a result there was no DNA or other forensic evidence tying him to the crimes.
However, in 2008 a jury found him guilty of various charges including 25 counts of aggravated sexual assault and he was given 440 years in prison. The judge told him: “You literally went from being a protector of our community to a plague on our community.”

The Plovdiv police detained a 32-year-old man who, within less than two weeks, on December 7 and 20, raped two young women in the Kyuchuk Paris district.
In either case, the attacker has been waiting for his victims to park their cars in the evening in front of their homes, threatening them with a knife and raping them brutally in their cars.
In the second case, he raped a young woman who had waited her boyfried in in her car.
Against the detained man there are already charges. The District Prosecutor's Office is expected to file a request for a permanent detention order.
He has already been sentenced and has been in prison for 4 years and three months for rape. Released in April 2017.

Plovdiv Police Detained a Serial Rapist December 23, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- A 22-year-old serial rapist will serve 75 years in prison for his more than two week crime spree in 2015.
Jacquese Chaney was sentenced after being found guilty in November to 20 counts that included rape, attempted rape, robbery, burglary and arson charges — all stemming from a 17-day period in November 2015.
"What is effectively a life sentence is the consequence for such violent and predatory behavior in our community," said Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry. "We commend the survivors who reported these crimes and cooperated in the prosecution of this defendant. Their courage to come forward in all likelihood stopped an episode of violence that would have victimized others."
Police say Chaney committed three sexual assaults and robberies between the 4000 and 4400 blocks of North High School Road in Indianapolis. He also stole a key from one of the assault victims and used it to burglarize his or her apartment before lighting it on fire.
"On two separate occasions, Chaney was captured on surveillance footage in possession of items that were stolen during two of the assaults," Marion County officials said, in a news release. "An anonymous tip led to investigators identifying Chaney as the suspect."
Chaney is currently serving a six-year sentence in the Indiana Department of Correction after pleading guilty to his role in an unrelated robbery at Community North Hospital in December 2015.

Wits students hold a silent protest against rape Image: ALON SKUY

A former student at the University of Fort Hare has emerged as one of the country’s worst serial rapists after pleading guilty to 39 rapes in three provinces.

Lonwabo Solontsi28‚ was linked to all the cases by DNA evidence.

In several of the cases‚ he told the women to count to 100 before covering their faces with an item of clothing and fleeing‚ the Daily Dispatch reported.

Solontsi pleaded guilty in the Grahamstown High Court to his reign of terror that lasted five years‚ across the Eastern Cape‚ Western Cape and North West Province.

He pleaded guilty to 26 additional charges‚ including housebreaking with intent to rob and rape and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

TimesLIVE reported that his victims included women‚ teenagers and children‚ aged from 11 to 46.

The rapes were committed in far-flung towns and cities throughout the Eastern Cape‚ including Alice‚ Bathurst‚ Dutywa and Willowvale. Some of the other rapes were committed as far away as Stellenbosch in the Western Cape and Rustenberg in the North West.

He terrorised the Alice campus of Fort Hare University between 2012 and 2013.

Former student raped 39 people in three provinces 15 December 2017

Victims of serial rapist Lonwabo Solontsi‚ 28‚ testified how the rapes destroyed their relationships‚ caused unwanted pregnancies‚ night terrors‚ depression‚ terrifying flashbacks and fear of people.
Solontsi was convicted in the Grahamstown High Court of 39 rape charges and a further 26‚ including robbery with aggravating circumstances‚ and housebreaking with intent to rob and rape.
Dressed in a brown shirt‚ beige pants and a tweed jacket‚ Solontsi listened intently to his victims’ accounts of their horror rapes and took notes. They are testifying in aggravation of sentence.
A 45-year-old woman raped by Solontsi in a derelict house in Willowvale some six years ago says she still lives in fear. It has ruined her relationship with her husband‚ who she said blames her for the rape.
Wiping her eyes‚ she said she relives the rape whenever her husband wants to be intimate with her.
“When he gets intoxicated‚ he swears at me and reminds me what happened to me. He says he does not love me anymore because I was raped.”
Another woman‚ who was twice raped by Solontsi after he broke into her Fort Hare University residence room‚ said she fell pregnant as a result of the horror invasion of her room and her body.
She aborted the baby as she said she could “never love the child”.
Sobbing‚ she said her boyfriend blamed her for the rape and they had split up as a result. She had become introverted and distrustful of people‚ particularly men. She often relived the rape.
When Solontsi’s Legal Aid lawyer Helen McCallum indicated she had no questions for the witnesses‚ Solontsi twice interrupted her. He asked her to ask the former Fort Hare student why she thought her boyfriend blamed her for the rape.
“I don’t know‚” was the reply.
Senior state Advocate Nickie Turner is prosecuting. Judge Thami Beshe is presiding.
The trial continues.

The High Court sitting in Graskop sentenced Cassius Lionel Khoza  (28) of Alexandria –Marite in Mpumalanga to 12 life sentences and an additional 34 years for multiple counts of housebreaking , kidnapping , rape, assault with grievous bodily harm and assault common.
According to court papers, it was revealed that Khoza started these heinous crimes from January 2013 to 2016 . Some of these incidents were committed near Sabie and some in Calcutta.
Khoza would break into the complainants’s rooms or approach them on the streets, drag his victims to the bushes, rape them and sometimes rob them of their belongings like cell phones and cash.
In aggravation of sentence, Prosecutor Sonja Ntuli led evidence of the victim impact statements and the accused was linked to these offences through DNA.
The state further argued that the prescribed minimum sentences to be imposed in spite of the fact that the accused pleaded guilty because of the overwhelming evidence against Khoza.
During sentencing, Judge Desmond Nair, ruled that there are no compelling and substantial circumstances for the court to deviate from the minimum sentences prescribed. He then sentenced the accused to 12 life sentences and an additional 34 years direct imprisonment for all the offences Khoza committed.
The accused was convicted on 28 counts, namely; 4 counts of housebreaking, 7 counts of kidnapping, 15 counts of rape, 1 count of assault GBH and 1 of common assault. The accused pleaded guilty.
The NPA welcomes the sentence hoping that it will send a strong message to other would- be rapists who fall prey to defenceless women and children.

Heavy sentence for serial rapist Dec 15 2017

Durban - Convicted 62-year-old serial rapist Dingindawo Jojisa was sentenced to three life terms for rape and a total of 31 years in prison for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, and theft.
Jojisa lured his three victims to the sugar cane plantations in Mount Edgecombe under the pretence that he was a construction worker. He promised them jobs, saying his employer needed a woman to work in his house.
His victims, all from the Eastern Cape, were not in court to witness the sentencing because they had relocated.
Jojisa’s lawyer, Patrick Mkhumbuzi, tried to persuade the court to consider Jojisa’s personal circumstances including his age, but Balton said she was not satisfied there were any substantial and compelling circumstances in Jojisa’s favour.
“Each of the crimes was committed at different time periods and (they) were totally unrelated. There is no basis on which this court can treat them as one for the purpose of sentence,” said Balton.
One of the complainants, a 30-year-old woman, and her cousin met Jojisa in the Bester area on November 27, 2010. He asked them how much they earned, where they worked and promised he would get them a better paying job with his employer.
They took a taxi to Mount Edgecombe where Jojisa told one of them to wait somewhere because his employer could only employ one person.
The woman had testified that they walked through sugar cane fields and then he dragged her, pulled out a screwdriver and threatened to kill her. He raped her repeatedly.
He forced her to sit next to him until the next morning when they left the area, and left her near the road before he ran back into the sugar cane field.
She was found by security guards who took her to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital.
The second complainant, a 29-year-old woman, met Jojisa at Berea police station on July 19, 2011.
She was a student at the Durban University of Technology and was on her way to look for in-service training.
She had told the court that Jojisa said he was employed at Unilever Brothers and that they employed students, and he took down her cellphone number.
The next day he called her and they met at the Gateway shopping centre and he promised to take her to his employer’s house. They walked into the sugar cane fields where he threatened her. She pleaded with him saying she was still a virgin, but he raped her.
The third victim, a 34-year-old woman, had testified that she had met Jojisa on a train on March 5, 2012, and he promised to organise a job for her.
They exchanged numbers and a day later he contacted her, arranging a meeting at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital. He lured her to the sugar cane field where he raped her.
He was acquitted on a fourth count of rape.
Jojisa was identified positively by all his victims.

Sinja Mabitsela, the second of the two-men serial rapists dubbed the balaclava gang who terrorised Alex residents for years, was sentenced to 32 life terms with an additional 270 years after he had pleaded guilty at the South Gauteng High Court.
This after his co-accused Josias Mkansi, was earlier sentenced to 14 life sentences and 185 years for rape, robbery and kidnapping committed by the two over a six-year reign of terror which started in 2009 until their arrest a year apart. They evaded arrested aided by balaclavas which concealed their identities during the commission of the crimes.
Mabitsela admitted to 23 counts of rape, five of compelled rape, 17 of robbery with aggravating circumstances and two of kidnapping which left victims traumatised and the community fearful for years.
When passing sentence, Judge Carla van Veenendaal also took into account impact statements of the victims, including from male survivors who were robbed and forced at gunpoint to rape their female companions, the effects of the crimes in their failed relationships and low self-esteem which ruined their lives.
Miranda Jordan-Friedman of the non-profit organisation, Women and Men Against Child Abuse which supported the victims, lauded the combined 46 life sentences and additional 425 years passed on the two. “It sends a strong message to other possible perpetrators that no acts of abuse will be tolerated.”
The two men were eventually arrested through victims’ stolen phones found in their possession, a tip-off from the public and DNA evidence. The cases were transferred from the Alexandra Magistrates’ Court to the South Gauteng High Court due to their severity.

Leaving a trail of terror and trauma, the ‘blue overall’ Loskop serial rapist violated, robbed and killed to satiate his needs.
Dumisani Arfies Mbhele (45) began his heinous crimes in March 2014.
The accused would approach his victims either in groups or on their own and rob them by gunpoint. If they were with men, he would separate them and then rape the women. At all times the accused wore a blue overall, which was the only way that the complainants could identify him,” explained Natasha Kara, Regional Spokesperson for the Director of Public Prosecution KwaZulu-Natal.
In August 2015, his reign of terror came to an end after he was linked to a murder and rape in Loskop.
Police were investigating a case of rape and murder when the deceased cellphone was traced to the accused. Once he was arrested, a sample of DNA was taken; this linked him to the string of offences committed in Loskop.
“During the trial, the accused denied all of the offences but was unable to explain the DNA evidence led by Regional Court Prosecutor Zwelethu Mata. Further, Mr. Mata led victim impact statements compiled by some of the complainants and facilitated by Court Preparation Officer Sibusiso Ntombela. Here the complainants expressed their trauma at the hands of the accused,” commented Ms Kara.
He was sentenced in the Estcourt Regional Court to five life terms and an additional 140 years imprisonment after being convicted of robbery, murder and several rapes.
“The accused was sentenced to five terms of life and 30 years imprisonment for the rape charges, 90 years imprisonment for robberies and 20 years imprisonment for murder. He will serve an effective term of life imprisonment. The court ruled that the accused’s name be enrolled in the sexual offenders register in terms section 50 of the Sexual offences Act 32 of 2007 and declared him unsuitable to work with children. He was also deemed unfit to possess a firearm,” explained Ms Kara

The Director of Public Prosecution in KwaZulu Natal, Adv. Moipone Noko welcomes the sentence. She said: “I am hopeful that this sentence will have the necessary effect on would-be perpetrators. Justice had indeed been served. Congratulations to the prosecutor on a job well done.”

Loskop serial rapist behind bars Ronelle Mungaroo Dec 20 2017

In Michigan's Wayne County, Prosecutor Kym Worthy has spent years processing 11,341 rape kits. The kits, found in 2009, were forgotten in a police storage warehouse, where they were routinely dumped without investigation.

Over 800 serial rapists, criminals who have struck 10-15 times without being stopped, were identified. 127 convictions have been made this far.

The Detroit Free Press' Nancy Kaffer interviewed Worthy:
Q: All the things you were talking about, the better tracking system, the new guidelines for when rape kits get tested ... in the National Institute of Justice report on the backlog (by Michigan State University Professor Rebecca Campbell), the big takeaway there was that too often, officers didn't believe victims, and had used disbelief as a way to triage their workload.
A: They just closed cases, even cases where I think they believed the victim ... They closed cases because the women had worked as prostitutes or had mental illness issues or had substance abuse. Didn't believe them, didn't care, and this was one issue that led to the backlog of these kits.
Q: That's something we look for in certain victims — when the victim is a teenage boy of color, or a woman who has been raped, we want them to be perfect. They can't have had a drink or have worked as a prostitute, and if they have, there's a mindset that makes them almost ineligible to be a victim.
A: One of the reasons we have these untested rape kits ... and I can use Detroit as an example, 86% of our victims in these untested kits are people of color. You're not going to find too many blond-haired, blue eyed white women ... Because their kits are treated differently, their cases are solved. That's just the way it is in this country. If you're a person of color, if you're a different economic class, then your case across the board, across the board, not just sexual assault — they're treated differently. And that's just the truth. People may not want to admit it, but I've seen it throughout my career and I know it's true ... It's just true. ... Race is at the center of this in many ways as well, unfortunately, we know that across the criminal justice system. ...
The training aspect is a huge aspect that can turn around this issue. If we cannot treat our sexual assault victims right, especially if justice has been denied to them for so many years, we certainly want to be able to treat our current survivors properly. As you well know, culture change is the hardest kind of change to make.
Q: Eight years into this now with the rape kits, looking back over this time, what stands out to you the most?
A: The number of serial rapists. The fact that when you get these kits tested, it can help exonerate someone, potentially. Some of these cases had already been tried. What I talk about all the time, is just in our kits, in one state, in one city, they have tentacles to crime scenes in 39 other states. And finally, the fact that once these hits get into CODIS (the FBI's Combined DNA Index System database), law enforcement can solve more than just sexual assault. They can solve homicide, can solve breaking and entering, because the crimes in other states we're talking about are not just sexual assault.
We had many jurisdictions across the states — and you can go to — that have found these kits and are not doing anything. They're saying it didn't happen on our watch ... I don't know how anybody can look at this problem square in the face and say that.
No one would be saying this, and you wouldn't even have to ask that question, if we were talking about homicides. You may not have the resources, may not be able to tackle all of these cold cases, but given the resources ... no one turns their back on a cold case homicide. So we wouldn't even have this discussion ... but because it's sexual assault, for whatever reason, it's very easy for some folks to sweep this under the rug.
One county. Imagine what the rest of the country looks like.

SERIAL RAPISTS 52 15 dicembre 2017

Gang-rape, murder of 27-year-old woman, 4 arrested 25 dicembre 2017

Uber driver confessed to rape-murder of British diplomat 24 dicembre 2017

22-year-old arrested for raping 4-year-old girl 24 dicembre 2017

6-year-old girl picked up from toilet, gang-raped 24 dicembre 2017

8-year-old girl repeatedly gang-raped by 5 minor boys 24 dicembre 2017

13-year-old girl gang-raped succumbs to injuries 24 dicembre 2017

75-year-old sentenced to life for rape, murder of 6-year-old girl 22 dicembre 2017

Death sentence in rape, murder of 18-year-old girl 22 dicembre 2017

4 arrested for brutally raping, murdering minor girl 22 dicembre 2017

20-year-old gang-raped by 5 teens 22 dicembre 2017

Baba raped 10 girls per day 21 dicembre 2017

40-year-old woman gang-raped, butchered to death 21 dicembre 2017

14-year-old girl gang-raped, murdered, protests erupt 21 dicembre 2017

5th anniversary of Nirbhaya gang-rape & murder case 18 dicembre 2017

Rape and murder in India 15 dicembre 2017

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