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Serial child rapist, killer sentenced to death #JusticeForZainab

LAHORE – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday found Imran Ali, prime accused in Zainab rape and murder in Kasur, guilty and award...


martedì 26 dicembre 2017

19-year-old girl raped, strangled to death

A RUSSIAN student was strangled to death and her body wrapped naked in clingfilm and dumped in a Siberian forest.

Kristina Prikhodko had responded to an advertisement for a “governess” with a “model appearance” on website, police believe is used by men looking for sex.
The 19-year-old was missing for two days before her body was discovered in a forest close to Siberia’s largest city.
Cops say she had been sexually assaulted and they have arrested two men, both aged 28, on suspicion of murder.
They also warned about men using advertisements to lure young women for sex under false pretences.
It is known that Kristina had posted revealing pictures of herself and was this year registered on a site where women can meet “sugar daddies” .
One theory was that the men intended to use her in an “erotic photoshoot”, according to local reports.
Her naked body was wrapped in clingfilm and put inside a zip-up bag which was found on snow-covered ground dumped close to a reservoir on the River Ob near Novosibirsk city.
Two men who a car in which the body was transported were later arrested on suspicion of murder.
The men, who have not been named, were today being quizzed over the sexual attack and murder.
The student had reportedly replied to an advertisement on 21 December which police suggested was placed by men seeking sexual services.
She went to a house outside the city for an interview, as instructed.
Her father reported her missing the same day when she failed to return home from her university.
A massive search by police and volunteers was launched resulting in her body being found two days later, reported The Siberian Times.
A police source said: “The first man was caught at about 2 am, the second the following afternoon.
“One of them was last year suspected in a criminal case involving rape but…the case was closed.”
Kristina is believed to have argued recently with her father who said she should behave in a more "modest" way.
On the day she vanished, her phone was live until 8pm but she did not pick up calls.
In the light of the case, police urged young women to beware of advertisements for cleaning or domestic help which, in reality, are placed by men seeking sex.
It emerged that police stopped the car used to dump her remains and officers saw the zip-up bag containing her body in the boot.
But at this point the two men drove off and escaped from police.
Later, after the body was dumped, police stopped the car again.
This time the driver was detained but the other man fled.
He was later caught by police.
Both have been remanded in custody.
Kristina’s death attracted a huge response on social media.
One comment read: "Parents, take better care of your kids. Aged 19 and still so naive to believe that somebody might want to hire her as a governess without proper education? This poor family.”

Another read: "Girls do take a minute to think before posting provocative pictures online.
“It's no crime to be light-hearted and risque at the age of 19, but then we live in a city with so many crazy people.”

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